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>CS major
>only 1 of my classes had projects of any real size (Compilers)
>public Github only has small (<100 lines) class projects plus my 3000 line compiler
>private Github has all of my personal projects released under my online name
>don't want to attach my online persona to my real name
>all my professional work is proprietary
so what should i fill my public Github with?

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>3000 lines
>real size

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Compared to all of my previous classes, where the largest project was like 150 lines, yeah 3000 lines is considered large.
At work we have close to a million lines of code in production but that's been built up over decades and a lot of it is COBOL.

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>tfw no qt prosters gf

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>don't want to attach my online persona to my real name
what kind of smut did you make?
>all my professional work is proprietary
>what is the "experience" section on a resume for?

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Just copy them over slowly

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copy and paste all of your small projects into one giant project

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write some opensource software

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