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So what will replace it?

Another centralized server?

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Another centralized server which will eventually suffer the same fate because admins are too afraid to adapt experimental hosting solutions like IPFS and other decentralized methods.

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Choose one.

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enjoy mute

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>centralized server
so what was [email protected] all about then?

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Stop watchng porn

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Please /g/ents, I trust you to fix this mess. ;_;

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For starters give us an elaboration OP.

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That was just for the image data, right? The actual frontend of the site was a centralized server.

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Not in a relationship in the first place
Never been diagnosed with depression
Successful at my job, currently one of the top reps

Seems like propaganda to me

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>Use VPS
>Scrape the entire site
>Have literal 1:1 copy
>Laugh at all the f/a/ggots
Next thread.

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Never had a relationship, so those will never effect me.

Don't feel anything towards women, mostly just apathy.

Plenty of things give me happiness - including porn.

Content with my job, not the most high paying, but it's extremely easy and comfortable.

Never had or will have sex, so again, non-issues.

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I don't believe you did do that.

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are you sure you want to scrape everything

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>Don't feel anything towards women, mostly just apathy.
this is why porn is bad.

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>scrape all ~50 terabytes in under 8 hours

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I never felt empathy for women, even before porn

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op, clearnet-->tor-->p2p-->anonymous p2p

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Did something happen to it? Apart from being FLOODED with low quality western art. Like holy fuck what where they thinking? and then users are retards so upload western stuff under 'image set' making filters useless

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Starting from the oldest to newest is the best choice since you already start with the rarest stuff first

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Yeah, their hosting company told them to fuck off.

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what will be the size of archiving the such a site 15tb?
I also had an idea of using machine learning to automatically download hentai, based on time spend, mouse movements. also saving path the how you found the hentai.

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theyre pulling the plug sometime in the next few hours

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source? still works fine for me (TM)

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That's why you use a VPS with 1000niggabytes download speed.

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conservative estimates say ~30tb

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ex still works fine though, but youve got me panic downloading rare galleries

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ok nah even ex is fucked. I managed to dl my galleries, but is there any official word on the matter?

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same. I actually conducted some semi-scientific experiments with my self to determine this. Out of the trials, I empathized moderately with almost no women, but with almost all men. The few females that got positive responses actually had masculine traits (tomboy, deeper voices).

It's a real thing, boss.

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the official word right now is that everyone needs to be backing everything up because dutch law changed and loli is actual child porn now

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thats called gay

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This. Only mental midgets can't figure out their own sources of peace of mind, I'll still happily fap to hentai all over the web and no one's going to stop me.

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tldr, sadpanda should be fully dead within a couple hours

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FUCK, did they increase the daily limits though? some of my galleries are 99 pages (x20)`

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even then they limit clients to so many pages per hour, and if you exceed it you get a temporary IP ban.

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It's amazing that such a major resource can just blink out of existence overnight, with only a few hours warning and no time to properly back anything up. The internet was a mistake.

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most of the comics on it were pretty trash though?

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no they left the limits on because they're fuckin mongs

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good job based retards. and theres dudes on /h/ with like /900k/ credits that dont know how to share them...

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everything on the site should have had an individual torrent or torrent generation bot
reviving the entire site from anywhere would have just taken a couple days like nyaa

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For somebody used to actual boorus.
A whole lot of mommy-milkies and not much else.

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speaking of which, I have 71kgp left over after downloading everything I wanted if anyone needed some

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>pedoweebs BTFO
Holy fuck, based.

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IPFS without revealing my IP when
get working code monkeys

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Not really possible with the bandwidth limits, plus the fact that the site's half-dead now and will be totally gone within hours.

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Literally GNUnet

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>40% of addicts marriages end in divorce
So... they do 10% better than the average?

The problem with all of these studies is that they lump all porn into the same pot. Blacked, Girls Gone Wild, Playboy Hegre-Art, SisLovesme, hentai, anal, ganbang, cheating, handholding it's all lumped together.

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Hopefully nothing saves it.
I need an excuse to stop fapping to hentai.

>still sad though, internet 2.0 killed the internet

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Maybe doujin artists can actually get paid now that people will have to buy it, instead of 1 person buying it and uploading it to sad panda.

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>people are going to buy this shit in countries with iffy laws

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Not all galleries had torrents, and I'd say anything that's more than 2 years old isn't seeded at all unless it was super popular. Relying on torrents for restoration is a waste of time.

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>people constantly mock data horders
>"Just stream it, bro!"

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I downloaded about 4TB worth of doujin over the past 5 years from Sad Panda. I'm glad I wasn't stupid enough to just keep a thousand bookmarks and instead, invested in a proper storage solution for local copies. The storagelets will learn today.

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Part of the reason /a/ frowns on streaming is this shit specifically.
Just look at KyoAni. Stuff that cannot be bought was arguably saved by "illegal pirating".

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Some anons can't take that risk though. Some countries will jail you for just having images of flat over 18 chicks.
Those same countries have politicians fucking real children behind closed doors.

It's all nonsense to control the porn industry I think.

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2d seems to have the opposite effect as 3d

2D porn made me
>learn japanese
>learn to draw
>learn to program

I honestly think I would be less motivated without it. Can't say the same for 3D porn.

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>Those same countries have politicians fucking real children behind closed doors.
>pedoshit happens so we should just give up and allow it

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>Some anons can't take that risk though
Oh please, when was the last time someone was arrested for 2D loli shit? You'd have to really catch someone's attention for anyone to care.

Also, They could always use a VPN if their country is that censorship heavy. Sad Panda wasn't the only site that was impacted by this Netherland law. ATF(loli booru) also went down.

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As usual, 3D females ruin everything

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why are we not using it right now

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Guys I've a 1x backup of all my favorites on my hard drive but considering how times have changed I think I need to make that local copy redundant. I'm thinking of buying two 2TiBs HDDs. Any recs for long lasting ones?

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can someone give a quick run down on how tor services hide their ip? it seems like black magic to me

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doesnt matter, they all have similar failure rates. It's a complete dice roll.

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One is pedoshit.
The other is literally lines on paper. Fuck off.

