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>Its old and tired.
>Switch to a Chromebook.
How will Microsoft ever recover?

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Cleary a lousy marketing ploy using a sold-out shill with no credibility, but the underlying assertion is obviously true.

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guy's gotta eat

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Shill Nye, the sellout guy.

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To be fair, he's right.
To be unfair, sometimes it feels like Linux is barely holding itself together as well.

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I see Ol' billy had gone completely into big corporate shill mode. I guess years of him not using that mechanical engineering degree has left him unable to make the kind of money he wants without doing sensationalist advertising on camera.

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It's funny that the article title says "Google" and adds Bill Nye in brackets while you dump Google and make it look like Bill Nye is the source.

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Bill Nye is the source though.

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Technology has gotten too complicated for anyone to hold it together, so no one does.

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OooaauuH gooooahhd BILL

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It's like a cracked, brittle container leaking it's contents all over the place, but rather than make a better container they just put the whole lot in a bigger (but equally brittle) container by itself.

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Chromebooks are literally only useful as glorified dumb terminals for accessing Google's online services.

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Why is this guy trashing his own fucking company?

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this is fucked

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>Microsoft's Windows is falling apart
Even microsoft agrees lol, this is akin to saying the sky is blue

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>fake scientist switches to fake laptop
fake news

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>bill nye
isnt that the guy with a bachelors in engineering who thinks mayonnaise is a gender? why would anyone care what he thinks?

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>most Chromebooks STILL only have 32GB/64GB of local storage

I ain't falling for the cloud storage meme, jewgle

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God is there nothing this dude wont do for some extra shekels ?

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Honestly, the whole state of software in general is utter trash.

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>Bill Nye


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>stop using our competition's software and use ours
substantive argument.

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I'd rather use Windows 8.0 than a chromebook.

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why should we care about a soiboi burger pseudo scientist?

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bill nye the i don't have a degree guy.

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Bill Nye is falling apart. Literal fucking shill with no credibility. Nigger faggot.

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I wonder what gender a Chromebook is... did he say?

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>bill nye still being relevant
this is your brain on söy

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if only there was a Linux Distro with a more apple like philosophy in term of design.
I just want an OS with limited amount of programs but I want these programs to work well. Linux is a fractured mess

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Uneducated /pol/tards

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Doesn't mean what you think it means, commiefag

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>gender is a spectrum

You are retarded.

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Imagine doing real scientific work on a Chromebook

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every distro come with GNU Core Utilities

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and they're shit and every distro looks like shit

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>a degenerate bourgeois wearing a badge with hero of socialist labour on it

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So I have a Samsung Chromebook 3, and tips on speeding it up without going into dev mode? Besides all the normal shit like limiting add-on and shit.

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Exactly what I would say. NuLinux is barely staying ahead of wangblows. It's really a race to the bottom (lead by m$ at this time thankfully). Bug after regression after kernel vuln in new versions of the linux kernels and all the tranny drama crap aren't exactly shining points. In the 2.6 days, there were critical issues (NFS and performance-wise for instance) but things were mostly stable.
Moreover the userland stack is pretty fucked and getting worse by the day. Just look at the abomination that is gtk3 and how useless both plasma and gnome are. As DEs and graphics libraries, they're pretty critical to userland. Shit like flatpack/snaps, electron apps and the general habit of all software people to stop testing has not escaped linux either.

All in all, it's just like 8ch vs 4chan: 8ch (windows) is worse than 4chan (GNU), and magically, everytime 4chan becomes worse, 8ch manages to become worse even faster than 4chan can.

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Yeah, he's dead to me now.

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I really want to defend Windows against (((Google))) and (((Bill Nye the Science Fraud)))

but I can't. Not this time. Microsoft really fucked up with Windows 10. They fell for the tablet meme and completely fucked up what werked just fine (Win 7), starting with 8 and continuing into 10. They stress it's because they want one Windows across all devices. But how many people really use Surface shit? Like seriously how many Windows users use are >Graphic Designers using Surface devices? A very small fraction of 1%, I'm guessing. Everyone else just wants a normal Windows desktop OS like that of 95, 98, 2000, XP, 7. Microsoft fucked up Windows for all those 99+% of Windows users in favor of that tiny fraction of meme users. Add how fucking horribly updates are controlled now, plus extra botnet spying on top....and yeah, I can't defend Windows any more. You brought this on yourself, Microsoft, you fucking retards.

Why couldn't they just continued to keep Windows as a normal desktop OS like it used to be, and only have the tablet shit on tablets? Like they would have the special tablet version of Windows, and everyone else would be left alone to have normal Windows. Why shove that garbage down all of our throats?

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How's dilation going?

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Are you looking forward to macOS and iOS merging, anon?

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At this point I'm looking forward to killing myself.

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fake post

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>the year of the linux desktop is going to be a googlefied, locked down abomination
wake me up from this nightmare

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I already have a chromebook but I certainly wouldn't recommend listening to that fucking crank!

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Chromebooks are for poorfag hispanic public schools

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by paying him more than google’s offer.
>chrome book

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then use bsd

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>google beat evil MS to become the greater evil themselves

the cycle never ends. FTC is our only hope

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>the new jaunty
what kind of twisted mkultra psyop is this, im actually supposed to like microsoft because bill nye is a faggot?

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goddamnit I was gonna call him a nigger faggot too. good thing I read all the comments first or I would have missed this fucking checked opportunity.

