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What’s your “technology hates me” story? Mine is my dorm’s fire alarm going off multiple times a week.

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>put detector right outside bathroom
>steam sets it off
>maybe 1 out of 20 times is burnining food and rest is steam from the shower
>they eventually change the switches in the bathrooms so that one switch turns on the lights and the fan
>does nothing
I started ignoring it after a while.

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I set it off boiling water. Thankfully, with the way the system was programmed I only set it off in my suite. If I had set off one more detector, I would have evacuated the entire building.

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None, the biggest issues I've had are not being able to read the specs on a florescent fixture and my own stupid mistake of attempting to use gpt one time instead of mbr
Never use gpt, ever

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Yeah that's how it works here too. If you set off the hall detectors then the whole building goes off. Unfortunately the first thing panicky retards do is open the door.

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After like the third alarm I took my time evacuating. I know you’re supposed to leave ASAP, but I wanna make sure I have everything before I leave what’s 99% gonna be some dude microwaving shut while high or someone microwaving shit to get high

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Shut the fuck up zoomer

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I’m 19, you numbnut cockguzzler

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sexbot bite my dick

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Did it heal?

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you still is a zoomer..

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Are you trying to do one of those AskR*ddit videos or what?

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No, just bored

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Thought I would be a cool hacker and install linux. Wasted like 6 hours trying to get it to work (and I'm the nerd in the family). Long story short, I have a mac now

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What’s gbt and mpr?

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>zoomer doesn't know he's a zoomer
color me surprised

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>Never use gpt, ever
Enjoy your two terabytes.

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Which makes you a zoomer, faggot.

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ESD'd two 512GB 960 Evos a month ago upgrading our personnel laptops. We had moved to a new office and the laminate flooring was brand new. New flooring is known to cause a fuck ton of static.

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Were the computers also new?

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