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Previous threads:
>GNU/Linux questions?
>PC building?
>Programming questions?
>Good, cheap, laptops?
>Cheap electronics?
>Buying headphones?
>How to activate any version of Windows?
>Where can I get Win 7 or LTSC?

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goddamn furries

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Hello. My question to you is, what free program is the closest to CorelDraw, one that can handle editing .cdr files and making blueprints well.
I know Inkscape, LibreOffice Draw, are they capable of performing these tasks? Is there something else?

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That's kinda cute

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I'm trying to edit some textures in this mobile game but once did an android application backup and extracted the .ab file, I'm left with texture files in .da0 format.

I'm at a loss as what to do and the only thing I'm finding online relates to windows registry files.

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open control panel go to the ease of access center and turn this off

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version 1809 has services and tasks built in to "fix" windows update when the service is disabled. Just disabling the update service is not enough. If you want to disable updates for good the easiest way I've found is to change the log on account for the service to \Guest. When you're ready to update again you can just change it back to "Local System account"

No doubt this will also be "fixed" in a future version, but if you're on LTSC you don't have to worry about that for now.

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I have an itx motherboard with 2 fan headers.
1 for the cpu
1 for the case exhaust.
i want another fan or 2 in the case.
i have a box of cooler master fans (Silent Fan 120 S12), they have 3 pin connectors.

the options for fan splitters confuses me. which fan splitters would let me control the speed of fans?

on other computer i plugged a 3 pin fan into a pwm header and it ran at 100%. I dont want it to run at a loud 100%.

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3 pin fans run at a fixed speed. You can't control that.

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do i need special "software" when buying an internal bluray drive in order to play bluray discs on my computer or is that a gimmick/scam?

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selling one of my PCs. dont know what i did with the win10 disc or serial. can i reset it without them?

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Is it advisable to replace a CPU with the motherboard still in the case if there is room to maneuver? What are some tips to getting the heatsink off of the CPU without destroying the CPU?

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with the other computer i plugged it into the pwm and it was at 100%. i then unplugged it and plugged it into a normal fan header, and its speed was slow and silent.

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Is there a way to get an offline copy of all RMS emails on the mailing list?

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Furry is against 4chan rules.

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Please /g/ tell me how I can into writing software that manipulates hardware.

I want to write a computer program that can feed instructions to a machine, but all I have ever done is webdev/software/gamedev. Is there a good book on how to get into that? Would the toy robots kids play with to learn programming be a good start?

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yeah you can do it. just make sure your case has a cutout behind the motherboard so you can access any screws that might need loosening to remove the fan. the thermal paste between the heatsink and cpu can act like a glue, so with amd cpus, there is a chance the cpu pulls out with the fan. So maybe try slightly twisting the fan loose after the screws holding the fan down are removed.

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Not OP but the global rules have been changed, now only furry porn is against the rules.

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Nobody has posted any furry though. Non-nude kemono is okay.

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It is a Noctua NHD15, so after loosening the two screws should I attempt to sort of wiggle it off, or attempt to slide it enough to were pressure lessens and then can be lifted? I would prefer to keep the CPU for another build if at all possible, but this huge heatsink has me worried I might just flatout rip the CPU from the socket like a mongoloid.

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Sure you fags have updates ACTUALLY disabled? Nothing to do with the service, but set your LTSC install for domain configuration and disable updates all together. It will *NEVER* update itself.
This here isn't even Enterprise LTSC but just Enterprise.

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go write a letter to the Supreme Court

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that is furry
not furry porn, but furry nonetheless

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Lurk moar.

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>does not know the difference between kemono and furry
>does not know the difference between kemonomimi and kemono
>thinks its okay to post

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kemono is just the japanese word for furry

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Should i migrate to win 10 from 8.1? From a privacy standpoint mainly, but also from a performance one. My main reason is im having issues setting up mysql...

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I've more or less heard the unix philosophy summed up as:
>A program should only do one thing well.
Why shouldn't a program be able to do multiple things? I know that God objects are bad, but does it really apply here?

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I don't know where to ask, please redirect me if this is not the place.
the fans in my GPU don't spin. I just upgraded to a new cpu and mobo and moved my gpu and psu over and the fans in the gpu don't spin.
I layed the computer on its side and unscrewed it from the case (it pulls a little to screw it in. and then the fans spun when I booted it up. for a minute then stopped. I can't get that to happen again.
I plugged everything back into my old mobo and the fans don't spin.
using MSI afterburner to try to force them to spin doesn't work, it worked in the past, everything went wrong when I did this upgrade today.
is there any hope for my gpu?
what about psu would the fans stop spinning if the gpu isn't getting enough power? is it maybe the signs of a dying psu?

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looks like shitting a monster turd

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see >>71945087

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lurk moar where? i've been here 13 years

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Here's a stupid question for the thread. Is there any way to see a PSU's current wattage like how on my phone I can see how much my battery has degraded? Since PSUs degrade over time.

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Summing it up that much leaves out key details.
A program should do ONE thing and do THAT one thing well.

>Why shouldn't a program be able to do multiple things?
No reason in particular (except the old UNIX systems being memory limited), the UNIX philosophy just concentrates of having a system which each program does one thing and does it well and the combination of these programs is what gives the system. "Comboing" these smaller programs to do bigger and more complex things.

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>using a VPS provider
>a bit expensive, but i'm happy with the service and i think it's worth it
>get an email today:
>"we'll now be collecting 20% tax on services provided to comply with laws in your country"
>no way i'm paying that shit

Which [reasonable] country should I set as my place of residence to avoid this?

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Yeah, 2008 was fun. NOT.

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Backlight comes on in LCD monitor, but nothing whatsoever displays, including the monitor's own menu and such.
Is it dead? Can it be fixed? Would it be worth the trouble to fix it?

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pls respond inhave years of lolis i must delete forever

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Use keyfinder or something like it to retrieve the windows 10 serial from your computer.

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will i still need the disk or usb to reset the PC?

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If you mean completely reinstalling the OS then yes.
However, you dont need the original one, you can just make your own by downloading an original iso file and sticking it in your medium of choice (DVD/USB flash drive)

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>feed instructions to a machine
You mean like device drivers?

