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>Assemble a part list
>Example gaming builds and monitor suggestions; click on titles above parts lists to see notes
>How to assemble a PC

Want help?
>State budget & CURRENCY
>Post at least some attempt at a parts list
>List your uses, e.g. Gaming, Video Editing, VM Work
>For monitors, include purpose (e.g., photoediting, gaming) and graphics card pairing (if applicable)

CPUs based on current pricing
>Athlon 200GE - HTPC, web browsing, bare minimum gaming (can be OC'd on most mobos with the right BIOS)
>R3 3200G - Minimum 30-60fps gaming. The stronger 3400G sells for $150. (R3K APUs OCs better than R2K)
>R5 2600 - 60fps+ gaming CPU with great value
>R5 3600 - Great gaming CPU
>R7 3700X - Overkill gaming CPU
>R7 1700X - Budget video editing
>R9 3900X - Professional tasks

>Do not use a single DIMM. 2 sticks for a typical dual channel CPU
>CPUs benefit from fast RAM; 3200CL16 or Micron E-die ("AES" in code) recommended
>AMD B & X chipsets and Intel Z chipsets support XMP
>B-die is EOL, stock is limited

GPUs based on current pricing
>RX 570/580 8GB - Can be found on sale/used for cheap. Look for 570s which are >1240MHz boost
>(GTX 1660TI @ ~$230/Vega56 @ ~$270) - higher fps / more demanding games
>RX 5700 - higher FPS
>RX 5700 - standard, 75-100FPS+
>RX 5700XT - higher fps
2160p (4K)
>RTX 2070S OC - budget option. Turing scales better into 4K than Navi does.
>2080Ti - best for 4K but expensive

>Navi AIB models come mid-August. 5700 non-XT blower is alright, due to low power.

>Yes, adaptive sync (free/g/sync) is important for gaming
>NVMe isn't better than SATA SSD for gaming
>Don't use Speccy
>Don't trust sites which rank CPUs by arbitrary, obfuscated scores (eg userbenchmark, passmark, cpuboss)
>AM4 VRMs + Monitors + SSD Guide under "more"

more: https://rentry.co/pcbg-more
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Rate my new AMD build

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Anyone here know if the Asus VP28UQG is Gsync compatible? I want a 2080, but if adaptive sync isn't working i'll go AMD.

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Fuck it, i have actually noticed a few odd slowdowns. Ill take your advice and full reinstall.
What folders and shit can i backup (copy, then just paste back into new installation) to get my new windows as close as possible to the current one quickly/easy.
I get all programs will have to be reinstalled (ill just write a list of programs i have i guess). But i want my current pirated games to 'just work' and have their saves (main files are on other drives).

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daily reminder that 3600 gives only 20% better fps over 2600 at 75% bigger price

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Pls no
Just ordered my 3600 today

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better get a 2600 now and upgrade to 3700x or 4700 in a couple of years

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No, it gives 30% better in some cases.
And that difference is the difference between bottlenecking higher end GPUs or not. I wouldn't pair a 2600 with more than a 1080/5700 at 1080p.
$200 is still really cheap and more than Intel was giving for $350 for years.

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why shouldn't I get the cheapest SSD per GB?

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Do GPUs have the same auto OCing shenanigans as the CPUs do now or will I need to manually OC 5700 XT to bullshit levels when AiB comes out?

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>No, it gives 30% better in some cases
lol only case is assassin creed odyssey 1080p
rest fluctuate between 15% and 20%

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>And that difference is the difference between bottlenecking higher end GPUs or not.
no one plays with a 2080ti
average individual wont see this best case scenario 30%fps because the average individual will be gpu bottlenecked before being cpu bottlenecked and this gap is even smaller at 1440p
better invest these $ in a better gpu or save it to go 8c/12t instead of wasting it in this sidegrade

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based and redpilled

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Is the difference between the RX 580 4GB and 8GB solely memory or is it weaker like how the 1060 6GB was flat out stronger over the 3GB model?
Is there any reason why to buy the 8GB model if so, since I don’t think the 580 could use all that memory effectively to begin with?

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so you finna tell me that its pointless upgrading from my 2600 at 1440p 60fps, and that only my gpu (1070 should be upgraded for the foreseeable future?

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checks some benchmarks for yourself
1070 isn't going to cut it at 1440p in the near future

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$110 for an Optiplex 3010 with:
i5 3470
GTX 560 Ti
735W Raidmax RX-735AP PSU (doesn't look terrible from JonnyGuru)
With a 20" 1050p monitor


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it's nice for the price but i sure hope you don't intend to play recent games with it

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>2.064 V

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4gb is no 'weaker'
A few games will be pushing at the edge of 4gb. Doom i think, mirrors edge 2 and a couple others wont let you run highest textures at all. A few others might let you run them but if try and have some of the other VRAM eating settings as well you will impact performance a bit, by maxing out the 4gb. But you are generally right that its not too different, for 'most' games.
If you plan to keep it for even just a year or two though, i'd recommend the 8gb as the amount of games pushing the 4gb is only going to rise. Also if you like to/want to graphics mod skyrim/fallout, as cramming 4k textures in can fill it up fast.
In the end its really depends on how much extra it costs and how soon you think you'd upgrade.

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lmao? of course what the hell made you think otherwise.
For just 60fps, you are going to be hard pressed to find games which need more than the 2600 for many years to come.
3600 is massive overkill if all you're doing is 60fps.

As long as you don't plan to upgrade it, just as-is for $110 I think that's okay. And like the other anon said, as long as you don't plan to play recent games on it. Anything newer than 2012 or 2013, you're pretty screwed.

Rocket League, LoL, CSGO, and some others get massive gains with Zen2.

Because it's probably QLC NAND.

>no one plays with a 2080ti
There are GPUs in between the 1080/5700 and the 2080Ti which very well may be used at 1080p. 3600+5700XT is a good 1080p combo.

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So the 3600 is only around 5-10 fps quicker than my 2600 at 1440p. The 3600 seems like a rip off for people who play 1440p lmao.

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>on 7nm
How the fuck is that CPU not dead?

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Your post better illustrates how retarded it is that people get a 9700k or 9900k, especially at 1440p. There's a much bigger difference between the 2600 and 3600, with the 3600 usually being all you need to not be CPU bottlenecked at 1440p, than there is a difference between the 3600 and 9700k.

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Because it's a monitoring error, and the person who spams that knows that, and he's probably that ban evader, but for some reason he's able to keep spamming it every thread for days now.

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>it's a monitor error REEEEEE
>amd is perfect!!!!

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any 5700 non xt owners here?
how's reliability? are the drivers fixed yet?
I'd like to get one but I honestly don't want to be constantly troubleshooting and waiting a year for my card to stop having issues like I didnt with my vega56

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Yeah using a version of CPU-Z one year older than the CPU you're monitoring with it is wise.

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Out of the box zen2 compatible x470 and b450 mobos when?

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Bought one day 1
Besides the temperature and noise which were horrendous, drivers were also shit and had to find an older less shit version that actually works
Returned it, bought a 2070s which it's miles ahead and have a calm mind now

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Newfag here, is logicalincrements reliable?

