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This is real, what do we do, /g/? How is this happening? There is no safe place now.

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No idiot I'm safe in my bunker twelve kilometers beneath Kitahiroshima. I love living in not society.

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Is there any place for two? :smile:

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Listen kid, you're obviously new here, but there are no "emojis" that you zoomers love oh so much. Typing that clearly didn't do anything, so put down your phone (because I know that's what you're using) and leave forever. I'm what they call an "oldfag", been here since 2015. The others won't be so nice...

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you misspelled samefag tho

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Trying to defend yourself, very cute. All the lurkers are laughing at you!

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Dumbass Englishman.

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You can have great levels of digital privacy and security if you don't self sabotage your mindset.

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Sorry, I did not mean to offend you, I guess I'll go and drink my pinacolade and play fortnite.

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I have great levels of privacy and security. What I do not have great levels of is tolerance of world retardation and degeneration. I am safe from the consequences of OP's article; I am not safe from the world's fall into nihilism. As Nietzsche predicted.

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What do they mean hacked

If I crack someone's password and log into their yandex account am I a western spy who's hacked yandex to spy on people?

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"The sources who described the attack said the hackers appeared to be searching for technical information that could explain how Yandex authenticates user accounts. Such information could help a spy agency impersonate a Yandex user and access their private messages."
They do not enter accounts, but in the system itself.

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This, combined with some entities discovered accessing records of cellular providers in not-USA is starting to paint a stark picture of who we really need to be worried about when it comes to spying.
It's easy to be patriotic, harder to accept that your country doesn't really have your interests in mind, it's all political maneuvering.

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Get fucked, gramps.

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At the risk of appearing as a retarded 'chink', what is objectionable regarding my word choice?

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Just a prank, bro.

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Oh. Alright. Thanks.

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I'm not as retarded in real life. Just a little less so.

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That makes one of us.

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Whatever you say, bud. Have a nice life.

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You as well.

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I suppose a cyberwar is at least the least damaging to civilians. I dunno, until they start hacking hospitals or make automated cars mow down pedestrians.

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>the sources said

The "Sources" is and always has been the very same Intelligence agencies who feed non-stop the big news agencies with disinformation and propaganda.

The intelligence agencies and their relations with the media

The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know

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Oh shit nigger what the fuck are you doing

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I thought everyone agrees if you use russian google then russia has all the data from your usage in any case?
Why do they need to hack anything if the company is in russia?

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triggered boomer, go eat shit grampa

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>unironically posting globalresearch.ca

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Just a month ago Yandex was in a standoff with russian fsb over transferring session keys of all users in compliance with anti-terrorism law.
It has ended with Yandex saying 'they found a solution which satisfies fsb and doesn't breach the privacy of their users'.
Looks like that was the solution - 'blame it on western hackers'.

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>в oктябpe-нoябpe 2018-гo
Literally a nothingburger, /g/uyse. OP is a fucking moron (as well as other idiot here who jumped onto his misleading bandwagon). A thread died for nothing.

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Пoшeл нaхyй, eбyчиe пиндocы лeзyт к нaм, a ты зaглaтывaeшь и пpocишь дoбaвки.

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I don't speak Slav, Ivan.

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I'm sorry then.

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Everyone says everyone else is hacking them and theyre such a victim. Probably its true but who cares, what the hell is the american government going to do with information about what russians are masturbating to

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Americans complain about China and Russia being the ones to spy on them, when all they've ever done is innovated (and Russia reclaim Crimea back to its rightful place on the maps, since Ukraine has been doing a shitty job of enforcing law and order since 2012). But since America wants everyone else to stagnate while they have over $8 trillion ind debt owing to China, they're going to resort to not only spying on the innovators to know how they earned success, but try to sabotage them, while taking advantage of their copyrights to try and get ahead.

And this ignores how it was American and Israeli hackers trying to destroy Iran's peaceful nuclear program.

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I would love to have a full list of Russian innovations since the fall of Soviet Union, Ivan. So far the only entry there is going from second world empire to being China's bitch without even realizing it, that's pretty innovative if you ask me.

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>I would love to have a full list of Russian innovations since the fall of Soviet Union, Ivan
>Says the butthurt capitalist who's trying to break into Yandex's servers to figure out their user authentication methods, while being financially owned by China to the point of a trade war in Asia
And like a land war in Asia, you'll never win, Trump.

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>American'ts trying to bring the Northern Crusades to the digital world
At least American'ts don't know how to influence Russian elections through hacking Facefuck.

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>I would love to have a full list of Russian innovations since the fall of Soviet Union
- Yandex as a more viable competitor against Google's monopoly in the Western world
- Actually fighting terrorists in Syria, instead of funding them
- Being able to remotely influence US federal elections through allegedly hacking Western social media platforms, to influence the Electoral College to override the popular vote and bring Trump into power
- Being on the UN Security council along with China to call the US out on being Israel's lapdog
- Not owing most of its GDP and more to China since 2002
- Everyone in the West from boomers to zoomers still play Tetris, whether it's on a video game console, computer or phone
- The programmer of WinRAR is Russian and made plenty of money out of boomers who think "piracy is theft," even when 7z is free
- The man who invented the iNES ROM standard is Russian and Nintendo used that for their NES Classic Mini

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Sick burn, gopnik. You also forgot:

- Everyone, including America, must have a joint venture with the Russian Space Agency in order to to into space from Kazakhstan, since America doesn't even have its own fleet to leave from Cape Canaveral
- America's space agency is still forced to use legacy systems from the 60's that are Frankensteined with retrofits, while Russia's space agency uses much newer hardware that gets regularly replaced and upgraded when they become too old

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BurgerToddlers BTFO

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You are really that retarded?

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Nice reading comprehension, Vlad. Put down the vodka bottle and try again.
Pay special attention to "innovation" and "since the fall of Soviet Union" parts.

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> t. two-times failed state in one century and soon to be China's biggest colony/filling station in this century

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why, slavs are stupid. dutch even managed to hack GRU and get a stream from their security cameras lol

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I would call bullshit. Some false claims for their political agenda - "west is bad, orange man gud"

fucking degenerates, the cancer of
whole humanity

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Same Russian trollfag

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