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It does away with such obsolete hardware implementation as the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of more cutting edge innovations, including audio zoom, Dex mode and Type USB-C earphones tuned by AKG.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus also includes a wide angle camera mode and the smoothest incarnation yet of its One UI. With a fresh new design, it is currently the best smartphone money can buy.

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I don't think it's good, I'm only upgrading to it from my S9+ because the s10+ plus has that retarded camera configuration

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fuck niggers
fuck spics
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and fuck jannies

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What is the ROG Phone 2.

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When is this coming to America and how much will it cost

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i bought a note 9 back in march
best phone ive ever owned
and the note 10 isnt worth it for me
i use my headphone jack every day to connect to my car via aux to cassette tape adapter
im not about to tear out my VINTAGE stock tape/cd combo stereo in my 95 240sx!

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What's the difference?

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I came from the Galaxy S5, and the Note 9 is an enormous improvement

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Coming from the Note 4, I'm wondering whether to get the 9 or 10. Not crazy about the back fingerprint sensor so leaning towards 10.

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i prefer the one on the back cause i can grip my phone with one hand and unlock instead of doing some finger gymnastics to unlock it or using your other hand

i 100% recommend the 9 over the 10
there are so few features that make the 10 better
-slightly bigger battery
-slightly bigger screen
-slightly better processors

where as the note 9 is skydiving in price (actually it was lower before the 10 announcement but just give it a few weeks to a month and it will be lower than ever before)

also another thing that i love about my note 9
is, bear with me, the bixby button
ive remapped it to flashlight and holy shit you guys dont know how handy that flashlight until you have it as a dedicated button on the side of your phone


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I've bought the S2, S4, S5, S7, S8, S10, S10+, Note 4, Note 5, and Note 8. The S10+ will be the last Samsung I buy

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Why and what are you getting next?

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why are you upgrading from S9+
even an s5 should still run well enough

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It still boggles my mind how this retarded design gets approved.

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no headphone jack or sdcard on note10, which means s11 won't have them either
to be honest it's not that big of a deal

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Price really isn't an issue for me. Plus if I preorder I get free Galaxy Buds in addition to the USB earbuds. Also a free wireless power bank.

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Linus is such a drama queen.

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Note 10+ still has it.

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that's good news but no headphone jack is just lame

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Give me a Chinese device any day

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They give enough options I doubt I'll miss it. At least not after my last pair went bust just from the wires getting pulled too often from taking them off. Gonna try wireless for a while but needing to worry about the batteries might be annoying. Then there are the earphones they give you so there's that.

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imagine not buying the OnePlus 7 Pro over the jackless noteshit

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When the OP series includes a pen I'll think about it.

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you do realise it only supports NSA 5G and nothing else? Huawei make a way better antenna with SA and mmWave support. Samsung btfo

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>fuck niggers
>fuck spics
>fuck kikes
>fuck women
>and fuck jannies
You forgot bug people

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Fuck the pen, it's just a novelty

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Spoken like someone who never used it. It makes shitposting so much easier.

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>getting the 5G version of any phone right now

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You can have the sex with one of the 3 without being a raging homo

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You can make the same circle with your fingers lol the pen is a novelty.

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Nah it'd look like shit. Also cropping screens before saving is easier via pen.

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It's coming out so late. Might as well wait for 865 if you've got money to spend, assuming you have a competent phone right now.

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OnePlus 7 pro owner here. The note10+ would be my upgrade path (I've owned the note 3 ,4 ,8 and loved them) but I'm not going back to a 60hz screen. It really is a massive step backwards, no meme

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Meh. Playing games on your phone is zoomer tier.

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Fuck your upgrade path retard, who buys a new phone after four months? The new Note sucks ass, better wait for the S11 phones at least. Samsung will have some special RAM on them, brand new camera setup since the S7 series, and chinkphone tier fast charging. Hopefully even a 90hz display now that Pixels are getting those too.

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>he thinks a higher refresh rate is only visible or important for gaming
I can't even shitpost on my PC with 60hz anymore, I have a 144hz panel and everything's just that much smoother.

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yeah I don't play games on my phone, have played games on any of them even back to the note 3. 90hz is just so much better for everything. Even clover

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>The S10+ will be the last Samsung I buy
But why?

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Yeah I get them free from work. I'm a sys admin. Try getting a job kid

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Why though?

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Lmao look at that screen obstruction. Are all the finance people at tech companies smoking crack cocaine?

