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Ryzen 5 3600 king of ST performance.
$200 beats Intel's best offering, with more cores on top of it.

Never expected to see this happen on a mid range CPU. AMD's mid-range is beating Intel's most expensive highest clocked chips. Lol.

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>low tier shitty silicon low end zen2 cpu outperforms high tier intel desktop cpu at same clockspeed
it's over

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>>>low tier shitty silicon low end zen2 cpu outperforms high tier intel desktop cpu at same clockspeed
Anon, no.
Ryzen 5 3600 boosts to just 4.2GHz, while the 9900K boosts to 5GHz. Imagine what the Ryzen 5 3600 would do at the same clock speed.

We're talking a score that would be around ~3500 in single thread on the AMD side...

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i was talking about the OP benchmark, looks like the 9900k was capped at 3.6 base clock

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Wait for pissmark patch goyim

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>looks like the 9900k was capped at 3.6 base clock
The heading doesn't indicate the speed it was actually running at, but the speed the CPU model is specified for, which is why it says its base clock.

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That's not how it works.
That's just the base clock speed, you don't see i7-9900K @ 5.0GHz in windows explorer when you check system properties, the @ 3.6GHz is coded into the CPU's name and that's why it's used.

The single thread test runs a single threaded workload and the CPUs boost for the workload, resulting in the AMD clocking a core up to 4.2 and the Intel clocking a core up to 5.0 as they're designed to by their manufacturers.

To benchmark at their base speed would be utterly ridiculous since the boost frequencies are part of the product and used in every system resulting in real world gains.

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already 3 samples. kiketel is finished

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if you put an @ before clock, I assume thats what the processor was running at when testing

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HOLY SHIT what the fuck PATCH IT NOW


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You'd be assuming wrong.

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>synthetic benchmarks

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>on fucking pissmark
LMAO, Intel is really finished.

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>4.2ghz vs 4.9ghz
>6c/12t vs 8c
>65W vs 95W
not always, really depends on the benchmark and specs

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But it's proven to be not the case in literally almost all software.
If you're familiar with CPUs and benchmarks it's obvious.

I know it's not intuitive and it is dumb. Look, I'm not defending the stupidity but this is strictly Intel's fault for putting base clock speeds in the CPU's literal name. CPU-Z and such, Speccy, HWMon, countless other software read the CPU as "Intel ____ @ ___" and not "Intel _____". AMD doesn't do this retarded shit, so it's not a problem for them.

Intel dun goofed and the industry isn't bending over backwards for them. It's on Intel to stop doing this retarded shit.

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>intel gets btfo in their own benchmark

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You could just specify at what freq the cpu was running and if overclock etc tho
fucking tech youtubers get that shit done

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Total passmark score for the 6 core zen is 20000+... Amazing. The 2700x scores like 16000.

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Close to 17000

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literally you
literally intel memo tier

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real world applications are the only benchmarks that matter

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literally the memo
hello Intel employee

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woah, what the fuck?

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The memo is fucking hilarious.
>we're getting buttfucked in HEDT
>we're getting buttfucked in servers
>we're getting buttfucked in desktop, but we can ((((update)))) some programs so they perform better on Intel
>but well, we still have laptops!
The replies from engineers are even better, they know they're fucked and they have most likely known from years that this would happen and how to avoid it, but management is fucking braindead.

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AMD's upcoming entry level 6-core CPU for $200 scores higher in Passmark than AMD's second fastest HEDT 12-core CPU for $800 from two years ago. Are CPUs -finally- moving forwards again? It feels like we've been in an improvement slump for almost ten years.

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Okay, so if i understand you, you're saying that Intel is working with other companies to improve their synergy? I see even less of a reason to buy AMD if it's simply the worse product for the intended work. Why would a guy that works all day with Vegas buy AMD hardware if Vegas works best on Intel for ANY reason?

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They don't specify the frequency, though. They just list the name of the CPU alongside the results. It's not their fault a base clock speed is included in the processor's name.

