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ATTENTION: Graphics card prices are excessive by historical standards; therefore, consumers should delay or completely forgo any midrange to high end graphics card purchases. The gouging has two root causes: lack of market competition and shortage/"new normal" pricing during the mining hayday.

>Assemble a part list
>Example gaming builds and monitor suggestions; click on titles above parts lists to see notes
>How to assemble a PC

Want help?
>State budget & CURRENCY
>Post at least some attempt at a parts list
>List your uses, e.g. Gaming, Video Editing, VM Work
>For monitors, include purpose (e.g., photoediting, gaming) and graphics card pairing (if applicable)

CPUs based on current pricing:
>Athlon 200GE - HTPC, web browsing, bare minimum gaming (can be OC'd on most mobos with the right BIOS)
>R3 2200G - Recommended minimum gaming
>R5 2600 - Good gaming CPU with great value
>R5 3600 - Great gaming CPU
>R7 3700X - Overkill gaming CPU
>R7 2700 - Budget video editing
>R9 3900X - Professional tasks

>Always choose at least a two stick kit; 2x 8GB is recommended
>CPUs benefit from high speed RAM; 3200CL16 is ideal
>AMD B and X chipsets and Intel Z chipsets support XMP

Graphics cards based on current pricing:
>AAA or multiplatform games: Radeon card appropriate for your montior
>PC centric or VR games: Nvidia card appropriate for your display
>Used RX 570s can be had for a steal; inquire about warranty
1080p 16:9
>RX 570 8GB - good performance with great value
>GTX 1660 - standard

>Don't bother buying a new monitor for gaming unless it's high refresh with adaptive sync
>A 250GB or larger SSD is almost mandatory; consider m.2 form factor
>Bottleneck checkers are worthless

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Exactly why i think pee see gaymerz need to stfu

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A much better and reasonable OP thanks OP

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God this OP is a fucking mess

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someone last thread said 6 Ryzen 3xxx cores will be better than 8 Ryzen 2xxx cores. How true is this? Microcenter has the R5-3600 for $200 or the R7-2700X for the exact same price.

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Save your hundos and buy some land.

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You will get a better Mother board deal with the 3000 series as well as a discount on ram and gpu

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already have that. 21 acres to be exact. I'm trying to price out a sub $1400 build and I was wondering if it's worth getting Ryzen 3000 series. Are they still suffering issues with idle voltage/temps/etc? I'm not looking to invest into a headache

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Someone please shill me on the evga xc ultra

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>WD blue
>HDDs at all
>shitty SSD
>2070S instead of 5700XT
>overpriced 750W PSU

>$1200 for this
holy fuck what are you doing
get a grey market windows key.

$500 for 2080S? Get that then I guess.

>4 year old monitors
>that i plan on using another 6 years

Look at a benchmarks? dur

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Which mobo do i pick?

-ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4
-Gigabyte Z390 UD
-ASRock Z390 Pro4

It is for an i5-9400F build, i don't pan to do any OC

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None of them. Buy a cheap board

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Favourite PSUs at 750w?

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Get better brain. You can get B450 and the much better 3600 for that money.

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i was talking about software
basically im looking for the modern equivalent of that

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I am in need of a cheap but not shit power supply, preferably without any of the visible color cables. They didnt bother me as much when I was a kid, but now the single simple color aesthetic is really something I like.
Windowed case so I can see the 600 leaf red devil GPU I'm going to buy, but im not sure what's the cheapest/best at a low price.
All on newegg.ca so when the instant the GPU pops up, I can add it to the cart and instant PayPal for it.

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Wait for Navi WX cards, then?

AMD gaming drivers are vastly better for professional software than Nvidia's are, so you'd be fine just getting a Radeon card for most workstation usage.

>red devil
The RAM obviously isn't ideal and and you should at least overclock it, but the new stuff looks fine.
Notable that that PSU can be a bit noisy. It's going to be the noisiest thing in your case over such a quiet GPU.

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>8 cores? Why do you need 8 threads? 4 cores without hyperthreading is more than enough.

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4 cores and 8 threads is the minimum everyone should have these days

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>i don't plan to do any OC
you can't even OC on that CPU.
Also, why waste your money on a 9400f?

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What graphics card card do you guys suggest I get with this build? I'm honestly sick of waiting and am seriously considering get a 2070S

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I was looking at a build and Ireally liked the asrock Pro4

But with Motherboards, you really "buy the features" since all of them can run the processor and have slots for a graphics card.
Ask yourself, "Which features do I want/need?" and go from there. You may not want a board with integrated wifi if you already have a wifi card that can be plugged into a mobo

personally, I was looking at the ASRock z390 Pro4 - I liked the look.

Although, I did ultimately decide to not get the i3 9100f combo I had in mind and go slightly more expensive to the ryzen i5 2600x ASrock b450 Fatal1ty build instead. But i was seriously considering an intel build too.

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Get a Radeon 5700 for realzies

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that is why i am here. I don't know anything about hardware since the geforce 4.
Are you talking about AMD 3600?, well the choices and prices in my place are fucked. I look for something that isn't utter shit, the 3600 is like 80 dollars more expensive.
Aren't AMD CPUs power hogs? I had once a fx 8300 and it was roaring like crazy

ye, ill check out some amd mobos. I really don't need any special features except a m.2 ssd slot

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Best gpu to pair with a 3700x "overkill" gaming CPU?

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Are there any VA panels at 144hz that don't suffer from ghosting?

I just want a 1440 27" 144hz monitor with good contrast

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Is the ledditor responding to the OP here right that you can't output video over TB3 on this board with that CPU?

Will I have to buy a 3m long HDMI 2.1 together with a Thunderbolt cable?

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How long will I need to wait to get a hold of one? for realzies

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I like that you're helpful but you have a hard on for AMD. Your posting style is too obvious and the majority of people who want the 5700 xt can't because AMD is being fags with poor launch decisions.

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The 3600x has roughly the same power draw as the 9900k. You can't really see the line for Intel, but it's there.

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A lot changes in 8 years
Just watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AbNeht4tAE

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I'm bad decision to go for a i9 9900k and a 2080ti?

Shit I'm looking at 3000+ $ CAD with that build. Is that pc gonna be a monster for at least 5 years?

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*Is it a bad decision...

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Don't do that. You can get a build that's less than half the price and will only run like 15% slower

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Barring major changes in the next 2, it'll last.

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5700 xt

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I have a 9900k and 2080Ti, pic related. It plays fantastic and I haven't had a single issue with instability or the like. It just works.

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Chances the reference blower 5700xt will plummet in price?

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6c6t works just fine

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No, all va panels ghost. If you want lest ghosting get an ips, even less ghoasting, tn..

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Graphics card are designed to break down right after 3 years of daily usage. That's why their warranty stand that short period of time.

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can I get IPS with VA level contrast?

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>break down
In what way? My GPU is coming up on 10 years old.

