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So THIS is iPhone

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what the fuck is that skin on your thumb

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It's called helix bend. This is a 5000 dollar feature.

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>boomers doing boomer things
shocking i tell you

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It's a feature. Stop kvetching and buy the latest iPhone goy.

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step 1 don't be 350 lbs
step 2 don't sit on your phone
step 3 profit

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ogreman is back

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>Implying you need to be fat for the phone to bend

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> I treated my 5 year old iphone like shit, smashing it to pieces and bending it by sitting my 200lb fat NEET arse on it in my back pocket
>REEE why won't Apfel fix it

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add another hundred pounds, we're talking about american products.

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Yes, 450 defo.
I didn't hurt iPhone, I fix iPhone.

Maybe not this one. dEadphone.

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Why did I even open this.
I should just stop now but I made a thread so why not

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>i broke my phone :DD

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This is nuts, holy fuck
It's not fixable

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step 1 stop street shitting

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See that large black rectangle with some text and logos on it? Ignore the text for now, but do us a service and give the rectangle a few stabs with a knife.

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>iphone 6, 7, 8 all use the same identical chassis
>iphone 6 has touchscreen failure because the touch IC is right where it bends
>iphone 7 has audio failure because the audio IC is right where it bends
>iphone 8 has bootloops because all the critical phone ICs are right where it bends
>iphone X and XS just straight up die and won't even bootloop because the iphone bends and literally breaks all its solder joints

Pic related, this is how the abortion that is the iPhone X's internal boards are joined together, with a flimsy ring that solders the two boards together. Every bit of pressure causes the entire ring to bend and eventually leads to total catastrophic failure of all solder joints.

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it's a blexible bcb :-D working as inbended :DDD

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And thanks to non-leaded solder this is BGA hell too.

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iPhone everyone.
Completely defies all logic and wants to live.

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what's this?

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pretty sure you would just have to charge the retard $200 and reball with airgun

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>forget the part where the motherboard is suposed to be held firmly by screws.

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>itt, anon never heard of a "short"

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All I fucking did was straighten the board and unbend the shielding where it was shorting across a bunch of capacitors.
It just took a backup no problem. I should put a screen in it and give it back bent. Here's your fucking bendphone 6+ back bro

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your hands are disgusting
conect arse

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It's the shitty white balance of my phone mixed with the shitty office lighting.
I'm sorry :(

This was bent in shorting the caps likely then. I bent it back with some tiny metal pokey things. I was just making a lol apple junk troll thread, I didnt expect to actually fix this fucking garbage.

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>apploo engineers put an unshielded metal bracket over bare electrical components

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Just... Why the fuck even border with over engineering this? Make it rectangular and sturdy.

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THIS is "fixed" iPhone.
Now what the fuck do I do with it. I'm obviously not issuing it back out to the employee, too much chance it will just fail.

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poo on it

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>working as inbended
You glorious Bastard

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my brother had his iPhone 8 for 6 months and the charge port already broke

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kek andreets seething
reminder that apple is for the rich and android is for the poor

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Wear shirts with pockets and put the phone in the shirt pocket. Don't put it in your pants pocket and sit with it in there.

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Clean your fucking fingernails what the fuck

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It’s a poo
He probably stole it.

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You're evading your bans iJeet.

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And what have you done
Another year over
And a new one just begun

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Your hands are fucking disgusting. Try soap and water.

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Do you happen to wear tight faggy pants?

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>Connect arse

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>have refurbished iphone 5 I got in like 2015 I think
>dropped it a gorillion times on both sides because my hands are made of butter, accidentally hit the corner of my desk with it, might've lain on top of it a couple times too
>not a single dent on the screen or anywhere else and works entirely fine

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every phone flexes a little
iphone one simply adapts to you better than other brands

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Just throw it in a drawer as an emergency backup phone for some other employee

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Think different!

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