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I have Electrum installed on my Thinkpad but I want to change a system how do I save my bitcoins? do I just move the installation folder to a pendrive and everything will work or do I have to install another Electrum on a pendrive and then send bitcoins to the newl installed one?

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lemme get some fries first

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>waffle fries
Do americans really

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Yes and we use donuts as burger buns.


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You're goddamn right we do

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whats wrong with waffle fries?

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guys just answer me I need to know what's the fastest way to do it

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I fucking love Chick-fil-A

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Global 3: You will not post racism outside of /b/

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just make a paper wallet dingus

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>a race
Theyre every race, apex muttimus maximus

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I'll be damned. That looks delicious. Goddamn amerimutts win this time.

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