AMD doesn't have this issue.

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>this company is so successful at gimping their competition so that they can rape their customers for money, i'd better buy their products to reward their good work

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>Why would a guy that works all day with Vegas buy AMD hardware if Vegas works best on Intel for ANY reason?

Sounds like a problem with Vegas, lmao.

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It's not that it works better. It actively seeks out and makes competing products work worse.

It would be like two cars get gas at the same gas station but the pump detects car one is a Mercedes and gives it the premium gas to keep it functioning at it's peak. While it detects the second car is a Ferrari and pumps shitty economy car grade fuel hurting performance and fuel milage. All because Mercedes paid the gas company to give preferential treatment.

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>all these idiots ITT who don't understand the concept of the megahertz myth

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>>all these idiots ITT who don't understand the concept of the megahertz myth
Uhh, what?
I don't think you understand it. What are you trying to say?
Nobody is saying Intel is better because they're at 5GHz, we're all aware MHz isn't everything.

>Are CPUs -finally- moving forwards again? It feels like we've been in an improvement slump for almost ten years.
We have been.
The 2600K is still a viable CPU in terms of both single thread performance, power usage, overall performance, and overclocking and IPC. That came out in 2011, AMD only really caught up to its Single Thread with Ryzen 2000 but now they've beat it. AMD took 8 years to noticeably BEAT THE 2600K's IPC. We've seen many improvements in overall performance but single-thread performance and IPC has been relatively stagnant between generations.

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Anons, please just wait until 7/7. As far as I'm concerned, everything posted is lies. The 3600 WILL be an incredible good CPU, but don't fall for any fake hype. If this were true, then why didn't AMD themselves put up the 6 core vs. the 9900k?

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Should I get the newest AMD Ryzen 2nd gen or the latest Threadripper?

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there are 3 runs, they are fact even if they are deceptive (as in no official confirmation)

but yes still wait. as for why amd sandbagged? probably competing at price points.

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>why didn't AMD themselves put up the 6 core vs. the 9900k?
They didn't want to be responsible for shaming Intel, and left it up to the consumers to do it themselves.
Plausible deniability, and all that.

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>As far as I'm concerned, everything posted is lies
the cpu has literally already been reviewed
this is the SC score at stock with 3200mhz ram on beta BIOS x470...

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>The replies from engineers are even better
I didn't see any of those in the memo. Sauce?

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Reminder Zen2 has 15% higher IPC and DOUBLE the cache of Zen

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Zen 2 was meant to compete with Intel's 10nm really.

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>intel 10nm desktop cpus delayed
>more comet rocket lake housefires in 2019
>amd will already be on refined 7nm+ in 2020

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Patch it goyim


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Oh wow Intel really is the poorfag brand now.

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Just wait till Intel shows up with their dedicated GPUs.
Then we will see what's what faggot.

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How new are you?

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>only GPUs matter

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I haven't seen Intel in such a bad state since Presshot days.

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I though passmark was Intel friend. Why do they betray them like this?

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Wait for (((patches)))

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Over 500 score @ 4.2GHz

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Really curious to see the big boys 3800X and 3900X @4.5GHz+

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do you need PCI-E lanes and memory bandwidth?
then get threadripper 2
do you need fast encoding and other CPU intensive stuff?
then get the r9 3950x

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I guess soon Intels own benchmarks aren't going to matter anymore either.

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Alright, this convinced me. I thought cinebench was some one-off but it doesn't look like it anymore. Definitely buying AMD now.

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Intel's new benchmarks will ensure they remain on top. How will they work?

If Intel=pass, if not=fail
Performance, who needs that? Intel is a premium brand!

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Forrest Norrod said that in a recent interview
AMD was perplexed that Intel couldn't deliver
Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake

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AMD couldn't violate Sun Tzu if they tried because by the time they got their plan ready Intel will have already abused AMDs attack vector against themselves.