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>I'd like to get one but I honestly don't want to be constantly troubleshooting and waiting a year for my card to stop having issues like I didnt with my vega56
That's only possible when AMD has the 5700xt's launch issue settled i.e. when the card is a year old

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It's retarded. At a certain point it recommends going from 1x 2080ti -> 2x 2080

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>it's the versions fault!!!
Your cope is showing

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better get a 8core 12 thread if you want to see bigger performances at 1440p

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just got a Sapphire RX VEGA 56 8GB Pulse for £153/$186, used (for 2 weeks, was a temporary card supposedly)

that's a good fucking deal right? all the other ones I could find were around £210 and more
should be compatbile with a P350X case and an ASUS VC239H from what I've researched

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>bolded totally normal
>TWO fucking times
If this isn't damage control, I'm not sure what is!

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Yeah, I'm planning on upgrading to a 3700 in the future for 1440p 60fps when newer games become even more demanding.

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Yes absolutely. It's not like he sold it because it has coil whine or anything.

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My little sister needs a new PC. The FX-4100 and GT210 combo I threw together for her 7+ years ago isn't cutting it anymore. She does plain browsing, some Minecraft, and occasionally the Sims, all at 1080p. All Microcenter prices.

R5-2600 + ASrock B450 Pro4 = $175
I5-9400f + ASrock B360 Pro4 = $200

I'll be waiting it with an old 980Ti and 16GB 2400MHz ram kit I have laying around. Stability and dependability are a must as she uses the PC for school when she's not using her T420

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wait for zen 3 unironically

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man this is what worries me
From a price:performande standpoint the 5700 is the fucking godcard but its like they just release it then rest on their laurels as if nothing ever goes wrong
I want to buy this so badly but amd always pulls this kinda shit on release and Im honestly getting kinda tired of it
if the issues arent resolved by the time Im ordering then I might just go with a low end 2060 super or something

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Is it better to get a 1TB m.2 and skip the 2.5'' ssd or get both? it's getting tight on my budget for the gpu.

>> No.72110102

>1TB m.2 and skip the 2.5'' ssd or get both?
>it's getting tight on my budget for the gpu.
Prioritize gpu first if gaming

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2600 is far better than 9400f due to hyperthreading
plus it's cheaper

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you're dealing with concernshills my newfag friend
don't get any advice from /g/ and expect it not to be either a blatant lie or an exageration

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>I wouldn't pair a 2600 with more than a 1080/5700 at 1080p
Even that's cutting it pretty close, especially if you're not playing at max settings. An example would be Hitman 2, where according to gamegpu (you can search for it), an R5 2600 exactly matches the average framerate with a 2060 at 1080p

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either will be more than fine, so i'd say save the money and go ryzen and make sure you get a proper PSU, preferably seasonic

>> No.72110125

If it works with my b450 mortar I'll happily do that.

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Check it ouuuuut boooysss!

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>Stability and dependability
Intel obviously

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glad I fell for the 2700 meme

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>sanding and polish
That's pretty autism

>> No.72110154

looked it up, seems like it's barely an issue and when it is people are playing at 100+ fps, I'm staying at a cool 60fps

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Always go Nvidia unless you're desperate.
I went AMD through 6770/6850/7870, and once I switched back to Nvidia with a GTX 970 and 1060 a host of tiny issues just disappeared.
A system that really works perfectly is worth it.

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It's either a 1TB m.2 ssd now or a 500GB m.2 ssd now and a 1TB 2.5'' for september.
as for the gpu, it's either a vega 56/2060 super now or an aib 5700 if I wait a bit.

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Close relatives don't let each other use off-brand processors. Buy Intel.

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It's only cheaper by $15, and even then she's not going to be doing anything that will really stress 12 threads
I have a Seasonic 620w Bronze M2II I got for cheap
Dunno if trolling. But it's a concern for me because I will 99.9% be leaving the state soon, and I don't want her to have a PC that will require a BIOS flash to fix an issue or anything like that. That or thermal issues due to high voltage that /pcbg/ keeps saying Ryzen has.

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If you don't mind annoying loud ticking noise when your pc is open, sure.

>> No.72110199

>thinks he understands the depths of autism when he sees the very edge of the event horizon
I have made near 200 images of before after, paste applications, pressure distributions, temps and so on, have literally 8-9 folders with images and shit about this

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Do you believe you'll benefit from m.2 nvme? Or do you want it mainly for its small form factor?
Your gaming experience would be better with a >$400 5700XT + 1tb 2,5" than
>V56 + 1tb nvme
Heck, with your savings you can step up to a
>2070S + 1tb 2.5"

>> No.72110218

Good result, though.

Just get a 1TB SSD now. 2.5" or m.2 doesn't matter.

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try number three, tweaked minor things.
already have an ssd so no need to tell me this time.

>why no 1660ti
because it's 100 euros more and i plan on getting a better one in a year or two since this will be more than enough for now since i have a 1080p monitor
>why no K CPU
also plan on replacing it when i replace the 1660 since the K versions are also about 100 euros more
i literally just wanted a WD one and i have no clue what i'm doing here
>power supply
also completely at random, just picked one that has a good price to it
this one was tough and after doing some research i found out that this one had pretty good reviews. this could also change with time since as far as i know i need a Z mobo for overclocking the Ks

how'd i do?

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iv used plastic and metal washers, I have sanded the HBM and chip area to be a different height to compensate for the manfufacturing flaw of the package being uneven, I have flipped around different fans in every possible combination and recording results, autism does not begin to describe it

>> No.72110230

>Dunno if trolling. But it's a concern for me because I will 99.9% be leaving the state soon, and I don't want her to have a PC that will require a BIOS flash to fix an issue or anything like that. That or thermal issues due to high voltage that /pcbg/ keeps saying Ryzen has.
Zen+ is pretty mature so you'll probably be fine. Same deal with Intel. You should never consider Ryzen 3000 as it is a clusterfuck in terms of reliability in its (((current state)))

>> No.72110234

gpu gave boost if thats what you meab

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File: 2.34 MB, 2096x5376, kryonaut is good goy, just buy more of it, surely it was user error, try another 20 applications.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nocuta performs far better than kryonaut.
The only good thing kryonaut is good at is sub zero temps, unless you plan to do that, or god forbid you plan to have high temps like 80-90C then kryonaut degrades within days and adds another 2-4C on top of it's already worse temps (by 2-4C more than nocuta/mx-4)

>> No.72110254

Is this a joke? Canadian/Australian prices or something?
>1660 for $230
>Gigabyte GPU
You can get a 1660Ti for that
Put it in the correct pricing you retard, it has dollar signs there.

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for the anons that i promised in the previous thread, the overclocking process has began, I gave it the following settings which were provided automatically by the MB and i am stress testing it in Prime 95 with no issues so far. Will go tighter in the next iteration and report back.

Here is the SKU for the memeory that i am using:

>> No.72110263

I know, I was getting impatient to build my new PC, I don't like to buy the part little by little then finish it for next month.

>> No.72110268

Oh I remember your thread anon.

