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>Jewish Tier Prices that make Nvidia's old offerings look fair and Intel's hands rub more and more aggressively as they enter the GPU market.
>In the prospect of a world's first Pre-Release GPU Price Drop 4 days away from release
>Awful Branding that only confuses the consumer
>Gets dabbed on by it's Chad CPU Brother
Imagine being a Radeon Brainlet that actually pre-ordered this atrocious piece of hardware.

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Whoa. . . Another high IQ nvidiot post

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uff, source?

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Bullshit Youtuber guessing performance based on AMD's presentation.

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>2fps difference
Hello margin of error

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weird, why *they* always post far cry

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So you're telling me it's as fast for cheaper?

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It's a Nvidia biased game that's why. If AMD are doing well in Farcry it shows that it's gonna be pretty good overall. AssCreed on the other hand is more Intel biased CPU wise for some reason.

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>tfw you're the new house fire

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Anons please calm the fuck down.
Navi is by no means a failure even though AMD went full retard revealing prices. These are stupid small dies, barely bigger than Pitcairn or Polaris and they're giving Nvidia's behemoth mammoth dies a run for their money. Just relax and don't buy either of them, they'll realize they can't keep getting those profits if no one buys their overpriced shit and the prices WILL go down. Nvidia isn't getting huge revenue anymore with how pathetic the jump from Pascal to Turing was (people seem to forget Maxwell to Pascal was a double node jump) and AMD will never be relevant without penetrating the normalfag mindshare.

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imagine if AMD didn't shit the bed and released the 5700 and 5700xt at $279 and $349.

They would have swept the fucking floor with nvidia. Hell even at just $320 and $400 they'd be an actual decent value over super worth considering.

Whats even worse to think about is how shitty the lower end navi cards are going to be. Can't wait to get a 1660ti for only $250, what a value!!!!!

Come on AMD you could have had killed two birds with one stone.

Nope instead we're going to get overpriced garbage. 5700 might be $20 cheaper than a 2060s but who the fuck is going to buy it when $20 more gets you cuda and raytracing???

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The fuck is anyone gonna do with raytracing?
call me when it matters and cards can run it 1440p 144hz. Until then its a fucking gimmick

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>asking (((consumers))) to have some sort of collective discipline to go without their luxury electronic toys in order to keep prices in check

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This. The average goyim will whine incessantly if there is even a 10 percent price hike on their Chinese slave labor products

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Its still something to have, not to mention that tensor cores are super good at AI workloads, cuda is used by literally everyone, and on top of all that nvidia flat out has better hardware encoding than AMD.

im an amd fag, ill never give nvidia my money even second hand, but right now at MSRP vs MSRP, navi is DOA

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Game that's more GPU intensive favors Nvidia
Game that's more CPU intensive favors Intel

AMD is still shit, more news at 11

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>Game that's more GPU intensive favors Nvidia
Why would a game being less GPU intensive make it favour amd if nvidia cards are just better?
>Game that's more CPU intensive favors Intel
So if a game likes more threads, that means it 'less intensive'?

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You can't do that wtf. Different areas of the game has different intensity, unless the numbers come from an in game benchmark and settings are normalized.

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>I have no idea what I'm typing but I'll do it anyway
Feels good being anon, huh?

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>he didn't buy a VII this past Feb

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novidia goes from 1060 to 2060 then goes back to 1660 then releases a 2060 super. yeah, amd has the shitty naming scheme. It's too bad novideo can't legally own every number from 0 to 9999.

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Bruh if it had SR-IOV I'd had bought that at 2080Ti prices.

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hardwarecanucks made a video based on the numbers amd gave at the navi presentation
wtf are you even talking about LOL

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he literally said that he added the percentage amd publicly posted vs the founders edition

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>Game that's more GPU intensive favors Nvidia


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no its not if we had the option to install a second card just for a DXR passthrough kinda what we did back when people only bought nvidia for physx and ati for playing yeah that would be awesome


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better and cheaper is now considered a bad thing

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>wtf are you even talking about LOL
You can't compare results from different setups and different testing methodology.

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I wanted to like Navi, really, but 2070S is just that good looking I can't bring myself to buy Navi.
2070S even looking like a good upgrade from 1070 for 1440p. I didn't plan to upgrade this year, but damn.

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>2070S - 215W - $499
>5700XT - 225W - $449
>almost same performance, some wins for either card

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>swept the floor
no they wouldn't. zoomers and normies would still buy green crap

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>tfw 390 owner

I dont want to go green bros

Might wait (tm) for next gen

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MSI 390x here, I agree.

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at least try to sound sane anon
he literally made the god damn test using THE EXACT SAME SETUP the only difference is that their 9900k was overclocked and the amd one wasnt

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>don't have any nvidiot wojacks
Fuck, I can trade roughly 20 intel wojacks though

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>more expensive for same/lower performance and the bundled botnet, shit drivers, space invaders
Indeed, very good looking

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I'm done amdbros

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Why would you, you retard? Red is still better perf/$.

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AMD CPU + NVIDIA GPU here. The only option.

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This desu

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3950x / 2080S mah boi

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Looks like the 2070 super is best now?

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nope, vega 56 or either navi

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gamersnexus has been benching FC5 alnost since release, and if there's anyone to trust it's tech jesus

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>costs $50 more
>has comparable performance

Seems like the GPU market is fucked forever. Enjoy.

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I have to agree with that except
>it's always been fucked
And for a long time too

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3800X + 5700XT

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