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>RX 5950XT, RX 5950, RX 5900XT, RX 5900, RX 5850XT, RX 5850, RX 5800XT, RX 5800, RX 5750XT, RX 5750

>5700XT's performance is already on par with RTX 2070
Imagine anything from 5800 and higher, while twice cheaper than the """""competition""""".

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die shill

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>Eurasian economical commision's official site info
>in plain sight

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But do they have any $200 cards?

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>while twice cheaper than the """""competition""""".
sure, but 5700xt is already only 10% cheaper than COMPETITION

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Why don't they use infinity fabric on GPUs, 5700XT x2 GPU would be OP

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Why are AMDrones so delusional?

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I'm not going to click on that shit, nigger.
Leak doesn't make sense if you consider that the 5700XT was originally named RX690, proving that it is a polaris replacement at double the price and the 5700XT being it's highest tier. We'll probably see a 5600(XT), 5500(XT) tho. Also the RVII would be made obsolete. Also, if the 5700XT is indeed just a mid-tier card instead of the highest NAVI, they wouldn't have made a mid tier anniversary edition. Leak is fake and gay.

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Price discrepancy between 2070 and 2080, and especially 2080 Ti, is huge. So Radeon equivalent of 2080 Ti will definitely be nearly x2 times cheaper, in that regard.

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If they can already use infinity fabric with Vega why not use it with RDNA which is way better than GCN

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No rt/dxr no buy.
Its bad enough they suck power and slower than their equivalent card from nvidia competition as well

Fuck sake gpus are shit lately and I say that as someone with a 2080ti
Lmao 4k 240hz is off the table I didn't even get dp2.0 and this useless virtual link

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Because RDNA is made for gayming while GCN/Vega/RVIICustom Apple solution is much better for workstation loads.

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I was thinking the same thing. They have everything they need to make an insane dual GPU card.
>IF has had it's kinks worked out
>Fast as fuck VRAM would make fantastic speeds for IF
>7nm node size for CPU and GPU means crazy good yields

I'd love it if they made one. Like a Radeon 5970 refresh

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>No rt/dxr no buy
imagine being this retarded and falling for shitty nvidioid gimmickry

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They basically did this with the new Mac pros cheese grater
Lmao the 2080 ti is below 900usd ow what shithole do I love in?
Their not selling and gathering dust so their been sold off cheap

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>2080 performance for $250
yes, i heard this before. then navi happened.

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It's information that was taken from an official governmental site and that information is available in the open currently, you dumb fucks.
Here it is - https://portal.eaeunion.org/sites/odata/_layouts/15/Portal.EEC.Registry.Ui/DirectoryForm.aspx?ViewId=859ec98d-f4fe-423a-b6bc-d01b53fd4b7c&ListId=0e3ead06-5475-466a-a340-6f69c01b5687&ItemId=232#
The 4pda is just an insider resource which found it, it's not a direct leaker.

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RDNA is GCN. Its not a new ISA, just a reordered CU.

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It's a universal capability like dx12 dxr and vulkan rt
Amd just can't be fucked running it in software on their gpus hence that vapourware crytekc demo on a v56

Nvidias rtx is literally using that standard + their own hardware accelerated ray tracing.
I wouldn't consider it playable though 1440p 30fps low is unplayable

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>no gimmick, high power, same price
>gimmick, low power same price
such a hard choice. performance wise it's going to be RVII situation again.

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>it's from muh "official government" therefore it's true
LMAO being this retarded.
The fuck has a government interest in what mid tier gpu's AMD is releasing, lmao at you brain.

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>RDNA is made for gayming while GCN/Vega/RVIICustom Apple solution is much better for workstation loads

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I'm not blaming anyone buying nvidia cards because of performance/watt, i'm laughting at retards buying nvidia cards because of muh gimmick that literally only like 4 games actually use.

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certification of import, you stupid retard

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>The fuck has a government interest in
They're listed as "cryptographic devices".
Here's a direct link https://portal.eaeunion.org/sites/odata/_layouts/15/Portal.EEC.Registry.Ui/DirectoryForm.aspx?ViewId=859ec98d-f4fe-423a-b6bc-d01b53fd4b7c&ListId=0e3ead06-5475-466a-a340-6f69c01b5687&ItemId=232#mixed=1&paginginfo=Paged%3DTRUE%26p_ID%3D62859&pagenumber=1 now go and off yourself, reality-denying noVideot.