And it is clear the agenda is not to curb pedophilia, otherwise it would attack actual pedophilic acts first, not fucking drawings.

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>when was the last time someone was arrested for 2D loli shit
Often in Aus, though normally only if it's with actual CP (because otherwise that would be inefficient use of resources).

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>And it is clear the agenda is not to curb pedophilia, otherwise it would attack actual pedophilic acts first, not fucking drawings.
>they are doing things but also doing things I don't like therefore they aren't doing anything and are actually making things worse

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we are talking about sad panda, the stats would proble be much much worse.

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You have to go back

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Our time in the light boys

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Don't forget that it's a known fact that drawn pedophilic images have no impact upon RL pedophilia cases, anyone claiming otherwise is just pretending that massive investigation by the Danish government doesn't exist.

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I tried using an image sucker program and got banned for an hour. I realized I should just let the site be and people regroup instead of coming in like a vulture.

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but netherlands isn't denmark or austria, they're going to implement harmful policies for the sake of pretending to do anything important and pretend they exist in their own bubble. similar how germany and other countries are mass importing immigrants and all other countries are stuck with criminal mongrels because the countries are huffing and puffing about doing the right thing while cherrypicking the best people out of immigrant flood and all the other imbred retards are sent where they aren't wanted

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Of course it would have no impact. They don't look the same or are the same in any form.
There is absolutely no way children would act the way they act in hentai. They are perverted products of thought.

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>similar how germany and other countries are mass importing immigrants and all other countries are stuck with criminal mongrels
Actually, Germany is importing the worst type.

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>not ONE SINGLE CITATION or even a study to back up these beliefs

and I'm not even defending porn. But sweet mercy, this image is disgustingly misleading.

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my mom said it's all true

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>mfw proofs meme degenerated into looking like russians actually are inquisitive instead of obtuse
I knew it was a mistake from the start

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I've learned over 30k japanese words through porn. I think I will keep consuming it.

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3D porn doesn't do it for me and Exhentai became a nightly ritual. I guess this is a good thing, but I'm feeling pretty depressed over this ordeal.

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Yeah, it's obvious that it wouldn't (Although it was about all drawn child pornography in general, including images without that kind of context), but the main thing is that it's validated by actual studies into it. There are many things in life which are completely counter-intuitive, so it was good for them to investigate
And now everyone else except basically Japan is ignoring the findings (Japan's mentioned it a few times when they've been under pressure to ban loli shit)

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you better help out with archiving then

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nothing funnier than a pontificating pedo

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In what way isn't IPFS decentralized?
In what way isn't IPFS distributed?

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/g/ is christian board

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Because it's just a P2P framework, with not many applications. It has the power to run file sharing, instant messaging, websites, multiplayer games and pretty much everything you use internet for, but decentralized, distributed, anonymous and secure.
The problem is that someone needs to develop such applications to run on top of the network, and nobody has except for the file sharing.

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You're gay. I'm not trying to be insulting, just letting you know.

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All of you pedo fucks should be outed publicly.

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/g/ is to retard to make anything meaningful. But basically, it's barebone. It doesn't implement gossip protocols and file management like IPFS does.

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i'm gonna say the d word

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literally dont reply to this guy

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So only child porn is allowed?

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>I have noticed a triptard posting and I read it and now I'm mad
>how could it happen to me?

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Its over

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I mean it has protocols for DHT, DNS and peer identities but nothing like pubsub.

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Nothing will replace it. It doesn't need replacement.
Stop hoarding data. Delete your archives. You don't need backups.
Learn to let go.

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Make this empty feeling go away.

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I wish I used it more. The announcement was way too sudden.

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Managed to blow my load to some loli like ~15 minutes before this happened.
I feel incredibly lucky and sad at the same time.

What the fuck do we do now?

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>Stop liking things I don't like

>> No.72047007

yeah, I only found out like 2 hours ago. I managed to download all my favs, a bunch of requests and a bunch of torrents. I only managed about 30GB though.

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It's okay to like things. Like them, then let them fade away. Let go. Move on.

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>It's okay to like things. Like them, and then stop liking them because I don't.
>Stop liking things I don't like.

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I never said to stop liking anything, nor that I don't like stuff you like.
Just that you should get rid of your material attachments. It's great to like things. Find things you like. Then let go of them. You don't have to stop liking them, but there is no point in hoarding, in archival. Delete your data. Let go.

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This is an incredibly shitty Wikihow-tier argument against porn.

The real argument is that I'm unable to ejaculate during sex (of any kind, and I mean any) unless I've swallowed a bunch of yohimbine.
My erections are fine. Excellent, even. I just don't feel that spike of excitement that leads to orgasm unless I have chemical aid or I'm in front of a screen.

Uhh, and I guess it'll make you 30% more likely to fail to synergize at the office???
I wouldn't be surprised if it were written by someone who has never masturbated.

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Hoarding isn't about you as an individual. It's about preservation. Some of the stuff from the early 00's is literally impossible to purchase or find and was only available on exhentai.

If everyone let go we would have nothing to look back on.

>> No.72047034

What a sad existence. Always pushing the things you like away because losing them might hurt you.

>> No.72047038

people are unironically posting christian-tier propaganda on 4chan
how times have changed

>> No.72047040

>EH itself will continue operating at least until the end of 2020 unless anything unexpected happens, and possibly indefinitely beyond that.

Am i missing something? They're not closing yet.

>> No.72047043

>I just don't feel that spike of excitement that leads to orgasm unless I have chemical aid or I'm in front of a screen.
sounds like an intimacy problem

>> No.72047050

You don't have to look back when you can look forward. Discard old stuff and make new things. Existence is ephemeral, no need to try to pretend it isn't.

Push them away to make space for more. Get the past out of your mind and embrace the future.

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Some anons said they did scrape some of the exhentai metadata when I mused that this is a site at risk on every site takedown / crash that occurred.

>> No.72047052

EH has all the vanilla doujin you can find anywhere.
EX has the actual good stuff.

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[email protected] is a CDN in front of sadpanda. It's primary purpose is to offload bandwidth usage to a distributed set of trusted peers.
In other words, it's still centralized but with a distributed flair.

