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who anti led here?

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Some led lights make me nauseous.

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>Some led lights make me nauseated.
You do mean they made you feel sick, right?
Otherwise it was you making folks feel sick.

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Im not
It’s just a light source, most complaints about them stem from characteristics of a particular bulb rather than the tech itself
Complaints about flicker are from bulbs with poorly designed drivers
Excessive blue light comes from having a high color temperature, you’ll get a similar amount of blue light from a CFL of the same color temperature

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>Nauseous vs. Nauseated: Usage Guide
>Those who insist that nauseous can properly be used only to mean "causing nausea" and that its later "affected with nausea" meaning is an error for nauseated are mistaken. Current evidence shows these facts: nauseous is most frequently used to mean physically affected with nausea, usually after a linking verb such as feel or become; figurative use is quite a bit less frequent. Use of nauseous to mean "causing nausea or disgust" is much more often figurative than literal, and this use appears to be losing ground to nauseating. Nauseated is used more widely than nauseous when referring to being affected with nausea.


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Haha. Yes they make me feel sick. The light on my phone is not nice. We also have this thing on the wall that can change color and when its blue I have to look away or even leave the room. I havent checked it for flickering. Its easy to do with the phone's camera but I just cant stand that blue light even to do that.

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Me I only have leds on my backlights and car

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I'm not anti led, i'm anti installing a different management bloatware for every component i buy because although it could be a common standard, they're all aetificially fenced in so you feel pressured into buying as much as possible from the same company. And of course they're all winblows applications.
Fuck off, i want ONE industry standard framework that's lightweight, unobtrusive, and open enough to be portable to all platforms

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I hear self inflicted retardation is really hard to get over, but you might want to see an eye doctor.

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