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So that's what it's come down to.
Alright, here goes.

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Do you still call it "texting" if you're chatting over an OTT messenger like Facebook, Signal, Viber, KakaoTalk, WhatsApp, etc?

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Can you mix up different timings of DDR3 RAM pairs together? I'm willing to accept slower speeds
11,13,13,31 and 10,11,10,30 pls reply

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I have an R9 390 and I'm on linux mint how do I check which drivers it is using, and what drivers for it should I be using?

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just use a proxy

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Move to a free country

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just search driver in your startbar, lm has a utility. or install lshw

yes but it will default to the slowest common setting

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I shiggity diggity doo

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what website

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use a different DNS server (set it on your router so it takes effect on all your devices)

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You better not visit trash

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Don't want to license my stuff under GPL because it's too complicated, is the following greatly simplified alternative still enforceable?

"All rights to the work licensed under this license are hereby granted to the licensee, with one exception: the licensee is hereby explicitly denied the right to distribute the work licensed under this license, in whole or in part, under any license other than this license verbatim. The work licensed under this license is provided with no warranty of any kind, including the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, to the extent permitted by applicable law."

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I like it but only a lawyer and courts could tell you and even then it isn't the final answer. It's never actually final.
There are other licenses though. MIT, BSD, Apache, etc.
Anyone who wants to use your code will appreciate it if they don't need to run it by a lawyer to check your custom license.

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I have a wireless bridge in my house and it's openwrt is on (does not have a dhcp server) and uses relayd to connect to

I have a client ( connected to the one of the ethernet ports

When both routers are restarted, everything works fine. After like 20 hours, I can't connect to the client, and this is what happens when I ping it while being connected to the router

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from Destination host unreachable.

This problem is fixed when I reboot the bridge router (

does anybody have a clue what might be happening and how a nub like me can fix it?

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What's it like sniffing computer duster?

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Is there a cloud service that doesn't claim to own everything you put in it? I'd like to do a bit of writing. I don't have any delusions of being THE NEXT BIG WRITER, but I'd like to own what I write. And I kinda just what that cloud convenience.

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I just got a Ryzen 3600.

Every time I try and overclock it. Even by 25MHz the system doesnt boot and just goes straight to the bios saying that it has had to go back to default settings.

Im guessing I will have to wait for Gigabyte to do another bios update before I can overclock the CPU wont I?

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Unfortunately yes. You need something to decrypt commercially sold Blu-Rays, before you can play them.

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How important is cas latency, realistically? Going by the numbers I imagine 2666 Mhz CL19 is bad but will it really perform badly compared to the same speed at CL17 or 15?

>> No.71947368

cl19 is p shit, huge lag, only acceptable if the freq was 3800+

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Whats the difference between a seedbox and a VPS? Do seedboxes offer any price/performance improvements or legal protections?

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Your Stuff & Your Permissions

When you use our Services, you provide us with things like your files, content, messages, contacts, and so on (“Your Stuff”). Your Stuff is yours. These Terms don’t give us any rights to Your Stuff except for the limited rights that enable us to offer the Services.

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Would it have an impact on performance if my CPU clock was an integer multiple of my RAM frequency?

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What free email should I use? Yahoo, Zoho? Changing ISP so need to change email address for places so I don't lose access to shit.

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didnt lavabit return recently under some new gueis?

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what's good place to find movies to watch

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Movie theater

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me have powerful desktop PC with good games.At Home.

me have shitty laptop with no games.At work.

me want become google stadia and stream games from home to work.What software to use?
places are close enough to each other than if i can get the routing to be minimal and p2p i could get reasonable delays.

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What's the easiest way to set up an online document sync so that I can edit a Word document on my phone or my work pc and it will automatically save those changes to original local copy of the document on my home pc? Is this doable with dropbox?

Also, I currently use a Word document as my calendar and delete days as I go so that the current day is always at the top of the document. Is there a better calendar solution that would enable me to somehow retain past dates in Word without arduous copy and pasting? I tried Google Calendars but didn't like the layout/ui.

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What's a good desktop to get that is cheap and can do basically anything maybe something under $500
(pre-built or self-built)

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I've been working on a program that makes making gui programs easy, but also high quality. It's gotten to a stage where I want to remake it inside itself.
Is it idiotic making a program that relies on itself to build?

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So, DNS-anon here, yet again.

My DNS keeps dropping every now and then, with it only being fixable by using the built in Windows "fix problem" button for network.

I have tried changing the USB-wireless dongle twice, I have REINSTALLED Windows 10 from scratch and yesterday the local Internett servicemen was here and reset everything on the router above to my houseowners but said there wasn't any problems found.
What the fuck is the problem?

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Sidenote, I have also tried to changing the DNS manually to google and cloudflare(?) without it resolving itself, I am clueless.

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Are we allowed to talk about exploits on /g/?

>> No.71948199

why wouldnt we? What exploits?

>> No.71948247

This one:
It says, if I am reading this correctly, the exploit allows someone to put a "payload"(shellcode?) into an .mp4 file and exploit android phones. But I didn't know you could put executables or code in media files that can be executed, I was going to ask /g/ if you can or not.

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what's the least faggot software to open epub files on windows 10?

>> No.71948269

evince i think

make a thread on it. The only thing i wouldnt discuss here is game hacking cause theres a general on /vg/ for it

>> No.71948278

>make a thread on it.
I don't want to get banned.

>> No.71948295

i literally just said you wont get banned

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What's a good speech-to-text note app for android, preferably open source

>> No.71948351

ok, if you say so.>>71948346

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More of these?

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Can someone tell me how Chaturbate serves their video/audio data. Do they not use a <video> tag, but rather script things?
I don't want to go to that site...

>> No.71948426

sounds like an unstable connection, get a technician to check the cables.

>> No.71948447

>can do basically anything
what are we talking about here, facebook and netflix or decoding the human genome in 20 seconds?
get whatever your budget allows you and maybe compare some benchmarks of the cpu and gpu with other models

>> No.71948456

cloud document editing

>> No.71948470


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seedboxes are preconfigured for torrenting and probably more expensive, it's a convenience thing

>> No.71948552

>not buying a vps cheaper than a seedbox and configuring it for torrenting
It's almost like you fags enjoy overpaying

>> No.71948560

Oh, so no real benefit other than convenience. Well, i guess im just getting a VPS and installing Transmission then.