IPFS is purely decentralized and distributed.
Back when Bato.to died, I did a fairly comprehensive analysis on IPFS as a technology and its feasibility as a manga reader. I'm slightly in tears right now, so it's difficult to focus, but I'm going give a brief explanation as to how this is going to work if you want to use IPFS, what the pros and cons are.

>> No.72047066

...That is somehow solved by 5mg of yohimbine, a dopamine-stimulating drug.

>> No.72047074

Why didn't they simply close site registration?

>> No.72047081

so only BBC cuckold is allowed?

>> No.72047086

thats not a solution, i can take drugs to cover up my crippling depression but its still there

>> No.72047090

>over 50 TB
Does somebody here even owns a server that large? or has enough money and gigabits of connection to host that?

>> No.72047097

bruh theres people with fucking tape decks that would record it

and continue hosting now illegal content?

Using traditional drives would cost less than a 1000 to back it up

>> No.72047099

Huh, 50TB should work fine for a torrent?

Pretty easy to do the corresponding storage array, shuck about $0.6 - 1k of drives, put in case. Some people will do it, the rest will download partial torrents.

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File: 1.62 MB, 1770x1202, anime is for pedos.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For me nothing is funnier than actual child molesters overcompensating every time they see anything with japanese style.

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>I was too late to finish

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>the only time /g/ actually discusses technology is when loli is involved

>> No.72047111

There are anons here with more than that, no problem. Wether those 50tb are free, that’s another case.

>> No.72047113

But not too late to Finnish :---DDD

>> No.72047114

Lel, it's 6 drives or so. Of course people have storage like that.

I've been at lan parties where one guy had 2x20 drive stacks (and said one more he left at home) connected to pretty nice hardware in a computer. It didn't run fast because the setup was silly, but he DID have the drives.

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Go back to your temple, monk shitstain.

>> No.72047122

Well it's up to tenboro if he'll share data desu

>> No.72047124

Buying the storage is just the first step. You still need a hosting provider that'll let you offload 50TB at fast speeds, assuming you're going the centralized route. That's expensive. The bandwidth usage is going to be really high.

>> No.72047132

He should only share the data with people that plan on having a hosting solution available. Giving it to random people won't serve any purpose if they don't spread it.

>> No.72047133

They don't need to be free. They ARE $1.5k (with the computer) or less. That is nothing developed country people can't afford if they want to.

>> No.72047135

Pedos have a genuine interest in concealing their vile shit and that often involves technology.
If we had terrorists around, we'd also have tech discussion when discussing related topics.

Ironically, both of those groups tend to be far right and so they don't create own technology.

>> No.72047137

I’m was talking about wether they had 50tb of FREE storage space left.

>> No.72047138

Duh, we got residential 10/10GBE and 1/1GBE for a long time now.

A torrent doesn't really need to be done in 5 minutes if they publish it.

>> No.72047139

>both of those groups tend to be far right
Blatantly false.

>> No.72047142

This is bullshit pseudo science

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>> No.72047154

>we got residential 10/10GBE and 1/1GBE for a long time now.
Your connection doesn't matter. I'm talking about for those that plan on hosting a mirror site for the content. You're not doing it on a home connection.

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>50 TB
That costs all of $1500 for a physical backup. Hosting and servers are another matter, but a complete backup is perfectly doable to almost anyone if given access. Temporarily cloud backup would also be doable.

>> No.72047164

My point is that intimacy has nothing to do with dopamine, yet increasing it sharply (and temporarily) with drugs alleviates my symptoms. This happens automatically and without drugs when porn is involved. It's pretty cut and dried. I've developed a dependency on a dopamine rush and the gap needs to be either filled by drugs or reduced somehow.

>> No.72047167

>strongly religious
>enforcing traditions

>anything but far-right

>> No.72047168

I have 14TB and then 4x8TB not yet installed (bought drive storage for a larger digitalization project unrelated to anime) and various older drives.

So... yes, even I would have 50TB free right now if I installed these drives.

>> No.72047170 [DELETED] 

I've been living under a rock, what happened?

>> No.72047172

See >>72047103

>> No.72047174

I arguably read and discussed "torrent", not "exhentai mirror site for users".

Sure the latter probably needs some money and the right host.

>> No.72047176

Unlike all those communists who invented things.
Like improved pamphlet technology. They really improved the staples and printing methods. Probably.

>> No.72047182

>$49.50/mo to store 50TB
how can MS afford to offer these prices?

>> No.72047184

>one case vs hundreds of Church members and muslim terrorists

>> No.72047185

Owner of the largest hentai site in existence is calling it quits.

>> No.72047192

>Wanting to be caught with 50tb of what numerous countries are now legislating is cp.
Good luck bud, it's coming to your country soon enough. Maybe some arabian country will host you.

>> No.72047195

Do you get unlimited bandwidth with Azure?

>> No.72047206

Neither of those things have any majority correlation to pedos or terrorists.

>> No.72047209

>inb4 panda gofundme

>> No.72047210

Fuck politicians and there nigger tier hypocritical moral values

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>> No.72047217

>church doesn't exist
>terorists aren't primarily religious nutcases
Imagine being this deep in denial.

>> No.72047219

The root of IPFS is a single global swarm, where each individual file is hashed and chunked onto the DHT.
This gives us several advantages:
Network-level File Deduplication - Let's use an analogy. We want to create a package which consists of dependencies. These dependencies are completely independent of the package, and have their own globally unique hash. So if a peer happens to have a copy of this dependency anywhere on their system, they can share it with you. "Reuploads" become irrelevant beyond polluting the database.

Resilience - Because the swarm is not being split by multiple torrent files, the swarm is more resilient to loss of peers--corollary, it should be easier to find peers for any given file.

But compared to a centralized system it also gives us several disadvantages:
Design difficulty: As far as I am aware, there are no production quality fully decentralized applications. The record of all manga and doujinshi has to be managed somehow.
Endurance - As we all know, decentralized systems are not known for permanence. Content that is not seeded is lost.
Scalability - IPFS itself does not scale well to even a terabyte of "small data" on one machine. It's a problem inherent in their DHT implementation, and was a problem that plagued traditional torrent clients for years as well. Not even five years ago, torrent clients had trouble handling the Touhou Lossless Music Collection.