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>being this fucking retarded
>not understanding that various pieces of hardware are evaluated by regulatory commissions before they're allowed on the consumer market
This is no different from a new phone showing up in FCC documents when its being tested for compliance with all radio regulations.
Why are you even here?

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Russians have some retard-tier clickbait

>RX 5650XT, RX 5650, RX 5600XT, RX 5600, RX 5550XT, RX 5550, RX 5500XT, RX 5500 и RX 590XT.

5700XT is a 200+ watt unit.
We're fucked AMD got nothing until they totally throw out GCN

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>economical commission
>lmao why do they give a fuck about market products

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>uses 10 more watts
>high power
Why are nvidiots so poor they can't afford some electricity?

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Maybe they just wanted to improve GPU efficiency, GCN was way too obsolete for proper infinity fabric, RDNA is way more efficient

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6 and number is growing, DXR is what kill console parity /g/ luddites only ones who can't see it
AMD while supporting it by hardware refused to support it in drivers for who knows what reason, probably so marketing comparison won't be made how badly it runs because they give you RTX price without any RTX.

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It's generally a good indicator on how cool/hot a card runs and generally reflects well on arch efficiency.

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>AMD GPU for gaming

Ryzen is good (finally) but NEVER use an AMD GPU for gaming

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>6 and number is growing

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chiplet GPU is not as easy as it sounds for games, there is all sorts of software and backwards compatibility issues

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Slit your wrists, stupid nGreedia's milking lolcows.

It's fucking confirmed. Learn to live with it, or off yourselves right this very instant.

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Yes, anon. Moving from 4x16 SIMD to 2x32SIMD does not change what the ISA is. Going from single scalar to multi scalar CU does not change what ISA it is either.
Its GCN family. You can't argue with the optimization guideline explicitly detailing feature set and instructions.

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Enjoy your shitty drivers.

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in a year. do you even know how long it takes to develop a game? it's a huge number for such a short time.

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AMD is going to release 21 brand new cards from the 1 chip they showed?

Is this the brain power of Russian hackers?

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5700 series is way better than what nshittia offers

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What I find odd is how people complain about gcn being a thing but then don't mind Nvidia using Cuda since God knows when and not changing it.

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>thinking some shitty russian commission is in any way trustworthy and legit
also this >>71619029
basically proves my earlier point >>71618907

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Yes and Coffee Lake is actually Pentium III so what's your point?

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Dial GPU meme boards are BACK

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looks legit, and since they are working on certification now it's probably not very far away, probably early 2020
pricing and tdp still going to be shit, so who cares

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whatever that makes you not a buyers remorse

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>not understanding the difference between hardware architecture and ISA
Why do you little retards even bother posting?

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Again, you DUMB reality-denying piece of stupid milking lolcow shitfag, this is OPENLY available on an OFFICIAL site of Eurasian economical committee. It's a part of the listing on the "cryptographic and encryption devices/gadgets", meaning that these are highly likely going to be used either for mining or for GPU-accelerated tasks (folding @ home or some enterprise shit, who knows). That is NOT the point, however. The point is that it's OFFICIAL and thus 100% real, abso-effing-lutely confirmed.

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how stupid are you? if anything customs and certification in russia is pinnacle of bureaucratic machine, they fight you for every cent and document every letter.

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Judging by the expiration date, it seems that the line's release dates are planned to be stretched out from 2019 to 2022 at the very least, so Navi GPUs for 3 years.

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>it's not reiteration because this one is different

>> No.71619206

>what is 3950X

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AMD. Is going. To release 21 new cards. When they only showed us a single 230mm chip.
>"We like small chips"
>Dr. Lisa Su, 2019 Computex presentation
I have no doubt they have a half-sized Navi chip for the $180-250 market

What I think is this is nothing more than marketing FUD and you're a retarded nigger vodka-drunk dumb little retard.

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You don't even know what you're trying to argue at this point.
Coffee Lake and a fucking Core2Duo are both X86 ISA. Hardware arch is an implementation of a given ISA.
GCN is an ISA with multiple differing hardware implementations. Navi is part of the GCN family because it is still the same ISA.

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that's just standard time frame, import rights will end in 2022 so it only means no new cards will be imported by that time if not prolonged
not indicative of anything concrete

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Go and hang yourself. Now. Do it, stupid fagshit.

