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Name a single good design from Jony Ive that wasn't a blatant copy off braun.

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Name a single good design from Jony Ive.

His design work is garbage.

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Not defending Crapple, but Motorola ROKR wasn't an Apple phone. They basically licensed iTunes to Motorola and they were bitter over the whole experience, which in effect prompted them to create their own phone.

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literally who? apple fanboys are weird.

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> Design
I've never owned a Mac.
What does "design" even mean? The hardware design?
The software design? Like the UI or something?

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Literally all his designs were good since he just copied Dieter Rams

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>jony ive

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you mean rip off someone else's phone...thinking.gif

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>The hardware design?
>The software design? Like the UI or something?
All three.
Hardware design facilitated by strong research in materials and the cash to buy expensive industrial equipment to make economies of scale work and offer at a consumer price.

And software+UI design as specified in the Human Interface Guidelines. This was a seminal piece of documentation, still one of he best written, produced when nobody gave a fuck about small details and how they can have an impact on how *people* use software and how to make is as seamless and pleasant as possible (to increase efficiency).

It’s a same that Apple itself lately let interface design slip from the guidelines they themselves wrote.

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I fucked Ive on Rams' back. Fuck this whole minimalism meme, it's like the modern architecture of electronics. Less is not more, more is more.

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The most hilarious thing is the stark contrast between Ive's statement and Tim Apple's cutesy cooperate cookie cutter open letter "oh we'll stay friends and keep working together :) " bullshittery

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All the things that make Macs gay.

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the similarity is that they're both thin?

not sure I understand what that image is conveying.

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Less isn't more, but less is better. Why don't you add every single possible sticker and accessory on your computer and see how good it looks with "more".

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Stop this stupid fucking meme. The defining feature of the first iPhone was the capacitive multi-touch screen, not just being all screen. The Prada had a shitty resistive screen. It's capacitive multi-touch that made an all-screen phone useful.

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Shut the fuck up.

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First Android I had had a resistive screen and faaaar more features than gayphone 3G, let alone the non-3G one. Your argument is invalid.

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Its true though. Only gay people care about design.

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literal boomer-tier apple bad meme

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this unironically looks better to me than any iphone

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someone shop "women" over design

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Tim Cook is gay tho.

This unironically. Thinkpad P52 I now have looks waaaay sexier to me than the MacBook Pro I had before. It's like an 80s race car vs a Hybrid. If you prefer the latter you're probably gay.

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Isn't this a good thing that will lead to a shift to function over form? iChads winning once again, it seems.

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This. Changes for good already started https://www.macrumors.com/2019/07/04/apple-to-use-scissor-switch-keyboard-macbooks/

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>tfw cant wait another year to get a new laptop so ill be stuck with the butterfly for a few years

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>get fucked in the ass for 5 years straight
>timmy finally pulls out
>his poz cum spilling out of your ass by the gallons

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My argument is not invalid, since every fucking phone has a capacitive multitouch screen now. Pinch to zoom, swiping, all those UI interactions we take for granted were first on the iPhone. I'd never buy one now and I use an Android, but the fucking memeing faggots on this board never give the phone its due for the one thing it did do well. Yeah it lacked a lot of ridiculous features it should have had initially like copy and paste, but the new way of interacting was fucking cool.

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Just use an external keyboard bro. What, can't you afford a USB keyboard and a dongle? What are you, poor?

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Well, it's obvious.

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Cope, Seethe, Dilate, and Have Sex, Incel.

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Mad as fuck

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Newfag. There were shitloads of videos of user interface/interaction on multitouch screens way before the iPhone was launched. Both Microsoft and Aplel were partners in developing it, among others. Apple just marketed it first, as they do.

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>implying Applel ever invented anything
They just copied other people's stuff and marketed it better.

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lmao videos. fuck your pedantic shit. all that matters is what you ship. if you wanted those features in a phone when it came out, you had the iphone, or nothing. I didn't say Apple invented every aspect of the UI system.

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>pretending to be retarded
>ijeet has no argument

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Aplel didn't invent shit. They just marketed shit.

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>it's just marketing bro
Marketing is the difference between everyone using your product or no one using your product. Go write some more code, monkey.

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t. brainlet

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This is gay. Stop this meme.

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it's pathetically sad how icucks try and spin this as a win

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It doesn't even work properly as a calculator.

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Honestly that apple watch thing that he was talking about was fucking retarded though

>Be Jony Ive
>See smartwatch fad and ctrl c, ctrl v.
>Add more buttons and a scroll wheel because those fucks will buy anything
>Ugly as fuck
>"It should be a fashion accessory!"
>Make it obvious that we'll make a new one every year and get more neetbux from fat neckbeards who think they know design
>Make a solid gold one costing like $20k
And then nobody buys it because they don't want to buy another $20k smartwatch that they won't use always next year too
Imagine my surprise

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The Vaio ran like shit tho.
The P-Powerbook just recently started showing its age.

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Making a good design does not mean merely making it look aesthetically pleasing.

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tim cock was tired of ive ripping of dieter

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>Gentoo/Arch switch

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there was the photo of tim seeing the mac pro on display with the press and he honestly doesn't give 2 shits and ive is running through all the shit

if the article is true then some suggest it was tim's first time seeing the pc

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>comparing an ultraportable to a mobile workstation
There is no limit to the levels of retardation you’ll sink to.

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All modern design looks the same.

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>thousands of $17k watches remain unsold and worthless
There have been worse fuckups in history, but this is a pretty big fuckup.

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It's amazing how applelfags would always defend aluminium, you'd think they'd be selling kidneys and buy those $20k watches anyway and then post on /g/ about how gold is the superior material. I agree with Ive here, this should've worked, not sure why it failed.

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Good artists copy. Great artists steal.

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Congrats, you know the Jobs memes. No kys.

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Because most Applefags are living in debt already.
By the time they could finance the $17k debt watch it was already outdated and non-upgradable.

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>implying zoomers know what a pda is

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I was born in the 80s and had one of those, and also used a Windows CE one. As a consequence I did not understand AT ALL what made the iPhone special - it didn't do anything I wasn't used to. Oh it had colour and could make phone calls, big fucking deal...

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Why do Andjeets always fantasise about HIV, gay sex and AIDS?
Oh, I forgot where they came from for a moment there. Silly me.

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India isn't known for those things, though.
You're thinking of Africa.

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KEK, you children never change, always the same tired bullshit

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which you can trace back to general magic, which got its start as paradigm while marc porat and andy hertzfeld were at apple back in the 80s

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