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ITT: technology that scares and confuses the zoomer.

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>zoomer man bad

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Zoomers are studiyng in university you know

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those are only funny if true

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My zoomer sister cant read an analog clock. Cant expect much when she spends all of her time on instagram and tictoc.

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You mean their going $150k in debt

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>Zoomers are studiyng in university you know
they still can't read a clock or operate a dial phone

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Yeah, we zoomers are scared of stock photos.

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>they still can't read a clock
Bullshit. Watches are more fashionable among zoomers than millennials.
>operate a dial phone
And you can't operate a manual telephone switchboard or a fax machine, what's your fucking point?

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>analog clock
>12-hour time

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>manual telephone switchboard
not a common household item
>or a fax machine,
but I can

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zoomers don't know about double clocks

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Look at how much soul that old clock face has. Future technology is so gay.

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(Zoomer == zoomed) {
System.out.println("Zoombot bad");

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Based and extremely zoomed

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Don't forget the scotch tape clocks.

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>Ikea clocks

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do people really think this is hard to use?
I've never used one to make a call but it's pretty obvious you drag it and release

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>>do people really think this is hard to use?
>I've never used one to make a call but it's pretty obvious you drag it and release


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>dial phone

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I have 3 of these fuckers in my attic.
I bet no one in this thread could even make them work

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you use the crank to make them detonate, right?

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go back to sleep mohamed....

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Not one person actually posting the time to prove they can read it. Pathetic LARPing zoomer fucks.

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Nah the crank is a bait generator in case you want to go fishing.

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Of course it's Hungarian

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I can make your mom work, though

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I don't live in US so university pays me instead

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The day that my ex told me that she couldn't read a clock and the reason she was late for everything was that "quarter to" and "quarter past" confused her was the day I lost all respect for her.
I broke up with her in the next two weeks.

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Dial phone is not a common household item either. You are more likely to find a house with a loom (pic related) than a functional dial phone.

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I have a vague idea of how they work, but I doubt they'd be usable on the modern telephone network anyway.

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millennial cant fix or maintain shit either, because genx was too busy working and letting the tv raise us

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Jokes on you my parents pay for college.

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I'm a zoomer and I learned how to read analogue clocks in pre-k

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Nigga every household had a rotary phone no more than three decades ago, you're fucking kidding yourself if you think there's not magnitudes more of those than looms, a nonstandardized device used by hobbyists in 1st world countries and artisans in 2nd and 3rd world countries

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Maybe you should've went to college

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*should've gone

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>based, redpilled and anti-war
Gen X
Gen Y

>cringe, bluepilled and neocons

Prove me wrong.

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>this buttblasted

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What's strange about that? Looks like a generic clock to me.
t. zoomer

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he's implying that zoomers don't know how to read analogue clocks, only digital

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zoomers literally think CRTs gave people cancer

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We know for certain that there isn't. There are more looms sold than there are private landlines these days. And most private landlines use a button phone.

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Only zoomers use the term "CRT"

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>zoomers literally think CRTs gave people cancer
So did boomers back in the day. CRT scare was the 5G scare from the 70s and 80s

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Zoomer here learned to read an analog clock in pre-school. But I went to a private pre-school, because my family isn't poor.

My 29 y/o co-worker can't read an analog clock though.

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where are the numbers.

How will I be able to tell the time.

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Over the last ten years I've seen two rotary dial phones in houses of old people. I have never seen a loom in anyone's home at any time in my entire life.

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you realise most zoomers grew up with crts

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I'm in my mid-30s and NOBODY had a rotary phone when I was growing up. I think the only working one I ever saw was a secondary phone at my grandparents' house.

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I have a rotary telephone in my room.

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Zoomer here.
University is basically fucking free (I paid the equivalent of $150 USD)

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Dial up noise

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Pick it up and crank it to alert the operator on the other end to connect to the line.From there you instruct the operator on the call details. They didn't have a number system so it would be something like "Evergreen Locust 143" as their "phone number" and the operator would terminate her half of the connection and repeat the crank on her end to the operator inbetween if it was a call to an external hub and instruct her on the details. If it was local she would crank the homeowner's phone for a ring and terminate her connection and complete the connection by plugging the other half in to the destination line.

The pulse rotatory phones were only possible once they standardized the number database.

