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I'm not a gamerfag anymore, but I still have one of these. What fun things can I do with it that isn't playing vidya?

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attempt to insert it into your anus

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it's a mad good cd player

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sell it for a few bucks to buy a dildo then stick it up your ass

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Sell it, scam someone by saying it's a special edition

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I'm not a gamerfag anymore, but I still have one of these. What fun things can I do with it that isn't playing vidya?

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eat it, has minerals in it that might be decent for your health.

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Isn’t that more so the PS1?

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throw it at the nearest wall like a ninja star

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Put a raspberry pi 4 in it, hack a usb dvd drive and put it in there. Post results.

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The obvious answer is to use the official ps2 Linux kit

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a PS2 nowadays is practically useless, especially a Slim PS2. Even my HDLoader fat PS2 with a harddrive full of games isn't that great and just sits in my closet now. A modded PS3 is where its at. A modded PS3 can be fill up with PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP games

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Doesn't work for the Slim.

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Make it slimmer/smaller and attempt to turn it into a handheld machine.

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That looks like an adapter that wold work on slim maybe memcard slot. That's def an external HDD and the fat have internal.

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Fat ps2 modded can play ps2 games better then a PS3 can

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Host an imageboard on it like the wii one.

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door stopped

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oh boy can't wait to see how that would turn out

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Install Gentoo

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Still mostly everything you can do on a computer.

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jesus christ what kind of a god would let this happen?

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Launching SCUD missiles at coalition forces.

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I wonder how many of these packs they actually managed to sell.

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>mac keyboard and mouse

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That's a PCMCIA connector, the older Japanese fats had a different setup for HDD connectivity.

USB peripherals are USB peripherals.

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>mac keayboard/mouse
>dell screen
>sony gaming console shitposting machine
this is perfect. just perfect.

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Yes, more specifically model SCPH-1001.

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>turbo shitposting via the emotion engine.

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Drill a hole in one corner and use it as a keyring

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Install gentoo

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I did this with my prescott celeron but the pins on the back kept scratching everything around it.

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Good thing the 2600 is LGA. Looks like we've got our final answer.

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what a great name for a processor

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One that likes reusing the useless

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Install linux on it and masturbate on 4chan about not playing video games.

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>What fun things can I do with it that isn't playing vidya?
playing dvd's

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sony did release linux for the ps2 so i guess you can try that

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there was this one guy who hosted a public ftp file drop, image board and gopher server on his ps3. ican't find the link, though.

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ayyyy found it -> http://gopher.su/

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Iwas given a mgs2 edition and there was also a demo disc that had something on it called yabasic, it was a basic interpeter and I could write small programs and run then, at the time I didnt have a pc and never seen any programming code, so for me it was like an introduction to programming.

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>Fat ps2 modded can play ps2 games better then a PS3 can
The scaling is shitty that's all.

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