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I don't get it
is it x86 or 64 bit?

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big brain /g/
A thread died for this...which is fine because all threads are like this

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You really feel the need to ask it here insted of googeling for 2 seconds

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64 bit. x86-64 is another name for x64

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cpu names are all insane just cut off a chicken head and read the blood pattern

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x86 architecture w/ 64 bit address space

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is xfce a programming language?

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just came here to let you know you're a fag OP, even more so than other OPs

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Can I hack someone's ip with html??

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masturbating to huge dicks is gay tho
if anything it's a pretty manly thing to do
I have a big dick, is it wrong that I want to compare it with others and meanwhile masturbate? I don't think so

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Is mayonnaise an instrument?

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x86_64 != x86

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Linus is a colonel!

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I don't have macOS

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x86 has had 16-bit, 32-bit, and 64-bit integer sizes. x86 gets its name from the Intel 8086 chip. But because Microsoft started using "x64" to refer to AMD64, or x86_64, people have started thinking that x86 simply refers to 32-bit x86. This is not the case at all. x86 is the ISA, which can vary between the different integer sizes.

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could have fooled me with your dumb fucking question

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How do we overclock a toaster

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x86-64 is THE name (or, arguably, AMD64). x64 is some bullshit retards started using.

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install gentoo

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Kill child process notified the police

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How to become a Hacker by using Linux and watching a series of youtube vids that are more than 10 minutes long?

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