I might have missed some things, but in the next post I'll move on to thoughts about implementation.

>> No.72047221

Your nigger-tier writing really deflates the strength of your post, buddy.

>> No.72047234

proof that he has all the ex data? I dont think he does. its gone

>> No.72047236

Me no english native speaker, nigger

>> No.72047238

the trackers are still up

>> No.72047247

Desperately clinging to the past and desperately trying to detach yourself from it are two sides of the same coin. Both feeble attempts to prevent the hurt of losing things dear to you.
Relish the past and the future. Accept that loss is inevitable. Only this will lead to true enlightenment.

>> No.72047251

funny they made it a sticky considering /h/ mostly didn't give a shit about sad panda, all threads were drama, you coudn't get someone to post links if your life depended on it

>> No.72047253

There are plenty of left-wing terrorist groups that focus on local concerns that don't make US news. Some are explicitly atheist.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that NAMBLA members are probably pedophiles. Would you characterise NAMBLA as a traditionalist or religious or right-wing organisation?

>> No.72047262

You're not supposed to prevent the hurt of losing things. You're supposed to savor it. Learn to enjoy sadness and depression as you let everything go.

>> No.72047283

Learn to read nigger
I didn't say that 100% of all pedophiles are far right, just mentioned the fact that pedophiles tend to be far right.
You can't disprove statistics with a cherry pick. Just like one "based" black guy doesn't disprove 13%.

>> No.72047298

post a source of fuck off

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Rest in Peace.

>> No.72047305

>enjoy sadness
Masochism is a mental disorder, anon.

>> No.72047315

Could you give us your definition of far right?

It's okay, take all the time you need.

>> No.72047317

So let's get into some philosophy:
With decentralized systems in general, you want to eliminate the idea of "supernodes" which perform the bulk of the work on the network. It makes the network fragile, and on IPFS it is not even possible due to the scalability problems in its DHT implementation.
There is no "one guy with 50TB of storage handing you porn out of the kindness of his heart"
No, you will have to take responsibility into your own hands by storing and sharing the porn you're interested in... you don't have to boil the ocean. Just share your favorites.

Onto the technical stuff.
Database: There will be MANY databases with many mirrors. Why? Because you can't trust a cabal like Daiz, and you don't want to suffer the performance loss of blockchains, and you don't want to deal with the assclownery of the attached cryptocurrencies.

Simply put, each releaser builds up a catalog of chapters which people can subscribe to. These releases can optionally be locally merged into a single stream. Because the catalog is mirrored, no trust is required, and the catalog will survive -beyond- the releaser.
If designed well, it may even be possible to -fork- a catalog as you would in Git.

>> No.72047318

Google "church child abuse"

>> No.72047329

so you have no source for your claim. interesting

>> No.72047330

No Christcuck can claim to be far right.

>> No.72047336

Google "how to get rid of pimples."

>> No.72047339

>no true child fucker
Go back to goat pen, Ahmed

>> No.72047341
File: 67 KB, 1005x332, 1539251518260.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pedo is an imaginary condition made up by feminazis.

>> No.72047345
File: 27 KB, 500x500, 1555385299518.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So what will replace it?

Another centralized server?

>> No.72047354

To provide an analogy, the database is similar to the package repositories you use in Linux. You can add arbitrary repos which are hosted by companies interested in delivering their products. However, the difference is that the repo catalog is distributed amongst many peers.

>> No.72047371
File: 386 KB, 1820x1000, 1560229962127.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.72047383

Will he find your definition of far right in that goat pen, hidden deep under a pile of goatshit?
Or is it just shit all the way down?

>> No.72047385

Christianity doesn't make you far right. Neither does the church provide a majority of pedophiles. They tend to be the most publicly discussed cases, but for every priest abusing a boy, there are five fathers somewhere else diddling their daughters.
Also not every pedophile is automatically actively abusing children, so the correlation between the church and pedophiles gets even weaker.

>> No.72047387

The blockchain loli

>> No.72047397

Blockchain is irrelevant.

>> No.72047398

I would be all for IPFS just sharing the shit you care about but how will the frontend be implemented?
the searching, the tagging and the gallery view

>> No.72047405

Church child molesting has more in common with the "prison gay" phenomenon than politics. Celibacy was a mistake.

Someone who thinks there's a one-to-one correlation with sex and party politics doesn't known much about either.

>> No.72047428

desu the tag system was only mediocre. I hope the next one will be able to distinguish between all the ntr types

>> No.72047435

>Church child molesting has more in common with the "prison gay" phenomenon than politics. Celibacy was a mistake.
Infinite cope
This is obvious bullshit without ANYTHING to back it up

>> No.72047443

Is your definition of far right still cooking in the oven?
Where you should be?

>> No.72047455

>nobody even asked /g/ to make a mirror

>> No.72047457

>Celibacy was a mistake.
True. More and more people in the "lower ranks" come to that conclusion as well (although not primarily to prevent pedophilia), but like with everything involving the church it may take decades, if not centuries, until this opinion hits the higher ranks, who can actually change something about it.

>> No.72047463

Now onto tagging:
Sadpanda had a "reasonably good" tagging system, in which tags for releases are policed by users via a voting mechanism.
This is not going to work, because a voting mechanism implies a centrally controlled database.
Technically, it is possible to offload tagging to a third-party centralized service that has minimal risk for shutdown... but that would not be ideologically pure.
We'll have to think about how a more ideologically pure implementation might look like.

Searching will also be difficult. Having a set of releasers and their catalogs also implies that someone will have to keep track of all of them. This historically has not really been a problem (see xdcc packlists), but what will be the problem is how heavyweight search will be.
Search is always heavyweight, though rarely seen because it's always being performed by a server in the back-end built to handle the job.
The application will become quite resource intensive when search is added.

Galleries are fairly trivial front-end stuff. Presumably a catalog entry will contain a link to a thumbnail and other metadata and will just be output in a list/grid format.
Obviously, the front-end will be run as a service on your own computer.