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who is bill nye and why he makes /pol/tards seethe so much?

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ayyyyy maybe I should try brute forcing some bitcoin hashes tonight using my 4chan gets.

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I still find it weird how Chrome OS doesn't have a at least double-digit marketshare by now. Google controls 80% of the mobile market with Android. Same goes for the browser market.

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Not that anon but actually, yes. For one thing, at least Apple knows how to make things feel smooth and pleasant to use. For another, since any non-meme OS is pozzed anyway, might as well go with one that isn't actively crashing it's user experience and at least has the decency to hide the fact that it's spying on me. Finally, I'm tired of feeling like my OS is about to crumble.

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as someone who uses macOS, kill yourself alog with the faggots who are turning macOS into iOS for PC

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I use it as well and I don't think they are talking about making it into an iPad. I think the idea is to make it look and feel more cohesive and make the handoff and continuity all work better. If they make MacOS into a literal copy of iOS then yes, they'll ruin desktop functionality.

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Bill Nye was always the inferior science guy.

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based quints of truth and hackness

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So you are saying that windows will be blocked?

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Windows will never die. Until some genius programmer makes something like ReactOS that doesn't suck and can with fail run any win32 program or some way to paththrough VMs easily and seamlessly without any issues or performance hits.

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He's not wrong about Winblow$ but Linux Mint is where it is at; Linux Mint Cinnamon is the perfect blend for novices and those who have computer mastery.

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Windows will eventually use a linux kernel, and have more free components.
WSL2 will already have actual kernel.

I give it 15 years, for linux to be the kernel of windows instead of a second kernel for devs that for some corporate bullshit have to use windows.

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>software ages
bill nye the unscientific guy

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Windows won't die until it literally cannot run anymore, because it has deals to be distributed on virtually all PCs. Until that ends, Windows won't end.

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>the idea is to make it look and feel more cohesive
which is still bad because iOS is a visual aberration.

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Linux is fucking solid. don't blame the kernel devs blame the software companies and devs who don't bother making software for average users.

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Underage b& detected.
Unless you're from Yugoslavia or something in which case he's a mechanical engineer who got lucky with landing a job as a kid's science show host. He's worked as a media personality ever since. He's obviously never heard complaints for his kids show work, because over time his ego has grown to the size of a city.
Consequently, he's a high priest of the media science-worship cult, whose dogma does not include actually using the scientific method.

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bill's time has past, now it's astro science black man

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I see. Thank you, and no, I'm not underage.

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> linux is solid
> allows 2million lines of unaudited code written by alphabets slip by

Yeah system d with linux is the least solid

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A spectrum of two colors.

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Normally I'm with you but have you tried watching that shit?

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blaming the software devs again.

there are many flavors if you don't like systemd don't use it. no one forces you. whereas the windows ecosystem.... yeah not really as much choice. do they even test?

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You're legit stupid.

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>completely fucked up what werked just fine (Win 7), starting with 8 and continuing into 10.
Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows 2000 were where it was at.

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I miss the Alt menu accelerator hints ;_;

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The only reason Windows is on top is because it comes preinstalled on pretty much every home desktop. Take that away and it's left with nothing.

Chrome book sales are soaring because people really aren't choosing the windows os, they never were and when an alternative comes along people will choose that in large numbers.

what normies will not do is install their own os because that seems too complicated for them. And frankly I don't fault the normies for this, any time you install any os you're going to have driver and compatibility issues

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every board is an extension of /pol/ get used to it tranny

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Chromebooks have zero fucking uses.

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>zero issues
Dude what. It's literally botnet incarnate and bloated as shit.

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Not that anon, but I'm thinking he may have meant that there's a spectrum with one end being the hyper-masculine male and the other being the hyper-feminine female

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>upgraded to windows 10 last week
>fresh install and everything
>it randomly fails to copy things to or paste from the clipboard with a cryptic message about not being able to access the clipboard contents when pasting or being unable to access the clipboard memory when copying
>run memtest and cpu diags
>everything fine
>notice it also randomly doesn't render part of a window sometimes, leaving a blank horizontal stripe that doesn't fill in unless you trigger a redraw by resizing the window
I thought my machine was literally haunted at first.

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what is Bill Nye's field of study, anyways?
and what's the name of the fallacy where expertise in one field makes a person believe they have expertise in all fields?

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fake reply

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This. It's the perfect example of what happens when a company no longer (and hasn't for a long time) needs to appeal to consumers to be successful. It just does whatever it wants with no regard for delivering what its consumer base is asking for.

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found the tranny

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He has a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering, yet he talks as an authority about everything

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Is this now a tranny hate thread? Let me bust out the tranny folder

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Well shit, if Bill Nye says it, it must be true.

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youve probably never met an engineer in real life.
theyre all like that.

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Anon said "uses", not "issues".

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>it's an ad for Chromebooks
>/pol/tards just focus on Bill Nye instead


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dilate you doggone freak

>> No.72312049

well we all agree that Chromebooks are shit but also that Windows 10 is shit so there's nothing more to discuss there really

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sure thing autism poster, not sure how patient the others will be faggot. whoops i lost

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I think MS is ruining Windows on purpose, specially with 10.
>a shitload of services on the background slowing your PC down, most of them useless for you, and also spying on you
>MS store: AKA Google Play but with even more shitware and ads
>hey remember how easy it was to do simple stuff like changing your local session name and checking your local network status, setting up home groups and so on? well FUCK YOU
>oh so you installed a pdf reader/browser that's NOT MS Edge? that's ok, we'll just ignore your will and force defaults to Edge anyway, and bully you when you set it back to how you wanted it
>what's dvd playback?
And that's just naming a few things wrong with MS, the icing on the cake being them giving up on having a proper browser entirely and just forking chromium
I swear to God there's some people inside MS doing this on purpose. There's just no way they're THAT incompetent.
pic unrelated

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>"Eat ma period"

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My dad worked with Bill Nye at Boeing and he said the guy is a fucking idiot.