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It could be NAVI 12, 14 and 21
but its not the same chip indeed

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Ok, ok, since reason won't sway you at all.

5700XT is a 185 watt+ graphics card.
Are you suggesting there is a tier at least double that power? 370 watts?
Are you fucking kidding me?

Go throw yourself off of a bridge. Don't talk shit to me you stupid piece of shit.

5700XT is already One Hundred And Eighty Watts there could be a single 2-card tier higher than the 5700s but there won't be Twenty One Fucking Cards.

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Yes, surely AMD paid whole post soviet territory to spread FUD on /g/.

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The 5700 XT is 225w, the lower binned non XT card is 180w.

>> No.71619333

Well what fucking ever it is, it's damn ridiculous to claim there is a seriously more powerful card in the Navi stack above that.

That's even fucking worse.

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2060 shitper btfo

>> No.71619336

Again, its not the same chip, also different architecture. They will probably completely ditch any traces of GCN in the next NAVI's. NAVI 10 is basically GCN+

>> No.71619345

I told you several times now: the info is official and sitting in open on an official governmental site. It's 100% confirmed, at this point.
You, on the other hand, currently completely shitting yourself in front of the entire web. Keep at it, kid.

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Power comes as a consequence of pushing clocks as high as possible, no different from Polaris based cards.
A die with more CU and lower clocks could deliver more performance without power consumption totally exploding. They'll probably have a 295w card like always.

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Ok bye thread full of shitposting paid shill retards!

Enjoy your smoothbrain garbled nonsense understanding of the world!

Ok bye you little idiot retard slow-boy! I'm always fucking right and I will be until I die!

>> No.71619376

>official governmental site
Dude, the CIA has fucking docs about ayylmaos on their "official governmental site"
it doesnt mean shit especially coming from russia

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5700 is 2060's killer, not 5700XT. 5700XT is pit against 2070.

>> No.71619387

Solid fallacy there, anon.

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File: 278 KB, 1200x547, nv-turing-tu106_-full-chip-block-diagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2060 shitper is just 2070 minus two SMs
they're basically the same

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>Ok bye thread full of shitposting paid shill retards!
>Enjoy your smoothbrain garbled nonsense understanding of the world!
I don't know why you are such a colossal faggot. I do not even disagree with you and i'm not the other faggot you responded first. However, you are a giant fucking fragile faggot. Thes leaks are probably fake and gay and we will NOT see a anything above a 5700XT on the NAVI 10 chip, just so my position is clear.

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you can't import not certified hardware to russia, it has to be listed
the fact that navi will get other cards was pretty obvious, quality of those cards is unknown, probably RVII 2 tier considering small navi TDP

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Its not the Navi 10 die, guy.
There are already entries in AMD's drivers pointing to different Navi dies.
This entry isn't fake, and it isn't a leak. This happens to literally every GPU and CPU ever released. It happens to pretty much every electronic device before its sold on the market.

What a great thread.

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It's not a "Russian site", you dumb fuck. The "Russian language" on it is just a PART of it. The Eurasian Economical Committee consists of a fuckton of different countries, it's a pan-Eurasia organization. Keep shitting yourself, you reality-denying buttblasted noVideotic morons. I'm screening all of your retarded buttmad right now, and I'm going to shove it in your stupid dumb faces when thing's starts going out to other places. Get fucked.

The more you'll keep on shitting yourselves right now by REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEing in a "DURRRR, IT'Z RUSHA, SO IT'Z FAEK!" manner, the more delight it'll be bringing to us all when things start coming out and you'll be shat right in your stupid underage kiddie trollie boy faces. Get fucked, again.

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hoe mad

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>it isn't a leak
>literally nobody else in the world knew about this until posted here, because no anglosuxx speaks or understands Russian language or visits official governmental sites that have Russian language

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Lisa said it's not GCN and I'd rather trust her than some retard on a chilean leaf-eating island.

>> No.71619497

Nice non-argumentation, fagshit. Go and fuck yourself in the ass with barbwire soaked in brine, with no lube whatsoever.

>> No.71619505

>but but but GCN bad

>> No.71619508

It is GCN, you can't argue against AMD's own optimization guidelines.
GCN is an ISA, and AMD did not create a brand new ISA.