>> No.71948562

Sweet, thank you.

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Not necessarily. If i value my time at $200/hr, I will not spend an hour trying to get something to work if i can simply pay a few extra bucks a month.
Are you a NEET?

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I'm trying to scrape a thread from nyafuu but keep running into a 403 forbidden when scraping the images. I've tried spoofing the user agent, but that doens't work.

Can anybody help point me in the right direction?

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>buy replacement battery for notebook
>healthy 4 hours
>2 months later
>only 15 minutes of power

Why does this keep happening? I don't even drain it to zero. This is like my third replacement battery already.

>> No.71948620

No, I simply enjoy not spending money unnecessarily when I have the skill set to set it up myself.

>> No.71948624

stop buying cheap chinese knockoffs and get a replacement from the manufacturer

>> No.71948646

Depending on how valuable your time is, you could be losing money by doing that over buying a preconfigured box.

>> No.71948653

depends on what notebook it is

>> No.71948668

Which is why it would be better to wait until you have free time to set it up.

>> No.71948691

>free time
You mean "wasted money". Remember, time is the only resource you can never get back, thus it's the most valuable one.

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Can't download anything into my HDD, response time goes up by 3000-5000ms aprox, and pc just freezes, I've tried running several antivirus, disabling windows shit, I've formatted it and bought a new one, still the same,I have a SSD with the SO on it, what can I do?
Pic related. (yes, I'm a gaymer)

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I have a 2600x on a b450m mortar and a gammaxx 400 cooler. How much performance am I missing out on by using a £25 cooler instead of a noctua for example? Been trying to find benchmarks on a 2600x with different coolers but can't really find anything.
I'm seeing 73C on cinebench r20, 3020points with -0.750 offset and LLC2. Starts at ~4ghz or just above and then goes to 3.990, sometimes a bit less. PBO is enabled and limits raised.

>> No.71948983

Is there some site or spreadsheet where i could see the max powerdraw+ max powerlimit of all the custom 2070S? To see which one to get that will OC well?

>> No.71949047

What if I invent a time machine that gives you your time back?

>> No.71949202

Hey sqt, I've got what might be a dumb question.
I came across a thing that the older macbook trackpads had usb headers so you could hook up a usb cable to them and use them as usb devices.
Nowadays, it looks like the controller board is somewhere on the macbook mobo itself and the connector is a 12pin custom deal.
My question is, could I use a raspberry pi or arduino board to figure out which pin does what and build a driver for it?
Is it feasible to do?

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Hi, I use mpv on Windows to play my videos.
I recently installed loads of fonts and now mpv is taking seconds to start up.
How do I fix this without uninstalling the fonts?

>> No.71949353

>>does not know the difference between kemono and furry
There's no difference unless you're a weeaboo faggot.

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Reposting from last thread.
What is the best place to download high quality translated manga (if such a place even exists)? I'm sick and tired of shitty JPEG compression.

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The technicians were here yesterday and checked out the router upstairs to the houseowners, they don't have any issues but I notice it on my stationary PC and my mobile, so there shouldn't be cable problem at all...

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Hey /g/uys and /g/houls.
Quick q, my (ancient) Asus Z87-PRO isn't responding to the power button anymore.
I'm using a Cooler Master Cosmos S case, which has this really fancy capacitive touch sensor.

I already measure the power switch circuit, it shorts the 2 wires it needs to when button is touched, so that's good.
But my motherboard won't start when I hit the power button, even shorting power_sw to ground doesn't work.
I managed to get it running by shorting green and ground on the mobo main power plug and hitting the little power button on the motherboard itself under the PCI slots.

Anyone ever have this kind of issue with this board or another?

Any proper solutions or am I going to have to nigger-rig a flip-switch for the main power and pop the side open every time I want to boot my box?

>> No.71949937

So, every single SATA cable I have started falling out of my SSD and it turns out the 2 tiny holes that the SATA clips go through have become very slightly enlarged through wear and tear, meaning no cable will clip in properly anymore.

Tried my luck with an RMA, but they're asking me a lot of questions and I suspect it will end up with the "lol user damage" excuse. Any fix for this other than taping the cable in?

>> No.71949995

has no one thought to compare coolers on ryzen X series to see how much difference it makes?

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I don't even know how they managed to snap off, never had that happen with any sata drive before and I pull the cables out all the same

>> No.71950121

Can someone explain guile to me?

>> No.71950123

Why the fuck doesnt 4chan support webp and vpx9???
Gook moot so worried about bandiwdth that he fabricates cache sizes and begs for donations, yet this nigga aint even put up better codecs that are higher performance and better compression

>> No.71950156

I have a 12v rail open on my psu(1500w)
When i plug in a samsung 860evo 1tb in to it and try to boot the system, it dosent boot.
Throwing my system in to the psu calc im no where near capacity, even considering cap wear.
If i daisy chain it in to an existing lane with 4 other devices on it, it works
But i need to add more devices and i know any more devices on this lane will be at the lane cap and wont boot as well.
Removing the 4 device lane and only using the new lane with the ssd on it, it boots.
What could cause this ?

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How do I break my laptop, without leaving a trace, to get a replacement through my warranty? It's HP btw.

>> No.71950512

huh, never seen this particular failure happen before, and i've seen quite a few damaged sata connectors/plugs
unless you need to plug and unplug it often (which you really shouldn't, it's not intended to be an external connector), i would just use some cellotape either side to hold it in

>> No.71950522

After the motherboard receives a power button press, it pulls the green wire on the PSU low and waits for the PSU to raise PWR_OK (the grey wire) before powering on. If the PSU doesn't do that in about half a second, the board won't turn on. Needing time to warm up is usually a sign the PSU is about to die, because the controller won't raise PWR_OK until the 3 major rails reach their specified voltage. Could also be the solder joint on your power header went cold or you somehow failed to short the switch header two different ways.

>> No.71950535

Mostly laziness, but perhaps he also doesn't want to alienate Apple users more than he currently does with VP8 WebMs.