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Imagine if you cut off your nose to spite your face because it was trendy. What a world.

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It's a lifesaver in a lot of situations. Particularly for taking notes in dark rooms / laboratories, on the spot pen/pencil for taking notes, illustrating things, and can be instantly printed or exported as PDF etc. It's p huge once you get used to using it.

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The ability to sign PDFs alone makes it indispensable if you're at all employed and deal with contracts.

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>>Why is high frame rate better than low frame rate

Don't post here again

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Enjoy your depleted battery.

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You know it can switch to 60hz if I'm that desperate for battery. I don't really have to though since the warp charger comes with the phone and dumps 30 watts into it. I literally only charge it for 15 mins before leaving the house. The days of charging phones over night are long gone

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never used the bixby button for anything. Thanks anon ill give it a go setting to flashlight.

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Back fingerprint sensor is 100% more comfortable than having it on the front. This meme about putting it under the screen is yet another garbage trend going away from a style that is far more user friendly.
>buh buh buh but muh turning phone on while it's lying down on table
Who actually even does this? And if you do, just use double tap to wake.

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looks like shit

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>just use double tap to wake
Still need to tuck your finger around to unlock. I understand if some people prefer the back sensor but coming from the Note 4 I'm just used to it being in the front. I delayed getting a new phone by 3 years just waiting for the Note to get a front sensor.

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>Still need to tuck your finger around to unlock
Just swipe up and take a second or two to enter your PIN/password/whatever you use. It's not like the sensor is ever going to be the only way to unlock your phone. Shit, Android even still forces you to use your password anyway every so often "for security".

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Like I said if that's what you want to do that's fine but I prefer being able to press my finger on the screen to unlock without needing to pick it up when I have it sitting next to me. If you find your way more convenient more power to you but that's more steps than I currently take with my Note 4.

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>Just swipe up and take a second or two to enter your PIN/password/whatever you use

And what if he wants to use the fucking fingerprint sensor you dolt?

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Then he can pick his fucking phone up like a normal human being, you unseasoned chickenwing.

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>normal is whatever I say is the right way even when it's less intuitive!

Just admit you're coping for having an obsolete back sensor.

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Yes, I'm coping with being able to pull down my notification drawer using my fingerprint sensor, as well as unlocking my phone when pulling it out of my pocket without doing weird finger gymnastics.
Are you sure you're not the one coping for having an anti-ergonomic front sensor?

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>touching the front of a screen is finger gymnastics

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>USB-C earphones tuned by AKG
those sound like shit, and "Tuned by AKG™" is just a marketing term, AKG has almost nothing to do with those headphones
there are no good USB-C headphones on the market because of hardware limitations, in order to transfer sound through an USB you need a DAC, and since you don't have a DAC, they put a very small one in your shitty usb-c headphones, and there you have it, cans that are expensive and sound like garbage
usb-c to jack adapters are also very low quality DACs

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>usb-c to jack adapters are also very low quality DACs
what's the best adapter I can get, then?

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Samsung shills 3 years ago :

Samsung shills today :
>"Muh headphones jacks are o-o-outdated, we don't need t-them anymore"

Cope harder fags, removing the 3.5mm jack is an anti-consumer move and you know it but it's ok when Samsung does it

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Still using my 4-year-old S5 Neo.

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desu there's no way to stop these practices unless normies take a resolute stand
come on faggot

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>come on faggot
Well you have 3 options:
1) Use the shitty adapter that came with your phone
2) Use a dedicated "proper" mobile DAC and amp that connects to your phone via USB-C and has a 3.5mm jack for your headphones
3) Bluetooth
Shitty adapter, a second box to carry that's probably bigger and thicker than your phone, or wireless. Pick your poison.

Alternatively, just get a phone with a 3.5mm jack.

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>people buy apple 2 to 1 leaving samsung in the dust
>oh shit

Everything bad about modern phones has been propagated by consumers

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The "shitty" apple usb-c adapter used the same Cirrus logic chip as the old iPhone's and iPods but integrated into a USB controller. It measures better than entry-mid range audiophool desktop garbage like Schiit dacs which goes for 10 to 35x the pricr

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It is. Going from a OnePlus 3t with the front sensor to a 5t with rear sensor was a big improvement. The very rare time I want to unlock while the phone isn't in my hand, I punch in the pin. Which, like other anon said, Android forces you to do every now and again anyway.