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Phone companies discontinued pulse dialing nearly two decades ago. If it's a rotatory phone like we're discussing then the phone itself is converting the pulses into a touch tone pattern for the phone company to handle.

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I'm 23 and we only had a rotary phone till ten years ago, and nowadays a CRT is still the only tv here "because it still works".

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20yro zoomerfag here. like millennials and boomers, gen z has its fair share of retarded fucking normies. but you guys haven't even come close to the mark. CRTs, rotary phones and analog clocks? bitch please.

let's try restarting this thread and doing it properly. picrel, Nokia brick (or anything that can't run snapchat), DMG GameBoy, TI-83, and moar

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None of them work to make phone calls. So you can't operate them.

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y doe

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> freedos instead of ms-dos
GTFO, zoomer.

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original clock was probably too costly to fix, or they couldn't be fucked fixing it, so they went full retard instead.

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>20yro zoomerfag here.
Don't bother telling us that next time. The way you speak already gives it away.

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This sounds slavic as fuck

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based && retard && boomer

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>This again

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Gentlemen use "braun's tube"

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I worked with someone years ago at taco hell that couldn't read a 24 hour digital clock. She would constantly ask when she needed to get back from break.

Not being able to read aside she couldn't do the basic math of "whatever time it is now plus 30 mins"

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Uh, yes they did. POTS still exists, and some carriers can still make your line a pulse tone line if you ask for it. Failing that, pulse tone converters exist.

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first time listening to this thought it was going to be the "yup still got it"

absolutely based

>> No.71595664

im confused
zoomers know about rotary phones but not about TI 83? you sure you attended high school after the 1970s?

>> No.71595696

He's smoking crack. The TI-83 is still in popular classroom use today.

>> No.71595775

they gave us 84s but a buddy had a hand-me-down 83 which was pretty much identical

>> No.71595819

84 iirc just has more memory if you're writing programs and shit. The 83 is equivalent for 99.9% of users.

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a lot of us either have parents with a rotary phone lying around somewhere, or have at the very least seen them. but as for older TI tech, we either had their elcheapo TI-30xb or an Nspire CAS with pretty GUI and algebra engine. I got to touch a TI-83 *once* when I didn't have a calc and we found it buried in a dust, hidden in a draw at the back of the room.
low effort post. I coulda grabbed a shot of 6.22 or 5.0. FreeDOS is pretty based at least

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Clearly articulated.
I shall save this for posterity.

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It scares the Boomer too - it represents how little time left they have on Earth

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*lasts 100+ years*
Still can't be beat for long term for back up and games being sold physical only has proven itself to be the best environment for good games to be made. Unfortunately Valve and the rest of the industry brainwashed people into believing otherwise, and the PC case industry making it so most new cases don't even have 1 5.25 doesn't help either, external drives exist but still.
Digital distribution and media industries, particularly the video game industry, fear them too.

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Analog instruments confuse the fuck of zoomers.

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only american, australian and nip zoomers would get confused at this, but even then 80% of gen xers from those countries are also incapable to understand it

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Good pasta, thanks fren

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Blame right to repair being eradicated and the Jewish practice of making everything less repairable mainstream.

>> No.71596796

>people nowadays don't tinker with stuff because it's not stipulated by law
I grew up in a household with a nicely equipped little workshop and was pretty close to my dad, an electronics engineer that would give me perfboards and leds and caps to fuck around, and my grandpa, a retired restless metalworker that tried to fix everything with his hands and always had some kind of weekend workshop project
I was born 94 and didnt have a videogame console, or knew what vidya was, or cared too much about TV
The coworkers and classmates that find out I fuck with stuff are all those raised on households with no tools laying around, apartments, or easy access to instantly gratifying media like vidya
Nothing to do with regulations. I even know boomers thar just throw shit out as soon as it stops working, so it's not generational either

>> No.71596812

> that find out I fuck with stuff
that find out I fuck with stuff to be impressive or out of the ordinary

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The problem is that they will assume you can fix/drive anything. When you can't...

>> No.71596857

6 Gears!?

Reverse on the left!?


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yikes, why are boomers so cringey

>> No.71596911

that's why I tell them to go to a professional that does this for a living and now a weekend warrior like myself that does it for pleasure
my point that it's not a matter of regulations or evem generations to much of an extent but rather what environment you're raises in still stands however

I've seen that a lot on French designed transmissions
neat little detail

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Zoomers BTFO

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new bad
old good

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He says "yikes"

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They don't even sell unleaded anymore

>> No.71597998

No old person is going to pay for any expensive and bespoke thingamajig when they can get a cheaper and easier alternative.