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lmao mad

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File: 1.79 MB, 400x360, LTFUNGREEDIA.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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That's an awfully detailed response, my negro friend

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File: 394 KB, 760x426, 3af2863e-d5a3-40d5-8757-252ae540215b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"All new architecture" so your words are invalid.

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stay mad

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Well yeah, but nVidia is gonna one up AMD with their super refresh which makes Navi doa.

>> No.71619586

Yeah but with shittier drivers and prices so nshittia BTFO

>> No.71619593

>still doesn't understand the difference between hardware arch and ISA
How old are you, kid? Talking in circles like this is laughably low brow.
Vega is a new arch from Southern Islands. Both are GCN, because despite their hardware differences they have the same ISA. Navi, despite having hardware differences from all other GCN implementations, is still the same ISA.

>> No.71619599

The "leak" may be bullshing, but isn't it well known that Navi 20 is comming next year?

>> No.71619604

Navi (uArch) is designed with GCN(ISA) but is radically different from past GCN (uArch)

>> No.71619609

>Imagine passing 400 watts through the pcb

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>The "leak" may be bulls--
It's not. See >>71619022 and >>71619099.

>> No.71619640

10% cheaper = cheaper

I don't see a problem

>> No.71619642

>sandy bridge is a new uarch from nehalem both are iterations of P6 but they're still the same P6 iterations

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It's not real. It's not a real filing. It's like filing copyright for 100 variations of a brand logo to protect yourself for future use. Compare the Powercolor official filing for the 5700/XT with this Sapphire bullshit full of cullshit.

This shit is meaningless and you're a gullible fucking retarded little niggerboy dunce-cap special-ed class front-of-the-bus-with-a-tard-handler retarded little retard.
They were kidding when they said you have to drink all of the vodka to shitpost, Ivan, it gave you permanent mental defects.

>> No.71619665

>yet again, proving you can't understand the difference between hardware arch and ISA

Okay. Have a great day, kid.

>> No.71619670

>still 25% more expensive than the competition, even with 10% price cut

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>400 watts
pssh, nothin personnel, kid

>> No.71619681

Are you THIS dumb? Holy shit, kid.
This list has only products which were ALREADY REGISTERED, you KEKSHIT. NOT products which are still PENDING. TUL has less cards listed BECAUSE they didn't forego further registration YET, however - Sapphire DID.

>> No.71619683

>but isn't it well known that Navi 20 is comming next year
That's just another leak...
Leaks can't be trusted. Pretty much none of the rumor mill got zen2 right.
>6 core for $100
>12 core 5ghz

>> No.71619686

15% off makes a 9900K $420 and a 9700K $350, if I already had a motherboard that can handle such CPUs I would actually buy one at that price than drop it all for a Zen2 setup.


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File: 49 KB, 591x934, aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmJlc3RvZm1pY3JvLmNvbS8yL0ovNDMwMzYzL29yaWdpbmFsLzEwLVI5LTI5NVgyLVBvd2VyLUNvbnN1bXB0aW9uLUdhbWluZy5wbmc=.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>total system power
The R9 295x2 was bad, but not that bad.

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Paint the walls with your brains dumb fuckhead

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What products did Sapphire register with the EU trade union?
Please name me specific for-sale boards and hardware models.



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~200$ non-X 3600 already destroys 9900K and utterly BTFOs 9700K (btw - 9900K is not "9700K, but for more money", if you still didn't know). Stay cuck.

>> No.71619733

Infinity Fabric needs to be 5 times faster for that to be feasible

>> No.71619734

>EU trade union
...holy fuck, mateys...holy fucking shit. I've heard legends of 'murilard's """""education""""" being bad, but this is waaay beyong my lowest expectations.

>> No.71619756

>Also the RVII would be made obsolete.
They likely have pretty shitty margins on the RVII so I dont see why that would be a problem for them

>> No.71619758

But I don't have a Z370 board and have no plans to buy either Intel 14nm housefire or AMD 7nm slow garbage. I'm going to wait for true EUV production to give us refined product worth the money than this pipe-cleaning RoI product.

>Eurasian Economic Union
Fucking go eat a rhinoceros pineal gland so your third eye opens to the level of a mammal and you stop being the level of a deficient snail's parasite you DUMB. CUNT.

