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CS vs Computer Engineering if my priority is making money

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comp eng.

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comp eng or electrical eng w/ concentration in microprocessors

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fuck off we're full

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t. CS majors who are afraid that their major is saturated

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Us true chads did pure math. We are the ones who are going to be building tomorrowland while the CS cucks spergout about what language is the best. We are revolutionizing the world in every way possible.

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do people really get into cs or comp eng because it makes them a lot of money

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Probably CS. If you look at the market for CE you'll see most entry level jobs are overseas in Asia, and you might need a masters to get your foot in the door if you're in the US.

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almost all engineers do it for the money.

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Yeah and they usually all suck at it and burnout immediately ending up as baristas or some shit.

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Is computer engineering a meme? Kids put together computers all the time to play minecraft on it cant be that hard.

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Yeah true

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go for the more autistic route
less autistic gets you customer-facing shit

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Computer engineering makes you shit tier at two specialties. Major in CS or EE.

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I'm really glad I'm not the only person with this perspective.
t.computer engineer

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I'm in IS, how do you think i feel
but at the same time it's more about how much knowledge you seek on your own compared to everyone else.

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I built my first processor from scratch when I was 5

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