>> No.72047467
File: 25 KB, 982x140, 1552714620577.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what went wrong?

>> No.72047475

According to the wiki it costs 100k usd/yr to host in 2013.
[email protected] probably is the only reason that number is even as low and iirc it was well into the hundreds of tbs according to that same out dated wiki as well.
I don't think most people on /g/ could even host it if they wanted to.

>> No.72047476

So what caused this?

>> No.72047477

Nothing, see >>72047371

>> No.72047479

explain ATF then

>> No.72047491
File: 981 KB, 931x799, nl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is a new law in the works

>> No.72047504

None of the laws actually redefine what "child porn" is in the country. It's all just scare tactics, and server hosts don't wanna play ball.

Same shit.

>> No.72047510

I'd bet all the money in the world that he's a pedo.

>> No.72047514


>> No.72047515

If it were divided into 100 sections and 100 anons with goodish internet agreed to each take a section, it could be saved in around 140 hours of 1mb/s. But then again that would be a gigantic demand on the original seed, practically an accidental DDoS.

>> No.72047523

>It's all just scare tactics, and server hosts don't wanna play ball.

And they never said otherwise. Maybe the law doesn't redefine it but it did the damage.

>> No.72047528

it always comes down to that conclusion. it literally happens all the time

>> No.72047530

looks like a pedo

>> No.72047532

He sure has that narrow jaw look

>> No.72047549

It explicitly refers to child porns

>> No.72047550

>Same shit.

And ATF got shut down abruptly the same way with no heads up. The person that made that image is a retard. The law defining CP didn't change but they changed how they're cracking down on it and that's the word they got from their host. It doesn't seem like ATF is even coming back at this point either.

>> No.72047565

LMAO good riddance.
Wish it happened sooner.
Also wish for all other of these platforms to go down.
Which I expect to happen due to the increased load from panda refugees.

>> No.72047567

Why is it usually actual child molesters who push these kind of laws?

>> No.72047584

It isn't, it's just you really wanting it to be true and ignoring all evidence to the contrary.

>> No.72047615

>panda refugees
All of the other sites are dead too until exh gets replaced.
Just like kissanime scrapes nyaa, all the hentai sites scrape exh.

>> No.72047618

same phenomenon as the closeted gays who are vocally homophobic and the predatory creeps who become male feminists. it's a mental coping mechanism that lets them deny what they are.

>> No.72047621

ex was 90% reuploads from other sites lol

>> No.72047623

Okay bud, point me to that evidence.

>> No.72047635

All the times when it wasn't child molesters, which is well over 99.9% of the cases.

>> No.72047644

not him but there was tons of fucking content there that has been lost everywhere else

>> No.72047649

All the times when it was child molesters, which is well over 99.9% of the cases.

>> No.72047658

You're severely deluded, seek pharmaceutical help.

>> No.72047660

You're severely deluded, seek pharmaceutical help.

>> No.72047661

Actually it has it's origins in Victorian England after there were issues with child trafficking.

>> No.72047678

>but see the catholic church which often denounce it

>> No.72047682

>2D porn made me(...)
>learn to program
I get the other two but programming?

>> No.72047689

Programming socks

>> No.72047696
File: 79 KB, 1166x1029, comment_SC4ka4JQpjuEOklrq546goPIhrXyAvBr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buy blob storage/big data VPS
>copy all data to it starting from ex-exclusive content
>make a torrent for it
>even gofundme to keep it online for few days/weeks
>allow anons to create successor sites
Was this really too much to ask?
Is 50TB too much to copy in 10h, even if he close the site for public?
We could have save it all.

>> No.72047697

Not them but this right now is making me program a distributed exh replacement

>> No.72047707

Gossip protocol its protip

>> No.72047713

3d porn vids on tubes using java to prevent you from downloading their vids made me learn some programming.

>> No.72047747
File: 67 KB, 1005x531, 1538131779431.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72047764

Wow, fucking women are at it again. The root of the evil.

>> No.72047812

And now guess who has always been behind feminist movements.

>> No.72047831

It's always been aged-out women that can't find a man jealous that people would would partner with 14/16 year olds instead of them.
I'm surprised that raising the age of consent to 20 or 21 isn't on the table yet.

>> No.72047863

ipfs is fucking autism and a death sentence for any website.
what we need is a centralized server that is regularly backed up by others.

>> No.72047893

> and continue hosting now illegal content?
What about putting offline the website to slowly backup the data to change hosting and/or selling them?

>> No.72047898

>hur dur

>> No.72047912

It's more than 50tb

>> No.72047920
File: 135 KB, 1864x401, ONE PETABYTE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.72047922

>assuming you're going the centralized route
We've just gotten a reminder why centralised is a terrible idea.

>> No.72047927

Might need a bigger boat.

>> No.72047938

cumbrains btfo

>> No.72047962

Relationship between men and women are fucked nowadays. No porn isn't going to fix it.

>> No.72047973

Mentioning centralised servers and penal sentencing in the same post isn't the best look.

>> No.72047996

that's actually nuts but isn't 6 copies overkill?

>> No.72048007

Not for this archive, anon.

>> No.72048053

Its fucking nothing, people would donate hundreds of thousands just to get a chance at the torrent image.

>> No.72048058
File: 659 KB, 1439x2124, Screenshot_20190726-054450_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>le archive man

>> No.72048071

>just block the netherlands
problem solved.

>> No.72048076

Nothing is overkill as we're talking about porn here, not some gay military shit.

>> No.72048080

>screenshot with placebo light adjustment enabled

>> No.72048086
File: 111 KB, 1005x577, 1562803701805.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder will someone fork [email protected] to next website, whatever it will be.

>> No.72048098



>> No.72048100

To think, I was going to sign up for [email protected] next month when I had my 8tb RAID10 set up

>> No.72048143
File: 193 KB, 597x625, omnifart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72048171

>for a cache server

>> No.72048215
File: 24 KB, 1104x123, 1540386728423.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

300GB would have been enough for around 25 daily hath.

>> No.72048227

Guys stop trying to make shit complicated.