>> No.72110280

2070S + 1tb 2.5"
nvme is a waste if you're sacrificing gpu budget for it

>> No.72110281

9400f + b365 mobo + 2666 c15 ram
Remove cooler since it's not needed for this i5
Get txm psu
Use the savings on a 1060ti/2060

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File: 643 KB, 1022x731, It's_All_So_Tiresome.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't really if they're concernshills because I AM concerned
Ive had problems with amds shitty releases in the past and I really dont want to go through that again. Right now Im still holding the 5700 in highest priority over other cards solely for its performance and price but Im sick of troubleshooting and having to go through a 50 step checklist to get a good card like I had to with my 56
This is pretty fucking zoomer of me but I just want something thats plug and play, pic related

>> No.72110300

Use memtest86 live boot to test overnight

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Some say I still am polishing to this day...

>> No.72110313


>> No.72110317

I think I'm going to end up going the Intel route. What few games she plays will benefit from the single core more so than more threads. That and my cheap 2x8GB if CL14 2400MHz RAM I have won't hold the i5-9400f back as much as it would the R5-2600.

>> No.72110318

So for a low end gaming PC with a budget of 700$-800$ USD, what could I get not including kb&m, monitor, but including OS?

>> No.72110323

>pay less and have more
get her an APU it's even cheaper

>> No.72110327

tbqh anon, it sounds like you've already made up your mind to avoid AMD

>> No.72110338

Whats the issue anon?

>> No.72110340

I'm giving her my old EVGA 980Ti Classified

>> No.72110354

buy kryonaut goy
>t. balding jewtuber

>> No.72110366

i used the site only for showing the build
should've cut off the prices
why is it not needed for this i5?
also about the 9400f, it is cheaper but i read that the missing igpu is a big issue with some people.
why exactly do i need it? i plan on emulating and as far as my uneducated brain knows i need a processor with an igpu for that, right?
and why the b365 mobo?
this is my first build so i need to ask and don't want to fuck myself over.

>> No.72110377

you sure it's the right ram?

>> No.72110395

get a gpu that's one year old if you want best experience out of the box

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seems quite tedious. isnt booting and P95 enough?
it also still boots at 3600Mhz CL16 and i am stress testing it right now on P95.
The voltage is at 1.4v (auto from the MB profiles) am i frying it?

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File: 353 KB, 641x859, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait, maybe this one would be better?

>> No.72110421

stock cooler handles 9400f's boost just fine, google it. 9400f is also newer and better than 8400, no brainer if it's cheaper too
It's only needed if you have no gpu. It doesn't do anything if you have a gpu
>why b365
It's newer

>> No.72110428

Open up some random gamers nexus video
>Kryonaut is IDEAL for gpus, it lasts long, does not cure and will pretty much last you forver
then watch this damage control video that they probably released because half the internet is shitting on kryonaut for not only costing 4 times that of other pastes but also performing worse than other pastes
>well you see, with thermal cycling there is a pump out effect, so you see it pumps out all the paste form between the heat source and heatsink, so you are left with no paste and thats why the performace gets bad, you should replace kryonaut at least ONCE A YEAR!
Lets not even get into the
>you want the thermal paste application to be a small as possible to only fill in the micro cracks that are micron-10micron in size, not make a sandwhich
then you get kyronaut
>AAAAAAAUGH it pumps itself out, every little microscropic amount and so you are left with not even a molecule of kryonaut between your die and heatsink, so you see thats why you need to buy more kryonaut and apply it yearly :)

Fucking hell.
Lets not even fucking mention the fact that he fucking owns part of the company now.

>> No.72110431

What's the point of sanding and polishing that much without using some kind of surface plate?

>> No.72110437

welp go for a 2600
it has better upgrade path and has better fps per $

>> No.72110453

you're good up until 1.45/1.5

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>>72110001 this Anon here, just got the graphics card and already have the case, thought I'd ask again just to be 100% sure

how good is this build for 1080p 60fps ultra on modern and upcoming games?
I'll upgrade to G.Skill Flare X RAM later on

>> No.72110468

nice, it seems it is working will with my ram at 3600 CL16 (it is rated at 3200 CL16). Which is the max frequency before I start seeing diminishing returns?
I am asking this to know whether it is worth it to keep going up or i should just stop here.

I have a 3700X

>> No.72110470

>What's the point of sanding and polishing that much without using some kind of surface plate?
Eh, what do you mean by surface plate?

>> No.72110502

for 24/7 use you can push it max 1.5v
all the timing and clock boost scaling is up to the quality of ram so try squeezing as much as you can without crossing the voltage threshold

>> No.72110515

hey guys
i got a z390 for sale, so guess i'm buying intel now
getting 9700k because a 9900k will probably get more security updates down the line
how much can i optimistically oc with a scythe ninja 5? because that's for sale, too
how different is the nh-d15? how much more megahertz can i squeeze
not trying to break any records, i just want to get my money's worth

>> No.72110531

>how the fuck is that cpu not dead
Because it's fake?
>not it's not fake it's real
How the fuck is that cpu not dead?

>> No.72110540

>It's only needed if you have no gpu. It doesn't do anything if you have a gpu
the same goes for emulation? not that big of a deal but i'd like to have this option available.
if that's true than you just saved me 50e, anon.

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File: 25 KB, 448x331, Sad Rygel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I lie about my specs to impress gamer girls into thinking I'm an epic rich gamer

>> No.72110547

Not really worth it since you're spending $300 on something you can't upgrade outside of putting maybe a 1660ti (or upcoming RX 5600) in it. Won't be worth upgrading the CPU.
You'd be better off spending $300 on a new 2400G build and upgrading that with a better CPU and GPU later.

3600 is the highest before you have to manually overclock infinity fabric... which you should currently be doing anything because auto is bugged and likely responsible for some of the poor benchmark results that some outlets got.
The main reason LTT, L1T, and some others got good results which matched AMDs is because they manually set the FCLK to 1/2 MCLK.
Hopefully AGESA fixes that.

Anyway, I wouldn't go higher than 1.45 unless you're monitoring memory temps closely. But you can potentially go up to 1.55 with enough cooling. Water cooled RAM I've seen at 1.6v and higher.

ninja5 should be fine for the 9700k. You should get 4.8GHz fine unless you have terrible luck.

>> No.72110549

>gets a Z390 for sale
>opts to buy the threadlet 9700k instead of the 9900k
>drinks the Spectre/Meltdown kool-aid

nobody gives a shit about you

you're not worth hacking

>> No.72110553

It's already available in some part of the world.

>> No.72110573

>because auto is bugged
i am a maximum brainlet when it comes to memory overclocking and this feature is a godsend to me. please explain to me what you mean by saying "bugged" how will it affect me and what should I do about it?

>> No.72110580

>i got a z390 for sale, so guess i'm buying intel now
absolute brainlet
you pick the mobo according to the cpu not the other way around

>> No.72110583

The 1050Ti will sell for $90 and you can get a 970 for $100, though.

2400G ain't getting a non-backdoored copy of Windows with it for $300 either.

>> No.72110595

Which 2080S should i buy?

>> No.72110599

ok bud
let me guess, are you one of those "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear" guys?

>> No.72110603

should I pirate or buy a cheap key for windows?

>> No.72110629

Buying is better than being backdoored, IMO.

>> No.72110633

is there a good guide out there on what to aim for when you undervolt + oc your vega 56 and how to flash the v64 bios on a v56 sapphire pulse?