>> No.71619759

>200$ non-X 3600 already destroys 9900K

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File: 200 KB, 859x556, INTURDSLOW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AMD 7nm slo--

>> No.71619803

I'm not talking about AMD being slow compared to Intel
I'm talking about Zen2 version 1 being slow compared to Zen 2 version 2 on 7nm+EUV

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File: 1.06 MB, 380x184, 1560255798134.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AMD 7nm slow garbage

>> No.71619843

Eurasian Economic Union is NOT a part of EU, you DUMB UNEDUCATED FATLARD FAGSHIT. It has nothing to do with EU and it has different approach/adherence to regulations.

>> No.71619852

zWhatever faggot if it's including Europe economics as a whole the EU has their dirty little hands in the specifics and functionality you small shallow worldview having fagnugget. God damn I bet you choke on parsnips in your spare time side-job as a banana-suit wearing man camwhore

>> No.71619854

very slightly cheaper than overpriced to high heaven cards nobody buying which were overpriced because "features" AMD doesn't have but still asks the price
not to mention both companies sell you 1080 performance for 1080 prices 3rd time in a row.
people need to stop buying GPUs for those accountant monkeys to wake up and realize crypto on gpu is gone.

>> No.71619858

Cлив зacчитaн. Oбтeкaй, oбocpaвшийcя.

>> No.71619882

Sorry I speak a useful language, not World's Broke Trade Bitch.

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File: 18 KB, 800x450, nick-young-confused-face-300x256-nqlyaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>destroys 9900k
>loses to 9900k in all tests
Sure it beats the 9900k in value but it's objectively slower

>> No.71619900

Guys, don't forget to save/screencap this thread so that later we all could shove this into dumb faces of these reality-denying cuckshits when 5800 and etc start getting announced/released soon. Lets all laugh out loud and these cocksuckers together.

>> No.71619910

you are very stupid but you think you are very clever, so sorry for you

>> No.71619917

>same IPC and PPC while more threads and literally x2 times cheaper, as well as backwards and forwards compatibility and no security holes
Sure, nigger, sure.

>> No.71619918

>Remember when /g/ thought the 5800 and 5900 existed?

>> No.71619919

>its another episode of AMD going out of their way to make naming as confusing to consument as possible

>> No.71619925

I don't doubt the possibility of a 5800/5800XT release, but assuming you're shillfag OP, you're suggesting the entire Sapphire registry is legitimate.
When 5700XT is already a 225 watt card.

You're mentally defective.

>> No.71619926

It's still slower. You can't claim that it destroys when it is getting destroyed.

>> No.71619935

it loses by like 3-5% but 175% cheaper

>> No.71619937

Its called the Xbox 360

>> No.71619952

so? not the first time AMD releases 275W card
nobody says they will be good cards, their existence is confirmed 100% though

>> No.71619954

>remember when /g/ was dumb enough to call official listings on an official governmental site "fake" simply only just because /g/'s so utterly uneducated that it instantly gets triggered when a site is not in anglosuxx pseudo-language?

>> No.71619974

So the RX 5950XT, RX 5950, RX 5900XT, RX 5900, RX 5850XT, RX 5850, RX 5800XT, RX 5800, RX 5750XT, RX 5750, RX 5650XT, RX 5650, RX 5600XT, RX 5600, RX 5550XT, RX 5550, RX 5500XT, RX 5500
are all real cards?
You've been saying those are all real cards. All 18.

>> No.71619990


>> No.71619995

It was deliberately put on a X470 board (which is already somewhat of a gimp in on itself) and was used with a shitty slow-ass RAM to the boot. Don't you get it? The sandbagging is-fucking-rael. It already matches (margin of error) 9900K in clock-to-clock performance at single core, so when this would get paired with a decent board and good memory after this comes out, it'll absolutely BTFO 9900K on all fields and fronts.

>> No.71619997

sure, they won't release them all at once, it's a 3 year window certification for Navi arch
so expect a lot of rebrandeons again.

>> No.71620010

>certification window
You idiot that's a sales license.

>> No.71620014

What would AMD have to gain from keeping quiet about their new halo product? Trying to catch nvidia off guard?

>> No.71620015

>just wait for 7nm+ bro
>but then 5nm is next year bro wait for next node with better performance just wait
>5nm+ next year bro just wait for refinement
>but 3nm next year wait for next node with better performance

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File: 36 KB, 741x383, weird ass design.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not gonna lie I'm quite excited for it

>> No.71620044

>wait for zen!
>wait for poolaris!
>wait for vega!
>wait for navi!
>wait for zen 2!
>wait for zen 2+!
>*NEW* wait for arcturus!