>> No.72312395

>transphobic winblows users coming out of the woodwork
fly to thailand to get your dick lopped off and install linux, or you're a bigot.

>> No.72312433

my chromebook has a 240gb ssd

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The funniest part is that guy appears to be asking that question in earnest. "Something about sucking a dick just feels queer to me though" is the exact kind of shit I'd say if I was taking the piss.

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Windows has been stagnant, they haven't innovated any new interesting features since Windows 7. Linux is becoming a compelling alternative because in the ten years since Windows 7 came out, Linux has finally caught up. Had Microsoft just kept making each version way better than the rest then Linux would still be left in its dust, but Microsoft just gave up after Windows 7.

>> No.72312462

So the guy who took money to sell the people on LGBT propaganda and isn't an actual scientist but just an actor is shilling for Google now?
And faggots fall for it?

>> No.72312473

It's really not much of a stretch. Consider that it's now shipping a complete linux kernel for the "windows for linux" subsystem.

>> No.72312476

This is literally true.

>> No.72312484

>linux is pretty solid
>unending list of vulnerabilities and holes in every single new kernel version
OK kid

>> No.72312491

Windows 7 is old and tired. Windows 10 is completely different and updated (no im not implying it has zero problems). Windows 10 has a newer updated kernel and supports things like taking the hard drive from 1 PC and moving it to another PC. It's ability to schedule multi core can be questionable but it means over 16 threads. In windows 7 it was questionable for 8 threads. Chrome book is saying it's "new and fresh" but it's stripped down and as cheap as possible. I don't get the idea here.

>> No.72312500

>abondon old botnet
>switch to new botnet

>> No.72312509

lmao chromebooks are getting BTFO in their own ad's comments section

>> No.72312516

Mr. Wizard retired and Bill Nye fucking copied his entire show.

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Neither statement is wrong. Human gender is a bimodal distributed spectrum highly correlated to biological sex. That's it. This is the scary "progressive" viewpoint once you strip away all the hyperbole and fearmongering

>> No.72313009


Exactly, he's one of the fucking founders.

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almost fell for the bait, cinnamon is bloat

>> No.72313361

its for literal brainlets, people that study humanities are the biggest market for this right now since they have no money and are tech illiterate as fuck

>> No.72313412

beakman was for poor kids

>> No.72313440

Why would anyone care? Windows has always been shit. It has never been usable. I don't think any tech literate person still uses it.

>> No.72313608

Windows kernel has always been fundamentally incompatible with the internet. The UAC helps with this vulnerability to a degree, but they really just need to scrap the monolithic kernel.

>> No.72313624

I was in the chrombook testing thing, I signed up and figured I wouldn't get it then I was surprised when one appeared on my doorstep one day. They're shit and locked down. Only a moron would use one.

>> No.72313662

>logical point brought up in a thread dealing with some form of its discussion
>can't give any meaningful discussion back because it goes against the viewpoint you cannot defend
>hurr dilate

what if you replied to a cis man or woman, anon? would they still need to dilate? maybe it's you who needs to cope

>> No.72313669

Bill Nye, the Sex Junk Guy.

>> No.72313675

Its funny how everyone who says we need to scrap the monokernel is running one in 99% of cases.

Micro is great in theory but its HURD to develop one.

>> No.72313701

Is this the fucking mid 2000's?

>> No.72313704

Most people on this board over 22 are more or equally qualified as Bill Nye to teach biology.

>> No.72313710

Windows is monolithic. Linux is modular monolithic. There's a very significant difference.

>> No.72313736

Windows is hybrid you silly goose. Darwin is Hybrid. Linux is Mono

notice how none of the 3 major oses are true microkernels

>> No.72313747

Do you get sexually aroused by the color blue or something? ME was the worst. All the (relative) bloatware of XP built on the unstable 98 base, it was horrible. I'd rather first-release Vista on my machine than any version of WinME.
How? They were both equally accessible on aerial broadcast. In fact Bill Nye was more accessible since Beakman was syndicated (so no guarantee it'd be on aerial broadcast in every market).

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>Why can't Microsoft...
Because Steve Ballmer is long gone.

>> No.72313767

Literally who?

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I can't believe no one posted this yet.

>> No.72313803

Get back in your containment board /pol/tard.

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glourious bait, but very cheap
I give it a price of 5€. Could see myself from Lidl every other week

>> No.72313889

True. We watched his videos in elementary school. He was based but he's not a scientist. At best he's a science communicator. All he did was read a script.

His new show was horrendous. They were trying to cash in on the social justice warrior and virtue signal wave.


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>"Its old and tired." - Bill Nye

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>local installations and data storage are over
>submit yourself to the cloud and to web apps
>it's the future!

>> No.72313927

Listen. Since you don't give a shit about privacy (as you are probably using a macbook), you could try something with the deepin DE. They focused quite a lot on design, and it kinda looks like macOS.