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proof? Because I have a 980Ti since launch date that still works. I also have a GT210, GT710, and a GTX550Ti. All of them still work. Maybe when you buy AMD garbage it's designed to break.

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I'm >>72382147 and I have an AMD card

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well then that other anon is talking out of his ass.

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Nope. Just wait 10 years for micro led or dual layer lcd to be affordable.

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what should I get in the mean time then?
IPS 1440 144hz 27"?

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convince me to not get a 9700k

>> No.72382222

I ordered one and it should arrive in about a week
t. binland :DDD

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I can't convince you to not get 9700 vulnerabilities

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So an i5-9400F + mobo at cheapest is 350$ and 380$ at most expensive


Is it really worth the additional dollars? can the mobo handle the new processor?

>> No.72382262

Yes. Unless you dont care about shooting and drving games. Like if you just like rpgs and rts, get a va

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I only paid 370 for my 3700xt and mobo

>> No.72382273

I live in a shithole country where all tech is overpriced

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They benchmark about the same, tbqh. In general, the 3600 does slightly better in games since they value single-core performance so much (which the 3600 does better than the 2700X). In multicore performance, the 2700X is slightly better.

It's really just going to depend on your use cases. But if you're willing to stomach some of the weirdness of Zen 2, that's probably the best move, I think.

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He will get a better deal overall taking the 3600 because microcenter

>> No.72382344

just finished my first pc thanks guys

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Well the thing is that games on the newer consoles are supposedly going to be optimized for 8 cores right? I'm not looking to have to upgrade for a long while and Ryzen 2xxx seems like the best series of the 3 thus far as far as it's "just werks" ability out of the box. Plus I don't have to worry about BIOS nonsense. Is the 7% or so IPC increase really worth losing out on 2c4t?

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Yeah I know I should upgrade the ram, but bought that set right as I decided to build a computer, got it locally off some fat fuck who sold it for 50 leafs. I didnt really think the speed would matter that much, as long as I had the 16gb capacity, it does have the xmp and oc potential too, so I can bank on that if needed. Might just upgrade when ddr5 32gb becomes standard.
Still would appreciate reccs for the PSU and case though

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The wait is killing me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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AMD niggers better release RX 5600 soon.

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2070s dont listen to the amd shills

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I'm in need of new storage. One of my external hard drives just failed sadly, but it was pretty old. I've never set anything up, just plugged in externals.

I mostly download and seed from private trackers and have a tendency to never ever delete anything, so i need a lot. I also watch movies/shows from them.

What's the best way to go for the highest amount of storage with the best lifetime/reliability?

Pic related is my current setup. H:\ just failed.

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delete stuff :)

>> No.72382571

literally havent patched the other ones they found and no big bad hackers have attacked me yet

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Anything corsair or evga

>> No.72382621

If you're willing to put in the extra work, you can make any PSU look better for cheap


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don't settle for less, join the winning side.

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gonna buy a used Sapphire RX 570 4gb Pulse for $90 wish me luck bois (it has a store warranty of 1 month so i guess it's ayt to gamble on a card that might have been used for mining) ((not america so this is very cheap since a new RX 570 is $180 here)

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What parts of your build do you refuse to step down on?

I've chosen to go 3600 over 3700x, willing to go from 2070S to used 1080 or 1070ti (I'm not a big gaymer), because 7nm EUV is on the horizon for the next generation of CPUs and GPUs.

But I refuse to budge on a 27GL850, unless something better at the same price comes out of nowhere before the end of the year.

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Guys there was a very organized pastebin containing links to activate Windows.

Do you have one to get and activate MS Office without getting some malware?

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Boomer anon please don't take the OP that seriously, it's usually done by literal mentally ill shills.
If you want an "overkill" gaming CPU, get a 9700K or 9900K, Ryzen only exceeds at lower price points or productivity tasks.

It's not really worth considering a high end CPU until you have at least a 2070 Super or better.

>> No.72382897

Based, great choices anon.

>> No.72382900

Should I buy a Intel I7 5930k, MSI X99 Deluxe with 32 GB of DDR4 3000 Patriot Viper Memory used for 275?

Currently Running 2600k on a Z97 with 32 GB of ddr3.

>> No.72382918

Yes absolutely, that's a pretty nice rig for that money.

>> No.72382930

three 12 TB seagate HDDs from amazon

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>don't settle for less
>no hyperthreading

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I want something relatively future proof for light gaming, emulation, and photoediting related work. I'd like it to be dead silent and under 800 where I can just upgrade the card later, might get a Quadro for the 10bit color in the meantime. What CPUs should I consider if I'm going cheap on everything else and may just overclock down the road?

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>can't find a decent 2070 Super in Canuckistan, everything out of stock
>has been for days
>last part of my build I need


>> No.72383044

Rate and dont tell me to not get 1070ti and to get a 2060 instead, i already have that gpu ill switch it out to the new pc https://pcpartpicker.com/list/gs7JFt

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I want to listen to the amd shills but the 5700 xt aib's are still sold out and some are still unavailable

>> No.72383161

the asrock 5700xt ships in 4-6 days if you buy them now on newegg

>> No.72383162

-CoolerMaster Masterbox MB511
>Good airflow
>Includes 1 fan

-Fractal Design Focus G
>Good... brand I guess?
>Includes 2 fans
>Can only install 2 fans on the front

-Silentium Regnum RG4
>Includes 3 fans
>Can install 3 fans on the front
>Not so recognizable brand outside of a few european countries
>Windowless version available for 53€

Which one should I pick /pcbg/?

>> No.72383177

>CoolerMaster Masterbox MB511
seems like meshify c clone but cheaper
definitely go with that one
>its $40 US on newegg with rebate right now
dang, that's quite a deal

>> No.72383192

Yeah, a shame yuropoors like me can't enjoy such deals

>> No.72383271

Is the performance diff between 2200g and 3200g big, should i go with the newer 3200g

>> No.72383283

>being this gullible

>> No.72383298

the 2200g is just Ryzen 1xxx cores with 7 Vega units. The 3200g is just Ryzen 2xxx cores with the same 7 Vega units. Unless you're getting a killer deal on the 3200g, waste of money imo. I'd get a 2400g (4c8t) before a 3200g.

>> No.72383299

Which x470 has the usb flash bios option? Is there an easy chance for something to go wrong doing this ruining the motherboard? That's one reasons I don't want to go with amd.

>> No.72383301

Phanteks evolv X

>> No.72383319

only msi x470 boards have bios flashback

>> No.72383324


>> No.72383325

Which case would be better, Cooler Master NR600 or NZXT H500?

>> No.72383351

Can't go wrong with the H500

>> No.72383410

Hi, thanks.

For 1080p? It's fine.
For 1440p? You're better off with a 3900X. You can disable SMT and lock FCLK for the same/better gaming perf as the 9900k anyway.

That's only true of the ones with shitty coolers, as explained in the OP FAQ.