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>margin of error: High

AMDrones using LN2 to jack up scores

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Passmark doesn't matter

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Laptops outship all desktops almost 2 to 1. So yeah, they do still have laptops. And they still have servers, the reason they're not selling is because they literally cannot supply enough after they messed up their supply chains. Intel isn't really in trouble market wise

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Sorry but you are either retarded or work for Intel. Intel isn't losing market share especially in the enterprise server segment? Do you post from some parallel universe or something? Or do you just post from Intels HQ?

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Reminder that the pictures in that benchmark had blurred cpus, seemed fake to me

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>Intel isn't losing market share especially in the enterprise server segment
No one said that you dumb nigger. Point is intel is still selling all of their supply. AMD is getting marketshare because of market expansion, not replacement. In other words AMD isn't seen as the superior option, they're seen as the offbrand

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it only says that due to the 3 samples, are you stupid?

those numbers aren't coming out of thin air

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>Intel in second place
Press K+F to pay respects

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Isn't it crazy how literally every single Zen 2 benchmark has been done with LN2?

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Could be shill strategy to mislead buyers into forking over shekels for Ryzen 3000 before actual reviews arrive

There are no clockspeeds, no info on memory used and the sample size is too small

The only legit leaked benchmarks are the spic one but the dumb spic used X470

If the 3600 really beat the 9900k there's no way on Earth AMD would pass the chance to advertise it but they did not so everything that claims otherwise outside of reputable third party reviewers are just talking ass

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I see the shill defence force arrived. You really don't even try anymore do you?

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>muh ln2
Fuck off retards


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Doesn't look like a 9900k killer to me, which gives more credence to that Passmark bench using LN2 or the most expensive Samsung RAM.

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lol Intel stuck in America and Israel designing shiddy chips while AMD’s Chinese backed investors from Boston help destroy its (((competition)))

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>all three samples are LN2
Can you cope any harder?

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Even bulldozer had more ipc than sandy bridge.
Inb4 nah s8ngle core was more on 2600k
Ipc doesn't mean single core performance, you retards.

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This shit does matter. Then again Zen 1 was limited more by propagation delays than by heat.

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Why are inteltards so mad about this?
Nobody forces them to buy the cheaper and better alternative cutting edge tchnology cpu.
You can keep your kike bridges from last decade all you want.

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>Even bulldozer had more ipc than sandy bridge.
Sandy Bridge still ran laps around Bulldozer.

Here's the flagship bulldozer that came out over 2 years later and consumed over 3x the power compared to the entry level i3 2100.

Keep in mind the i3-2100 ran at 3.1 without any boost and the 9590 boosts to 5.0. The 9590 has an effective 60% faster clockspeed and doesn't even net 10% faster single thread performance.

When people talk about IPC they are referencing the common instructions people use for software. It doesn't really matter if Bulldozer had newer/added instructions and could process twice as many of them alongside older ones if it never translated into increased performance. Bulldozer was a fucking flop dude.

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The greatest part can be found here
>intel software partner
That's like having a Holocaust within Israel

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I am talking peak about reaching peak IPC and getting cpu saturation.
Even that Dr. Professor Cucktress is transcoding 260p clips to cripple ryzen performance.
Checks wendell's benchmarks.
Back then everybody said "nobody streams", "4cores are enough for everyone", "obongo good"
And look at us know.

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mental gymnastics. If they had a $200 product that outcompeted the 9900k in its own game (SC), they would have

How retarded are some of you? Occam's Razor.

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>When people talk about IPC they are referencing the common instructions people use for software.
Also, I am not interested about peeple's mosconceptions.
Peeple are stupid.
IPC means instructions per clock.
IPC varies per binary
The theoretical peak IPC is what the cpu designers targeted and it's the number of instructions per core per clock * core count.
Bulldozer had the best cache design which allowed it to feed 8 pipelines and now it has been copied by intel on their zion cpus. 3/4 of zen are bulldozer.

Anyhow, I am not gere to school you about computer architecture. I am here to have fun with your incompetence.

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$300 more for 13% more performance with a benchmark thats preferential towards single threaded performance.