>> No.71950594

yeah, I just moved builds alot over the past couple years and that mightve worn it down
if they don't swap it out ill just do the tape trick

>> No.71950603

Adding server support is as simple as installing the codecs and telling the server a bout it

Apple is irrelevent

>> No.71950628

Is codecademy worth it?

>> No.71950649

Why are my headphones being recognised as speakers on Win10? I've been trying a bunch of solutions from google but I can't fix it.

>> No.71950666

>Adding server support is as simple as adding it to the whitelist
the thumbnailer they use is almost gauranteed to already support it (you'd have to go out of your way to get vp8 support and not vp9 at the same time, really)

also, while i don't normally use boards with sound, allow opus in webm's while you're at it, it's far better at low bitrates than vorbis

>> No.71950742

Guys pls help google is doing nothing.
I cannot connect my chromebook to my HP Deskjet 3752. Did a hard reset + it just won't connect to wifi for some reason. I need these papers for college :^(

>inb4 chromebook
it was a gift

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Oh snap, that's good to know. I'll test the PSU for that output. Thanks a lot!

>> No.71950936

Firefox isn't saving my website preferences like 4chan's theme and other shit like that. What can I do?

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What information do I have to hand over to use Whatsapp? Just my phone number?

GF wants me to install it and I'm going to have to bite the bullet.

Is WhatsApp even that bad? I'm just sketched out because its owned by Facebook.

>> No.71950999

What kind of monitor should I buy to get the best possible font rendering? How good does 24"/1440p look? I don't really care about color and color bleeding, I mainly work with text and play some old PS games sometimes. Any recommendations?

>> No.71951028

If you mean personal info it only asks for your phone number, if you mean data in general it'll have access to pics and videos and whatnot. They claim all chats are end-to-end encrypted, you decide if you trust them or not

>> No.71951037

Why isn't my freshly reinstalled 4chan-x setup making audible beeping noises? I enabled Beep on new post and on (You) mentions, but all I see is for about 1 frame something appear in pavucontrol - I hear nothing, and am not able to interact with what shows up to check things like output device etc.

The upstream github has no references to broken sound. Is anyone experiencing this?

(I had to do a full reset of 4chan-x recently to fix some bullshit problem causing tons of lag when using quote threading - that works fine now)

>> No.71951048

There is no perfect messenger. Telegram is probably the least shitty one. They advertise E2E encryption in WhatsApp, but obviously, you can't trust it, since the source code is not available. I'd say you'll hand over all your private conversations, pictures, and videos, as well as your phone number.

>> No.71951108

can you try changing to quad9 dns (both in your OS and router settings)? cloudflare has been having issues the past few weeks from what i can tell.
i'm assuming you've already called your isp, if everything is ok on their end and your cables are alright, i can't really think of what could be the issue but a bunch of coincidences (regarding the dns servers you were using). sorry

>> No.71951112

get a job

>> No.71951130

as a first step, sure. but there are better courses elsewhere (for example on edX)

>> No.71951207

if it's urgent, i would try booting from a linux livecd/usb and see if wifi works there.

sounds like your cookies are getting deleted, check settings/extensions

i'm on 1440p/27inch and text looks great (i'm around 30 to 40cm away from the screen). a higher dpi is obviously better the closer you are to the display, but at 1440p/24inch i'd be more worried about UI elements being too small (scaling is still mediocre, at least on windows), text should look great. you'll probably want an IPS panel (good colors) or a VA panel (good blacks), only go for TN if you're on a budget.

>> No.71951229
File: 6 KB, 668x126, 2019-07-19_18_16_52.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you using firefox? you may need to enable autoplay in the site permissions (shield symbol in the adressbar)

>> No.71951260

Ahhhh - I had autoplay sounds disabled globally. I'll play around with that and report back.

>> No.71951312

took a web dev course at a near college, know the basics I believe, trying to some more knowledge I guess? trying to get some other languages down, or improve on what I know, what you think?

>> No.71951391


>> No.71951429

I don't know how to boot from linux livecd :^(

>> No.71951430

Did you build the PC or is it pre built?

>> No.71951481

go for it, it has some good interactive exercises. it's hardly a waste of time


>> No.71951612

I doubt they'd have any issues in gathering data from you even if you'd use an updated Windows 7.

>> No.71951648

i updated from 8.1 to 10 a few months ago. it's ok and has some neat new features (mainly multitasking related), but performance is definitely worse.

>> No.71951688

Is a Raspberry pi 4 with a wired ethernet connection and a USB 3.0 external HDD good enough to stream 1080p movies to 2 local computers?

>> No.71951691

Computer shuts off randomly and it isn't giving a BSOD.
Should I replace the PSU?

>> No.71951837
File: 6 KB, 453x169, cmd_myyvuLFAem.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why can't I tracert?
I can browse the internet just fine. Is it because I am using google dns and not my ISP's?

>> No.71952054

nope, doesn't seem to have fixed it, i set it to just be enabled, but still nothing more than before

>> No.71952105


>> No.71952171 [DELETED] 

what linux partitioning scheme should I apply - '/', or '/' and 'home'? Is the home partition necessary of beneficial today?

>> No.71952187 [DELETED] 

what linux partitioning scheme should I apply - '/', or '/' and 'home'? Is the home partition necessary of beneficial nowadays?

>> No.71952209 [DELETED] 

what linux partitioning scheme should I apply - '/', or '/' and 'home'? Is the home partition necessary of beneficial today? What are advantages of having the home partition?

>> No.71952221

Dilemma, mates CPU died and he's running an Intel board. Does he A) buy a new board and get some new ryzen thing or B) take the i7 7700k the repair guy is selling him for £300

>> No.71952230

what linux partitioning scheme should I apply - '/', or '/' and 'home'? Are there advantages of having the home partition?

>> No.71952233
File: 1.31 MB, 480x270, When_you_moustache_someone_a_question_but_you_decide_to_shave_it_for_later.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I've got an audio interface that can output phantom power and I plug it into a phantom power box that goes to a mic will it explode?

>> No.71952254

A CPU dying is very unlikely.
Are you sure it's the CPU and not the board or other components?

>> No.71952278

What's the best 21 inch full HD monitor to purchase?