Get a CPU which uses less power and doesn't stutter.

... you're asking if it's worth $19 more for a combo that's as good as an i7-8700 and far above the 9400F. I don't know what to tell you.
The only problem you might have is you need a local shop to update BIOS for you as AMD might not ship bootkits to your country.

for 50 bucks, it's probably fine. Just make sure you overclock it.

5700XT or 2080Ti.

>spending twice as much money for a ~15% performance increase
Wow such a chad

You can get a 3600 and 16GB of memory for that price which is a lot better, minus the having half the RAM. But I presume you won't even use over 16GB.
I'd pay maybe $200 for that, only because I'd throw a GPU and SSD in there to resell and not actually use.

It's like 7-10% dif. I'd get the 2400G instead, as I've seen them for around $105.

>> No.72383444

A 3600 is not as good as an 8700K you absolutely retarded shill.
Go away stockholder-kun.

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accidentally asked for an NH-d12 chromax heatsink cover for the NH-d15 i own, it was a gift request i cant cancel

always double check!!

>> No.72383502 [DELETED] 

Now job not reading. You're retarded and wrong.

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Which monitors are good for vertical use? It'll mainly be used for documents, chatting and code shit, so refresh rate doesn't matter much. Ideal would be something around or below the $250 range, though I'd be willing to go up to around $350

>> No.72383541

Nice job not reading. You're retarded and wrong.

>> No.72383562

I'm tired of waiting for better brands to restock. Which Gigabyte 2070S cards are the least awful?

>> No.72383574

>Which Gigabyte 2070S cards are the least awful?
a non Gigashit card. Seriously they're trash unless you're buying their absolute top tier model. Coil whine and mediocre cooling compared to others. I'd take Zotac over gigabyte.

>> No.72383581

I can't find anything else in my country.

>> No.72383591

what country only carries Gigabyte? And if that's the case, just buy what's cheapest I suppose. Make sure they honor the warranty to your country.

>> No.72383598

MSI 2070 Super ftw.

>> No.72383605

It's not that we only carry Gigabyte, it's that it's the only thing that's been in stock for weeks. It's ridiculous.

>> No.72383610

How long until amd 5800 5900s or that new Nvidia card in the news? Even a rough estimate guess?

>> No.72383618

jfc that sucks. I will say they're in stock for a reason. They're bottom of the barrel. I'd take a founder's edition over gigabyte. So Like I said, buy their cheapest model and just make sure to check if their manufacturer warranty covers your country.

>> No.72383621

To my eurofriends: do you have experience buying from stores outside your country? Are there any good stores that ship everywhere? Especially Germany.

I have resigned myself that the 5700 xt customs are never going to come out in my country but seem to be available for the krauts.

>> No.72383626

>I have resigned myself that the 5700 xt customs are never going to come
>tfw no aib

>> No.72383642

There are literally 0 available 5700 XTs in Germany that aren't either the shitty reference design or cost almost as much as a 2070S, rendering them obsolete.

>> No.72383664

rx5600 should be within a month and 5800 by January or February (but I've heard rumors of earlier)

Lmao I love how you faggots can't admit that even if it were the SAME price, it's a better card with features that actually work and are useful instead of being a snakeoil scam.
Your entire argument hinges on
>the 2070S costs more so OF COURSE it's better just buy it!!

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My friend is having a weird issue with his computer and I'm a bit stunted.

So I sold my old ASRock b450m pro4, gskill 3000mhz 16gb ram and 2600x to my friend, however he can't seem to get the RAM to XMP without failing to post, or for some reason at the SAME XMP fail to boot the OS, he gets an error screen.

Now it's just strange because I was able to get the XMP when I used the same parts before I gave them up, however I've never seen RAM fail to post AND also fail to boot the OS on the same rating, and so we tried getting it to 2866mhz or whatever and he failed to post, then ran windows fine, and now it blue screened and failed to post.

What the fuck is going on here? How come we're getting different things to happen at the same Mhz? Is it a power supply issue? I'm just lost here fellas

>> No.72383680

>tfw by the time you can get a custom 5700 xt, 6700 xts will be announced

>> No.72383696

If you buy a weaker gpu with garbage drivers for the same price as a stronger gpu that just werks, you're a retarded corporate fanboy.

>> No.72383707

try resetting the CMOS battery. Could also be the off chance that one of your RAM sticks is choosing this exact moment to start dying. Could also leave the RAM as basic bitch 2133MHz and whatever timings. Then run memtest86+ for an hour or so to see if the RAM is OK.

>> No.72383714

don't waste your time. There are brainwashed faggots ITT that think buying hardware that isn't working properly or with non-existent software/driver support that they're "driving competition.

>> No.72383778

Is my case supposed to be getting hot itself or not?

>> No.72383784

We got the RAM to 2866 stable but 3000 is impossible, I'm just so floored why it throws two errors, when a RAM runs too high usually it just fails to post but damn

>> No.72383790

Xt aibs for sale in canada today blz?

>> No.72383793

after a few months of wait™ing i've finally had it and decide to grab a refurb 980 and wait™ some more for high end navi
so how many more months should i wait™?

>> No.72383801

So I am looking for decent monitor(s) for work and gaming.

So far I came up with the Optix MAG341CQ, which is a double length UQWHD with tons of space on the screen for multitasking BUT 8ms reaction time on a VA panel. So it's probably gonna suck for gaming.

The other option would be to buy 2 monitors:
1 gaming with 27", 1ms, some form of sync (adaptive, free) that is compativle with g-sync, 1440p, 75hz+
1 work with 27", 1440p, same hz as the other one

Any recommendations?

Also, kinda nub question:
When rendering videos, does it render the output from the actual monitor that is being used into a file or does it render the output from the hardware directly into a file?

>> No.72383812

Dont be hasty, you will get what you want in time and maybe even cheaper. Red devil soon bro

>> No.72383824

could be one of the RAM sticks dying like I said. Or hell, maybe something got hurt on the motherboard. RAM errors are such a bastard to hunt down. First thing's first though. Double and triple check all your connections. Could be maybe your 24 pin or 8 pin isn't plugged all the way in. Both on the motherboard and on the PSU itself (if it's modular). Then try getting DOCP settings with a single stick. One at a time, try in each slot. What slots are you putting the sticks in?

>> No.72383839

Friendly reminder that Amazon is really good with returns, and there is no need to pull out your hair waiting for partner cards to restock. Buy a place holder gpu while stock for the card you are waiting for is available. After all, you have 30 or more days (depends), to return it.

>> No.72383845

I plugged them in the A2 and B2 slots ofc, but I can't imagine the RAM dying already, I just bought it in November, it's a bit horseshit but I doubt I'll be able to RMA or refund it huh?

>> No.72383880

doubtful yes. Did you try popping the CMOS battery off the board and letting the BIOS reset? Try one stick at a time?