>> No.72110636
File: 119 KB, 817x427, b-die vs b-die with manual timings, zen+.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you should not use auto timings... they will be massively slower than manually tweaked.
But I'm talking about FCLK auto. It's supposed to automatically set itself to 1/2 MCLK, but it's bugged and gets out of sync. You will get better performance by manually setting FCLK to 1/2 of MCLK.

>1050Ti will sell for $90
lol ??? No fucking way
>970 for $100
it's barely any better.
>2400G ain't getting a non-backdoored copy of Windows with it for $300 either.
what het fuck? Windows is like $8.

up to you

None. 2080/S is extremely overpriced a bad buy. Just overclock a 5700XT or 2070S.
2080 only exists to make the 2080Ti seem slightly more reasonable, when really the 2080 should have been the 2080Ti and sold for 2080 price.

>> No.72110655

will do that right away, thanks mate.

>> No.72110656

3700x was more expensive where i am, as is x570
was picking between b450+3700x or z390+9700k cause i can save money by going amd that way
the solution presented itself, and i got a deal on a z390
what do you want me to do? pay extra for beta testing hardware? yeah nah

>> No.72110663

Windows is already a botnet, if you’re a conspiritard like me. Ironically, install gentoo. Unironically, go to /r/sjains_guides or something like that for windows activation. Much less gay than paying (((Micro$oft))).

>> No.72110664

I got the same sticks as you earlier on, is this good or bad? I'm a total newfag to whats what

>> No.72110727

I'm looking for a card that can do 1440p high refresh at ultra settings. I'm not interested in buying a "good enough" card that kinda does that and i'm fine with paying 600-800 merkel marks. Notice how i didn't ask whether or not i should buy a 2080S? i'm asking WHICH BRAND is a good choice.

>> No.72110737

I'll look that up. I had forgotten about Appdata so thanks for that reminder.
I'll be safe in the fact that ill keep the old drive around with my current windows installation it. So nothing will be permanently lost if i forget it first time, as i can jump back to the that drive if needed.

Just wondering how different would copying all that be if i were doing a much bigger change?
Such as going from my haswell i7 DDR3 setup to an AMD ryzen 3*00 DDR4 setup? could i still just simply copy across all game saves and appdata?

>> No.72110738

>lol ??? No fucking way
I just sold one for $90 yesterday.

The 970 is within spitting distance of a 6GB 1060. The 1050 Ti is well behind it.


>> No.72110740

what does that mean and I hope you don't mean full price
thanks, is windows the only real os you can use, why is it so popular compared to the others?

>> No.72110752

Buy a 2080ti then

>> No.72110774

>i'm fine with paying 600-800 merkel marks
>just get a 1300 eur card

>> No.72110803


Asus strix oc

>> No.72110849

is this the right way? plz check pic related.

lower CL = good, higher Mhz = good. These are allegdly e-die which is like the second coming of Samsung b-die (top bin chips)

>> No.72110864
File: 969 KB, 2560x986, is this correct.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck, here is the pic

>> No.72110873

1799.6 Mhz sounds shit though

>> No.72110893

DDR = Double Data Rate, effective speed is 3600 Mhz.

>> No.72110897

Like the other anon said, then you get a 2080ti. Quit being retarded.
2080/S has no position in the market. It's a literal scam.

>I'll pay 800 europoor marks for a shitty card because "that's my budget" regardless of it being the shittiest way possible of spending my money
Spend 200-400 euro on a 860 QVO 2-4TB instead and spend 400-500euro on a good GPU instead. You'll get much more for your money that way.

No e-die isn't that close to b-die. It's like 85%. It's just good for the money.
But yes that is correct.

>> No.72110907

really good
I paid £225 for mine, used

>> No.72110913

>But yes that is correct.
thanks man, i am so happy about this purchase. never won the silicon lottery before, paid less than 80 Euros for this kit.

>> No.72110956

If you aren't sanding it against a surface plate or something else that's precisely flat you are going to end up with an uneven surface.

>> No.72110988

isn't the limit 3,200 MHz oc or is this because its dual channel?

>> No.72110997

I have a HD600, does it make a difference if I take a motherboard with ALC1220 or ALC892?

>> No.72111005

the memory that i bought is rated at 3200 CL16 but i am overclocking it, read the term, anon it is over clocking, meaning going over the rated limits.

>> No.72111008

>It's a literal scam.
The card, when running at non-cucked settings, gets within 15% of the Ti. How is that a scam?

>> No.72111015

I am planning to get something similar, someone told me that he is questioning the PSU https://pcpartpicker.com/user/pcbg/saved/#view=zqYr7P
Also, does the cpu need an extra cooler?

>> No.72111033

it's ok but you should change the gpu and get a 650w psu

>> No.72111040

Doesn't matter as both are trash

>> No.72111043

what is wrong with a 1660, is the standard nowadays

>> No.72111045

He's saying the limit is 3200 when overclocked, OC do u c?

>> No.72111051

The feeling of winning the silicon lottery isn't as good as losing it.
My 7970 was top 5 record holder on some benchmarks.
My 1600X was top silicon too.
But my RX580 being below average and my Vega56 being average were much more crushing than those felt good.

I hope someone sells some pre-binned Navi GPUs like MSI did with the Lightning.

wat? no that's just stock speed like stock speed is 2666 for Intel.
You can OC to 3600-4200+ fine on Zen2.

>600-800 europoor uneducated bucks for 8GB of VRAM

That CPU comes with a so-so cooler.
That PSU is mediocre for the price. Sometimes much better ones are on sale for only $5-$10 more.

>> No.72111052

vega 56 is so cheap nowadays that there's no reason not to get one

>> No.72111067

Don't have money for that.

>> No.72111115

>8GB of VRAM
Not going 4k so 8gigs is fine.

>> No.72111116

they're the exact same price in the UK, I wonder why it's $100 more in america

>> No.72111122
File: 3.43 MB, 6049x2049, minimal paste on heatsink only, kryonaut .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ohohohohoooo anon, do you believe this is simply my first day of autism?
Nay, I have considered this indeed.
Behold, countless test have been done like this to see which area of the heatsink had better or worse contact. Sanding and polish was then adjusted to compensate.

>> No.72111132

>You can OC to 3600-4200+ fine on Zen2.
What about on a 2700?

>> No.72111150
File: 246 KB, 640x360, 1560975246832.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The feeling of winning the silicon lottery isn't as good as losing it.
yosh yosh, anon-kun, everything will be daijubo. life has its ups and downs.

>> No.72111185

What is a good replacement for EVGA 500B Bronze (100-B1-0500-KR) in similar budget
I want to use it on a geforce 1660 and ryzen 5 3600

>> No.72111188
File: 1.46 MB, 2048x2048, hmmmmm.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do you find out you won the silicon lottery? might send my cpu back if its a loser till I get a winner

>> No.72111195
File: 18 KB, 319x242, 1405718388359.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any user reports of people who bought and installed b450 tomahawk MAX boards? Do they just werk with Zen 2?

>> No.72111211

EVGA 650 GQ, 80+ GOLD 650W 210-GQ-0650-V3

EVGA 600 W1, 80+ WHITE 600W, Power Supply 100-W1-0600-K3

>> No.72111214

5.1 on 8700k, 5.2 on 9700k. stable of course.