Make the site centralized, but the image files decentralized on IPFS.
The centralized metadata store would periodically (maybe once a month), publish all the metadata (tags, comments, etc) to IPFS as well. Because of the deduplicating nature of IPFS, it would be easy for anyone to follow that dump.
Also add a feature to export all the metadata of the users favorites.
A completely decentralized site is probably impossible. Maybe using ethereum but then, everyone who wants to participate would have to pay fake internet money, which isn't really nice.
For usability here, a desktop client could be created, with integrated IPFS. Everyone else would have to use this over IPFS gateways.

>> No.72048278

We should just launch a server into orbit.

>> No.72048312

You underestimate tenboro's jewness

>> No.72048317

You know, there will be another 50 years in front of us. Even 50 years of books and doujins are lost doesnt mean next will have to be. Moreover, paper still exists somewhere

How hard would it be to pull off, p2p 100 teras worth of material?

>> No.72048326

Fuck I'm trying to download everything I might need going forward but I guess everyone else is doing the same and it's so fucking slow. Not even 40% of the way through the NTR shit I wanted and thats only one fucking tag. Ffuuuccckkk.

>> No.72048329

actually, the world is ending in 2020

>> No.72048345

>A completely decentralized site is probably impossible.
ZeroNet it protip nigga

>> No.72048348

>Nooooooo! My cuck porn...!
Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder where your life went so wrong?

>> No.72048366

thought you were misquoting him until i read his post


>> No.72048392

as always /g/ is useless

>> No.72048410

It doesn't need to be complicated to fully work over IPFS:
- Each user/uploader/publisher manage their own signed blockchain identified by the public key hash (IPNS)
- People pick who to follow by adding the target public key on their own chain or keeping it private locally
- Everything is displayed on a feed. The graph is expended, duplicate branchs are removed and everything is flattened temporarily
This could work as a trust based multipurpose database too.

>> No.72048448
File: 50 KB, 960x501, QmdrwTMUYgkfhFojBauJaEu7KTaUtGBav3a9jA5ebVbsxS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

share is care.
you didn't learn from nyaa, poor souls.

>> No.72048463

The next one should be hosted as a hidden service. Still centralized but it should be more resist to this kinda bullshit then.

>> No.72048474

>"Fight the New Drug"
>"The group was founded by a team of Mormons"
why am i not surprised

>> No.72048633

Theoretically, but IPFS isn't as solid a foundation as you'd like. Try it. Nyaa and others kinda failed to port to IPFS. Zeronet might also not work.

And with Ceph they'd be semi disconnected federated instances just replicating parts of each other's data... although that might actually work.

I did learn a small amount.

Go encourage the site owners immediately to dump data, it'll be too late later.

>> No.72048635

NTR is a great fetish. It says something about you that you self-insert as the cuck rather than the bull.

>> No.72048656

A petabyte still only costs, what, 10k? Including a rack and big boy NAS?

>> No.72048665

porn organizer

>> No.72048666

You asked for help from the guy that was afraid/too incompetent to archive facebook messages because of "legal issues."

The guy that basically removed open source software from the archive because "lol the government decided it wasn't open source anymore, so I took it down."

His idea of archival is producing a barely functional javascript emulator for mame

He's all talk, and you can tell by how he promotes and carries himself.. at length.

God forbid you ask him about Michal Hastings, or even Wikileaks.

Fuck him.

>> No.72048679
File: 68 KB, 1375x747, ipfs trust graph.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic is the diagram for >>72048410

>but IPFS isn't as solid a foundation as you'd like
I know. As far as I've tried js-ipfs is slow and crash all the time on Firefox by opening thousands of connections. I think it's best to wait for Rust IPFS, Go is a shit.

>> No.72048711

do you really think normies will look at typehatena and say its just cartoon?

>> No.72048750


But the actionable thing right now for the exhentai people is arguably to start with a torrent containing the metadata and image files at least (probably also hentaiverse code and stuff).

How this will be hosted is the next question and I guess people should try Zeronet, Ceph, IPFS, GNUnet, wordpress hacks [silly as that may be], (...) as they please.

>> No.72048763
File: 550 KB, 1971x900, Clipboard02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not using the invitation only backup proxy

>> No.72048778


>> No.72048789

You're not supposed to be advertising it retard.

>> No.72048791

To cover up their tracks. They think that if they throw their likenesses under the bus, they build up an alibi against future pedo accusations.

>> No.72048802

Too bad he won't help - but really: let's start by getting exhentai dude to actually dump shit into a torrent or something?

My belief is that we do need that more than support by archive.org to store it.

I guess the man has his many flaws, but he's also already arguably handling more than is easy.

We probably just need more archives that cover other policies and priorities, hope more step up over time.

>> No.72048819

There has been a loss of countless non hentai comics

>> No.72048825

This, newfags get fucked

>> No.72048857

Granddad died today. I used exh daily and don't even have room to feel sad.
Maybe it's good news and it'll help me be healthier just as granddad was freed from the pain.

>> No.72048865


>> No.72048867


>> No.72048870

Tell me where the artisl gallerys are. You know how much data is lost forever?

>> No.72048875
File: 491 KB, 1971x900, 1564143149875.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72048883
File: 339 KB, 452x394, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_1516623981120.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying running a single thread only
>implying using one device only
>implying every thread isn't starting from a different offset
Do you even anime

>> No.72048886

It's a hosted copy of the site, no changes

>> No.72048890

SHUT UP IDIOT, i paid for it

>> No.72048895

>full homo

>> No.72048918

I doubt it is lost yet, but it may be if they don't dump it to that "not as simple" torrent.

Go ask them to just dump it to the torrent or whatever else regardless of it "seeming" not simple. It is.

>> No.72048919

Kill yourself cuck

>> No.72048920

i got baited into defending this shit when the only thing on it (over e-hentai) is degenerate trash
why do i fuck everything up so much

>> No.72048921
File: 22 KB, 537x96, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what is <title>

>> No.72048928

>literally all of them are gay
>far right

>> No.72048947

Tons of artists purged their own work after going legit. So much is lost forever

>> No.72048983

Religion has nothing to do with political wings, retard.

>> No.72048986

Fuck Sad Panda!!! Why?? Because I could not get in for good. This makes me happy.