>> No.72383888

NR600 is a Meshify clone but even cheaper.

>> No.72383909

I'll have to try tomorrow but Jesus its gonna be a long day lol

>> No.72383953

Tried reseating the RAM?
It's possible that the RAM got damaged in transport somehow. Is the cooler close to it? Maybe it dinged it.

>says the guy who shilled RTX on launch when it had shitty broken drivers for months

>> No.72383973

Not likely, it's a stock cooler for Ryzen 2600x's, we can try reseating the ram I suppose

>> No.72384001

>says the guy who shilled RTX on launch when it had shitty broken drivers for months
?? I had an EVGA 980Ti classified when RTX hit. I didn't even get RTX until the top tier models were on shelves for almost 2 solid months. Long after launch. Dunno who you're think of.

>> No.72384022

So I can get a x570 now or a Tomahawk MAX in 1 to 2 months. Hmm..

>> No.72384032

Just use libreoffice.

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Another day has passed
Still sold out

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>> No.72384200
File: 96 KB, 1920x1080, pc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After a whole night of tweaking, this is the build that i want to go with. Will there be any problems that i will have to face? Can anons recommend any parts that i should upgrade? The total cost would actually be around 750€, so i have a bit more leeway to upgrade.

>> No.72384212

>ATTENTION: Graphics card prices are excessive by historical standards; therefore, consumers should delay or completely forgo any midrange to high end graphics card purchases. The gouging has two root causes: lack of market competition and shortage/"new normal" pricing during the mining hayday.

Will they get even more expensive?

>> No.72384239

Hello /pcbg/, I'm planning a new build to retire 2500k, I need ryzen ram info:

3200 CL14 or 3600 CL16?

4x8 or 2x16?

>> No.72384288

both Ram speed options are fine with those timings. Also 2x16GB is preferable. Many motherboards will struggle to do 4x8GB of high speed low latency due to weak memory controllers.

>> No.72384296
File: 110 KB, 1470x673, MNA9fZU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Slightly more expensive, way better performance

>> No.72384309

Or dont be retarded and make do with a normal tomahawk
Dont they have repackaging fees and stuff that reduces your customer rating if you abuse the return system?

>> No.72384336

Rate this magnificient build.

Please note that the 5700XT is 'temporary'. Will upgrade as soon as the high end GPU market is no more fucked up

>> No.72384353


>> No.72384424

Unlikely. Prices will probably go down next year, once Intel enters the GPU market and PS5 comes out.

>> No.72384460


>> No.72384469

Any not so popular / not as mentioned case manufacturers I should be aware of? Something different than Fractal Design / Cooler Master / Silverstone / Corsair?

>> No.72384496

I'd choose that over the MB511, but in my country it's more expensive.

>> No.72384518


>> No.72384527

great value build

Why not the base 600? It's already large as it is.
Good build, regardless.

2x16 obviously.

>> No.72384545

Is there a better drawing tablet for a price range below 50€ than G640?

I'm teaching at a university and would like to use it to draw and write on pdf slides / Office Note. Unfortunately, my T430 ThinkPad has no touchscreen.

>> No.72384562

I just saw something hilarious. The 9900k is 19% more efficient than the 3700x, all the retards who showed the opposite were relying on software power measurements in only a few workloads. Check out Phoronix’s actually professional testing.
>4 years post Skylake
>a node ahead
>the same IPC but shit clocks
The absolute state of AMD Poozen.

>> No.72384577

Wrong. Intel’s GPUs will be trash and the PS5 has nothing to do with anything. GPUs will never be as affordable as they were before, it will just get worse. It’s getting more and more expensive to develop chips on new nodes, and the GPU market is tiny compared to the CPU market. How will they maintain or increase profits? They will increase the prices, bud.

>> No.72384589

Thanks alot. Should i let the place im buying it upgrade my BIOS for me straight away? im still keeping my choice of motherboard, because it has built in wifi adapter already

>> No.72384665

>PC died
>Can boot into BIOS and even go into windows without GPU
>try 2 different GPUs in the system will not post
it isn't PSU or RAM because I just replaced those parts. Anyone got any clue wtf is going on? Has the GPU fried the socket it goes into and fucked it no matter what GPU goes in or is this some really weird failure on the CPU?

>> No.72384730

u can wait to navi, but if u can wait until its release u shoudl really wait an extra montg for the next nvidias

>> No.72384742

Just wait for early-mid August bro

>> No.72384749

https://www.amazon.com/Seagate-FireCuda-Accelerated-Performance-ST2000LX001/dp/B01M1NHCZT is this any good for a laptop storage upgrade

>> No.72384784

How long would a 2080 ti last me?

>> No.72384816

>i5 3570k

>gtx 660ti

>8gb ddr3

is this outdated?

>> No.72384826

>For 1440p? You're better off with a 3900X.
Yes I'm sure a better CPU will be really important when increasing the resolution, you complete retard. I wish reddit would fuck off.

>> No.72384847
File: 5 KB, 480x370, proper way to measure power consumption.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do intcels blatantly lie?

It barely does 60fps at 1080p with shitty raytracing that's full of artifacts in half the games.
Ask a better question.

Do you really have to ask if a build that struggles for 30fps in newer games is outdated?
It's fine for web browsing.

>> No.72384852

>nvidia rtx is same performance per dollar as old gen, only performance increase is the shit expensive 2080 ti
>amd gpus increased price close to nvidia but with shit drivers
>amd cpus in gayming just became somewhat viable against Incel but mobos cost a ton +possible bugs
Why is pc building such utter shit honestly

>> No.72384857

if i upgraded to 16gb ddr3 and got a new video card would that be enough?

>> No.72384901
File: 22 KB, 419x581, pdvne4ihtorfz3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't worry, it's very easy. You just insert a USB stick, press a button, badabing badaboom, you're done.
But if you don't feel comfortable with it, you can let someone else do it for you, why not.

>Intel’s GPUs will be trash
How do you know that, do you work for Intel or something?
>PS5 has nothing to do with anything
GPUs are needed for videogames. Videogame machine has nothing to do with it. Ok.
Who the fuck is gonna buy a 500$ 2070, when you can get an entire PS5 for the same price?
>It’s getting more and more expensive to develop chips on new nodes
And why do you think they spend so much money on developing new nodes? So they can produce smaller, and therefore cheaper, chips.

>> No.72384939

Because the whole gaming industry has grown massive and the demand is there to sustain the ridiculous pricing. People aren't going to go back to old forms of entertainment now.

>> No.72385034

Chips aren’t getting cheaper in any way, educate yourself. They invest in die shrinks because of the density wand efficiency increases. Design costs are exponentially rising. Consoles are are not comparable, they’re even sold at a loss. The PC dGPU market is not growing. What do you think is going to happen? Perf/dollar will barely increase just like with Turding. Also, I know that Intel dGPUs will be bad because Doc TB sad so and because it’s obvious from their integrated GPUs.