>> No.72313964

After the stuff he tweeted about the El Paso shooting, Neil is long gone to people.

>> No.72313987

Probably they get paid to do it by the advertisers, dvd playback makers, and google.

>> No.72314237

It's not gonna happen. Microsoft will just tac on Linux but will NEVER mix it in windows kernal ever.

>> No.72314285

no im pretty sure he mentioned fluidity as in you can change genders whenever you feel like its not wrong to say gender isnt fluid but that shouldnt be encouraged and aimed at young kids

>> No.72314342

It wasn't aimed at young kids, IDK the equivalent in the US but it was rated M in Australia.

>> No.72314353

Chromebook has no good games can't even fucking play doom

>> No.72314371


I'm a scientist and a mensa member, and I consider Dr. Nye to be one of my earliest inspirations. Of course, i was always considered a genius from a young age, but he helped give me that extra "push" away from my Bible thumping parents and closer to skepticism, rational thinking, and logic.

>> No.72314388

See this botnet right here nigger

>> No.72314422

>still playing games
Ew, what are you, 12?

>> No.72314462

Here we go again
And do what else instead? What else can I use to entertain myself?

>> No.72314477

I'll wait for some chink OS.

>> No.72314491

u are like a little baby. watch this.

>> No.72314501

so not even bill nye can be trusted anymore

>> No.72314510

Imagine trusting anything said by a "scientist" who seems to unironically take the tranny bullshit seriously lmao.

>> No.72314515

>implying he could still be after trusted after his horrid Netflix song about sexuality.

>> No.72314573


>> No.72314693

The word gender is fundamentally wrong and stems from the inhuman experiments of some deranged jew called john money (yes, that is his name, lel) that drove two brothers into suicide and called it a success of his theory.
Gender is not existent, it is a lie, a false utterance, the only thing they can really say is "but it was real in my head" as they get laughed at by the rest of the sane world.


It is the modern world lobotomy, and it is massively profitable of a "treatment".

Also let's not forget the fact that this shit started on the pretext of a fucked up male genital mutilation also known as """circumcision""", if you are interested in that topic, just look up Eric Clopper, if you wanna oy vey on me now, let me add that Clopper is in fact Jewish and he completely trashed any """scientific""" basis of this barbaric and unnecessary practice otherwise only known from underdeveloped thirdworld countries that mutilate their boys and girls.

>> No.72314721

Imagine having strong opinions about what other people do with or think about their junk

>> No.72314735

Imagine just letting complete falsehoods slide because it doesn't affect you (yet).

>> No.72314754

he's unironically right though. For most users being sandboxed in chrome is safer than windows 10 and functionally identical

>> No.72314759

Home of the brave, indeed

>> No.72314779

he's unironically right though

>> No.72314802

the government needs their systems to be secure anon. if anything it's a good thing they contribute -- the agencies know that if they included backdoors they would inevitably be discovered, which is exactly why they don't

>> No.72314823

Everyone in the world uses Linux. You can scarcely find 2 countries that trust each other. Everyone spies on everyone else. Everyone watches everyone else. There's no way China would use backdoored code from Google on their super computers. There's no way USA would be able to sneak code into Linux that would be used by the rest of the world which hates the USA and doesn't trust them.

>> No.72314842
File: 72 KB, 808x805, 1457659099403.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72314859

Gender is a spectrum though

>> No.72314919

Its useless garbage even by normie standards.

>> No.72315061

>>logical point brought up in a thread dealing with some form of its discussion
Discussion is no longer possible on /g/, I'm afraid. It's all just about jews, shilling, trans hate, botnets and browsers.

>> No.72315073

Windows 10 causes global warming or seomething right?

>> No.72315133

i couldnt give a single fuck about a song..

but shilling google over ms is a bit of a stretch

>> No.72315337
File: 100 KB, 601x1473, funny_pictures_8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

^ this lmao.
thank Google for making an OS that respects my 999 gender pronouns!

>> No.72315492

No, it's not. It's binary

>> No.72315501

Wasn't it just a bachelor though? I don't know why anyone would take his word for anything. Dude is clearly retarded

>> No.72315502

Sex is (mostly) binary
Gender is whatever ass retarded shit the culture comes up with

>> No.72315523

There's usyally two defined roles, men and women, but people don't necessarily have traits of just one or the other. I don't know what there's really to argue, unless you're understanding gender differently. Gender itself isn't some straightforward thing, with different cultures and people defining them differently and those definitions can change over time. Sex is a more rigid thing.

>> No.72315545

Which has been binary barring a select few places for all of mankind until marxist degenerates decided to try to change it's meaning

>> No.72315556

>Blaming marxists
Can you say anything more retarded? Inb4 you're one of those people that confuses postmodernists and marxists even though, for the most part, they fucking hate each other.

>> No.72315557

>Windows is dead
Okay, that's true.

>Chromebook is the way to go
Now that's just wrong.
Let's face it, though, the average guy will end up only having "smart" devices in the long run.
A "full-fledged" personal computer will become exceedingly rare within a few years.
The death blow to Windows is the transition away from the desktop, not that normal people finally became fed up with it, like they ought have about at least 20 years ago.