>> No.71620047
File: 137 KB, 640x640, af23c63937f8e56134494c70caaf190f7ff7e4b7ee1c6a37aff5d887677fa86a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71620054
File: 17 KB, 300x240, LkgpGnX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who cares bro Intel 5nm will destroy AMD in 2377

>> No.71620091

It's over Intel is literally finished.

>> No.71620107

because AMD is behind again. it's not coming this year

>> No.71620148

r*ssian rangeban when. The most retarded pieces of shit ruining this board just exposed themselves ars r*ssians.

>> No.71620212

Hmm? Nah I'm not some meme waitfag.
My parents always taught me to ignore the 1st generation of a new thing.

Like I ignored 45nm Nehalem and waited for 32nm Extreme-Meme.
Like I ignored 1st gen raytracing.
So too shall I ignore first generation non-EUV 7nm.

I also have a 20.5 centimeter dick

>> No.71620225

>what is deliberate sandbagging to make competition knee-jerk and fuck up in front of everyone

>> No.71620273

>So too shall I ignore first generation non-EUV 7nm.

But that's just an evolution of good old immersion lithography.
If you're consistent, you should ignore the first generation of EUV.

>> No.71620287

>5950xt is still slower than the 2080ti

>> No.71620300

Because that's for compute not real time graphics.

>> No.71620301

Nah because the new model motherboards for Zen2+ will support Zen3 completely. No fucks given.

Also Westmere (980X etc.) is the first generation of 32nm so my pattern uses a non-static rule of usefulness and value over absolute "generation must be >1"

>> No.71620302


>> No.71620319

If 5700XT = 2070 (which on itself is 1080 Ti), then 5800XT = 2080.
There's 5850, 5900, and 5950 left.
Now try to count 2+2, kiddo.

>> No.71620424

it actually costs as much as the competitions prices in real life
Honestly Navi pissed me off so much, 8 months wait for this. Could have just gotten a 2070 off the bat and enjoyed better performance, that and the fact that raytracing meme can be used on the nvidia card which is the excuse as to why it's so much more costly, what does amd give you, a fucking sharpening filter.

>> No.71620457

>2080ti is only 50% better than 2070
5700XT x2 GPU would crush even 3080ti

>> No.71620473

>Could have just gotten a 2070 off the bat and enjoyed better performance, that and the fact that raytracing meme can be used on the nvidia card which is the excuse as to why it's so much more costly

But the RTX Memeray cards are overcosted garbage as well. I would rather sit on my 1070 and see what Nvidia cooks up next year when the finally jump on the 7nm train.

>> No.71620494

>But the RTX Memeray cards are overcosted garbage as well.
Exactly, except
>out half a year ago
>has hardware acceleration for ray tracing a tech that will be used more as time goes on
>even amd consoles will have it
>I would rather sit on my 1070 and see what Nvidia cooks up next year when the finally jump on the 7nm train.
Oh sure, if you have 1070 you sit on it and wait.

>> No.71620512
File: 861 KB, 3824x2160, veaga 64 vs 970 two.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Enjoy your shitty drivers.
Now that you mention it, lets look at AMD "good" drivers on vega

>> No.71620518

The only way to win is to hold onto your shekels.
Truly a sad time we live in if you need a GPU today

>> No.71620537
File: 1.18 MB, 2028x2136, nope no luck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had AMD shills blame every other part of my system even though with a different nvidia GPU there were none of these issues
in the end they settled to blame the specific model I had, even though in modern games where the drivers weren't shit the card worked correctly.

>> No.71620553

We have a product for people who aren't able to get some $500, it's called 580.

>> No.71620563

>So Radeon equivalent of 2080 Ti
There is no such thing

>> No.71620581

Never go full red+red or you'll be cucked big time.
Red+green, blue+green and blue+red is fine however.

>> No.71620609


>> No.71620630

Indeed, the only right move is for consumers to not buy GPUS from anybody and wait until Nvidia and AMD are forced to lower them back down to sane prices.

>> No.71620643

>Never go full red+red or you'll be cucked big time.
how come?