>> No.72385089

What cases can you recommend that are less than 100€?

>> No.72385090

Your CPU will bottleneck a better GPU.

>web browser perf per watt in linux
Amazing how you can pretend to not be a slimy, manipulative shill.

>> No.72385092

>because I just replaced those parts
ever heard of DOA?

>> No.72385105

meshify C good CPU airflow
but it has poor GPU airflow

>> No.72385126

Board, GPU, or you're retarded and put GPU in the wrong slot.

>> No.72385204

No, it’s from ALL the tests, not just the web browser ones. What does it matter that it’s Linux for load power consumption?

>> No.72385268
File: 76 KB, 700x467, GN Ryzen Onigiri.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72385336

Goys everywhere. One good thing is that you don't have to upgrade as often though I guess. But it seems shit to buy in right now if you are getting the same performance as last gen for the same price though and new gpus soon might actually btfo current ones and be a larger uplift
Cpus atleast are more interesting rn

Tldr JUST waiting for the next perfect opportunity to upgrade for the next decade

>> No.72385399

What RAM should I buy for my r5 3600?
I want a 2x8gb sticks 3200mhz cl16, but there are so many fucking different brands of RAM.
Which ones should I buy and what sets apart one brand from another?

>> No.72385410

I have an i7 4790k and a 1660ti. What would be the best 1080p 144hz monitor I could grab for under $180? I play a wide range: FPS, RTS, RPGs, TPS, and so on and so forth. I want a monitor that I dont have to worry too much about ghosting when I play Destiny, but not have shitty washed out colors playing everything else.

>> No.72385418

TIL that 100 watts lower is "roughly the same".

>only the tests where Intel wins matters

>> No.72385430
File: 356 KB, 755x446, 3h3kv0E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72385434

What board should I get for a 3600x if I need to avoid previous gen boards that can't update bios without a cpu?

>> No.72385442

Best bang for buck of you gonna Tweak is some edie kit like ballistix 3000c15/3200c16 with "aes" in name. Ocs to 3600-3800+

Absolute best is some bdie for even tighter timings

If you just gonna set xmp check for mobo qvl support and pick the best fitting one. Imo

>> No.72385449

Are there even reviews for this?

>> No.72385451
File: 1009 KB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190819_134007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got my AIB 5700XT today. My build is finally complete. On the last fucking day of my vacation.

>> No.72385461
File: 30 KB, 316x202, 8a4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Got my AIB 5700XT today

>> No.72385468

FUCK YOU also nice

>> No.72385476

I'm building a new PC for the first time in years, I can't decide between Intel and AMD.

I want a mid range build that I will use for everything. I might do some gaming, idk.

Lets say I have $1500 just for the tower.

>> No.72385493

So unless I want to do crazy OC I just need to pick the ram I want no matter the brand, as recommended by the motherboard qvl?

>> No.72385515

How risky is it to buy refurbished cases from amazon?

Found an NZXT Noctis 450 for peanuts in "Very Good" state.

>> No.72385516

From this list, select a psu that will support a 3600 and 5700xt red devil, should be around 400wats minimum, so 500w and above to be 80% load. I dont know much about rating so I'll take your word for it. I dont know much about modular and semi, just seems the modular doesnt have the multi colornwores, which I like, as in I like the sleek simple black design.

>> No.72385532

Used GTX 1080 ti or new RTX 2070?

>> No.72385554

forgot to mention, the used 1080ti is almost the same price as the 2070

>> No.72385559

>got a vega 56
>it periodically loses sensor input from the VRM and just shows a zero
>if you place the gpu under load it will crash the pc
>every day I want to use the pc, I have to open the side panel and push up on the fan/heatsink that is towards the front of the case
>that more often that not fixes it, what ever it is
god damn this shit, why is the sensor data going retarded

>> No.72385560

im looking at the flashing process. Do you have to turn off the motherboard after flashing to begin adding parts, or does it turn off by itself?

>> No.72385563

SeaSonic FOCUS Plus Gold

>> No.72385581

>forgot to mention, the used 1080ti is almost the same price as the 2070
New 5700 XT obviously

>> No.72385605

Pretty much if you are not gonna be tweaking much

>> No.72385612

guys i need new cpu and its not for gayming

should i go with 9900k for "it just works" but deal with security issues or should i get 3900x for moar cores and become AMD fag?

god i don't wanna be AMD fag but more cores could speed up more work. "AMD fag" is the cock block for me and tempted to put my dick into 9900k cos it just works and deal with slower performance.

plz help

>> No.72385613

So that's pretty much a given to go for amd as cpu then

>> No.72385626

Depends on what "work" u do

>> No.72385637


can you give details? Because of price?

>> No.72385671
File: 78 KB, 683x1001, poorfag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you think about this? This will be my first ever build. This asus gpu or msi armor model? Which brand should I buy?

>> No.72385680


>> No.72385684

is the 5700xt actually good?

>> No.72385704

Amd has Moar coars / threads and generally better for all around use especially at mid range and not doing much gaming.

>> No.72385717

Some 3200c16 "aes" ballistix edie kit will probably still be the best bang per buck though unless u find something for cheap. Like half the price of bdie atleast

>> No.72385718

not that ive found

Im waiting for the reviews for that, the gigabyte one
and the power colour no red anything version

>> No.72385728


>> No.72385731

Wait for AIB 5700XT though

>> No.72385736

If you can deal the driver experience yeah it's a $400 1080Ti at some points

>> No.72385746

I'm glad I bought my 5700 the instant the pulse was available seeing how long it has taken for other Navi AIBs to come out and then how quickly they went out of stock

>> No.72385748
File: 279 KB, 1443x819, oh no no bros how could AMD do this to us, they were supposed to be my friend.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it took AMD literally less than 1 generation of being ahead of intel, to go full jew and start doing exactly what intel does

>> No.72385752

>full jew
not yet, we're still on AM4

>> No.72385757

don't overspend on the case. check for mesh-front mATX cases like the masterbox Q300L, thermaltake versa H18, fractal design focus G mini
rest seems fine for a budget build

>> No.72385767

Same performance, and still better cooling than the ones inbred supplies though

>> No.72385771

>500-1000 dollaridoo mobos
>bumped price on all cpus across stack from old lineup
>downgraded jewed coolers
>way too close to nvidia gpu prices


>> No.72385778

>same performance
Right I forgot, amd drones don't care about noise and amd making the fan run far louder is fine.
>blower cards are cool and quiet, why are you speading FUD, quiet as a wisper
bless amd drones

>> No.72385780

no I mean that their final step is to go to AM4+/AM5 with yet another new chipset, double down on what you posted, and tell people to fuck off

>> No.72385781

So what is the least cancer torrenting software? uTorrent? bitTorrent? qbittTorrent? i'm confused

>> No.72385785


>> No.72385793

> just saw something hilarious
Where did you see that?