>> No.71627145

none of these synthetics will translate to the only reason to buy zen 2, more gaming perf. if you have ryzen or zen+ keep it, if you're considering building something new get either ryzen or zen+ if you're on a budget or intel if you want the fastest gaming cpu. zen 2 seems like a pricey midway solution, a reasonable all-rounder, much like previous ryzen cpus, that will prove disappointing, relative the the cost, for gaming.

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$500 vs $300

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>it's real
reminds me of when threadripper topped the charts and pissmark had to change their benchmark to make it look worse

>> No.71627599

>and pissmark had to change their benchmark to make it look worse
And just watch, they will do it again.

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Exactly, people getting hyped for a big let down

>> No.71627865

>tfw i been dreaming about this for years
>tfw i can't believe it's actually happening

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Is there a bingo for this?

>> No.71628444

>Even bulldozer had more ipc than sandy bridge.
You make /v/ consoletards look smart, zoomer amdrone. Please kill yourself.

>> No.71628999

lol dilate

>> No.71629263

i remember more than half of those being pozzed by using 2133mhz ram and underclocked, that score is the avg of the two

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Checked and rekt

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uh.. see:
that's the 3600 at stock @ 3200mhz

>> No.71629316

I need help picking a b450 motherboard for the 3600 or 3700x from microcenter to get that $30 off promotion. Any good motherboards for $100 or less?

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uh.. see pic related
that's the 3600 at stock @ 3200mhz, in a game that favors heavily intel arch

>> No.71629339

>Any good motherboards for $100 or less
msi mortar should be like 60

>> No.71629398

>Intel beating AMD even according to AMD benchmarks

lol embarrassing

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>missing the point of putting normalfag casual shit

>> No.71629540


Stock comparison is fine but what I am still wondering about that gives a bit of hope here is Infinity Fabric 1:1 ratio at 3733 MHz, and the true overclocking limits, because 4.3 GHz is kind of piss poor for an overclock than I would expect on Zen 2 with TSMC and we know it can hit 5.2 on LN2 so I would expect at least like 4.5 GHz to be the limit.

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>Infinity Fabric

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Enjoy your input lag bruh

>> No.71629636

>500 score @ 4.2GHz
Huh.. that's pretty good, but a bit disappointing at the same time. My Broadwell scores [email protected] and it's close to Skylake-tier IPS.
Sooo.. no 15% all around IPC gain for Zen2 I guess..? (I kind of suspected that most of the gains will be due to doubled L3 anyway)

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>but well, we still have lapto--

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>second place

>> No.71629782

>ram latency = input lag
you're drunk anon, take a nap

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>this retard again

>> No.71629808

the lag was showcased somewhere at 58-64ns

>> No.71629840

Neets only care about gaymen benchmarks.

>> No.71629849

Yeah totally.
0.300000s Normal human reaction speed
0.070000s Normal keyboard - to - screen input lag
0.000080s Ryzen memory latency

>> No.71629895

AMD didn't win as much as Intel lost it. Battle of Midway.

>> No.71629991

Shit like this just genuinely makes me hope we'll nuke ourselves off the earth very fucking soon.
I don't fucking care what you shill for that is just DSM-5 textbook mental illness.

>> No.71630179

Yikes Intel shills

>> No.71630213


>> No.71630236

That proves there’s at least 3 different t posters of that image, hardly “that guy”

>> No.71630243

Intel fanboys are pozzed in the head just like their retarded piece of shit of a company and their pozzed housefire garbage products.

>> No.71630366

Would a 2700x to a 3600x be a side grade? Wonder if it will hit 4.5ghz+ all core

>> No.71630490

>Max Boost Clock

>> No.71630532

what in the fuck

>> No.71630558

wait what
is there some kind of error here? it can't be like this, can it?

>> No.71630585

>number of employees: 10,100
>number of employees: 107,100

>> No.71630601

Why upgrade?