>> No.71620664

>completely new architecture can't beat 5+ year old architecture
>but it is cheaper :)

What happened to people who were enthusiastic about advancements in tech? Why did it all boil down to "it's cheaper now :)" bullshittery? This shit lead to the complete stagnation of videocards, it's 2019 and we still only have 1 (ONE!!11111) 4k card out there.

>> No.71620691

>Why did it all boil down to "it's cheaper now :)" bullshittery?
most people cant afford/ dont want to spend over 1k for a gpu

>> No.71620727

They don't have to. The progress will just raise the standard.

>> No.71620745


That's bs. Vega just suck compared to nvidia's offerings.

>> No.71620761

>The progress will just raise the standard.
Not with an uninterested AMD and a tier-up nVidia it won't.

>> No.71620807

Exactly, the stagnation leads to the shit we have right now.

>> No.71620835

It's called RX 5800XT, you cuck.

>> No.71620848

>RX 5800XT
I mean actually being on par, not being 10% slower but 50% cheaper.

>> No.71620864

>2% (margin of error) slower while 50% cheaper

>> No.71621036

>not being 10% slower but 50% cheaper.
that's what on par means. 10% weaker 2080ti but 50% cheaper would take all of high end market to AMD if it was possible

>> No.71621053


>AMD's next cards will be good, trust me

I think I've heard this one before.

>> No.71621068

>580 the go to budget card
>vega 56 currently selling like hot cakes because it's 1080 performance for £250

>> No.71621078

10% is not on par

>> No.71621112

>amd fanboys thing prices of cards to clear stock right before a launch is what people had access to for over 2 years when the card was out.

>> No.71621130

>muh russia

>> No.71621160

if we are talking 4k sub 60 fps, I guess it's important, every fps counts to reaching 60, how often is this the case if we take 2080ti as reference?
want to rant how you can't trust benchmarks these days, metro exodus is prime example, all pre release benchmarks said it runs terribly, turned out it runs just fine on my 1070, and it's not the only example

>> No.71621183

>that many different cards

At least make it believable

>> No.71621184

Even fucking Vega 56 can already do 60 FPS maxed at 4K, in some games. Vega VII, on the other hand, gets at least solid 100 FPS in such YOBA as DMC 5, while completely maxed in 4K. Something like RX 5850 or 5900XT will be at least 25% more powerful than that.

>> No.71621202

Read the thread and see >>71619022 ~ >>71619099 before you shitpost, kid.

>> No.71621271

No the shitpost is the fucking OP
I bet eat up all the bullshit adored feeds you too

>> No.71621499

Remeber to laugh at the subhuman OP when he's proven wrong.

>> No.71621845


>> No.71621857

Back to /pol/, you underage newfag.

>> No.71622260

Succ dic Leatherman jacket dude.

>> No.71622311

back to plebbit

>> No.71622349
File: 193 KB, 420x560, 1542317213827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71622711

>Even fucking Vega 56 can already do 60 FPS maxed at 4K, in some games.
Very false. Then again you say "some games" which can mean pretty much anything.

>> No.71622835

>Very false
Google up Sniper Elite and Dirt Rally, you dumb fuck. Fucking off yourself, you piece of reality-denying shit.

>> No.71622843

These are SKUs registered just in case. It happens all the time.

>> No.71622865

>muh cherrypicks

>> No.71622870

Read the thread before you answer, kid.

>> No.71622885

Is there anything to read in the first place?

>> No.71622894

Neck yourself.

>> No.71622911



>> No.71622941

>5700XT is a 200+ watt unit.
That's not how it works. 5700XT is a small die.
Alright, I'll consider it a possibility.

>> No.71622999

>Eurasian economical committee

>> No.71623007
File: 368 KB, 402x470, 890Q472713nXqPM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>5700XT - 2070 performance for 500 EURO

how about NO

>> No.71623024

ironically I can get an aftermarket 2070 for 50euros cheaper than 5700xt

>> No.71623027
File: 373 KB, 960x739, 56658tyit56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71623422

>if it's including Europe economics as a whole the EU has their dirty little hands in the specifics and functionality
>hurr durr it has "euro" in the name, muh fugging united states of europe fucking brussels elites are behind all this
you small shallow worldview having fagnugget

>> No.71623505

I can even find one for ~400euro (all new, just from online store) and you can expect it to go lower with NV 'Super' release
AMD better adjust the prices if they want to be competitive

>> No.71623744

Just ignore the uneducated 'muridumb phatlard.

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