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Why don't you have an air gapped laptop?
Free from all packets and devices.

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I do. It's a P!!! 900 with 256MB RAM and a Geforce 2 Go. 1600x1200 screen.
Want to buy it?

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Oh, and post yfw anon's nearly 20 year old laptop has a better screen than your Linux system.

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Why would you air gap a machine that comes factory pozed?
Why air gap a laptop?
I use a old P3 desktop as a secure machine for all my HSM and PKI shit.


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How much

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Tree fiddy

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>OP doesn't realize there's communication happening through the AC adapter and the power lines
>they know who you are, where you are, and it's far too late now, Steve

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i don't have a purpose for clutter gadgets

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>he doesn't have two identical laptops so he can charge batteries in one and then swap them into the airgrapped duplicate so it's never connected to the power line botnet

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