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any toughts?

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its a bad meme

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Amazing ideas but fuck you.

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All it needed was to implement object capabilities into its design. It was almost perfect but not quite.

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harvey is the only fork worth looking

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doomed to fail

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im not fond of the darker skin folk

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Plan 9 is a great start but still not perfect.
It still is implemented in a non memory safe languge, requires a MMU and relies on preemptive multitasking.
Inferno OS solved all of this problems with the highly performant DIS VM.

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reasons it died early:
1.too late to use an opensource/free software lincese
2.early adopters were only a handful of schools meaning the only userbase was people that wouldn't use it long term anyway(generally after uni they get a real job)
3. everyone died or left
4. linux exists and everything was ported

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kubernetes achieved its goals in the end but on userspace level

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Great os.
Try it op, you'll never go back

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It was never intended to be adopted anon, it was a fucking research testbed os

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if whiteness was based on skin tone slavs and irish would be white. that method only works for like italians and greeks

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so was unix lol

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What is wrong with 9front?

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Literally all of its design decisions are based on solving 1980s problems. It's only quality by today's standards is the microkernel.

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