>> No.72048994

This gallery has been removed or is unavailable.
You will be redirected to the front page momentarily.


>> No.72049057

We should really separate the meta data from the file data.

Have a very easliy backed up database of meta data (ID, title, tags, etc) and map hashes (i.e. of a zip file) to the meta data. It could be done using three services:

>meta data database; can be centralized or not, very small in file size
>mapping database; can be centralized or not, basically links a meta data entry to a file or list of files
>storage database; something like IPFS for storing the actual files.

You could even store the files locally and use an externally hosted metadata/mapping database to get automatic tagging/organizing.

>> No.72049107

Yes, that'd be obvious, as would be to bulk dump monthly torrents for longer term data exchange and so on.

Just the websites do not cooperate.

And the only larger metadata crawling / sharing project that I'm aware of is hydrus, for images, which has a big shared database with metadata.

>> No.72049110

I got 9 TB of shit I archived over the last 10 years.

I want something decentralized. Let's do it guys. NO TORRENT

>> No.72049125

Decentralized internet really needs to get big. Imagine data floating around forever until the very last cable gets cut. Can't we do great things every once in a while?

>> No.72049142

As for storing metadata I think it could be done with a simple file-based db. One of the biggest losses from the website are honestly the metadata and in my opinion they should be decentralized as well.

>> No.72049144

>I want something decentralized.
Make a torrent.

Well, then your options for stable things that actually work and will still be online when someone gives up are the following:

Yep, we got nothing. Start with torrent, hop to future tech when it's ready.

>> No.72049152

Certainly can be done. We even got good fast replicating setups like with Cassandra or such.

BUT THE WEBSITE OWNERS DO NOT COOPERATE. It's all their own little kingdoms.

>> No.72049161

what the hell is this stupid panda

it is everywhere

what is this worthless garbage

>> No.72049193

Yeah, it'll be hard to set up a standard, but if someone can get into a dominant position, they can probably push towards it.

It probably won't happen, but it would nice if it was at least attempted. doujinshi.org kind of works as a meta database. Maybe it could be a starting point if exh's data is truely lost.

>> No.72049203

please /a/...

>> No.72049247

It is not hard to set up a standard - it's only hard to make anyone else use it and keep supporting it.

Back then, we did get Nyaa pantsu to dump the DB for a while. Then they interrupted this and AFAIK gave up on publishing updated database (plus just as importantly, it's no longer linked prominently on the main site even if it was being dumped, so wide spread surely isn't achieved).

>> No.72049296

Torrents really don't bring much more to the table than actual servers because you still need to record and index them on private servers.
I think the metadata is much more important than the actual files because you can't just restore that on your end.

>> No.72049339

It doesnt matter if torrenting works or not. You have 9 TBs of data, what if you die tommorrow and dont share it?

>> No.72049417

>you still need to record and index them on private servers
First thing you can do is add any index you have in the torrent.

Second thing is keeping the main data alive, they achieve this immediately in bulk whereas your exotic methods or things that even require crawls will not.

And lastly you're not waiting for some future super distributed network that may or may not arrive before you are incapable / unwilling to share data to eventually spread data. That is the most insane bit. Share now and it's not lost, share when that best variant of IPFS is ready and it probably is lost.

>> No.72049422


>> No.72049448

>>72049417 (cont'd)
BTW apart from the theorycrafting:
The first successors to nyaa.se that came up had their data from a shared *torrent* of a crawl someone made.

Again, torrents do work. It is a pity if you don't use them already AT LEAST until your hypothetical better thing comes around.

>> No.72049513


Torrents are bad because users are not encouraged to share. They have the option to do so but it's not an ideal system. This is the reason private trackers exist but they are too much exclusive. A systemlike IPFS would be much more ideal because users are much more encouraged to share but without the hassle of being in some kind of special club. IPFS in general would be much more reliable for what it may concern availability of the content unlike torrents.

I don't think that's a real problem since you can always use a database file on a decentralized filesystem. IPFS unlike torrent could achieve this because the updates are made in real time.

>> No.72049594

>>Torrents are bad because users are not encouraged to share.
Not a real problem, I was always drowning in bandwidth on sadpanda and nyaa. Because internet connections are generally faster than what you need for images.

> This is the reason private trackers exist but they are too much exclusive.
Private trackers exist because people opened their own kingdoms they control. The additional content there drew people in, and since people are lazy they then just focus on the one place where this content is rather than re-spreading it to the public trackers.

>> No.72049700

>religion and traditionalism causes pedophilia
>bb-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-bb-b-bb-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but some of this pedophilia is male on male, like prison rape, which is most often committed by rightists, so we can blame teh gheys for it despite there being plenty of evidence that they aren't involved in any way

>> No.72049766

I seem to remember Plato or one of the greek philosophers questioning the morality of seek with children (specifically boys) in Greece. Remember, pederasty was a thing back then and perhaps he saw the negative aspects of the behaviour. While I think boys having non-sexual relationships is important, sexual relationships with boys cannot be good for their mental health. I think perhaps Plato saw this issue creating a decline in positive attitudes with the men affected by this as children. Perhaps it weakened their fortifying nature as people and that lead to destruction in Greece.

>> No.72049901

>IPFS unlike torrent could achieve this because the updates are made in real time
That was my point. I'm just not updated enough on the subject to know how ready IPFS is today.
You could save files via torrent right now, but it's unlikely future files will even have a chance to end up there in the first place because there is no indexing or tags system built-in. IPFS would have that. The current state of the internet is a testament to how convenience won the world and you need that for adoption which is then needed for a close-to-exhaustive filebase.

>> No.72049989


>> No.72050034

>You could save files via torrent right now, but it's unlikely future files will even have a chance to end up there in the first place because there is no indexing or tags system built-in.
Just about every torrent's files are indexed on multiple websites though, so that's basically false at one very significant level already.

Tags... yes, but if you have the data you can also supplement these for torrents. It would be elegant if we could get the site's owner to share these tags as of date xy in a torrent so they can be used.
Ideally we'd eventually hook distributed databases up to each other in an ad-hoc fashion (mainly using the replication features), but even then dumping one copy to torrent will still be clever.

