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What are the chances of microsoft essentially ditching windows and basically create a linux distro with a very good wine built into it in the next years?

I started using WSL recently and it's just amazing how good it is, like, for instance, let's suppose I have a folder with many files (like 8000 files), moving that amount of files using windows explorer it's a pain in the ass, it's dead slow, while doing that with ubuntu installed on windows it's just so seamless. Let alone those unix commands like (sed, grep, it's like some kind of wizardry, you can do everything with it).

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WSL and hyperv are enough to kill the linux desktop

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microsoft is likely slowing migrating to a unix-like kernel. WSL is a way to introduce hybridization and in another 5-7 years we'll probably see the current windows kernel become 'legacy'.

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What about linux that runs games and photoshop without any setup?
Whould it be the best OS ever?

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It's more likely that they'd use their own new kernel, a NNT if you will. But likely some kind of microkernel.
They've already released a research OS so they're certainly exploring non Windows/NT systems.

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I still don't understand why anyone couldn't come up with a good wine version for linux yet, I mean, I don't know if you guys ever used parallels, that software for mac, it seems to work pretty well (btw, if memory serves me, they actually used some wine code when creating it).

Let alone that, if you can throw a lot of processing power emulation works quite well, which would come in handy when emulating legacy software that don't consume that much processing power. And about new software... well, probably they could convence Adobe and other big players to release their softwares to the new platform.

I don't think it's that low. Microsoft has been slowly becoming a services company (as basically everybody these days, it seems), and I mean... many people work on linux for free, and there is big community out there that would work and improve upon it for free, it's just seems interesting, like eliminating duplicated efforts, I think..)

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They are a service provider now and no one has bought windows in a decade

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Valve is working very very hard on proton and dosbox is works better at running old code then m$

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>I don't think it's that low.
it's lower than 0% which isn't even possible. they took your shitty loonix and baked it straight into windows because they can and so we could tell fucks like you to fuck off. your joke of a desktop os will always be just that. a joke.

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I don't think Wine will or can run every legacy program like an original OS will. It may run, but it will have so many buggy quirks.
Just running any Steam game on Proton is a hit or miss. Sometimes the AI behavior gets so fucked up

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Parallels and Wine are two entirely different breeds of product, retard. Parallels is a virtual machine that you install a full windows into, run it virtually by dedicating extra ram and processor cores to it exclusively, and then it strips out or hides elements of the desktop to give the APPEARANCE of natively running windows software.
Wine is a compatibility layer NOT virtualization OR emulation, it reverse engineers the Windows NT kernel and other Windows specific services in order to translate specific commands for Windows into something that UNIX based systems, can treat as native commands, and respond to in kind.
Both Wine, and virtual machines (with GPU passthrough) exist on Linux and MacOS.
Niggers should not try to post on this board.

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Of course the first thing you mention is video game toys.

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why the fuck is this idea circulating around? MS will never use the Linux kernel. what makes the Linux kernel better, anyways?

WSL is not hybridization. it's through a VM. what makes windows an interesting OS is that most of it runs through the hardware abstraction layer so it can run on anything. ms has been doing virtual machines for a really long time. this is a fundamental difference between NT and linux

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>What are the chances

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Microsoft is fucking healthy and Windows is doing pretty alright. They already put a lot of shit in public Githubs so nerds already work for Microsoft for free. There is absolutely 0% need to switch to Linux. Actually, it would be desastrous for the company.

Windows for the user + Azure for the cloud with Linux is the solution.

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Although because it is a VM it cannot communicate directly with the hardware the way it does on a live linux system. Hard drive manipulation software is rendered useless, and windows alternatives to this are cancer tier.
Linux will never be replaced by WSL as much as these silly web script writing retards think it will.

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>he thinks the best things about linux are openssh-server and lamp stacks

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>NTFS is the future of data retention
>Windows OS + extra vulnerability layers of virtualization are the future of data centre security

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These should have not been pointed at you, mb

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You need to call down, honey, you are too hysterical, I never said that they were the same thing, I just said Parallels used some code of wine, just that, which is true. Now you can go back to suck dicks.

>Developers from the Wine project revealed over the weekend that SWsoft-owned Parallels was playing hard-to-get when it came to the Wine code built into Parallels Desktop 3.0, the Windows-on-Mac virtualization software released a month ago. Parallels Desktop takes advantage of the Intel base of newer Macs to allow Mac OS X users to run Windows and Mac applications simultaneously.


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