>> No.72385798

Not quite sure why you're asking here but okay
qbittorrent/deluge for windows
deluge/rtorrent for linux

>> No.72385799

How is a new socket when ddr5 support will be needed full jew? Literally necessary

>> No.72385803

best of the best is sea sonic prime ultra titanium

>> No.72385812

Also, like ryzen 3000 seems even dodgy with older mobos so a mobo is only good for one Cpu release + a refresh without fucking things up so I don't almost see the point with keeping support that long if it's gonna be shit

>> No.72385820


>> No.72385823


>> No.72385840

Drivers have issues just like RTX cards did the first few months, but they'll get cleared up as they always are.

Other than that, it's roughly the same as the 2070 Super or 1080Ti, depending on the game, for cheaper. And the Red Devil is ridiculously silent.
Overall, Navi is a better architecture than Turing so it should age better just like GCN did. And the 2070 is slower.

The reason for this is because the cylinder copper core doesn't cover the edge of the die and thus cools just as poorly as the cheap cooler on Zen2 where the die is at the corner.

It sucks, but it's understandable that AMD didn't want to order new production of a brand new cooler with a square vapor chamber when they already ordered millions of those other ones to use.
And even still, that shitty cooler on the right is still better than any Intel cooler in the past 5 years.


New socket is not needed for DDR5.
It likely will be needed for PCIe 5.0, though, as afaik a lot is changing whereas 4.0 was just doubling the bandwidth.

>> No.72385862
File: 34 KB, 1691x75, amd shill fag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The reason for this is because the cylinder copper core doesn't cover the edge of the die and thus cools just as poorly as the cheap cooler on Zen2 where the die is at the corner.
You realize amd shill dude, that hardware unboxed literally tested both right?
The only way the new and improved cost savings cooler gets similar performance is if you spin the RPM by a 1500 more.

Like holy fuck you just have to defend anything and everything AMD huh?

>> No.72385867

How does it feel to be a shill?

>> No.72385868

>It sucks, but it's understandable that AMD didn't want to order new production
this level of damage control
>it's understandable a company is fucking us over
>please think of my stocks, don't be too upset

>> No.72385872

Tested it with The Witcher 3 at 4k. I couldn't hear it with my headphones on. So it's not as bad as I expected.

>> No.72385883

>please buy intel and get an even shittier cooler

>> No.72385891

headphones are bad for your ears and hair

>> No.72385892

Navi is not better than Turing. Turing has better DX12 feature support and is just as efficient despite being a node behind. It also has more features in general. Shill harder, Navi is only competitive because it’s cheap.

>> No.72385895

Computers are bad for our eyes, what's your point?

>> No.72385897

> a company is doing distasteful things in order to increase it's profit
>but it's understandable since it's company A
>how are you okay with being such a shill
>AH I SEE you must be from the clan of company B, you are evil, and everything you do is evil. not like us, company A, everything we do is right, even if it isn't

please put on a trip so people can finally filter you.

>> No.72385904

I agree with you, but fuck in short term headphones seems nice.
But long term you should get speakers.
Speaking of which what do you recommend as a cheap entry point?

>> No.72385908

no one said anything about intel

>> No.72385938

Anyone have experience with Asus motherboards? Specifically the asus prime ones. Want a white motherboard and those seem to be the only ones. I hear Asus is one of the better mobo brands.

>> No.72385972

Turing has:
>a worse encoder, despite all the lies about it being better
>snakeoil upscaling that doesn't work compared to working super efficient upscaling
>falsely advertised real time ray tracing feature that it's not powerful enough to run and what even the 2080ti can run looks like shit and won't look good until it's 5x more powerful
>a minor performance advantage, purely because its drivers are one year more mature
>does not have better DX12 support. It still doesn't support async compute. The only thing it has over Navi from DX12 is variable rate shading which, AGAIN, is a "feature" like DLSS which lowers quality to improve performance
>worse output latency (time between drawcall and actually sending the frame to the display)
Yes, the perf/watt is on par despite being a half node behind. That's true. But that's irrelevant because it's still a more expensive card with the same perf/watt. That's not a win, especially when Navi perf/watt will improve as drivers mature just like they did with Turing. When Turing launched, it was worse perf-per-watt normalized at the same clocks than Pascal by a lot, which was why the cards were clocked lower.

>> No.72385973

depends on the socket. the asus x570 boards are not the greatest.

>> No.72385987


>> No.72385989

Why would a new socket be needed? Intel's 775 went from DDR2 to DDR3, and the first LGA1151 Skylakes were also on DDR3 briefly before going full DDR4.

>> No.72385996

Why aren't ASUS X570 that good?

>> No.72386009

Depends what you want. The jbl reference monitors have really good cones and they cheaped out on everything else to the point the fuse blows if your load drops but the sub comes as a painful price if you want it. It's a really nice sub though. Normal speakers, it depends entirely what you want them for and are willing to pay.

>> No.72386052

Intel is still worse, and your only choices are AMD or Intel, deal with it you dumb rabid fanboy.

>> No.72386060

I don't know if you're asking why they didn't make them that good or the ways they aren't as good, but in general they fall behind on features and quality per price compared to their competitors and don't really have any advantages, with their totl board quite lacking compared to the others as well (and retailers are already discounting it because nobody is buying)

the only board asus has that's really better than the competition is their workstation board, which has an interesting feature mix that nobody else is doing on zen 2


>> No.72386062

Imagine your jimmies being rustled because a stock cooler is a few dB louder but temps are the same. The absolute state of this thread.

>> No.72386064

Are there any alternatives to the ViewSonic XG2401 or is it the best TN 144hz monitor I can get in its price range?

>> No.72386069

headphones are better for your ears than speakers unless you are listening at overly high volume levels

>> No.72386083

DDR3 vs DDR4 on Skylake required different boards. Same socket, yes, but different boards.

UEFI issues.

>> No.72386090



>> No.72386111

Does anyone knows any A320 board that works with Ryzen 3200g?

>> No.72386124

Any suggestions on what 1440p 10-bit HDMI display to acquire? I need one suitable for a semi workstation GPU.

>> No.72386125

>semi workstation
/pcb/ memes

>> No.72386129

Get this instead

>> No.72386161

Imagine your jimmies being rustled because people refuse to settle with companies fucking them over so they can increase their margins. The absolute state of this thread.

>> No.72386162

depends on the board, it's upto the manufacturer to decide if they're going to add support on a320.

Check your boards CPU compatibility list with the latest bios.

>> No.72386169

What? In terms of price brackets the TUF Gaming is one of the best options you can get at $200, and their Crosshair VIII Hero doesn't have much competition under $350. The Strix-E is legitimately a good board too, with the only downside depending on which market is often priced too closely to the Hero.
>UEFI issues
Such as? Are these general AM4 UEFI issues or something new with X570?

>> No.72386178

>DDR3 vs DDR4 on Skylake required different boards.
oh, well no shit you fucking genius. DDR3 and 4 themselves are completely different sockets.

