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What's the /g/ approved password manager? I'd like to stop using the same passwore for everything like a retard. Bonus points if it works on mobile as well.

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Memory Palace within brain.

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It's not /g/ approved, being commercial proprietary software, but beats the shit out of everything else out there.

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I use pwSafe. It just werks.
I hear some anons like the keepassx series, so if you care about approval on an imageboard (rethink your life), try that

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Bitwarden self hosted

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pass - shell script with gpg

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I will look into these, thank you friends.

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imagine actually believing your home server is more secure than Azure

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KeePass is pretty boomertic. Use KeePassXC for zoomer features (I mean, modern)

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Look at this silly cunt. Shhhh little man big boys speaking. Fucking Incel.......tut idiot

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GNU pass. built by the same lad who built wireguard.


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keepassxc with uncrackable password (mix of swedish, japanese (kana and kanji), and runic unicode characters)

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LastPass works p gud senpai

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Also keepassxc with auto backup to my self hosted server and auto sync to my android

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Why keepassXC and not keepassX2?

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It had more active development when I switched, but I guess it doesn't matter now

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multiplat, not C#

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text file encrypted with gpg

fite me

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a passwords.txt file in the home directory.

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pass/gopass - flexible, generally just makes sense


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This with pass.

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That's essentially what pass/gopass does. See:

The advantage is obviously that you have some "standard"-ish thing in gopass/pass and an ecosystem of further tools that can already use it. If you want some parts of your gopass wallet on your Android phone, you can do it. Kinda annoying to DIY.

DIY-ing the same again shouldn't really have any large advantage.

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>someone hacks into your password manager
>they now have your life

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Well, if all cryptography is broken they really have far more money than you can imagine and probably don't care about "your life".

If it's not that, you can theoretically have 2FA with another hardware key that they might not get their hands on and multiple wallets (gopass might be used to keep some passwords off your mobile phone or windows for example), but frankly the problem is generally there if they can "hack your password manager" / "hack your password entry methods" / "hack xy" - really, when is it NOT compromising the passwords you use?

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>someone hacks into your password manager
How can someone hack into my brain anon?

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Lastpass everything is botnet anyway

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And if you don't have a password manager, what do you do? Typically it's to reuse a few passwords fucking everywhere. Almost the worst case really, now everyone has many of your passwords on the most trivial exploit on any of the other parties' end.

Basically, just use a nice non-botnet open sauce password manager. It's better.

How can they just hack all password managers, and how likely is it as compared to any other method.

Sure, they can't hack your brain, but what good is that if a possibly simpler exploit (than compromising your password manager) is applied and they just grab the passwords when you enter them on a keyboard / key pad?

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>some 89 IQ shitter runs a rainbow table attack on a data dump from a service you use
>they now have your life
your scenario is far less likely than mine

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Based. Do you guys use pass-tomb and sync it with git? If so, where do you recommend to set up the git repo?
t. newfag to pass and GNU/Linux

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looks interesting.

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>someone hacks into your asshole
>pozzed for life

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Is that Pepe based on Derek Taylor from DistroTube?

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A .txt file with only password tips in a Veracrypt container for important passwords. Paper for backup. Brain for anything else.

I might be doing it wrong, but i'm happy with it.

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such a nice guy.
I imagined that he would be a great father and husband.
I watched him 10 years ago.
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here's my husbands, if you don't know him.
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Some extra features over pass. I prefer it, but I can also see why you'd want to stick with the trivial to audit pass.

> Do you guys use pass-tomb
No. Doesn't really seem useful in my case, YMMV.

> sync it with git

> where do you recommend to set up the git repo?
Your own machine, preferably a Linux box (or VM if you must, I did that to get git at work where they used SVN before).

You can use git over ssh or the git protocol (maybe tunneled through wireguard for external access) or put it in syncthing or whatever else, doesn't really matter.

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