>> No.72050191

That's completely right. I just think having those baked-in is the one major challenge of any decentralized filesystem. Otherwise you'd just have a kingdom of people with autism that's public only on paper. The user's profile matters too much to whether or not his files are going to be made available.

>> No.72050254

I'm not sure you want to actually do this on a decentralized filesystem for now. There are a lot of issues.

A more conservative approach would be to simply use database that allows other databases to connect and replicate shit (basically read-only access but with immediate pushing of updates). This exists and works in quite a few conventional and distributed databases.

>> No.72050258

I don't understand why everyone wants 123132434x1324354354 12342GB png files for watching on shitty 16:9 24" monitor.
scrolling while reading is a pain and fullscreen pics are too downscalled.
The only half-decent way to browse hentai is on a 7-9" tablet which are usually far from the original dimensions of the images.

I usually direct dl the pic in the gallery with violentmonkey script then reduce the size to 80% with mogrify.
even 80s old shit looks good, heck even on my desktop 1000x1000 or less images look good.

I have 70GB of hentai which amount to 1042 tanks (I dl tanks or merge chapters in one folder).
tachiyomi for webtoons and quikcpic 4.5.2 for the rest.

I also don't understand why keeping chap1, chap2, chap3 and so on when a tank can be made.
Do this + limit max size of files.
It could have saved thousand of TB and dollars while allowing an easier full dump of the db as torrent file(s).

>> No.72050318

> what I do and need with my tablet is what everyone needs
No. Just no. But you do what you want to do with your overly compressed images.

The only thing that I wished would happen at some point soon would be more FLIF instead of PNG and more HEIF or AVIF instead of kinda ugly JPEG.

>> No.72050325

>fullscreen pics are too downscalled
Well, the downscaling has to happen somewhere.

>> No.72050370

>>72050258 (cont'd)
Also, the full dump of the db is still not difficult, likewise for a torrent.

If there was one rather than "probably difficult somehow" by Tenboro, it'd already be in the process of getting mirrored a lot of times with more people doing partial mirrors.

>> No.72050380

IPFS is torrent.
the point is that doujins are a gray area between legit porn/pedo shit, so you people need a f2f sharing system (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friend-to-friend).

>> No.72050398

my point was the image quality at the source
tag is a problem
scalled image are good enough for everyone and you won't see any difference

>> No.72050411

I will see the difference and I see no reason to spread anything other than "archive grade" originals (with nearly perfect information).

That you can produce 4" or 9" tablet downsampled images from these is certainly the case, but not what everyone needs or what is the best data set to keep alive.

>> No.72050462

>That you can produce 4" or 9" tablet downsampled images from these is certainly the case, but not what everyone needs or what is the best data set to keep alive.
Tell me one reason to keep big ass images noone on the planet can see at the perfect scale.
Even if the original images were smaller, everyone would be okay with it as it's not possible to see differences wihtout zooming in so much you can't make sense of what you're looking at.

>> No.72050537

>let's throw out those golden master copies!

>> No.72050549

Multiple reasons:
- The big ass image is the far better source to derive future HEIF/AVIF etc. images from.
- The big ass image actually does look different if you're using a bigger high res multi display setup.
- There is no reasonable setting to optimize JPEG and GIF so they are "correct" for every type of artwork at some tiny scale.
- Future tablets may have projectors to get images on 120" diagonals on walls, who knows. The sane option is anyhow to go with a high standard rather than some lowest common denominator.
- It's pretty much all not vector graphics, so we loose information rather than just deciding on a default display size.

>> No.72050634

>big ass images noone on the planet can see at the perfect scale
For now. Resolution is no sorcery and it's pretty much certain we can increase that with enough technique.
By not distributing the best possible copy, you're compromising it by reducing the amount of peers. Of course people will want a version that's adapted to their use of the file. And we can't have that if the file is to stay alive.
Plus, downscaling is awfully easier than close to lossless upscaling will ever be. It's common sense.

>> No.72050657
File: 33 KB, 371x371, 960394509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the most popular safe friend-to-friend system right now?

>> No.72050689

Actually I'm not sure how nicely most torrent clients would play with a torrent of that size. My PC chugs a little when doing stuff with the touhou lossy music collection, which is only about 60k files. Even if you zipped up every doujin before adding it to the torrent, how many were there, eh itself reads 470k, so I'd imagine exh would be a few hundred thousand more. Maybe it'd be okay if all translations of x doujin were stored with the raw.

>> No.72050732

We would use the other ones that play nice. I've done huge torrents on Vuze (so I'd also expect BiglyBT to work), Transmission and others before.

Even if Deluge and others still explode like when I tested them years ago, it wouldn't matter much, we should still have multiple clients ez.

>> No.72050787

>fullscreen pics are too downscalled
So you downscale it instead with ImageMagick. Great solution. Just use an image viewer that doesn't use nearest/bilinear downscaling.

>> No.72050839

FLIF's decoding performance is shit though and to this day it's difficult to find software that supports it. The codecs are still far too immature to be usable on a grand scale and because of the focus on FUIF and whatever the new JPEG format is called (was it JPEG XL? something similar to JPEG XR) development came to a halt.

>> No.72050950
File: 14 KB, 399x391, 1372307723248.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ctrl+f freenet
>0 results

>> No.72051023

freenet still exists?

>> No.72051081

why wouldn't it?

>> No.72051118

idk it and i2p have been around for so long I kinda forgot about them

>> No.72051128

Does anyone know anything about maidsafe?

>> No.72051153

you mean nearly all of it
>they aren't involved in any way
except for committing nearly all of it

I will concede if you can convince me that a significant proportion of the priest rapes were done by female priests.

>> No.72051211

They are heterosexual male priests.
Prison rape and child rape are almost always done by heterosexual males.

>> No.72051315

nice thread

>> No.72051347

Transmission/rTorrent/qBittorrent could probably handle it. Maybe uTorrent as well.

>> No.72051578


>> No.72051655

So should I be looking to use hydrus from now on?

>> No.72051750

>using anything less than a 50" TV as monitor
Stop being poor.

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