>> No.71630608

AMD is not very kosher, they need more pajeets jews and feminists

>> No.71630635

>$200 cpu
>a $500 cpu killer
Anon, I don't like calling people retards, so I'll just ask this: why are you comparing a 6 core, 12 thread mid-range CPU to a top-of-the-line 8 core, 16 thread high-end CPU and complaining that it doesn't look like the killer of the latter?

>> No.71630659
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this can't be right, can it? what's going on here?

>> No.71630681

Just a small problem goy don't worry we'll patch it.

>> No.71630697

if it's too good to be true, it most likely is
as much as I'm rooting for AMD kicking intel's ass, this is simply too good to be true

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Threadripper 64 core multicore will probably break CPU-Z

>> No.71630720

nah someone on the website must have fucked up, i expect the 3600 to do well in single thread but it still shouldn't compete with an OCd 9900k, it's twice as expensive and it would break the market if the 3600 was THIS good

>> No.71630741

Intel is a joke.

>> No.71630873

>OCd 9900k
isn't that stock tho

>> No.71631009

Oh right meh fuck it

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Actually that's the average of 3 different tests, only ONE of which was running full clock (stock) and 3200mhz ram

So the actual performance is even higher

It's not OC and not under LN2 u can see the specs and freqs if u click on the cpu

>> No.71631075

the 3800x and 3950x boost to much higher (4.7), so who's to say a 3600 can't OC to that

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>> No.71631431


>implying the entire security hole fiasco hasn't single-handily destroyed the entire notion of "nobody get fired for buying Intel" in the enterprise world

>implying that Intel isn't going full on damage control by diverting their limited 14nm production to enterprise-tier SKUs.

>> No.71631480


Dude, Zen 2 is going to be the high-end options for the normal desktop market. There's a reason why AMD is going on the full attack with their pricing.

They know that 3900X and 3950X is going to usurp 9900K's spot and Intel can't do jack until Ice Lake at a minimal to get that spot back. 9900KS is going to do nothing since it is really just a cherry-picked 9900K that is barely faster than a normal 9900K. Its entirely gimmick is but it can do 5Ghz all-core* - *only if you have sufficient cooling (high-end or exotic only).

>> No.71632120

4.7 still feels low
I might wait for the 5ghz Zen 4

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Whatever intcel nigger
More like 9900kms

>> No.71632614

Wait for those new chipset and BIOS updates to drop on Win10 1903 :)

>> No.71632640

yes goy upgrade your windows for placebo

>> No.71632689

The benchmark goes by average % of users who have tested. That includes people who tested 9900K's under LN2 and water cooling. 1000's vs 1.

>> No.71632715

>Xion CPU's

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>> No.71632809

The usual Intard shit
>Bruh only single core matters!
>Only 4 cores matter!
>I've had 5Ghz since forever!
>Bruh moar than 4 cores does not matter!
>Muh $500 9900K still beats your $200 in games (by 10% on average)!

>> No.71632816

how do I delete other users posts in this forum?

>> No.71632886

Intel's next CPU will be called Copelake full of Intel fanboy tears.

>> No.71632889


>> No.71632923

At least this time AMD actually comes with DDR4 and SSE4.2 support. Back when I had to replace my Phenom II I had to switch to an Intel CPU because the AMDs didn't have fucking SSE4.2.

>> No.71632946

Yeah there have always been niche cases for Intel over AMD even without higher clock speeds.

>> No.71632964

>It actively seeks out and makes competing products work worse.
Again, i'm not paying a company for being fair, i'm paying it to get the best product for the intended purpose.

>> No.71632974


>> No.71632986

source on gif?

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but it may be the best because of their sabotage, which in turns allows them to charge you premium due to the newfound superiority

what kind of subhuman retard are you?

>> No.71633068

>what kind of subhuman retard are you?
And how is my 400 bucks for a cpu and 800 for a gpu supposed to change any of that? it won't! So why the fuck would i champion some fucking boycott that isn't going to do jack shit when i can just not give a fuck where my money is going and get the best product for the job?