>> No.72111238

Does the Ryzen 2600 have a ryzen balanced power plan? I installed the chipset drivers, and it just has the windows ones.

>> No.72111253

this tells nothing about how to find out, retard

>> No.72111260

There is a new BIOS version for the MSI B450 Tomahawk, 7C02v1A The realese date is 22.07.2019, but they only made it available today, I was checking it every day and only saw it just now.

>> No.72111267

What is a good cooler for ryzen 5 3600, I heard the stock one is meh, not that expensive, i just want to be able to run a game without the system overheating and closing

>> No.72111291

Is the MSI B450 Gaming Plus ATX AM4 Motherboard enough for a Ryzen 5 3600 + geforce 1660? Are there good alternatives in the same budget?

>> No.72111300
File: 374 KB, 256x256, Big think.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get great overclock
>doesn't tell you if you won

>dont get great overclock
>doesnt tell you if you lost

>> No.72111400

>no real solutions
>just hack workarounds
>people already complaining that the updates aren't fixing things
YIKES. Glad I waited before buying

>> No.72111433

ok make sense

>> No.72111474

Um pretty much all solutions in the history of tech are "hack workarounds".
Works on my machine, idling nice and low with the new power plan.

>> No.72111491

>which is like the second coming of Samsung b-die
they're good but they're not that good

>> No.72111492

Eh, they're alright. The main point is to give you a sense of different complete builds at different price points. If you treat it as anything definitive, you're using it wrong.

>> No.72111521
File: 30 KB, 492x449, Tiresome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bought 3900x on 7-7
>Still not here
Who waitan here?

>> No.72111523

what browser for a new computer?

>> No.72111527

From a purely gaming standpoint, is amd just flat out better than intel now? How long is amd expected to be on top?

>> No.72111538

At least until 2022, likely more.

>> No.72111547

My 9700KF passed a cinebench r15 test at 5ghz 1.320v (I guess I didn't win the silicon lottery but I Only messed with the vcore as I'm not familiar with other settings yet), Temps were all under 70c, where do I go from here? What are some other CPU tests to ensure stability?

>> No.72111552

in practical terms, yes
most amd products are within spitting distance of their counterparts yet cost $200 less, you'd be a fool to buy a 2070s/2080s + 9900k instead of a rx5700/xt + 3600/x (or better if you want to stream) in the year of our Lord 2019 AD

Shit even a 2600 and a vega 56 is a fantastic deal right now

>> No.72111553

what the fuck dude

>> No.72111636



>> No.72111638

>delivery expectation August 1 - October 1.
just end my suffering

>> No.72111642

The 9400f will get better performance in Minecraft.

>> No.72111675

in raw fps intel has a clear cut only with the 9900k
in fps per $ amd wipes off the floor with intel

>> No.72111680
File: 440 KB, 645x1260, 1307914233732.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My good old g400 is double-clicking.
What's the current meme mouse for poorfags?

>> No.72111717

I just Bought a Ryzen 5 3600X with a MSI X570-A PRO. My friends say that motherboard is the worst of all. he's right or a MB is just a motherboard?

>> No.72111727
File: 217 KB, 720x644, 1529572161864.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone recommend a reliable wifi adapter?
Dont care if its usb or pci-e

>> No.72111745

It's fine, don't worry.

>> No.72111766

Is that new LG monitor seriously an Overclockers UK exclusive?

>> No.72111774

if any one of you dudes remember me crying to hell and back here and in sqg about my new PC freezing
apparently all i needed to do is get the newest version of windows 10 and thats it...
now if only the sound worked

>> No.72111809

it's unironically a trash tiered mobo

>> No.72111820
File: 122 KB, 364x946, Skjermbilde 2019-07-30 kl. 20.12.27.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This a good 1080p build?

>> No.72111835
File: 983 KB, 688x1288, 1564510220583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72111842

why don’t you consider r5 3600?

>> No.72111861

you wont get close to the performance of paste because it's much thicker and produces worse contact

>> No.72111874

It works but is always a few C hotter than most paste.
It will last practically forever though

>> No.72111877

not meme
specific use scenario
if you don’t want to be bothered reapplying thermal paste, this won’t degrade over time
if you’re like me and you like tinkering your pc, don’t get it

>> No.72111887

>if you’re like me and you like tinkering your pc, don’t get it
Why? Wouldn't it be better for you cause you only need the one pad?

>> No.72111891

search on amazon “intel ac” sort by lowest price

>> No.72111935

cause you can’t reapply it, or you can, but it’s not as fun
i bought a big ass 45g tube of mx4 which i use to reapply every 3 months

>> No.72111952
File: 32 KB, 652x284, ram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How badly did I mess up? The prices keep on rising as crazy for ram in EU. Couldn't find anything else 3200cl14 for under 400 euros.

>> No.72111959
File: 68 KB, 624x581, C748402B-3706-4FD9-B353-65E1B521E1E4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don’t buy a new mouse
just drench it in isopropyl alcohol
worked for me

>> No.72111971

As the other dude said, consider R5 3600/x. You wont need to buy the extra cooler, plus CPU itself will likely be cheaper. It'll perform just as good in games and better in anything else.

>> No.72111980

please tell me this is some inspect element memery
I think I paid like £70 last year for 2 x 8gb 3200mhz cl16 and people were bitching about ram prices back then as well

>> No.72111981

prime95 small fft 24 hours

>> No.72111994

I bought a Radeon VII, and that was a better price/quality than the ram you bought

>> No.72111996

install gentoo

>> No.72112002

why did you get 3200cl14? 3200cl16 gives you 10ns true latency for a much better price

>> No.72112004

this is 3200cl14, it was 250eur 2 weeks ago and started rising like crazy, now it's 350eur+ with new neo tridents being over 300euros.
3200cl16 32gb costs around 150euros

>> No.72112007

are you serious i just paid £130 for 32gb this month

>> No.72112014

You know you can overclock ram right?

>> No.72112016

Bruh what
Just order from germany if prices in your country are that fucked.

>> No.72112028

how do you sore it? and how long can it be stored?

>> No.72112030
File: 718 KB, 795x648, 1535981430773.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are you doing bro

>> No.72112054

store? just like any other thermal paste
in its tube

>> No.72112055

i hope these are 2x32Gb

>> No.72112064

Is it worth it to switch my h60i to a h115i?

Will I get significantly better cooling?

>> No.72112071

i mean do you put it in the fridge? is the decay temperature sensitive

>> No.72112097

why would it decay?
it’s as it is sitting in the motherboard box

>> No.72112103

I paid 72€ for an identical pair 6 months ago

>> No.72112106

dunno i thought long term storage would need special temps

>> No.72112116
File: 105 KB, 1512x692, Anmerkung 2019-07-30 203603.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rate pls

>> No.72112134
File: 164 KB, 1784x739, price_geiz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

as i said, 3200cl16 does cost that much, not cl14
i am aware of that, i intend to go 3600mhz if possible since g.skill should OC pretty well
my friend memed me to go for 3600cl16 but i couldn't find anything with good timings, this one should oc to 3600cl16 or even 3600cl14, other rams cost much more, why am I doing it? want a good PC that will last 5+ years without a problem and this one came highly recommended to me

this are the prices in AT/DE, I am ordering from amazon.de, prices in my country are 20-30% higher
kinda doubt it, pic related
F4-3200C14D-32GVK is the model

>> No.72112147

you really don’t need non-blower for the 5700, unless you’re really autistic about noise

>> No.72112229

>unless you’re really autistic about noise
You're sure?
Some anons were saying that I should wait for the non-blower ones.