>> No.72315566

>implying it's not marxists
It is though, it's part of how they plan to destroy western civilization so they can build their retarded commie utopia
>this time we'll get it right!
By the way, the people who started promoting this gender nonsense were all pedo supporters too

>> No.72315579

deepin is crap. I tried, the Interface is broken, the back blur effect doesn't work properly on autohide dock and the folder explorer program crashes all the time. not to wonder you use that shitty store to install something and you get firegox in chinese

>> No.72315590

Oh no, it's retarded
Most actual marxist parties consider identity politics and discussions of gender in general as the bourgeois distracting the working class from their plight. Don't confuse the new left with the old left.

>> No.72315596

You're misunderstanding what is being said. There are generally two ends, male and female, but it's fluid in the sense that people aren't fixed to one and can have traits from both genders. Do you understand the difference?
>marxist degenerates
We're bringing Marxism into this?

>> No.72315630

>but people don't necessarily have traits of just one or the other.
yea people often don't have a dick or a pussy....
nigga are you even seeing the shit you post?

>> No.72315638

Dick and pussy are primary sex characteristics, not forms of gendered expression or mental conception of gender though.

>> No.72315652

As much as Windows sucks, moving to a 100% botnet would be even worse.

But I'm afraid that's going to happen, because most people don't really need Windows-only "productivity software".
And Botnetbooks are cheaper than Macs, so... yeah, we're fucked.

>> No.72315659

>bill tranny

>> No.72315661

>gendered expression
it's not like you cannot be a fashion designer if you are a guy, a MALE, and you are born with a dick. or cook. or whatever.

or as a female/girl, you can't start a rock band.
it's only retards that make this such a big deal. you don't need to cut off your dick, to bake a cake ffs.

>> No.72315673

I never said you did, you seem to be bringing other shit into this. Gendered expression just means that certain things we do are perceived by society as being gendered. Wearing high heels used to be a gendered expression through fashion of masculinity while now it's of femininity.

>> No.72315676 [DELETED] 


>> No.72315684

>Bill nye
I'm drunk out my mind but I still know bill Nye is a hack

>> No.72315686

>18 000 world wide
Chromebook is irrelevant.

>> No.72315717

You're thinking of sex, while everyone is discussing gender. Sex is biology, gender is more societal expectations, norms and so on.

>> No.72315750

>203 replies and 30 images

Replaying to google psyops in 2018+1

>> No.72315802

Wtf, I love Windows now

>> No.72315819

It's binary in the sense that you have either a majority male or majority female. Do you understand this simple concept?
>We're bringing Marxism into this?
Yes because the entire concept of gender fluidity is part of a larger political agenda. It's not based in science or reality in general

>> No.72315832

Billy Nye, the can't even get a phd guy

>> No.72315871

That man is such a whore now. There used to only be two genders... now he wants us to use on an OS that'll likely offer no flexibility for nerds to play with the sys? I hope Google makes him wear a pretty dress between shoots.

>> No.72315895

Windows. When you actually want to get work done.

Linux. When you don't have a real job or income.

>> No.72315974

>It's binary in the sense that you have either a majority male or majority female.
Sure, but the original comment by Nye is about how there's degrees to it, from solely male to solely female and everything between. Gender binary exists in the sense that there's usually two sides, male and female. Gender being spectrum describes where people fall between the two.
>Do you understand this simple concept?
I understand it, it's just somewhat besides the original claim.
>Yes because the entire concept of gender fluidity is part of a larger political agenda.
I'm sure it's part of some political thought, but I'm still not sure how Marxists fit into this.
>It's not based in science or reality in general
What part? Though gender identity is usually fairly rigid, there's certainly people who are fluid in the sense that their gender identity isn't as rigid as others'. And there's research to back this up. So I'm not entirely sure what part you feel like isn't "based in science or reality". The degree which gender is fluid is more contentious, gender being a spectrum not so much.

>> No.72316004

Does Gender even exist? As in, to me, it just seems like society assigning shit as masculine or feminine and saying your 'gender' is whichever one you do the most of. If you removed the idea of certain actions/expressions/fashion choices/whatever being gendered then there's nothing really left. There's nothing there that's now unexplained. As such, isn't gender just superfluous and useless?

>> No.72316070


Windows already reached its peak 15 years ago.

>> No.72316085


Not /g/. Please move to pol or r9k.

>> No.72316123

>Which has been binary barring a select few places for all of mankind until marxist degenerates decided to try to change it's meaning
>I'm sure it's part of some political thought, but I'm still not sure how Marxists fit into this.
I've been a member of a European communist party for over a decade now and I can assure you our agenda has a much more materialistic tone to it.
We preach acceptance and solidarity for all people but that's it basically, we got more important shit to do.

Perhaps you are confusing us with the liberals?

>> No.72316151

> And there's research to back this up
If this research is made by anthropologists, sociologists or psychologists then it's not science

>> No.72316321

I do somewhat agree, but it's a classification that isn't valueless. You could say the same thing about classification by race. The lines are blurry for both as to where to draw the lines and what metrics to use, but for now they're reasonably useful. Whether you want to say that something can only be either masculine or feminine (as is the case with some euro languages), or that it can also be bang in the middle, or that there's a whole spectrum of things doesn't really make much of a difference. But deciding that a solely aesthetic term now refers to your mental state is somewhat incorrect. Undoubtedly there are people that are more and less masculine or feminine as far as their brains go, but I'd wager we should use a different, more rigorous term for this instead. Race also should be replaced with some metric based on genetic phase-space coordinates.

When they say marxists, don't they mean cultural marxists?

>> No.72316342

Sex is the act of mating, tard.

