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I'm in.
Now what?

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use your computer?

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Bust open firefox, then Immediately go to paradisehill and masturbate furiously until it hurts. Then pass out crying. Then wake up at an awkward hour and install screenfetch and post in the desktop thread here. That's your life now. Embrace it.

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OK, finished,
How do you screenfetch in this thing?

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enjoy not using it in a work evnironment where microsoft products are required

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learn to code

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Sudo apt install screenfetch

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>not being supplied a laptop and/or desktop by your employer
sounds pretty trash, anon

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I like the default ubuntu theme it has cool wallpapers

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now delete drive and install a usable OS

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Do the same thing you were doing on your previous OS given that you're asking this dumb question.

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Install proprietary drivers for your video card, first through a PPA you Binged, then through the Ubuntu proposed repository, and spend hours fucking around with nvidia-settings and xorg.conf after the documentation of metamodes does not seem to match reality, only to realize that GDM is feeding RandR its own display layout (which creates a metamode behind the scenes), which GDM synthesized by placing the RandR primary monitor on the left and the rest in output enumeration order after not finding a monitors.xml in /var/lib/gdm3/.config (undocumented by the way), and you would have known that nvidiaXineramaInfoOrder sets the primary monitor implicitly, had you not just relied on the NVIDIA driver documentation, but gone back and read through their changelogs as well. With the mystery solved and the weekend wasted, go back to your shitty bootlicker wage slave job.

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Install gentoo

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Salty motherfucker.

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That sounds exciting.

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>I'm in.
>Now what?
hack it

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Sideload a trojangen into their matrix file, hurry!

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learn python

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[Code]rm -rf /-[/code] will speed up your pc

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I doubt any GNU+Linux users would be dumb enough to buy hardware from the worst supporting company. Linus Torvalds said they have been the most problematic company he ever had to deal with. Who would want to buy that shit when there are alternatives?

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sudo apt install lolcat tree

after installed, run the following command:
tree | lolcat

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If I learn python, beautiful soup, and mariadb, will I be able to scrape MyAnimeList and make my own database?

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>rm -rf / will speed up your pc

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you forgot --no-preserve-root you luser

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There are no alternatives. There is only a free driver for Nvidia, not ATI.

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There is no ATI and you forgot Intel.

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Open your browser

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Get XFCE and rice you stupid cunt

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M T L ?

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you want a local version of the website or the list of anima you've watched created/updated automatically?
either way yeah you can do that with Python

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Both, kind of, yeah. A local version of the site just being the pure data and using it as a list of things to watch and keep track of what has been watched without the cancer of the site itself.
I'll do my best!

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What are the recommended specs for gnome?

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congrats u r now a master hacker

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You've made a mistake. Don't go down this rabbit hole.

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story of my life

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We are reddit now boys!

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Quantum computer

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Please delete.

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Please dilate.

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>Now what?
now install it again, like the other /g/entlemen here do all day every day

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Will do.

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Based and GNUpilled

This is truly /g/'s secret. We don't really use our OSes. We simply install and reinstall them all day every day. This is in preparation, a monastic ritual if you will, for when GNU Hurd is desktop-ready, and we can finally install the only real OS. Thus enabling us to sit by Lord Stallamankun's side for eternity. Of-course, out of respect for Terry, all releases of GNU Hurd will eventually be shipped with a TempleOS image preconfigured in qemu. Brace yourselves.

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thanks for that website

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learn to use terminal. write shell scripts for stuff.

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The only worthwhile pr0n site on earth (if you don't save all your shit).

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don't listen to that anon, use neofetch
also it's distro/DE hopping time

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>watching "pro" porn when instagram exists

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gnome isn't recommended at all because of the lag it introduces

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he wont go far with this desktop in those threads

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Start over.
Install Windows 10, and then install Gentoo over it

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>Sideload a trojangen
*Sideload 3.6 roentgens with a 5G card

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Saved. Brilliant. 10/10. Would watch again.

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Install steam, chek out Protondb to see games that work and start gaming. Might also have to install Nvidia driver ppa. remember google is your friend.

If you're not using team lookup Lutris to do basically the same thing.

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at the start

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uninstall snap:
sudo apt autoremove --purge snapd

install deadbeef player:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:starws-box/deadbeef-player
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install

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Go to /g/ and hate on windows of course.

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If you want a front-end with that, throw Django into the equation

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> archfag
> you're sweating
My sides

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holy fuck

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How's 2006 you fucking retard

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you're a couple of years late

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What do you lads think of CentOS?

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hax le plan3t

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Install gentoo

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ubuntu. ew

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ubuntu is the gatekeeper of linux. it keeps people away for being too shitty

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realize that it's shit and reinstall wangblows.

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install windows

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>Mouth To Lung
Fucking cloud chasers

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Try out some native and proton/wine games from your steam library you might be surprised. Also to enable steamplay/proton make your you are on the client beta instead of normal steam releases.

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install debian

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I found the boomer

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Thats a funny way to spell flask

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Realize your battery is draining quick as shit, install TLP, do even more tweaking, realize Linux is just god awful for laptop battery life no matter what you do, and go back to Windows which somehow manages to have better battery life.

Fucking WINDOWS.

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that's going to be a yikes from me

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uninstalling snap is good advice

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Why people even make these posts? It was ATI and for me it forever will be.

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now install arch and get a grips of how to actually use a decent distro. ubunpoo is utter garbage

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Install a VM, boot windows 10, download Rufus, and flash windows 10 ltsc onto your flash drive and remove that pussy repelling software.

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Open terminal and type:
>rm -rf *

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Make something, spend two hours making a CLI chess game in your favourite language or something, I don't know. Just do shit on your computer, man.

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cat ufetch.txt*

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> Go to openbsd.org
>Flash a usb disk
>Dual boot openbsd + Ubuntu
>Study both OSes
>You'll eventually delete the ubuntu partition

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Do what you want to do, if you don't know what to do search how to do it online and read the man and info pages awell as using --help

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Enjoy your freedom OP

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lol at this Stallman guy
He is so autistic he doesn't understand Netflix and chill

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testing a feature I never noticed in 4chan x

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sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

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Tip top kek, saved.

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>lol at this Stallman guy
are you ducking serious fagot?
we have so much luck to have him in our lifetime
that foot shit eater did more in 3 month than you ever do in your whole miserable existence.

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no rm -rf /* is shorter

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corporate botnet

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back to

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now install gentoo

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learn to use the terminal, if you're on Linux sooner or later you'll have to face it.

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what is paradise hill?

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Install gentoo

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too real

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you enjoy an operating system with no frontend GUI that can scale monitors individually when they have different native resolutions. Isn't Linux GREAT?

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literally do whatever you want to do with it, dont listen to these retards

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An i9 and 32gb of ram

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