>> No.71633093

>>71633037 is right, you're too fucking dumb to understand even basic market mechanics.

>> No.71633152

>2950X boosts to 4.4 so who's to say 2600 can't OC to that

>> No.71633164

tell me where i'm wrong. not where you disagree with my philosophy, but where i'm actually wrong.

>> No.71633165

>It's not OC and not under LN2 u can see the specs and freqs if u click on the cpu

>> No.71633183

You didn't argue that point that was made and pulled a strawman hoping that noone would notice. That's where you're wrong.

>> No.71633278


where did i change the subject?

>> No.71633295

Please be good at emulation.

>> No.71633553

What should i upgrade to as one of those with a five year old i7-4770K working with 3D Environments? The 3700X?

>> No.71633652

you can't go wrong with a 9900k

>> No.71633674

Do you know what thread you're in?

>> No.71633710

A different anon, but I can say you're right. Your terminal goal, that is. My terminal goal isn't just having the best performance for a particular task, but to further incentivize innovation with my purchase. In that we differ, but your internal morality is still logically consistent. It's all a part of the balancing act between the consumer and the producer's greed, whether some people believe it's worthy of boycotting or not that is. I have no issue with people making their own choices of their own will.

>> No.71633885

Where on the CPU did AMD touch you, just point.

>> No.71633892

M-m-my pi-pins an-non....

>> No.71633921

You mean go wrong as in needing security patches that nerf the CPU?, Yeah, Intel have had 3 major security flaws over the last 2 years.
Unreliable as fuck.

>> No.71633941

>he thinks there are only three
wew lad

>> No.71634693


>> No.71634740

>253 security vulnerabilities is fine

>> No.71634800

You are on 4chan what could you possibly need all those cores for.

>> No.71635339

sir ples delid dis

>> No.71635549

Why can't Intel stop being pozzed shit?

>> No.71635653

And growing...

>> No.71635765
File: 62 KB, 396x405, CPU-Z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not bad considering, I had to upgrade at the time and couldn't wait for zen 2, But i'm cool with it.

>> No.71635933

>Am a Jew
>Been buying AMD only ever since Ryzen launched
I-I think (((they’re))) coming for me bros...

>> No.71635989

The jews over at Intel want even more shekels so they price their CPUs way higher than they should normally be.

Ironically jews aren't about overspending either, they want the best value for their shekels so it makes sense they'd go with AMD.

>> No.71636071

pozzed cpu

>> No.71636174

These benchmarks are all over the place, Not buying zen until third party reviews come out. Never trust what companies tell you, I learned that the hard way with FX.

>> No.71636527

that's a 2700x

>> No.71636714

>specs and freqs if u click on the cpu

>> No.71636989

Everywhere: Top seller is a Ryzen
India: CORE 2 DUO

>> No.71637029


>> No.71637133

It is common knowledge that the Ryzen 5 3600 is going to be $200.

>> No.71637156

>It's common knowledge
thanks for the enlightenment.

>> No.71637163
File: 238 KB, 2048x1149, prices.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71637185

>suggested price
What is this kikery?

>> No.71637193

and I should trust AMD's own claims... why?
come back when u have third party benchmarks

>> No.71637219

>R5 3400g
Probably my next cpu. Good thing I've held out this long to put together an htpc/emulator box.

>> No.71637233

it's a Zen+ cpu bucko

>> No.71637239

it'll do well in cinebench anyway

>> No.71637260

>3000 series
This is probably the only time to trust and (but still wait for real benches), because it's actual new tech.
>PCIE 4.0

>> No.71637277

Didn't catch that. I guess I could always go r5 3600 + dedicated GPU.

>> No.71637325

Will AMD dethrone Intel in Pooland and Tiananmen Square?

>> No.71637373

Yes, but not as AMD.
Maybe under longsoon, or whatever the companies are calling themselves now.

>> No.71637496


>> No.71637577

No, indians buy intel (any shitty intel cpu really) to make themselves look rich. Probably the same with chinks.