I don't care about field of view, I don't watch much TV or movies and I basically only play JRPGs/WRPGs and Dolphin. I just need a second monitor for multitasking really.

I'm looking at an Acer one for €140, any better options?

>> No.71952282

100% it's the CPU

>> No.71952434

my pc suddenly lost power and wont turn on. The motherboard LEDs stayed on but i couldnt turn it on. Is my mobo dead or my psu fucked? Also if the mobo dead did it take any other components with it?

>> No.71952578

>second monitor
any IPS panel from a reputable manufacturer should do
personally i got an aoc i2481fxh (24 inch), which i really like. i'd also recommend viewsonic, benq, dell and eizo depending on your budget.
acer (and asus for that matter) has had problems with QA in the past, that may or may not have changed

>> No.71952581

Whelp I tried fiddling with it, now my old trick to get it started doesn't even work anymore.

Bummer, new PSU is on its way.

>> No.71952604

I'm a backend developer that uses Linux at home and figured, why not get a cert? Only problem is: there's a fuckton of certs. Where should I start? Linux+? LPIC-1? RHCA?

>> No.71952672

Why is there 101mb of unallocated space on a hdd? should I delete it?

>> No.71953025
File: 206 KB, 900x873, 1563163000259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a bunch of pictures I want to compress and then eventually put on an external hard drive. What's the best way to go about it?

>Compress each folder of pictures individually then compress all the zips into one big zip
>Compress all folders into one zip

Does it make a difference? If so, which way will save the most space?

>> No.71953066

The first one will have a lot more overhead that the latter one.
Compressing already compressed things doesn't make them smaller, most of the images are probably already compressed, so you won't gain much of it, if anything at all.

>> No.71953090

I remember there was a website similar to rabb.it, but it only let you stream video files that you uploaded, with a limit of 2gbs per file.

Any idea what the website was called? I cant fucking find it

>> No.71953206

Okay cool, thanks for the response.

>> No.71953279

What do I use to stress test my CPU?

Is is still Prime95?

>> No.71953288

Good PDF editor for windows?

>> No.71953521

what will happen if I install proper AMD drivers for my laptop APU to replace the turd installed by the manufacturer

>> No.71953581
File: 87 KB, 600x989, 1563507715621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71953658
File: 702 KB, 683x1135, hmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I get a RPi 3B+? My use case is editing plain text files, using Git, and light internet browsing. I value responsiveness, but I don't think such a light workload would justify getting the newer model.

>> No.71953699
File: 18 KB, 556x94, unallocated.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>unallocated space in the beginning of a new flash drive
For what purpose? I recall a SD card format utility will do the same, I but don't recall the reason.

>> No.71953700

Rendering websites isn't a light workload anymore, get the 4.

>> No.71953791

>I'm just sketched out because its owned by Facebook.
Whatsapp gets access to your contacts, and this can be used by Facebook to build what they call a "shadow profile". Google it, they're basically doxing you.

>A Facebook shadow profile is a file that Facebook keeps on you containing data it pulls up from looking at the information that a user’s friends voluntarily provide. You’re not supposed to see it, or even know it exists. This collection of information can include phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other pertinent data about a user that they don’t necessarily put on their public profile. Even if you never gave Facebook your second email address or your home phone number, they may still have it on file, since anyone who uses the “Find My Friends” feature allows Facebook to scan their contacts. So if your friend has your contact info on her phone and uses that feature, Facebook can match your name to that information and add it to your file.

>> No.71953953

Is it even possible to escape at this point
As soon as you do anything on the internet somebody somewhere is going to know, and who knows how many companies have your data in their servers
You either live innawoods like a hermit or you accept you're gonna be part of this

>> No.71954074

Thanks anon. Nothing is working and it turns out from reviews the printer is just a hunk of shit.
Can anyone recommend decent printers for chromebooks with an easy setup? I'm about to have an aneurysm over this chromebook

>> No.71954117

What are normal temperatures for a raspberry pi 3 (reg ver) running as a pihole 24/7? It's usually around 42-47 C, without any fans, thermal pads, or heatsinks.

>> No.71954219

how long should i wait before cancelling an amazon order stuck on "preparing for shipment"? i bought a bunch of new computer parts and a monitor on monday with prime and everything shipped and got here except for one item and it's not even telling me an estimated shipping date for it even though it's in stock and the page for it says that it will be delivered in a few days if you buy it now

>> No.71954272

Shit fucking OP image

>> No.71954277

What's a cheap, high DPI mouse? Currently using a cheapo mouse that I have been for years, but it's giving me some issues using a higher res monitor.

I just want something normal(but with a higher DPI), not some stupid gaymer style mouse.

>> No.71954297
File: 1.87 MB, 1502x2189, 4826337_safe$fortune_(last_origin)+gukukimu$$last_origin$unknown(1girl looking_at_viewer solo).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have 2 ports in pc but only one jack with headset.
Is there a way to use headset as microphone while other headset works as speakers? I tried to just plug it both, but while audio works, mic is not.

>> No.71954350

What ports are you talking about?
Set the microphone to headset A and default audio to headset B when both are plugged in.

>> No.71954429

I don't have headset port.
I have only audio (green, and many more colors just for 2.1,5.1 etc) and mic (pink)

>> No.71954709

How do I go about learning web development from zero knowledge? I know some html / css syntax just not sure what to do with it practically. Thanks!

>> No.71954751

>want to do something
>google it
>use research results

wa la

>> No.71954900

Is it possible to make an extended partition the first partition on a HDD, and create /boot, /swap etc. logical partitions of a new system inside it?

>> No.71955009

Good picture.

>> No.71955031

Where can I find installable linux distros configured to route all traffic through Tor?

After looking around, I learned the following:
a.) Tails, Whonix - not installable
b.) Qubes - too resource intensive
c.) Subgraph, Heads - not available currently
d.) PureOS - requires both BIOS and 64-bit architecture

Are there alternatives to these, and if not can I change my boot loader?

>> No.71955127

Yeah but, anything guided? I dunno what to do next...

>> No.71955173

>a.) Tails, Whonix - not installable
Install a barebones install, dont add anything to it and install virtualbox

>> No.71955287


Okay, I'll try that, thanks.