>> No.72386185


>> No.72386213

No they aren't general AM4 issues. And maybe they're fixed now, idk, they were bad the first few weeks beyond the general AGESA issues that have been fixed since then.

And DDR4 and DDR5 are the same pin count, that's the point, you fucking genius.
Clearly when that anon said socket, he meant platform and wanted to know if they'd require new boards.

m8 I know nothing about shitty TN monitors. Waiting for a good [email protected] IPS with blur reduction that works simultaneously with freesync 2. idc if it's $700.

>> No.72386231

Same price:
-Fractal Design Focus G
-Refurbished NZXT H440
-Masterbox MB510L
-Corsair Carbide SPEC-04

Which one do I go with?

>> No.72386233

4k is too much. I just want to play at 1080p. I don't have the money nor I see the need for 4k in a computer monitor.

>> No.72386274

Preferably something that doesnt cost 130 leafs, I'm trying to skimp costs where I can cause most of the budget is for the red devil card, and the other half was spent on 3600+tomahawk.
Fucking hell, before zen 2 and price cuts I could make a solid system for just under 1000 syrup dollars. Now cause I went insane from just wait and seeing cool shit my current costs are at nearly 1000 canacucks and I havent bought the GPU, psu, and case yet. 600 leafs for the red devil atm, the case I'm eyeballing is 70, but I kinda wanted a better looking one.
But if the psu you suggested will last for years to come, I might reconsider buying it even though it's not on sale.

>> No.72386328
File: 163 KB, 653x905, 1560211450922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just want red devil or the pulse to be availible for a reasonable price in the UK. How much longer do we gotta wait bros...

>> No.72386358

PSU is the only part where you don't cut cost unless you want your entire computer to fry
sea sonic focus gold has a warranty of 10 years well worth the investment

>> No.72386361

just buy a 2070 Super. At the end of the day it's a better card and the same price instead of the price gouged Red Devil

>> No.72386366

>reasonable price in the UK
>How much longer do we gotta wait bros...
maybe 1 or 2 years........

>> No.72386371

what do you have right now and how much does it suck compared to what you need

>> No.72386378

there you go nigel

>> No.72386379

I think I will if it's not out in the next few days

>> No.72386383

Spec 04 is not worth it unless it's 50$ or less. You would be best adding an intake fan to it as well. Ideally i would suggest buying as many Zephyr 120 PWM fans as you can if you want to save money on cooling whilst retaining quiet 50 CFM fans.

I would suggest getting the SilentiumPC Regnum RG4T instead of the Focus G if possible, if you want 5.25 inch bay's available internally.

>> No.72386397

You can mount up to three 140mm fans in the Spec-04, it has also decent options for cable management. Be advised that with the one stock fan in the front it is a bit of a hotbox.

>> No.72386426

>459 gbp
holy shit that's more than $100 usd more than the american price, why is the uk so cucked

>> No.72386450

import tax so the queen and her inbred family can live like fat pigs

>> No.72386465
File: 51 KB, 751x561, guts and glory lads.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After weeks researching and doing revisions, Is this going to be a recipe for disaster attempting to build this as a workstation that can also consume content, in Europe?

>> No.72386482

>SilentiumPC Regnum RG4T
I'm considering that one, similar price as well. Maybe I'll skip the Focus G for that one, seems to be better overall.

Good to know. I plan to install another two fans I have whether I buy one case or another.

>> No.72386512

Don't wait too long. Just grab what you can before October.

>> No.72386532

>in Europe
I like the thermalright air coolers, they're cheap in europe and have great performance, especially passive. the cooler master ones are barely worth it over stock
ditch the hdd if you can. for almost the same price you can get a second 1tb m.2 or a single 2tb m.2 and your performance will be so much better
for ssd get the sabrent rocket off of amazon (theres both pci3 and pci4), it's a top end ssd for the best price, everybody should take advantage of it

case is to taste but I'm really not a fan of the corsair cases. there's a lot of good cases out there I would rather have something else but that's my own preference.
I'm sure you have some reason for the video card, just know that blower design will be noisier than some other options
seasonic psu is based and is why I bothered writing this reply

>> No.72386550

for case I would personally go with the meshify c by the way, if you like or can tolerate the front design it's a great value case

>> No.72386572

>before October
implying they won't just delay it for the 100th time

>> No.72386578

I currently have a 3570/GTX 670/8GB of ram. I want to do a cheap upgrade (like max $200-250CAD, but preferably cheaper) that will make it so I can play some newer stuff with reasonable quality as a stopgap before I just buy a new pc sometime in the next probably 6ish months. The used market is pretty bad where I live so I'd prefer to stick with new hardware. Not doing anything super high end, but would like to be able to play shit like Ace Combat 7 and NieR at 1080p/60 with reasonable quality settings. I assume pretty much anything can manage it nowadays, but I also need to be able to push 2 monitors, and 144Hz (or at least 120) on one of them.

What is the best I can do with these parameters?

>> No.72386602

The only drawback to the Regnum RG4T is the rather cramped space for cables directly behind the motherboard, so if you don't have a fully modular PSU that you can install flat 24 pin cables on or modded cables it might take some tinkering around, like with my Zalman Z3. I'll report back with my CX600M in a few days after i finish renovating this room, after returning from a trip to Silesia.
I considered getting the Dark Rock 4 Pro over the Hyper 212 LED, but figured i maybe shouldn't bother returning it since the Hyper 212 EVO already does a good job at keeping my existing i7-4770K under control without much noise. Though i worry this might be a problem with the 275R. I wish there were more cases like the 275R but with a fine dust mesh front panel, similar to the Zalman Z3 front and the Regnum RG4T. I might try to mod it myself. If not, i'll go for the Meshify C.

Though the lack of capable front I/O on a lot of these budget western cases compared to the competition here is really disappointing. The Regnum for instance, has two built in SD card readers. I returned my Spec-04 TG since it really wasn't worth it for the price. I might pick it up again later, but eh. Fractal on the other hand is out of stock for a long time here. I didn't considering the NZXT H500 since it's overpriced for what it offers, and even more of a hotbox. The S340 Elite is discontinued in the meantime. I thought of possibly doing some Inverted ATX shenanigans and mounting the Morpheus II on the Vega FE, but we'll see. I didn't consider buying anything off Amazon since it's needlessly more expensive.

>> No.72386606

I hope you got a GPU as well

>> No.72386626
File: 103 KB, 720x782, SmartSelect_20190819-195831_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aight will do, do I buy based off what PCPP says what my wattage is, or what the red devil newegg page says

>> No.72386631

If you're going to do a system upgrade in the next 6 months, you may as well spend your current cash on a GPU. If it's 1080p you're happy to stick with, I'd be looking for an RX580/590 or even a 1660ti if you can afford it.