>> No.72112252

Are entry level 2080/80s dual fan cards worth considering or are their temps and noise bad?
Looking at asus, evga and msi

>> No.72112285

wait for it
blowers are always trash

>> No.72112289

Should I be using M2_2 slot for my NVME?
From the manual:
2x M.2 slots (Key M)*
M2_1 slot (from AMD ® Processor)
Supports PCIe 4.0 x4 (3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™)
Supports PCIe 3.0 x4 (2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™/ Ryzen™
with Radeon™ Vega Graphics and 2nd Gen AMD
Ryzen™ with Radeon™ Graphics)
Supports 2242/ 2260/ 2280/ 22110 storage devices
M2_2 slot (from AMD ® X570 Chipset)
Supports PCIe 3.0 x4 and SATA 6Gb/s
Supports 2242/ 2260/ 2280 storage devices

>> No.72112320

Definitely wait for aib

>> No.72112396

what's the fastest clock quad core CPU?

>> No.72112408

No. It's better to use the non-chipset slot so you aren't adding unnecessary heat to the chipset and by extension more chipset fan noise.

>> No.72112447
File: 186 KB, 1470x955, Screenshot_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you rate my build? Why do I get this incompatibility issue?

>> No.72112465
File: 37 KB, 858x323, m.2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yeah true, because of the fan!
I think it's supposed to be in M_1 anyway, overlooked pic related from the guide.

>> No.72112477

>Warning! Some AMD B450 chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Zen 2 CPUs. Upgrading the BIOS may require a different CPU that is supported by older BIOS revisions.

>> No.72112480

almost the exact same as mine, >>72110465
looks good lad, and the warning is probably just a warning about the CPU and the BIOS update stuff, nothing to worry about as your mobo has BIOS flashback

>> No.72112487

1660 being "standard" is just psyops by Nvidia shills. It was never a very good price to be worth it. Though it is quite efficient.
590 are regularly on sale for $190. That's 20% cheaper.

If 1660 drops to $200 or less, it's a good buy, but not at MSRP.
Also since the RX580 typically runs everything at [email protected] on at least "high", if not maxed, there's no point in spending more than that.

uhh 9350K but it's highly unadvisable since most games that are "single threaded" like CSGO, Dwarf Fortress, LoL, Rocket League, old emulators, etc, actually run better on Ryzen due to their typically fitting in the high cache and benefitting from it greatly.
4c/4t is pretty retarded.

From all I've heard from both the professional reviewers and people that have gotten them, the blower 5700 is fine due to it being a decent blower with a vapor chamber and being so low power (typically 140-155W during gaming).
It's the XT that runs hotter and the blower gets hot and loud with that you should definitely wait with.

Especially if you're near microcenter, it's only $250 for the 5700 and I'd just get it now instead of waiting for more expensive custom cooler cards.

>he cropped out the compatibility issue at the bottom
you idiot
But anyway it's probably saying how you'll need to update BIOS on the B450 board.

>> No.72112504

for like $300 more you could be doing 1440p

>> No.72112509

Looks a decent build but that motherboard seems overpriced, might as well spend the bit extra and get a newer x570.

>> No.72112518
File: 41 KB, 680x684, 1450839954691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>finally got my rig finished 3600+2070super
>start playing fallout new vegas because of old habits

>> No.72112524

I don't really want to do anything and lose the warranty or damage it. How do I know it works from the box?

>> No.72112531

>>72112396 (You)
uhh 9350K but it's highly unadvisable since most games that are "single threaded" like CSGO, Dwarf Fortress, LoL, Rocket League, old emulators, etc, actually run better on Ryzen due to their typically fitting in the high cache and benefitting from it greatly.
4c/4t is pretty retarded.

I'm a skyrimfag. isn't 4c advisable? also what's the cpu with the highest Processor Base Frequency?

>> No.72112535

When are the non blower 5700 cards out? How much will they cost?

>> No.72112553

fucking never from the looks of it
the wait is killing me

>> No.72112565

What do I need to change?

>> No.72112597

next week

>> No.72112605
File: 206 KB, 2546x1381, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Questioning the intel cpu. What is a good amd alternative? What are some objective, if possible, reasons to go for one or the other? Would it even be that much cheaper? Also, are nvme m2's worth it?

>> No.72112633

upgrade gpu to 5700xt (+$170)
then upgrade to a 1440p monitor of your choice

>> No.72112645

I am really scared with the cpu incompatibility.

>> No.72112646
File: 90 KB, 1372x694, build.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how is this for a part build https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/gQC2tg
i intend on waiting for the non blow card but my pc is starting to die a little so i might be forced to start doing shit sooner then that

>> No.72112679

forgot to tell him
then upgrade your gpu far more often than if you went 1080p

>> No.72112687

when over clocking a gpu, whats the difference between increasing the power limit and incresing the core voltage? trying to overclock an rx 470.

>> No.72112741

I cannot decide between the MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC with its extra features (mainly better audio codec, Intel NIC and WLAN/Bluetooth) but its apparently cut back BIOS or the more basic MSI B450 Tomahawk Max that at least has a proper and future proof BIOS.

>> No.72112750

What can I do to avoid updating the bios which motherboards work with ryzen 5 3600 out of the box?

>> No.72112758

Including monitor cost you mean? Yeah. $100-$200 more for monitor and $120-$170 more for GPU would be a nice 1440p machine.
I'm surprised I missed that. I don't know why people would spend that much for 1080p and not just spend $300 more to have nearly double the image quality.

Just get a 3600. It will run Skyrim great.

By the 10th or 17th, I'm not sure which.

Get a better case that has dust filters holy shit.
Get a better gpu like the RX 5700.
Get a 550W PSU at around $55. That $40 you're wasting on PSU could be going toward a better GPU.
Replace the SSD with the SX8200, Inland Premium, or whatever the Crucial equivalent is (they all use the same controller and shit and afaik are better than the MX500 unless I'm missing something). They should all be around $100 for 1TB.

Get a 3600. You are going to be GPU bottlenecked and are just wasting money on the housefire stutterlake CPU.
Also drop the cooler to something like the Purerock or Arctic Freezer 33. Will save you a good deal while getting the same FPS.
Memory choice is good whether Ryzen or Intel. Should OC to 3600 easy.

don't get an A400 wtf?
Get an SX8200 for main drive and 2TB QVO, 660p, or SU800 (or wahtever cheapest 3D TLC NAND drive is) for secondary.
Don't get Gigabyte for GPU. Their warranty service is the fucking worst. Get XFX, Powercolor, Sapphire, or MSI.
Drop PSU to 550-650W.

... I really don't understand how so many people don't understand such a basic thing as watts = volts * amps.
Different operations of the GPU can pull more amps at a given voltage, increasing power consumption (watts).