>> No.71955329

is there an option to make webms played with firefox have a logarithmic scale of some sort, the difference between slide to the full stop and middle is pretty subtle while it drastically increases in volume in first few percent of the slide

>> No.71955507

Use the one headset with the mic and get a splitter cable. Plug the splitter ends into the computer and the headset into the splitter.

>> No.71955554
File: 217 KB, 896x1280, 1563511928696.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71955581

20 year old neet here
How do I make a resume and cover letter

>> No.71955614

Post more like this.

>> No.71955735

Is Nordvpn good? Thinking of buying 1 year since my isp keeps sending me emails about torrenting.

>> No.71955763

Seedbox >>> vpn

>> No.71955767

Where did the term spam mail come from? Is it related to spiced hams unappealing nature?

>> No.71955772
File: 1.45 MB, 754x1060, img.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the last one I'll post.
The rest of this artist's gallery ranges from lewd to degenerate, and I don't like it.

>> No.71955786

>unallocated space
>delete it

>> No.71955875

Nobody knows, but some argue it has to do with a Monty Python sketch in which "spam" was an overly repeated word, and the fact that spammers tend to send the same thing to your email address over and over again.

>> No.71955944
File: 3.28 MB, 234x240, yes.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Delete it, so you have room to download 100 MB of RAM.

>> No.71955953

Where can I buy a win10 key? I know g2a has it for 25$. i'm wondering where else?

>> No.71955973

Do you think that a Pentium G3240T is powerful enough to run deluge/rtorrent, pihole, nextcloud and maybe something more?

>> No.71956067

Huh, very interesting. Thanks.

>> No.71956168

kinguin. Nobody buys tho.

>> No.71956186

I would second using a seedbox.
If you do want to get a VPN, I've read that you should deploy your own on a VPS. Besides being cheaper (VPS start at $5/mo), you also get more control, and you can actually set up a no-logging policy.


>> No.71956224

How do I deal with the fact that I can't learn everything there is to IT? I'm finishing my bachelors degree in computer science/engineering next semester and I feel like I have to learn everything. Sometimes I try to specialise in something, but then I feel the urge to get more into some other topic. I feel like all the people around me know a lot more about this stuff than I do. Like I'm trying to get more into embedded programming and someone else is talking to me about details of UNIX systems or details of several network protocols and I feel and I stand there like a brainlet because I didn't know all these finer technical aspects. So I feel like I have to get more into other topics, but as an end result I'm never getting really good at anything.
I don't even know what to specialise in, I really enjoy everything a little and I fear I will choose the "wrong" thing for me. And then someday some guy will want to talk with about databases or artificial intelligence or web development and I will feel like a retard again

>> No.71956235

Is a 480p video always going to look pixely/grainy on a 1080 screen or can I rice my video player to make it look nice?

>> No.71956260
File: 110 KB, 2200x2200, ublock-origin-logo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't get how Ublock Origin works. I used to just use regular Ublock but people (mostly here) told me to switch to this one.

Say I go to some regular site and it has disqus in it, including facebook comments plugin. I don't want facebook interacting with me in any way so I right click and open Block Element, then I hit "create" on all of that section.
Whenever I always refresh or go back to the page again later, Disqus or whatever is still there, like nothing actually happened.

How can I make it permament? This is using Waterfox.

>> No.71956286

>I don't want facebook interacting with me in any way so I right click and open Block Element, then I hit "create" on all of that section.

Just use the social media filter lists. You have to expand them in the menu, maybe you didn't notice them. There even is a specific anti-Facebook list.

>> No.71956304

You are just hiding the element temporarily. You could block third party requests using advanced mode but it will break things and you have to learn to use it https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Blocking-mode:-medium-mode
Or simply add more filters like >>71956286 said

>> No.71956305
File: 129 KB, 314x278, 1471462103698.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>connect phone to any bluetooth speaker
>most songs are normal volume
>some songs are ultra quiet
>disconnect bluetooth
>quiet songs are normal volume out of phone speaker

What the fuck causes this?

>> No.71956328
File: 47 KB, 557x853, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, found it. Can't believe it has it's own section. Thanks guys.

>> No.71956339

>but people (mostly here) told me to switch to this one
100%. The non-origin one should be taken down, but legally there's nothing gorhill can do about it. Origin is absolutely the correct developer, never use anything else.

>> No.71956355


>> No.71956445

On android?

>> No.71956503

Video at 480p can look crisp, if the bitrate isn't too low. I had 720p files, I downscaled them to 480p, which halved their size, but even at full screen they looked as good as the original.
If you can't do anything about the source or encoding process, look up how to use deblocking filters for your player.
See here: https://forum.videohelp.com/threads/352169-Deblocking-filter-on-VLC-PotPlayer-and-other-pc-players#post2210676

>> No.71956670


>> No.71956816

How does optical transmission work on a high level? We interconnect high-bandwidth network switches with optical but at the end of the day, it's flowing through a copper PCB on its way to a silicon ASIC. Why doesn't the conversation from optical to copper effectively bottleneck any benefit from it?

>> No.71956846

Because the bottleneck isn't on the interfaces but on noise and attenuation on the transmission lines

>> No.71956850

>Why doesn't the conversation from optical to copper effectively bottleneck any benefit from it?
big fat buses

>> No.71956869
File: 232 KB, 1200x1200, 1556626899183.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any downsides to using a PCIe riser/extender with a USB cable vs the ribbon cables? I want to move my soundcard a little further away from my GPU and expand my upgrade possibilities for a new GPU. Only asking because I know USB audio is digital but no idea if it matters in this case. Pic example from the amazon page.

>> No.71956881

Fair enough, thanks.

I unironically can't tell if you're joking or not because I'm told enabling jumbos on your LAN segments helps a lot.

>> No.71957014 [DELETED] 


>> No.71957088
File: 462 KB, 1683x1080, 1527887470932.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All the normis around me are saying I should get a IT job because I can't hide my /g/ autism.
What's a good place to get a IT cirt?

