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what was holocaust 1?

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the original ryzen launch

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There was no such thing. Most people were starved to death but more like several 100ks than millions

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why do people venerate microprocessor companies

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Can confirm. When the supply lines get bombed and food is limited, you are going to naturally feed your people before anyone else.

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My cousin's namesake's dog died in the Holocaust you monster

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>there was a first

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The first Holocaust happened in 2017 you doofus

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RIP dog

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>why do people venerate microprocessor companies
Why do people venerate corporations?

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AMD K7, also known as the Alpha processor among x86.

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Cute dog, animals are superior lifeforms to jews.

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>le epic jew joke and le epic praise of Nazis
Kill yourself stormcucks

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Post your nose

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who's joking, kike?

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You’ll think it’s a joke right until we throw you in the oven

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oh no...no... nooooo

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Go tell the tranny janny lmao

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the one from 1936

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whats goin on h

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(((kvetching intensifies)))

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Unironically kill yourselves
>falling for /pol/ memes
Retarded stormcucks

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By making all these jew jokes against intel you are giving them a very powerful weapon if they get desperate.
Imagine the Kotaku headlines about how nazis love AMD and spread anti-intel propaganda.
Intel aren't desperate, so they won't use it in a while, but if it happens, it'd be horrible and they could play up the connection between AMD and nazism.

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muh 144hz........

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>jew jokes against intel
>connection between AMD and nazism

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Gas yourself,fucking kike parasite.

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>No Battlefield 5

I wonder why...

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Basically Jews were kvetching about muh six million long before the so called Holocaust ever started. I think it's some Jew Bible prophecy or some shit, so they made sure that became the focus after they found dead kikes in some of the camps and a diary which was actually written well after the war owing to the fact the author used a ball point pen but somehow was written by a jewess hiding in an attic before ball point pens even existed.

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>there were maybe a few hundred thousand in the entire region at most at the time

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How dare you!!! My grandfather died there. He got drunk and fell of the watchtower.

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>it's real

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Ravaged German supply lines and typhus killed a few 100k Jews, but fewer ethnic Jews existed in all of Europe than the reported number “exterminated”.

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No tomb raider or metro exodus either

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Imagine going 5.2ghz boost clocks, but only perform 8% better singlethreaded work compared to a processor that only clocks up to 4ghz from last generation.

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the goyim fell for it hook, line and sinker

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it is pure coincidence

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< Pepe

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Good goy

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>assblasted janny deletes wrongthink

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Hitler forced them to move to Palestine, a desert shithole.

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Hope your stock goes up anon.

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its all Intel could do
higher clocks, that's it
its literally the last gasp before the inevitable fall

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NSDAM confirmed

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It was off topic stormcuck shit is you absolute retard

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That would be hilarious. It would blow up on intels face just like pepe blew up on hillarys face. The kikes are absolutely terrified of the chinese and they have no idea what to do in response. I think the jews tried to grab too much power in the last 100 years and now they are about to lose most of it.

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look at this shill's damage control video
>purely emotional drivel
>very interesting time to upload it

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