>> No.72112790

I bought 2 crucial 1tb SSDS because of the price.
One NVME one 2.5. £80 each
I'll test that out myself when my motherboard finally comes.
I now the feeling m8, finally chose a motherboard myself, after much deliberation.

>> No.72112894

>You are going to be GPU bottlenecked and are just wasting money on the housefire stutterlake CPU
Pc illiterate so I don't know what that means. Also If ryzen 3600, is the x version worth getting and which motherboard should I get? Are there even any out which don't require a bio update for the cpu to work?

>> No.72112913

Where do you buy used GPUs without bidding I hate that

>> No.72112932

>Are there even any out which don't require a bio update for the cpu to work?
any of the x570 chipset motherboards
they're all brand new, came out the same time as the new ryzen cpus

>> No.72112941

what ram should I get for a 3700x ?

>> No.72112951

"buy it now" on ebay
best deal is rx 580 for around $105
any 3600c16

>> No.72112973
File: 80 KB, 1348x599, buildv2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone else want to review my build?
thanks for your suggestions about dropping the a400 and changing ssds
i do not know very much about optimal ssd's

>> No.72112977
File: 345 KB, 1080x1349, 642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


nice seeing brainlets finally adopting seasonic

>> No.72112999

Wasn't there something about fans on motherboards being shit?
Also is the 3600 actually better than the i7 9700 in terms of performance or only better in regards to price/performance? If I don't care about the price would the i7 still be better? Or how about the 8700k?

>> No.72113004

I want to feel her ribs

>> No.72113021

I want to fill her ribs

>> No.72113030

How sturdy are motherboards? I don't like the idea of a GPU and CPU cooler hanging cooler hanging off the side. Can I give it a little extra support it with fishing line or something?ith fishing line or something?

>> No.72113033

its 4gb though

>> No.72113039
File: 29 KB, 741x568, 1529571962327.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I get a NVMe SSD for my build?
Wanted to get a crucial M.2 SSD but the NVMe ones seem much faster.

Are there any budget options?

>> No.72113051
File: 65 KB, 680x680, 1553427316918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>spend more than 900 dollars on a new build
>play games i already played but with max settings and higher framerates

>> No.72113070

M.2 and NVMe aren't mutually exclusive, some M.2s use SATA though so avoid those ones.

>> No.72113081

>Pc illiterate so I don't know what that means
Even if you had a 9900k under LN2 running at 6GHz, it would not magically make your GPU run faster. Your GPU is what renders the frames. You only need the minimal speed from a CPU which can keep up with the GPU.
With a 2070S, you won't see any difference between a 3600/3700X/9700k/9900k/3900X, so you may as well get the cheapest one... the 3600. Maybe in a few games you might have like a 1-5% difference with a 3700X or 9700k over the 3600. If you really care about 5% in like 1 out of 20 games, just get the 3700X since it's cheaper as it comes with a good cooler for it.
You'll only see a difference with a 2080Ti and at 1080p. A 2070S is bottlenecked by any decent CPU, 3600 and up.
>Are there even any out which don't require a bio update for the cpu to work?
the MSI "MAX" boards. I don't see them on online retailers yet.
Or get an X570 board like the MSI A PRO, GAMING PLUS, or ASRock Pro4. They're all around $160-$170.

anything with micron e-die. That's the best value wise to overclock. I think some can be found at 3600CL18 stock too.
samsung b-die if you want the absolute best and you're going to manually overclock it yourself.

Can't you get a cheaper PSU? So much of your build cost is going to that.
The 5700 and 3700X are both extremely power efficient components and would run on a 400W PSU. Even 550-600W is overkill to leave room for future upgrades. You're generally going to be at <225W at full gaming load so you're going to be far under the peak efficiency on a 650W PSU.
Otherwise, very good build.

ASUS tend to be sturdier, with 6 layers... but they have really shit BIOS with Zen2 right now.
>support for cooler
good coolers have hefty metal backplates.

crucial has a cheap NVMe. The p1 or something. Same controller as the SX8200 and Inland Premium.
I'm not sure if there are some other drawbacks vs the MX500.

doesn't FO:NV have a 100fps cap...?

>> No.72113096

Can you recommend one?
I have only seen the samsung one, but they want 190€ for a 1TB one

>> No.72113106

>Wasn't there something about fans on motherboards being shit?
it was pre-release memes and fud
nobody who owns an x570 has complained about it, mine never even spins up because it doesn't get hot enough
>Also is the 3600 actually better than the i7 9700
they're roughly the same, like within 1-2 fps. so it doesn't really make a difference if we're just talking games
for everything else 3600 is better

>> No.72113109

i didn't specifically mean fonv, i'm not the anon i replied to breh

>> No.72113121

New updates/fix's for the new zen cpu's, COOL. Good timing, I'm installing windows in a couple of days.

>> No.72113127

doesn't matter

>> No.72113195

b450 gaming pro carbon vs tomahawk vs gaming plus which one should i do?

>> No.72113202

>Wasn't there something about fans on motherboards being shit?
Yeah I think ASRock has loud ones. I forgot about that. At least if you turn them up.
MSI's are quiet and you should be able to configure it to never turn on at all.
They're mostly there because of PCIe 4.0 NVMe RAID. Under normal usage, they don't get hot enough to need a loud fan.

There's a lot of intcel brainlets spreading FUD about the noise by turning the RPM up to 4000 on the fans, which is totally unnecessary. I'm not sure what the ASRock ones are like under normal operation, but I know they're lower quality fans than MSIs.

>Also is the 3600 actually better than the i7 9700
9700 gets like 5% higher fps on average or some shit, but that's only with a 2080Ti at 1080p.
You're GPU bottlenecked with a 2070S so there's no point in spending more money.
3600 is more secure, uses half the electricity which means a cooler and quieter build and less money spent on cooling (a $35 Arctic freezer 33 or pure rock is overkill on the 3600, but insufficient for the 9700k). With a 2070S, there is going to be less than a 1% fps difference between the two.
In non-gaming, the 3600 is better by way more than 5% and will also handle running shit in the background smoothly better as well.

There's no real reason to get any Intel CPU unless you need an iGPU for Linux passthrough (even then, would recommend a 2nd GPU if case will fit one), or if you're using a 2080Ti at 1080p for some stupid reason. AMD is just better in every other situation.

zen2 is just plainly a better architecture on a better process node that was made to compete with Intel's 10nm which doesn't exist on desktop.
The only downside is it just launched and there are some new architecture teething pains. Will probably be another 2-3 weeks before there is a truly "good" and stable BIOS, but it's at least usable now. Long term, it's a better choice.

>> No.72113259

Is i5-4690k still relevant today?

I have GTX 980 and I am considering upgrading to newer GPU.

I play at 1440p, will I be fine with the old CPU? Its OCed to 4GHz

>> No.72113287
File: 64 KB, 485x422, 4350.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's literally my picture, keep seething cuck

>> No.72113312

>thermal issues
>voltages issues
no anon, that's a 3000 series problem. besides, the 2600 is wholly based

>> No.72113317

Thanks for the help. When talking about x though I meant 3600x not 3700x. Would the be quiet dark pro 4 be overkill for the cpu or still worth getting. And having an amd cpu with a nvidia gpu works fine because on the gpu I'm not backing down.
Is that related to ssd's? If i go with normal nvme ssd's up to 2gb/s that wouldn't need to motherboard cooler.