>> No.71957111 [DELETED] 

>Not OP but the global rules have been changed, now only furry porn is against the rules.
Nice try

>> No.71957114

community college

>> No.71957252

How do I remove user folder file on desktop windows 10

>> No.71957324

Have a volume key I'm troubleshooting
The keypress registers on xev but not xkeybinds -n
What gives

Tried removing the existing binding that doesn't see to be working on xmodmap
No luck

>> No.71957353
File: 12 KB, 421x343, 18347572eca83ff654172974ac328b288c02acf7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i heard you can use these things to share your screen from laptop to TV.
Cant find any source on it, could someone link me to a good tutorial?

>> No.71957435

How do I boot up Mojave OS on virtual box with an AMD processor. I keep getting at “EndSeed” I can access the eufi and I’ve tried spoofing my cpu profile.

>> No.71957477

I bought a 3700x with a b450 msi gaming pro carbon. i'm trying to plug in the rgb to the motherboard on the wraith prism cooler that the 3700x comes with. I believe i've located the connector on the motherboard but i'm unclear on which way to plug it in. there's an arror on one side of the rgb plug but no indicator on the mobo. i've heard if you plug it in wrong you can fry your unit.

>> No.71957485

Why is that Lisa mirrored?

>> No.71957712

Hey fuckers, I got a problem that's really started to agitate me.
I use a FiiO K3 AMP/DAC that has never given me any issue until now. Recently though I bought a bunch of new hardware and reinstalled windows as part of the process.
Now when I turn off my DAC, windows loses it as an audio device entirely until its switched back on, which it never used to do. This wouldn't be a problem except that this breaks sound completely in most programs until they're restarted.
Is there anyway I can force windows to keep the DAC as an audio device even when it's turned off so it stops breaking my sound all the fucking time? There must be because this never used to be an issue but I can't seem to figure it out now and it's driving me up a fucking wall.

>> No.71957747
File: 237 KB, 621x595, cmec.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what password manager does /g/ use?

>> No.71957803

Most of /g/ uses keepass or it's forks/derivatives. Some use pass, the ones with severe autism gpg-encrypt a git repo.

>> No.71957836

What's the easiest way to join multiple avi files into one avi video? Can't get it to work in vlc.

>> No.71957884


>> No.71957894


>> No.71958012
File: 472 KB, 752x1062, 4cb833248bb47186f2f6549bcd5bae48c8ccb8f2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I set up a PC with Windows 7 POS Ready 7 because it has support until October 2021. It is a 64 bit install, yet it complains when I use more than 3GB of RAM in a process and then kills it. Is this exclusive to this build? Is there some stupid shit that I don't know about? Any help would be appreciated. Don't have any appropriate images so I'm posting my wife.

>> No.71958038

Had an account on a website that got leaked.
Password that I used for a few sites got leaked, should I still use that password with 2FA the remaining accounts?
The accounts are semi-important, and the password that was leaked was hashed a couple times.
Is it acceptable practice to keep using the password with 2FA?

>> No.71958046

Absolutely not. Change the goddamn password.

>> No.71958076

I just installed windows 10 for the very first time. can someone give me a quick rundown on all of the monitoring and telemetry stuff I need to disable?

>> No.71958092


>> No.71958110

The tl;dr is install Windows 7, or gentoo

>> No.71958172
File: 126 KB, 499x500, 1557700984935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's the best way to flatten out part of the aluminum chassis of a laptop? the bottom panel is deformed slightly because the battery had started to swell. I've since recycled the battery and ordered a replacement, and I'm wondering if there's a good way to flatten out the panel before it arrives.

>> No.71958178

Dude, aluminum is malleable as fuck. Buy a heat gun that can approach even 1/2 of the melting point of aluminum and you can heat up the metal enough to flatten it.

>> No.71958212

>cyberpower rmcard205
>talks snmp with network
>hundreds of generic nut snmp drivers
Is there an easier way to do this or am I just going to have to keep upsmon -c fsd until I get one that sends the shutdown signal?

>> No.71958220
File: 15 KB, 480x398, buhhhhhhhhhhh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cool, I thought something like that might work but I have 0 experience in this sort of thing and wanted to make sure. thanks

>> No.71958241

how painful would it be to put a new PSU in an old computer?
computer is around 1999-2000 era, and i dont want to chance buying an old PSU off ebay or somewhere.

asking again here because i didnt get an answer in the other thread i asked in.

>> No.71958243

>Password that I used for a few sites
Stop right the fuck there. DO NOT REUSE PASSWORDS. One password, one site. If you can't remember that shit, get a manager. And yes, for gods sake, kill any compromised passwords immediately. 2FA is meant as a second line of defense, not primary. That shit can be bypassed, especially if a service provider is retarded.

>> No.71958245
File: 267 KB, 341x396, 1556759780781.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How are Z80 assembly and 6502 assembly different?
How is it like to go from one to the other?

>> No.71958255

Switch to edu, disable telemetry in GP, run O&O shutup at lowest preset.

>> No.71958355

Assuming it's a standard PSU and you're not dealing with high end pre-ATX12V gear, they haven't changed at all hardly. The outside 4 pins on the CPU and ATX connectors snap off and plug directly into old motherboards. Just make sure the new one has enough 4 pin connectors "accessory" connectors or whatever the zoomers call them now.

>> No.71958382

Use ffmpeg

>> No.71958390

how do i know if its before ATX12V?
what would i have to look for?

>> No.71958458
File: 12 KB, 400x335, atx_power_4pin_CPU_connector.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ATX12V has a square 4-pin power connector that plugs in close to the CPU.

>> No.71958500

the motherboard doesnt have one of those, neither does the old PSU.

>> No.71958587

I am unclear on what any of this means.

>> No.71958590

Those are very different architectures, but both are old and well documented.

Post motherboard.

>> No.71958606

Read OP.

>> No.71958629

i cant take a picture of it right now, but its an old IBM one. made for a celron.

>> No.71958757

doesn't matter, because those things don't use the USB protocol, they only use the USB cable

>> No.71958789
File: 137 KB, 450x280, 1428013080729.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any recommendations for good thermal epoxies?

>MFW traffic light captchas that don't fucking work.

>> No.71958861
File: 3 KB, 509x57, why.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My PC's internet driver restarts itself every 30 minutes on the dot. Very annoying. This event in event viewer is the most technical thing I could find. Wat do?