>> No.72386636

your system is too out of date to be fixed with single upgrades, anything you upgrade will be held back by the other parts and will sort of be a waste of money. you should probably save to do a full system upgrade.

>> No.72386658

use this instead far more accurate

>> No.72386665
File: 58 KB, 752x635, esc pl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree, but Fractal Cases aren't in stock here and won't be for an unknown period of time.

Also, for clarification, Intending to use this in Maya (Arnold, Radeon Pro), Cinema 4D (Default, Corona, Radeon Pro), Blender, After Effects (Video Copilot, Red Giant, Magic Bullet suite), Vegas Pro 13, Photoshop CS6, possibly Premiere and Source SDK. And heavy browsing.

I also considered picking up two blower Vega 64's instead but since CrossFire and mGPU is no longer supported, and the Vega FE being the unicorn that it is i'd say even with the 80$ shipping it's absolutely worth it since it matches the Quadro P6000. I don't care that much about Navi now that i did some research on just how good of a workstation card Vega can be if purchased second hand for the Vega 64. I might still buy a Vega 64 and repaint it to look like a Limited Edition. I don't know if i can somehow purchase the shroud separately, but i'd love to.

As in pic related, I'm also going to be selling my existing build and using that extra funds from that to get an equivalent CPU, RAM, and Motherboard from AMD. I'll be able to re-use the Wraith Prism from the 3700X, which is sweet.

>> No.72386675

Is this currently the bets aftermarket 2070 super?

>> No.72386679

Can I ask why that motherboard?

>> No.72386686

the evga and asus 3 fan supers are the best overall

>> No.72386705

Should I maybe go for a cheaper KFA2 now since I'll probably switch it with a 3080ti whenever that one comes out.

>> No.72386706

Is there any reason to not to do SFF anymore?

>> No.72386708

Does that board have flashback or are u gonna flash it
Do you want headaches or do u wanna go with a x570
>Getting HDDs and not just larger ssds

>> No.72386725

probably yeah. if you know you're upgrading fairly soon go with one of the 2 fan models with the oversize heatsinks, at least that's what I'd do

>> No.72386771

I'm very low iq that site told me I should get a 650 bronze even though it said it would have a max draw of about 400.
125 for 550w gold, 150 for 650w gold. What do, I really dont want to fuck up my first build due to self jewery

>> No.72386775

How is ASUS usually for GPUs? Want a 2070 Super and it has one of the few in stock normal priced supers plus it comes with games

>> No.72386781

>that site told me I should get a 650 bronze even though it said it would have a max draw of about 400.
general advice is you double your max power draw if you want to be safe, if you are running right at the max power draw limit exactly you are going to have some serious problems due to the way power is distributed

>> No.72386789

they're a bit overpriced which is why they tend to be in stock. I prefer evga which is of similar quality but isn't asus. great gpus though.

>> No.72386812

get a 550W sea sonic focus gold
gives you enough headroom and is built very well

>> No.72386843

Get Arctic freezer 34, fuma, or le grande macho cooler instead of that dumb meme.
drop the HDD entirely. At that price range, the extra 100 euro for a 2TB SSD is nothing and well worth it.
Are you absolutely positive that Vega FE is better than the 5700 or a Quadro card for the applications you use? You need to research that. I know Adobe shit and most video editing software seems to love Navi.
damn that was a nice build for the time.

The problem is that you both need a CPU and GPU upgrade since your CPU is going to be stuttery shit with a powerful new GPU.
I'd say get the RX570 for now since you can get a good model for around $130, and save toward upgrading the CPU later like when 3600 goes on sale next year, or black friday maybe.

Their Strix are usually very good (but not always) and everything else they make is shit. And yeah, overpriced. Like the Strix 5700XT costs more than the Red Devil one yet it has a much worse cooler, and it's not like the PCB is massively better or anything even if it is good.

PSUs are most efficient, usually, at around half their stated power rating.
So if you're usually at 300W draw, a 600W is advisable.
You could get away with 500W with a 3600+5700XT, but I'd get a better quality PSU in that case like the focus gold, g2, antec earthwatts, etc. Not just the most basic seasonic one. If you're going to get a cheapshit model of PSU, get 600-650W.

>> No.72386874

I don't know which motherboard to get for sure. I know with the B450's, but not with the X470's. I just need extensive I/O and MSI's board seems to be the best offering at the prices given here. I'm still worried about asking the guys at the retailers to flash the BIOS before getting the board, so i might aswell just cough up 30$ and get an X570 if possible. There's also the general compatibility and possible stability issues but i need to conduct additional research on that.

>> No.72386884

I read that the 801 has a better airflow (one more fan provided) and is a bit more quiet. I also was concerned about some custom GPU which are fucking huge but maybe I'm overreacting by taking the 801 instead of the 601

>> No.72386917

>I also was concerned about some custom GPU which are fucking huge
>Silent Base 601 offers support for:
>Max GPU Length of up to 449 mm (without HDD cage)
the fuck dude
show me a GPU over 350mm

>> No.72386931

>hurr durr HWUB r AyyMD shills

>> No.72386941

>The only drawback to the Regnum RG4T is the rather cramped space for cables directly behind the motherboard
Yeah, though isn't that an issue with pretty much every cheap case? I have a Sharkoon VG4-W (which is garbage and the reason I'm looking for a new case) and a Riotoro Enigma V2 (which is fully modular, but doesn't have flat cables, instead it's those god damned snakes) not fitting that nicely so I'm kinda used to it. I don't think at that price there's a decent case that has enough space behind the motherboard (for some reason) unless it's one of those weird cases that are shorter but way thicker to accommodate the PSU behind the motherboard rather than below (like the Riotoro CR1088, couldn't think of any other examples). Basically it's fine if it's a little bit tight there. Might have to be a little creative, that's all.

>> No.72386956

LG 27gl850 nano ips

>> No.72386971

Yeah I understand that concept, I mentioned it in my first post.
550 seems like a good settling point, but 100 more watts for 50 bucks might be worth it, I'll change it at the last second depending on how I feel if I catch a red devil in time.

>> No.72386984
File: 35 KB, 750x710, 3360C508-28A2-42CB-A542-8A07F0944D32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WTF 4 Channel

Looks to me like the 5700 XT barely beats out the 2060 super and only if it’s Vulcan.

>> No.72386988


>> No.72386999

>inb4 this actually gets serious and passionate responses
Go walk wrist first into a box cutter

>> No.72387871

yeah, funny enough the 5700xt performs worse on very few games than a 2060 super
it also performs better than a 2080 super on a few games
it's like 50:50 peforming slightly better or slightly worse than a 2070 super on most games

based from experience, with updated drivers, it should consistently perform at least on the level of a 2070 super

ultimately it's a different card with different hardware and logic, which means some things just work better and some things worse

>> No.72388821

Am I supposed to run the 3600 and 16gb on ram on an invisible motherboard?

I have an i7 2600k on a z97, so I can't use the existing mobo.

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