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intel runs their own OS underneath yours which spies on you and there's nothing you can do to detect it

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false, how could they even see what is going on. My monitor is already being used by MY OS

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reminder the spys fear china

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I wish this was actually true and that there were super powerful groups of people trying to catch criminals but there aren't

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>I wish this was actually true
Its a fact, are you retarded?

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reads your memory directly and writes to the network device
wireshark won't see it cause it only shows you communications handled by your OS

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where is the money in that. if it was true, they just use it to collect and sell data. sure if could be used as evidence in a case. but they are not going to be actively using it to catch criminals. waste of money and resorces

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only one OS on my machine

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AMD has same thing
only difference it not hacked so impossible to remove.

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>The PSP itself is an ARM core inserted on the main CPU.
looooool cause AMD's own x86 can't cut it.

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There's not enough memory in the cpu

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>wireshark won't see it cause it only shows you communications handled by your OS
What? Doesn't Wireshark show you ALL comunications handled by *your network*? Shouldn't you be able to see if the processor is using your network to phone home?

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where do you think that missing memory is anon

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wireshark sniffs the NIC using OS level APIs
if your OS doesn't know about it, neither will wireshark

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>implying IME firewall ethernet for an OS
IME not gonna firewall 10GE for and OS
it simply beyond chipset capabilities
so buy board with 2x ethernet.
one interface gonna stay clean.
or it not do at all and sniffer should see it.

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maybe we need to set up a 2nd just to monitor our network traffic

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technically you should get access to it with latest vulnerabilities, at least with IME v11.
you will find Intel System Management Mode (SMM) code, used by UEFI bios to emulate USB versions, etc.

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>Wanting an Incel CPU in current year
Not even once.

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Not because of that; AMD literally used TrustZone which are used in conventional ARM processors anyway. AMD PSP is not made internally; at least not most of it anyway.

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ok, IME work at SMM level. OS will be PAUSED while IME do communication.

yep, need 2nd pc to catch traffic

only problem it not communicate on its own
have to send something to card without IP address assigned
it eliminates any possibility to communicate over internet as your provider not gonna route this.

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People have monitored their router for months and seen no outgoing traffic other than what they send. Yes it's able to read memory and the screen, but only fucking idiots think that every computer manufacturer is backdoored. Literally every child predator would be caught, piracy would not exist, encryption would be useless ... it's an enterprise-grade management tool.

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>implying router manufacturers aren't in on it
>implying ISPs aren't in on it
>implying jews care about catching child predators

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>pass user since 2012

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PSPTool has been out for only like 2 months and Google is ironically creating an AM4 Chromebook
hopefully something AM4 will be open soon

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So stick to intel CPUs before 2008? Fug :(

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so you use wireshark from another machine or router not the one you think is compromised

Wtf happened to this place in the last decade

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there are plenty of open routers and or machines that can capture traffic. Make yourself enough of a problem and maybe they use ime for something but it's not some always on spynet

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You can detect its network activity on your network and block it.

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What are you going to do, log all traffic your machine thinks it's sending, and all the traffic on your router coming from your machine, and look for deltas?

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>so you use wireshark from another machine or router not the one you think is compromised
And look for what? Encrypted TCP packets?

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Implying intel personally paif off every single us and non us-based wifi chip maker in the world to backdoor their firmware

Imagine being this retarded

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install coreboot

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delid dis

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is this true?
wat intel does with any information

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delid dis

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>install wireshark on your OS
>install wireshark on your android/GNU device which will give your OS the hotspot
>connect your OS to the other device instead of router directly
>compare wireshark results
Get rekt, NSA.

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>she doesn't realize wireshark is pozzed
Time to wake up anons

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phone home IP addresses when idle

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Tell me how, pls (my chipset is gm45 laptop)

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delete system32
install gentoo

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I'll do that but, would i need a specific laptop and motherboard or could I disable me on my dell that uses the gm45 chipset

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nigga look it up in the board status

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someone must have done some serious investigation, so why am i reading all this shit without any proofs?

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Google The Fucking Topic

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too lazy, gib link to network-related part

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Use 5 different apps. Compare results.

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too lazy

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Criminals don't usually try to arrest criminals

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Ur mom is pozzed

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the data bases and lists are just the beginning. once dems get back in power anyone thats posted on a non blue board will be sent to the re education camps

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What a load of bollocks.

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Top kek

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so microkernels found their killer app

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>based motherboard chipset runs its own OS underneath the CPU which protects you from spying

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