>> No.72316351


>> No.72316406

I'm the one who was sceptical about Marxists having much to do with this
It's both made up (in the sense that it's largely a human made concept) but it's also real in the sense that we often adhere to that concept and see world through that lense.
There's also research done by biologists, though whether you consider that science, I'm not sure.

>> No.72316426


google's going to lose their mobile dominance as soon as huawei and samsung start developing their own OSs. They've been trying to degoogle android for a while now in favour of their own botnets

>> No.72316467

Yeah but you can just train yourself to discard the lens or to see through a different one, as you do any other lens.
Race is valuable in a medical context due to genetic predispositions towards certain diseases or disorders varying based upon genetics, however if you could reach the point of just checking on an individual level cheaply then Race becomes less useful, a lot of the cultural baggage with race is detrimental as well. It also ends up mattering in areas like the US where access to quality education is highly dependent on familial wealth and multiple policies until quite recently disadvantaged the wealth generation of non-white families.
Sex is what is useful medically, and systemic issues relating to gender are far easier to correct than race, due to the lack of generational overhang.
So if you get rid of race, you do lose some specificity. However, if you got rid of gender then you really don't lose anything. Getting rid of sex you'd lose some.

>> No.72316471

>I'm the one who was sceptical about Marxists having much to do with this
Yeah, I was criticizing the first and agreeing with you. But my wording didn't really make that clear I guess.

>When they say marxists, don't they mean cultural marxists?
What do you mean by 'cultural marxists'?

>> No.72316523

I wouldn't really advocate getting rid of race unless we have a well-established and convenient replacement. In an age when everyone has access to their genome, it would be a piece of cake to do this. In an age where everyone had their genome completely customised, this "genetic vector" would become completely removed from original race, as the typically grouped characteristics of particular races would be largely mixed and purposefully selected for.

>What do you mean by 'cultural marxists'?
Fuck if I know, just sounded more likely to be relevant than plain old marxists.
Unless the "means of production" now includes "means of reproduction"

>> No.72316527

It's a term popularised in the US in the 1990's (unless we go all the way back to Cultural Bolshevism in Nazi Germany) that attempts to link all the more cultural elements that were considered 'left' by the writers (female rights, gender theories, decreased role of religion, etc) to the Frankfurt School and then merged with the idea that the Frankfurt School were part of a Marxist Jewish conspiracy to corrupt American values and take over the country.

>> No.72316561
File: 62 KB, 785x1100, 1565766802380.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72316596
File: 48 KB, 431x341, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All about that Mr. Wizard yo

>> No.72316835
File: 137 KB, 720x1280, 1545354121352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's wrong with chromebooks?
It's literally tablets with keyboards.

>> No.72316980

Horrendous build quality, inexcusable performance, and displays fit for the visually impaired.
Chrome OS itself is very nice, though. Android apps and Ganoo Linux binaries just werk seamlessly out of the box.

>> No.72317031


>> No.72317156

Tell me then, oh Great Numbers, what isn't, whilst still being novice-friendly.

>> No.72317176

>What's wrong with chromebooks?
It's literally tablets with keyboards.

>> No.72317263

yeah they had affordable ssds in the mid 2000s

>> No.72317297


>> No.72317302

You people are such snakes with the way you abuse language. Identifying as the opposite sex is a severe mental illness with a shockingly high mortality rate, even with the ‘best’ treatments and with living in a society that accepts it.
Stop trying to convince us that transgenderism is ackshully just when a male does a stereotypically female thing. We aren’t buying it

>> No.72317307

I wouldn't mind trying a cheap 100-200 Chromebook as long as it had the option to easily install a linux distro myself.
Supposedly they're making it easier, but it used to be a hassle.

>> No.72317338

ok kid

>> No.72317346

I'm a different anon but you're confusing sex and gender.
>Identifying as the opposite sex is a severe mental illness with a shockingly high mortality rate
Big part of which is the rigid view of gender and the bullying and other issues people who don't conform to it face.

>> No.72317382

Once again, I never said anything about identifying as the opposite sex. I never brought gender dysphoria or talk about whether it's a mental illness or not into this at all.
Anon said that gender is a spectrum, other anon used sexual characteristics to say that it isn't, I pointed out that they were sex characteristics and not aspects of gender, then anon said that gendered expression shouldn't inhibit you, and I said that it indeed shouldn't and I was simply using the term to state that certain things are still gendered by society.
Now you bring transexualism into this from nowhere. Good job

>> No.72317411

Anon,search Satya Nadella (MS CEO) .You will see he's from a certain designated nationality and will understand why he's turning windows into shit.

>> No.72317434
File: 95 KB, 1280x720, 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Repent it my friend

>> No.72317535
File: 117 KB, 600x600, programTvogKompjutera.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

exyu get

>> No.72317693

You can swap it out generally, lot of em are architected to do that phone thing where it's all swap space your hard drive is your ram. The thing is how the chromebook os is set up, it feels like a shitty version of mac os on bad hardware. But hey at least it's cheap.

laptops are kind've a bad place to do big storage anyway, buy a home nas, shit's worth it.

>> No.72317722

the surface is a shitty mistake; hardware's bad, keyboard detaches randomly when you type, and proprietary charger. But the os changes? I never really felt them aside from 8, though I don't really windows often, asside for offices where they give me a windows workstation as a client to administer there linux farm which is weird. I mean god forbid I go without outlook.