>> No.72113327

It's a very good CPU, depends if you want more cores/threads for editing or whatever.
I have that processor and I have many browsers open, game open, edit and render videos, increase frame rates with FFmpeg, it handles it all great for what it is. Hoping for a boost from the 3700x I've got, haven't built it yet.
I multitask loads and the 4690k has been brilliant.

>> No.72113350

Arma 3 doesn't run better on ryzen

>> No.72113362

Original boards with replacement rom chips and flashed with the max firmware are working fine so presumably the actual max boards do as well.

>> No.72113407

niggas how much is the x3700 in your cunts? all retailers have the same price in mine and that is around 365 euros/410 $ and the 3600 is around 210/235 $ euros fuck these prices tbqh

>> No.72113417

So I hear W10 LTSC doesn't have the updates for Zen 2. How much performance am I losing out on if I install LTSC on a new Zen 2 build?

>> No.72113422

£299 on Amazon, got it for 285.

>> No.72113448

>females poke around in their cunts to find the best prices
no wonder they like shopping so much
it all makes sense now

>> No.72113478

It's relevant at being the butt of jokes about it stuttering like shit in most any game from the past 3 years.
You won't even manage 60fps minimums in a lot of games without at least a 4790. Even a 7600k overclocked to 5GHz can't manage 60fps minimums in a lot of newer games. Upgrading to a 2600 or 3600 might be more worthwhile than the 4790.

3600X isn't worth buying. It's like 3% better than the 3600 for 25% more money.
3600 or 3700X are the best choices.
DRP4 would be overkill, I already said.
They are both very efficient CPUs, and the 3700X comes with a 140W TDP cooler (DRP4 is a 250W TDP cooler, but they're both low power chips). There's no point in spending more than like $50 to cool such efficient chips. They aren't housefires like the 9700k/9900k. If you want a Be Quiet cooler, they make cheaper ones than the DPR4.

$330 here.

I haven't seen a good 3700X/3900X/9700k/9900k test for Arma 3 yet. Point me to one?

voltage issue was a monitoring issue and got fixed today.
thermal issue is probably just people applying thermal paste wrong. Just like it turns out the BIOS flashing "issue" was user error. Most people's are running very cool.

>> No.72113497


should I take the bullet and order a 3000 series cpu from china and talk witht the seller to put on the receipt something under 20 bucks so I don t pay any tax?

>> No.72113498

Like 15%

>> No.72113539


Damn. What's the current state of all the de-botnetting tools used on 10? Is it possible to have another version of 10 come close to LTSC in terms of having the botnet shit removed and as many privacy tweaks as possible?

>> No.72113555

Did anyone here tried running a Ryzen 3000 with the Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro and can tell me about the experience?

>> No.72113568

Anyone here with a ryzen 2 series? What does windows say under power plan?

>> No.72113583

Will a 2080ti bottleneck a 3900x?

>> No.72113592
File: 92 KB, 735x391, csg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Absolutely. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

>> No.72113597

Hell no, nigga.

>> No.72113599

Both Samsung and Crucial are considered the best brands for SSDs, but prices really shouldn't be that high. US amazon has a Crucial one for $100 right now.

>> No.72113608
File: 19 KB, 464x359, InSpectre.exe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No big deal if your mobo doesn't have in bios mitigations windows will patch vulnerabilities
I've lost a few points in cinebench real marginal shit less than 1%

>> No.72113640

Any grounding guides when building PC?

>> No.72113642

Lmao, oh well guess black friday can t come soon enough :^)

>> No.72113661

No way, order from somewhere you can return to, in case anything is up with it.
Prices should go down a bit after the initial shortage. Black Friday coming up etc.

>> No.72113663

me again
btw what tax would you pay on somethign under 12 bucks i though the cut was around 20-30?

>> No.72113683


Also, is it possible to somehow manually install the Zen 2 scheduler update on an LTSC system?

>> No.72113696

>if you’re like me and you like tinkering your pc, don’t get it
I actually though that was exactly the reason to get it for my vega, since the dies are uneven, and because of the good Z axis heat transfer, it should remove hotspots. Am I wrong?

>> No.72113712

Depends on the country. If it's under the cut off in most countries you pay nothing. Except maybe if the sender didn't fill out the customs paperwork properly in which case the carrier might charge you a service fee even though there's 0 tax, since they'd have to do the paperwork for you.
But if customs realizes the declared value is bullshit they're going to look up what you bought online and find out how much it's worth. Then you'll pay the full tax and probably a fine for being naughty.

>> No.72113713

Wish somebody could send this to me in a letter or something. Want to do shitloads of tests on it and make meme vega builds.

>> No.72113736

What can i change the corsair 200r case for something with a similar price and what constitutes a good case?

>> No.72113744

They have the same MSRP though? It's not like AMD increased the MSRP price.

>> No.72113747

>guize the software said it so it means i'm ok
imagine being this gullible

>> No.72113774

> What's the current state of all the de-botnetting tools used on 10?
Placebo. MS owns your machine. They don't care how many switches you turn off when they can just ignore that you've flipped them.
>Is it possible to have another version of 10 come close to LTSC in terms of having the botnet shit removed and as many privacy tweaks as possible?

>> No.72113801

>the software
I have new bios

>> No.72113829

>Is it possible to have another version of 10 come close to LTSC in terms of having the botnet shit removed
yeah, the best solution is a hacked version of windows with all that stuff removed

>> No.72113861

Is the 3600 still good for 4k60 though?

>> No.72113874

2060S or 5700X

>> No.72113875
File: 284 KB, 1153x1785, BPM3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are msi B450 gtg or you need to buy MAXXED mobos?

>> No.72113925

5700XT beats the 2060 super in most titles

>> No.72113958

Nvidia if you want plug and play
AMD if you are fine with troubleshooting and not being able to play old games

>> No.72113994

It'll need a bios update to work

>> No.72114096


>> No.72114162

Wat stfu nvidiot amd is as plug and play as it is with nvidia
You can even oc while nvidia is still using windos xp era control panel lmao

>> No.72114394

Yeh i know this, that's why i picked the msi mobo, I've heard there might be problems with bios flashback tho?

>> No.72114443

Yeah gpu is way more important at 4k

>> No.72114503

x570 aorus elite or pro?
I may or may not eventually OC my 3700x

>> No.72114542

What is something to watch out for when upgrading RAM?
Let's suppose I have 2 sticks (2x8, 3200hz), can I buy, let's say, the same 2 ram pack and just add them to make 32GB RAM or what?

>> No.72114673

best 1440p monitor?

>> No.72114709

Going to wait for AIB coolers

>> No.72114748

switch the ram for 3200Mhz cl16 from the same brand

>> No.72114805

>Don't trust sites which rank CPUs by arbitrary, obfuscated scores (eg userbenchmark, passmark, cpuboss)
so which ones are fine to use?

>> No.72114814


>> No.72114844

Watch benchmarks on youtube relevant to the games or productivity tasks you want to use the computer for, i recommend hardware unboxed

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