>> No.71637622

64MB of that is L3. Each CCX gets 16MB to play with.
Latency to the L3 aint bad either.

>> No.71637645
File: 41 KB, 601x508, wcm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The benchmark is probably bugged... Y-yeah, just wait for the patch!

>> No.71637703

>a320 motherboard
I thought they don't support zen2 what the shit explain now

>> No.71637729

That particular board got the bios update to allow Zen2 according to Asus' site.

>> No.71638436

Dumb taconigger

>> No.71638566

based. this CPU is actually still great for light 1080p gaming, HTPC, and home server stuff. I haven't even tried to boost mine but it's handled everything I've thrown at it (paired with 7870ghz). pretty amazing considering I got it for like $100 WITH a mobo from microcenter years ago.

>> No.71638591

What is this fucking bullshit? What happened to L1, L2, L3?

>> No.71638640

Not confusing enough. Same reason why top tier consumer GPUs are now named Titan whatever or Radeon VII instead of x80/xx80

>> No.71638891


>> No.71638903

Thanks lori

>> No.71639037


>> No.71639233

Patch soon, goyim.

>> No.71639322

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price

Come on anon use your thinker

>> No.71639394

the most surprising turn is that everything will be covered by Zen2. the non-X SKU's probably are supported by A320 and B350.

>> No.71639651

Honestly it can't be stated enough that's possibly the stupidest thing in relation to the zen2 CPUs. It's just screams "HOW DO YOU DO FELLOW YOUNG GAMERS AND CONTENT CREATORS".

>> No.71639736

Seeing all that cache memory, thinking about the software coin mining applications, makes me moist.

>> No.71639747
File: 437 KB, 350x409, 1547337914930.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71639904


>> No.71640052

>buy 6900k
>years later find its pozzed
>years later Windows disables overclocking
I will buy a 3700x even if it's slightly worse on gaymes rather than anything Intel desu.

>> No.71640524

Coming next iteration, Headshot Cache, FPS Boost, and Noscope Acceleration.

>> No.71641085

Headshot accelerating FPS cache noscope booster

>> No.71641167

Don't forget native RGB support built into the CPU.

>> No.71641233

RGB implanted in your brain

>> No.71641251

But instead of cycling the colors of the lights, it makes the whole room cycle by switching around your concepts of red, green and blue.

>> No.71641279

>multiple posters


>> No.71641509


>> No.71641522

wrong. gamecache is lit senpai

>> No.71641538
File: 26 KB, 251x242, 1559655854160.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71641573

>AMD Aim Assist with Headshot Cache
>The CPU uses AI and Deep Learning algorithms to auto aim for you
make it happen

>> No.71641684

This sounds like more of an Nvidia thing, something to do with all those tensor cores that are sitting unused.

>> No.71641702

>if an i9 goes above 3.6Ghz with the slightest multiplier increment, then the ryzen will immediately lose

>> No.71641727

>b-but if you overclock a CPU that costs over twice as much, it's able to barely win in single-thread performance!

>> No.71641745

performance doesnt matter

>> No.71641751

2979/2924= 1.8% lead

however 5Ghz/3.6Ghz= 38%

>> No.71642317

Sort of exists already and was shilled on /g/ a few times
Cpu is too slow desu

>> No.71642704

its a single thread test retard, its running at 5ghz

>> No.71642714

>it's @5Ghz - just ignore the @3.6Ghz
okay. i will. unironically.

>> No.71642746
File: 238 KB, 1200x1077, 1558992871351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71642786
File: 28 KB, 408x409, 23r.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

performance increase on 1st gen AM4's to now.

not bad aye

I guess you could expect the same sort of gainz from 3rd gen

>> No.71642895

why the fuck do you think anyone cares about single threaded performance? we aren't in 2003 anymore

>> No.71643300

Explain why the 9900ks is higher then a 4ghz part
Do you unironicly think that intel pulled a 10% ipc gain out of their ass with a fucking literal skylake rebrand

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