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Rate my recent purchase /g/

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post w/ timestamp or fuck off

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are the headphones any good? i always hear how beats is trash

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come join us

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I'm jelly OP.

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Are we supposed to rage or what?

You traded money for convenience. Many people do the opposite, depending on their financial situation.
Enjoy your gadgets and stop looking for validation online.

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Can you plug a dongle into a dongle that's plugged into a dongle and still have it work?

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With all that money you spend ill just buy a new dick

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>not just getting a mini dock or hub

why am i not surprised

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How were you able to steal that much stuff?

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Why not pick up some Air Jordans too?

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>literally needing about $150 worth of adapters to make your shit work
The absolute state of apple

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Such a Casual normie shoping happy sweet 16 faggot

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Did you buy it with your brand new Apple Card?

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loooooooong dong

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From observing the purchased items and the granite kitchen I can tell OP is rich and a man of taste

-posted from my iPad Pro

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Can the faggot be happy he spent his paycheck on Apple products and shitty Beats headphones.
Jesus Christ /g/ is so rude.

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What happens if you buy as many power adapters as available USB-C ports on your MacBook, and you plugged them all in simultaneously?

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ur asshole explodes

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do you enjoy throwing away money? Apple hasn't made a good product since their 2013 MacBook Pro's.

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-Posted from my MacBook Pro

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-posted from my iPod Touch

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timestamp or gtfo

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and they call it PRO, my ass pro thats called looting the fuck out of your loyal rich bitches.

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you go bankrupt

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Show your face.

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not OP but I'm about to get an iMac soon and I have a question, should I get the SSD from apple or get the fusion drive and upgrade it my self with an SSD? I heard apple comes with a nvme SSD and both 1tb and 2 TB is an apple proprietary SSD so I can not willy nilly upgrade it by myself. Plus I also heard the motherboard is different so I can't add on an SSD internally if I get the SSD model from apple. only the fusion drive ver. it is possible to add an additional SSD internally. is it true?
$300 for an 1TB SSD seems steep but $700 for 2 TB is bonkers

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Dongle? More like LONGLE LMAO

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I heard that Apple unfucked the sound quality.

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LMAO, why would you buy that garbage?

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You’re choosing between NVMe and SATA it sounds like. No use in buying an iMac without NVMe

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I'm just a dumb fuck, no excuses.

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I think I might go with a 1TB SSD model. Thanks for your input

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I wish I could buy a 2009 macbook with 2019 specs
*sip* now that was a machine

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Student discount?
I picked up a new Mac last year during their education promotion. Waited until Christmas season and put the Beats up on Craigslist to give myself an additional $200 discount. (Figured if I posted it right away, I'd be competing with others trying to do the same.)

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get the most expensive option
the higher the price the higher the quality

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you are missing one thing on the pic, and that's a dildo

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You have to go back

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apple users arent that smart

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He likely bought one already but it's too big to post so it's coming via shipping container.

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nice thread faggot
i knew a faggot like u could be found on reddit holy shit

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Absolutely based.

You probably don't need that many adapters though.

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About time you got off the botnet. Welcome.

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>Using his real name on Reddit. Lel.

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Nice B8 M8

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