>> No.72317843

>cloud storage focused machine
>shit specs
>glorified tablet without touch interface



>> No.72318326

it's almost like you get real work done on a desktop or server

>> No.72318364

Windows is a monolithic mess but Bill Nye the Tranny Guy has no idea what the fuck he is talking about.

>> No.72318368

If you're a normie content consumer get a Chromebook (or just use your phone/tablet)

If you're an autist fiddler use Linux.

If you're an employed person who uses their computer for serious work get a Mac.

If you play gams get a Playstation/Xbox/Switch.

I can't imagine who Windows PC's are supposed to be for in >2019

>> No.72318409

Is this the biggest meme ever? Should people not use chromeOS because some of the ideas are from the 60s and 70s?

>> No.72318418

I gave up with W10 on my N3050, 32GB eMMC, 4GB netbook.
Updates took forever and sucked up CPU usage, there was never enough storage, and RAM was always full thus necessitating a pagefile.

On the other hand, between Xubuntu and Arch I've run on this the difference is night and day.
Updates are on my time and quick(er when not using AUR), having only what I need installed and small updates give me back a lot of the storage, and using all 4GB of RAM is a pipe dream.

Only complaint about linux is the microsd reader driver has been fucked since kernel 4.4, but my microsd usb3 reader is a fine alternative until whenever they fix it or I decide to compile 4.4.

>> No.72318423

>If you're an employed person who uses their computer for serious work get a Mac
>Now all the programs I use for work don't work and have no equivalent or really shit equivalents
Th-thanks anon

>> No.72318454

Like what?

Some some really high end bespoke engineering stuff dating back to the 80s sure, you don't have a choice. But if there's any kind of competition the Mac version is invariably better since the platform is just plain better.

>> No.72318480
File: 78 KB, 900x900, this is.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72318510

Reeee. he didnt take gender studies so he doesnt know anything!!

>> No.72318517

And that's more than enough for the vast supermajority of computer users.

>> No.72318522

Bill nye is an irrelevant faggot.

>> No.72318529

He believes in global warming. That's all you need to know about this crank and any company he supports.

>> No.72318610

Implying, that lefties have banned 8ch, because of the last shootings.

>> No.72318641

>switch to jewgle shit


>> No.72318661
File: 98 KB, 600x500, kc-monthly-0600.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's real though, CO2 in the atmosphere is skyrocketing which traps more heat inside the earth and causing temps to go up all over the world. Not that this hasn't happened before but we're directly accelerating something that took thousands of years to progress in under a century.

Humans or wildlife in general won't able to adapt fast enough to enviormental changes this accelerated since that takes place over hundreds to thousands of generations which opens a pandora box of problems that didn't need to exist in the first place.

But yeah deep down inside he was always a nut reading off a script to pay the bills.

>> No.72318665

just install linux on it instead

>> No.72318668

Bill Nye is old and tired
He's not even a scientist, he's a low iq troglodyte nobody should be listening to

Die Nye

>> No.72318721

Plant life will flourish
It's already known that higher CO2 concentrations enable better growth and better resistance to higher temperatures

>> No.72319063
File: 64 KB, 685x960, 685x960.jpeg.4789671bbe5b459eaac99777e4148423_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Plant life will flourish
>It's already known that higher CO2 concentrations enable better growth and better resistance to higher temperatures
It's not even remotely enough to undo the damaged we've caused, most of our oxygen is produced by phytoplankton anyway and even accelerated oxygen output from them won't be enough to make a dent.

The reality is we're fucked not just because we've been pumping metric tons of additional CO2/GFCs in the air but because on a practical scale we can't slow down much because we depend on all this pollution to function (ie fuel, cooling, heating, electricity) so the most practical thing that could be done is engineer phytoplankton that absorb CO2 at artificially accelerated rates and we have no idea how badly that could backfire on us (ie we kill most marine life).

>> No.72319130

Windows absolutely sucks, but it's where all the software is.
Not just the big, expensive software like Office or Photoshop or Premiere that you can find alternatives for (although not on ChromeOS), but also small utilities that do exactly what you want and that just don't run on Wine.
I noticed just how much you're missing out on when not using Windows in the 2 years I used macOS (on my PC).
Also hentai games usually don't work too well on Wine and you can't force AA.

Windows is here to stay.

>> No.72319139

I'm a Linux fan but prefer windows over chrome. There is a war on general purpose computing. (((They))) simply want computers to be devices for consuming kosher content, nothing more

>> No.72319197

what's a jaunty?

>> No.72319207

Who said anything about oxygen?
Plant life will flourish in that areas that where inhospitable to crops before can now be used along with heather plant life and higher yields in general
We are not going to suffocate from lack of O2 anytime soon

>> No.72319228

This retard will be proven wrong. Why does anyone listen to this moron?

>> No.72319239

>What else can I use to entertain myself?
your girlfriends' dick

>> No.72319363
File: 292 KB, 1250x1516, 1557761220316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72319366

Microsoft Windows is indeed a piece of shit and the code base is horrific.
That said ChromeOS isn't the solution.

>> No.72319368

>hentai games
>windows user

why am i not surprised ?

>> No.72319378

Literally the main point keeping me on Windows. I can work around other things, for example with a VM. And I don't care about normal games either.

>> No.72319380


>> No.72319393
File: 107 KB, 645x681, blackscienceman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Baested black science man

>> No.72319395

fucking checked and witnessed

>> No.72319401
File: 175 KB, 348x312, 1565789652501.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72319480
File: 110 KB, 638x717, 0346xSHIoeLdDq6ae.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course not, I never said we're running out of O2. But in the process of creating it you also remove CO2 from the air.