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imagine zoomers piloting that shit
I bet they are to blame for the 737 MAX

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I'm paid $400 per month to go to university.

>> No.71598190

I think it's less that you're overestimating rotary phones and more that you're underestimating loomfags

>> No.71598309

zoomers are beginning to build the tech you fucking boomer

>> No.71598352

>doesn't require power/winding
>no arm or pocket bloat
>always 100% accurate
>botnet free
yes, the sundial is indeed the best.

>> No.71598605

How the fuck is this a problem. Even if you don't have parents, you do still have schools, right?

>> No.71598783

>cloudy day

>> No.71599067

>what is a moon dial
>what is a cloud dial

>> No.71599195

I live near northern pole, half of the year it is morning, another half - almost deep night. fuck the sundial, and fuck you.

>> No.71600595

>I live near northern pole,
So do I
>half of the year it is morning, another half - almost deep night. fuck the sundial, and fuck you.
What? Can't you navigate by the stars?? It is almost as if you don't know how to operate an astrolabe.

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God the comments on that video.

>> No.71602184

Government pays me over $1000 to go to uni and my rent is subsidized. Utilities, internet etc. are all free.

>> No.71602220

I hate condoms though. Can't feel how wet the girl is and removes most of the feeling. Almost as bad as being circumcised I bet.

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based af

>> No.71603557

A sun dial still works up there, but the design is a little different since the sun tracks along the horizon instead of tracking overhead.

>> No.71603559


haha imagine being an oldfag. when I'm your age i'll be sat on my 1tb ram pc and you'll be popping pills for your limp dick

>> No.71603634

They've just been using the same equipment for 30 years and it's always worked. That might be a foreign concept to you, but it's true.

>> No.71603783

Frenchfag here, the dude's right lof of cars have it on the left BUT usually not in direct access, you need to pull a ring under the knob to be able to engage it

>> No.71603798


oops forgot

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you mean being American is shit?, sorry anon, not everyone is that unlucky

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cringe, but based

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You're poor AF then. Rotary phones stopped being a thing in the 70s in most of the civilized world.

>> No.71608262

Most houses don't even have phones.

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>I just assembled my gaymen pc, I'm ready to download fortnite
>vsssshhh *beep* ssssshhhhh
>Wtf is this old style noise? This beep doesn't fit my gaymen style reeee it's annoying
pssshht *crack* - sips - I heard the beep son, your pc runs well - sips - back in my time, we didn't have all those colored lights, it was all beige. Good times.

>> No.71609253

I miss those old beepers

Memories of childhood.

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I was playing Wolfenstein with this in the early 90s

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File: 2.86 MB, 640x640, 1443338109621.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw motherboard didn't come with a beeper speaker
I should buy one and put it on.

>> No.71609545

You can still buy them brand new and put them on the modern MBs. But they are usually just piezo shit. I don't think they make paper cone beepers anymore.

>> No.71609731

10 year olds really cannot read clocks lol Entire luxury watch industry is going to die in 50 years time

>> No.71609859

>Entire luxury watch industry is going to die in 50 years time
and nothing of value will be lost

>> No.71609946

What shit ass university are you going to?

>> No.71609974

What is any manual BMW trans?

>> No.71610057

>not large
never gonna make it

>> No.71610090

Could be going to any German one their fees are laughably low.

>> No.71610106

You could, depending on what country you live in.
Most countries have phone systems are built to support future expansions, developments and also support older models.
The biggest problems for using one of those today is to get a phone company that will sell you a subscription.

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>listens to sabaton
fuck you Sabaton is great

>> No.71610433

Analog clocks are an obsolete form of telling time modeled after another obsolete form of telling time? Why do we even use these things anymore?

>> No.71610618

I'm in Mexico, state universities are usually extremely cheap and they all generally are really good for very specific fields.

Also UNAM, probably the best in the country charges literally less than a dollar.

>> No.71611026

edgelord niggers thinking theyre deep and unique for using old shit

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>> No.71612095

what's the point of an analog clock? it's just a more vague way to display time.
Do you use one on your desktop? Didn't think so. It's only for decoration in /currentyear/
consolation reply

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