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what are the best technologies that were invented by women?

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peanut butter

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You can really see the despair on her face.

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jav code?

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i have a suspicion females invented language

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Men propably invented it first for doing hunting better

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literally nothing

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Windshield wipers

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Have sex incels.


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Cute anime girls

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What you can't see is the even greater hopelessness and despair suffered by those addicted to this terrible vice, who think their sad state is just part of being human instead, hopeless to be executed, not knowing that they didn't need to go down this path and that if they had attempted, even briefly to transcend it, they would have found freedom. Instead, they are slaves, hopeless slaves but to execute this daily if not more often. All to what end? What did it do for these poor individuals? A bit of passing pleasure. They threw their lives away for nothing.

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Cum is gross.

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i bet gay men did it first.

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All uses of the sex organs outside of procreation are perversions.

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yes, and?

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so I started reading your link
first section
>Cynthia Breazeal is the founder and CEO of Jibo, which is building what it calls the world's first "social robot" for the home.
>is building [isn't even anything yet]
>a fucking AI robot, what a revolutionary concept

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That is not milk.

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>he didn't read until the pizza saver


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imagine all the little spermies swimming around in there together :3

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how many men it would be needed to get that much cum

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lets get to work

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I want to drink it all, but from her mouth.

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nothing wrong with perversion

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>A patent for the same device, named "SEPI" ("guardapizza" or "Cosito de la pizza") , was filed ten years earlier, in 1974, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by Claudio Daniel Troglia. However, the patent was not renewed.

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Curious about this too

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Why are women so eager to prove they 'made' something? Men simply invent and don't gloat about it.

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Does she drink the whole glass? I need to see this

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Vanity is a blessing in itself.

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look in >list of inventions and discoveries

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also, programming I guess

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Get a load of this enlightened individual with a meaningful life, posting retarded cartoons on an internet imageboard

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