The problem is again: the elevated CO2 levels won't be enough to make plant life and phytoplankton remove CO2 faster than what is currently being pumped out. We have to speed up this process by genetically engineering phytoplankton to absorb more CO2 than what they are capable of right now and that could have devastating consequences in the near future as bad as climate change itself.

Regardless if O2 levels were higher than 21% (which is also bad, see free radicals), higher CO2 levels begin to cause detrimental psychological and physiological problems WAY before you get to 1% concentrations (ie 10,000 PPM), even at 500 PPM (where we're currently headed) people begin feeling drowsy, sluggish, and general malaise. That's why staying in your room playing video gaymes all day or watching chink toons is bad for you. We're THAT sensitive to CO2.

>> No.72319543

Imagine being shorter than your trap gf

>> No.72319568
File: 437 KB, 1508x1493, 1434235533860.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72319688

>cinnamon is bloat
Okay, use Xfce if you have a dinosaur. My machine is almost a decade old (first-gen i5) and Cinnamon works fine here.

>> No.72319805

if bill nye say something is good, it's automatically bad.
>bill nye, the icecream guy, knows jack about shit

>> No.72319874

I thought it was about bisexuality, not tranny shit.

>> No.72320092

>What's wrong with chromebooks?
It's literally tablets with keyboards.

>> No.72320134


>i don't conform to your rigid definition of gender

>> No.72320174
File: 34 KB, 668x445, 1520018525563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love how the objections you people bring up are always something of such magnitude, like the attitudes of Society. Conveniently for you, changing those attitudes would be a massive generational under talking which won't happen in our life time (and even if it did, you'd just cherry pick a story out of the news or the twatterverse and say "SeE, Ppl hAte TraNNySexualsssss!"). As a result, you get to keep repeating this bullshit narrative, comfortable in the realization that the rules you've set up for this engagement require any such challenge to your position be presented as societal change, which as we've established isn't going to happen in our life time.

This is why no one takes you retards seriously. According to you mental illness can't possibly be the killer for trannies (dysphoria being an illness that literally causes the sufferer to resent and even hate their own body). No, it must be the big scary society boogyman.

>> No.72320193

>Bill Nye says use chromebook

Well, guess i'm avoiding chrome at all costs if that circle has gotten involved.

>> No.72320256

Some kind of goblin creature is speaking for him, there's no way this man has used Windows...

>> No.72320273

bill nye is an actor, not a scientist

>> No.72320292

Holy jesus, what in the name of almighty god is that mumu-wearing beast?!?!

>> No.72320295

I think you shouldn't force anyone into one gender role or other.
>No, it must be the big scary society boogyman.
I didn't really understand what you were on about, but this part is correct

>> No.72320388

>buy a laptop that can only do what a phone can do
I seriously hope none of you have paid for the privilege of having google spy on you

>> No.72320491

how hard is it to buy AMD, use a separate admin account, and keep your shit updated?

>> No.72320530

>those mean /pol/tards shitting on based Bill Nye my childhood hero

>> No.72320544

Bill Noy the Basedence Goy shills for jews
what a faggit

>> No.72320592 [DELETED] 


>> No.72320618
File: 193 KB, 1034x1264, gigachad walk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sorry bill your opinion doesnt apply to me
>I develop and contribute to the powerPC port of openBSD and use openBSD on my powerbook G4
>I cant be associated with inferior software and brainlet linux
>why yes I am working on a powerPC openBSD only web browser anon
>I code in assembly and C++ only of course

>> No.72320644
File: 191 KB, 820x331, 2b1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You guys laugh but Chromebooks are taking over school. Soon kids are going to grow up and only understand how to operate chromeos, iOS and Android. If you stick one of these kids in front of a Windows computer they'll be just as confused as your 85 year old grandma trying use her computer.

>> No.72320677

This meme was never funny. And will never be. No matter what your mom says.

>> No.72320819

That's why I don't use Mac.

>> No.72320922

Oh yeah and by the way, these kids have no idea what local storage is. To them everything is just 'in the cloud', the entire idea of storing something once a single computer escapes them.

>> No.72321064

>crying about memes on 4chin
How new are you?

>> No.72321127


>> No.72321163

Chromebooks are literally glorified android emulators, unless you run a distro or something.

>> No.72321173
File: 86 KB, 1079x720, old-man-cloud-HD-1079x720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72321207
File: 100 KB, 621x960, 1493943637317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72321251
File: 15 KB, 480x360, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>future generations will by default accept their information and work stored on some far away servers locked behind a gorillion dollars of high tech security and state owned land

and thats a good thing

>> No.72321270

How can a guy with a Mechanical Engineering degree tell people to use an operating system that can't be used for literally every CAD and engineering program created?

>> No.72321509

Gender is a spectrum, but it's a spectrum between two points

>> No.72321664

Is this a Bill Nye the dubs guy thread?

>> No.72321800
File: 1.98 MB, 251x240, frens.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>aeronautics bachelors degree
>knows anything about modem operating systems

>> No.72322644

There is some truth to this, and it's the only hope of Windows dying or being remade. Soon enough actual PCs will return to being a less common items in people's lives as other devices take their place. Yes, serious work will require them, but we're talking real serious work, no you writing emails, scheduling meetings, and having your fucking scrum conference call.

>> No.72322834

I thought it was just Bill Gates with the obvious mistake

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