>> No.72387639

Firstly, that's not USB-C, Apple uses their own proprietary Lightning connector.
Secondly, almost all of the USB-C to 3.5mm adapters that come with phones break the USB-C standard. The only guarantee you have about using an adapter from one phone with a different phone is that it 9/10 times won't work.

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It really isn't. Trust me.

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No wireless charging, no deal.

>> No.72388389

This is bullshit ignore this anon
>>There is no dac
Hey brainlet if a phone has speakers it has a DAC

"OnePlus 7 Pro shares the 6T's support for passive adapters, where the DAC inside the phone is used for audio, so cheap dongles like this should work."- Android police

It will be the same for the note10.

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I didn't say go buy a OnePlus phone. I wouldn't buy the new nojack shit anyway. I'm just saying rear fingerprint sensor was a notable improvement.
Also wireless charging is a meme. Every time I get a device that can do it, it's a gee whiz feature for all of five minutes before I never use it again.

>> No.72388643

>it's a gee whiz feature for all of five minutes before I never use it again
You sound like a rube. I don't know anyone who's experienced placing a phone on a pad and realizing they can charge it that way and then not just sticking with that method since it's way easier than having to plug it in.

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>Pull out phone in front of Stacy and Chad
>Index finger already over sensor
>Tap it when the phone is in view
>Screen lights up, already unlocked
>To them, it looks like I didn't do anything because my finger is behind the phone
>Stacy gets a little bit wet
>"Hey bro, you didn't even have to unlock it?"
>I chuckle and tell him he hasn't seen anything yet
>Double tap the sensor, and Instagram opens
>Chad is visibly floored
>Stacy is blushing.
>She cozies up next to me
>"A-anon, what else can you do?"
>She smells like strawberries
>Triple tap the sensor
>Camera opens in selfie mode
>Her eyes are wide on the screen
>She turns, and plants a kiss on my cheek
>I tap the sensor again, snap.
>Double tap to post it, then pocket the phone and have a wild three way with Stacy and Chad, however I want it.
Happens like two or three times a week. Front sensor virgins are pathetic.

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I use my phone when it's plugged in. Enjoy not using your phone when the battery is low, and not using it when charging to avoid cycling the battery, lowering its lifespan.

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I can't understand how people can hate the hole punch when it adds so much screen.

>> No.72388816

You do know people who make use of the wireless charging still have the plug in option right?

>> No.72388836

Kek you sound like a cutfag trying to justify why his dick is mutilated when at the end of the day it really just comes down to the fact that he never had a say in the matter.

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>It does away with such obsolete hardware implementation as the 3.5mm headphone jack
Stopped reading here.

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Not him but when the phone is on a wireless pad it's not in my hand, you can hold and charge a phone with a cable and current fast charging (30watt on my OnePlus 7pro) puts wireless charging in the dust.

>> No.72389171

Not gonna argue because that writing style is quintessential 4chan humour

>> No.72389178

>anti-technology spyware tracking device shit

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Every person I know who uses wireless charging tries to not plug it in, even if that means not using their phone when the battery is low. They also never have a dedicated cable for plugging in set up at their desk. It's bizarre to watch the mental gymnastics as they justify why they're making life inconvenient just so they can charge their phone without spending literally half a second to plug it in. If you're not like this, then good for you.
I've had phone with wireless charging, and I never used it for more than showing off when it was still kinda new. It just seems kinda gimmicky. Nothing about plugging in is ever inconvenient. Having the ability to charge much faster while generating less heat, and having the ability to pick the device up without breaking the charge, are just far too good to not plug in 99% of the time.

>> No.72389675

You drive a shitty old Nissan. Get over yourself

>> No.72389804

Yes ok, but have you considered that:
A) Fast charging is unhealthy as shit for the battery, and
B) Having a wireless charger does not take away your option for using the fast charger if you need to

>> No.72390214

Hate to tell ya bub but wireless charging damages batteries because of excess heat generated

Google it. Plenty of results from proper websites not random fora

>> No.72390275

Also whole I'm at it I'll point out that my OnePlus 7pro uses high ampere charging not high voltage that does not add excess heat to the battery, unlike Qualcomm and Samsung's fast chargers

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Just bought a 512GiB Note9 coming from a Note 4. I wish I could keep on using my 4, but the internal storage is fucked.
Can't wait until I don't have to betatest under display finger print sensors, having holes in my screen/a slider or drop features every generation.

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They say:
>Tuned by AKG
I read:
>Exagerrated Bass so it sells better to the normies.

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