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Power managing:

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>not using the best OS


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Back to your containment board manchild.

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This is not linux general, friend

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Fucking pathetic

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He's a winjeet. He always posts this because he has severe ADS.

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pajeetOS is Windows.

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Microsoft is the white man's company, Pajeet. Apple is literally one infinite loo.

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>Microsoft is the white man's company
Poo in loo, toilet dodger.

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Apple's engineering department is literally entirely Pajeets. This is fact. You can't wipe wave that away with memes Dikshit.

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Can you fuck off please?
This thread is about installing hackintosh, not about which os is worse

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40% of all Microsoft employees, including the CEO, are Indian.

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>pls stop talking about pajeets

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pajeetOS is Windows, always has been. Stop trying to steal memes.

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Nice facts street shitter.
Apploo has TEN TIMES more Pajeets than MS ever did.

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Install Linux. Think even more differenter.

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That is only Indians in America. Microsoft has out sourced 90% of its business to India.

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>iJeet resorts to making up nonsense when his One Infinite Loo gets BTFO

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>winjeet now resorts to bitching, rather than addressing facts

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>iJeet still has no facts besides the fact he literally works in the world's biggest loo

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But you're the one who works in Bombay...

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>says the iJeet while knee deep in poo at one infinite loo

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Yup, it's officially summer on /g/

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The only reason I switched back to Windows from hackintosh is, they don't have creative x-fi drivers. Also that every little tool costs money was gay as well

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>Also that every little tool costs money was gay as well
Not true.

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You're right, this is Pajeet General.

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Best os

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Typo, misspelled PajeetOS.

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I got halfway through install on a x220 then gave up because I got stuck and was too lazy to edit scripts and shiet
they should just keep some pre-made ISOs somewhere for the most popular hackintosh models, like the x220 that is mentioned basically on every fuckin hackintosh gude out there
can't even begin to imagine how much of a nightmare it must be for more obscure laptops

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see >>71626834

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You are just weak, anon

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To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to install hackintosh

Typical gfag won't be able to do that

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>tfw my ryzen laptop is not compatible with hackintosh

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Don't worry, you'll grow out of your homosexual curiosity, it's just a stage.

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hey dudes
some thot is asking me if I can unlock her phone because they thought they could pull one over the cell phone company by reporting it stolen and getting a new one. How do I break it to her that it wont be possible since it's likely n-wordlisted?

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