>> No.71959081
File: 214 KB, 2048x1152, fZJZLy7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a way to reverse-search Facebook images? Google and Yandex don't index them.

I tried a few a couple of years ago, but it seems none of them other than Adobe's own stuff can do it properly. I recommend just pirating that.

>> No.71959227

Just pirate acrobat pro.

Adobe shit is bloated as hell, but you know what, it's the best pdf editor out there by more than a few miles.

>> No.71959312

guys where can I get apk cracks? best torrent sites for android?

>> No.71959508

I have an external hdd 1TB and I partitioned a primary to 15gb to use as a boot drive. I need to convert the drive to gpt. if I do this using cmd prompt will it convert my whole drive or just the partition because in the terminal it only shows my two disks and not the partition. am i safe to convert the whole disk to gpt in order to use the 16gb partition as a boot drive?

>> No.71959578

how to smooth the edges of memes with GIMP

>> No.71959603
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If I use ftp to transfer a 12gb file from an ntfs formatted drive to a fat32 drive will it work?

>> No.71959610

no because fat32 drives can't have files larger than 4GiB

>> No.71959636

You'd need the drive to be formatted with exfat.

>> No.71959760

Wireless? Ethernet?

>> No.71959982

is there something like pihole but for porn? please answer me this is very important.

>> No.71960007

You mean like instead of blocking ads it should block porn sites?
Just add a blocklist to the pihole.

>> No.71960189

Is there a free autoclicker someone could recommend? I don't really need extremely frequent of clicks, once every four minutes would do, but I do need it to run for a full day as I am trying to prevent inactivity from being registered.

>> No.71960203


>> No.71960205

>a full day
To clarify, I mean 24 hours ideally.

>> No.71960221

Autohotkey would work just fine.

You can set it to only send commands to a specific window, so you can use the computer for whatever else in the meantime.

>> No.71960225

Thank you.

>> No.71960246

There are templates for that shit, I would check a bunch of those and pick whatever comes up a lot in them, and whatever you think looks good.

>> No.71960404

Should I upgrade to Debain Buster from Stretch?

>> No.71960440

I don't usually come to this board so forgive me if this is the wrong thread for it, but it seems like the right thread for what I was going to ask

What is a good Free video editing program? I don't need it to do anything too fancy just mostly basic shit

>> No.71960453

Shotcut is completely free and open source.
Davinci resolve is freemium with limitations.

>> No.71960463

is there any way to prevent tabs/websites from knowing when you have them open/focused in firefox based browsers?
alternatively, tricking all tabs into thinking they are open/focused
example:twitter starts autoplaying videos that were stopped when you tab back in
I've been searching for this for hours combined on several occasions but have found nothing
feels like a massive security issue

>> No.71960485


>> No.71960506

actually, this seems rather outdated, not sure if it still works.
but you can prevent the events from being triggered with a userscript like this.
window.addEventListener('visibilitychange', e => e.stopImmediatePropagation(), true);

>> No.71960512

can someone make an up to date GUI for this? thx

>> No.71960525

It's such a small tool with not a lot of parameters, basically just give it a file path.
Just make a shortcut and drag/drop your files onto it to add some default parameters.

>> No.71960544
File: 1.08 MB, 1920x1200, 1527788620222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

many many thanks anon and preliminarily it seems to work

>> No.71960551

i have it in a .desktop so a i can click it from my FM but it's not for me, it's for the others mainly winlets

>> No.71960556

Learn self-sufficiency first.

>> No.71960638

Stupid question: why do Stax owners love Stax but literally everyone else on this board despise them? Why are they so fucking polarising?

>> No.71960663

>Stupid question: why do Stax owners love Stax but literally everyone else on this board despise them? Why are they so fucking polarising?

I see what you did there anon

>> No.71960724


You should get an Arduino! Just search eBay or something for Arduino starter kit. Get the controller itself, USB cable, display, LEDs, wires, breadboards and everything in the kit. Just Google "Arduino project". You program it in C++

>> No.71960744

>3 pin fans run at a fixed speed
Not necessarily. My EVGA X99 board controls case fan speeds by lowering the voltage delivered to the fan. Only the CPU fan headers do PWM.

It's a weird way to do it but it did save me money. The only 120mm fan I had already was a 3-pin, and I didn't need to buy a 4-pin.

>> No.71960806
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>> No.71960960

Is band steering a good or a bad practice these days (considering that most devices I have at home support 5GHz but a few of them are not frequently in range)?

>> No.71961026

Is 5V voltage important on a PSU? I bought a 80+ gold psu and the 5V is at 4.87V and goes down to 4.79V on load.

Should I be worried?

>> No.71961548
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I'm trying to fix this heatsink to a 1151 proc.
It's not like daddy in mommy, it doesn't get in.
What am I doing wrong ?

>It's not the right length, dummy
>your clips are broken, retard
>put some strength into it, imbecile
>Something else

>> No.71961658

>>Something else
there wasn't enough thermal paste

>> No.71961663

Is there anywhere I can get the Hyper Evo 212 AM4 bracket anymore? Every where looks sold out. Or should I just upgrade to a AIO?

>> No.71961807


>> No.71961830

What's the difference between a 100 euro monitor table arm and a 30 one?
The amazon basics one is 100 euros, all others are around 30-40.

>> No.71961920

what is the best gpu i can buy ?

>> No.71961965

Titan RTX

>> No.71961979

Anyone know if you can blur out faces on instagram videos? Or do you have to use a different program to do that first before uploading?

>> No.71962044
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2x8GB 3600MHz (PC4-28800) DDR4 CL16 1.2V

Think I can run it at 1.25V and CL15? Will use with a Ryzen 3600

Or what would be the "best" settings to run them at?

>> No.71962136


>> No.71962158

ryzen supports up to 3200.

>> No.71962419
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Can torrent peers/seeders hide themselves from others in the network?

Every now and again I see no seeders with a bunch of peers including myself but their percentage goes up and I only seed from them. Could my IP be on a blocklist or am I just imagining things

>> No.71962485 [DELETED] 

New Thread: >>71962479

>> No.71962655

New Thread: >>71962623

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