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nothing more than placebo effect

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It's literally science

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ah yes, "studies have shown".
how convincing.

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nice bias

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Why the hate+

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>nothing more than placebo effect
And it's bad because?..

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Yeah try deactivating that shit in the middle of the night

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But you copied the study about black crime statistics last week

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not an argument

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Not gonna spoonfeed you faggot

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>it's not an argument because I don't like it

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even if it is placebo placebo is really fucking strong.

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official crime statistics are Not a study.

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All it's doing there is dimming your screen.
You can't use software to change the color temperature of an LCD monitor.

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listen to this and get fucked OP

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f.lux doesn't do anything to help that

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It's obviously not a placebo because turning white into anything else reduces brightness. Now the warm filter may not be any more effective than an equally strong cool or gray filter, but the fact is less brightness is comfier at night.

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Seriously why are you so angry about it?

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Humans stared at television screens emitting "blue light" for decades and no one gave a shit. People got up, turned off the tv, and went straight to bed. They still do it with modern HDTVs.

It's much more likely the dopamine coaster is what is keeping people awake. I can put a movie on my computer screen and try to watch it and I'll start to feel sleepy because I'm not getting that mini-hit of dopamine every 30 seconds like I do on 4chan.

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it's still something that f.lux is trying to achieve.

while f.lux isnt worth shit, optimal use of light, dark and melatonin is extremely important for many physiological reasons.

a simple pair of blue light shielding glasses from amazon or ebay can help us neets a long way.

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If it's just dimming the screen, why does the screen have a strong red glow when I crank the settings to max on it? Just dimming the screen by lowering the brightness on a monitor doesn't turn it red.

I use the windows 10 night light and have it at 30% 24/7. When turned off the screen has an ugly blue hue that I never noticed before because I guess I was used to it.

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Which is why they're less useful. A controlled study measures effects against an approximately equal control group, to provide the opportunity to measure a difference. An observational study like a census or crime statistic offers no reliable insight into cause.

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It works at least for some and there are no ill affects. No one gets hurt and there is not some illuminati benefiting here. What is the major malfunction?

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meaningless nonsense
what am i a rooster why should i get up when the sun rises
i can't even see the sun most mornings just rain luv this cuntry

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It's turning red to simulate warmer color temp. Keyword: simulate.

Color and Color Temperature are very different things. Calling 6500k and 9200k "blue light" is misleading. It is shifted towards the blue end of the spectrum. But all the colors are still the same. White is white. Blue is blue. Red is red. Green is rreen. Black is black.

What color do you see on an all white screen at 3000k? After your eyes adjust: white. What color do you see at 6500k? Again: white.

Your eyes are very good at making this adjustment, and even with f.lux's artificial color temp change you will partially begin to compensate for it and white will look reddish-white.

AT BEST changing to reddish mode with f.lux will cause it use more of the spectrum shifted towards red -from- the native color temperature of your monitor, which will have a small, but non-placebo effect.

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>When turned off the screen has an ugly blue hue that I never noticed before because I guess I was used to it.
Jesus Christ. Maybe look up how the eyes and your brain work? It's possible that your screen is to the cold side, but anything will look blue as fuck after looking at the abomination that is a screen running f.lux for a while.

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Dimming your screen is not placebo effect btw. You're literally reducing the amount of light reaching your eyes when you do that.

What truly works is unplugging 2 hours before bed.

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search term "sleep" not found

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Yes, when your eyes have adjusted to lower light they do get overwhelmed when you increase the amount of light flying at them.
Try having a light on instead.

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Where does this anger come from?

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This is exactly it. 4chan is literally the crack cocaine of websites.

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>But all the colors are still the same. White is white. Blue is blue. Red is red. Green is rreen. Black is black.

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You replied without reading post. Classic.

One more time:
Color and Color Temperature are very different things.

You are about to start going on about wavelengths and color spectrum when I have already pointed that out. Then you'll make a semantic argument about why I'm wrong even though you also already know that color perception changes after an acclimation period and what we consider "white" is independent of color temperature.

But go ahead and make your shitpost. No one will stop you but you.

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f.lux does not "block the blues". You can't get around the native color temperature of your screen. All it is doing is cramming everything down into the lower range of what your monitor is capable of displaying.

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> i am blind the post

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buttmad eyelet

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>But all the colors are still the same. White is white. Blue is blue. Red is red. Green is rreen. Black is black.
That's wrong.
All the VALUES are the same, but the colors are different. The wavelengths have been shifted.

You don't even know what color temperature means, do you?

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Basically the color value for #FFFFFF at different color temperatures.
3000K is not white. It's just not.

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Another person who did not actually read the entire post, nor bothered to read the follow-up because they are in a hurry to be the smartest person in the thread.


>Color and Color Temperature are very different things.

>Calling 6500k and 9200k "blue light" is misleading. It is shifted towards the blue end of the spectrum.

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That's nice, but the statement I quoted was still wrong.

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Read about the concept of "white point" in regards to color vs color temperature.

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>You can't use software to change the color temperature of an LCD monitor.
you can if you have a colour lcd

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>first time use it
>what is this red filter
>forget about it
>huh, i still have that installed
>uninstall it
>that pic related
i didn't uninstall it

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It is not wrong. Especially when you put it into the context of the post. If you look at display which has a color temperature of 9300k for an hour and display a full white screen it will appear white for you. The same can be said for 6500k or 5000k. Because warm white and cool white appear identical once you have acclimated.

Now, there are some differences to this when you get on the more technical level. In photography there is the challenge to reproduce the same color emitted by the screen as it would appear in real life under a specified lighting condition. To make things simpler, natural light is used as a reference point. But it is actually arbitrary.

Additionally, there are some physiological concerns going on with human vision that make it impractical to make screens with 1800k color temperature.

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Yes, that is how you correct colors in images where the lighting was at a different color temperature.

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>program reduces overall brightness of the monitor as it changes colors
>return brightness to normal when your eyes have adjusted to the dimmer light
Why didn't you just turn on the room light and complain about it being bright?

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>3000K is not white.
But it is. And that is what I was getting at with mentioning white point. 3000k has a white point.

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i don't use flux specifically, the one i use(tm) doesn't change brightness, only gamma

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It's not changing brightness per se, but more remapping your colors to darker shades.

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Which effectively reduced brightness.

Which isn't white.

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you might be right, but i do reduce my display's brightness, and i can tell you that this gamma adjustment is more effective, in that if i get the same level of comfort using only brightness adjustment, the display becomes so dim as to be difficult to view simply because the image starts to blur when looking around, and for lcd's, gets a bit too close to the backlight bleed level, washing what remains out
simply, this makes for a much better picture at equivalent comfort, compared to lowering brightness

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What's actual science, then?
>inb4 muh quantum mechanics
That's not even science, that's religion

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You created the problem yourself by enabling it in the first place

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but you can't conclude that f.lux/redshift doesn't help with sleep. even if we adjust to a different white point, our sleep rhythms could depend on the actual wavelengths of the light, rather than our perception of color.

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/g/ doesn't like science they don't agree with

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The cause is not the point. The point is the data

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good thing mRGCs aren't simple on-off switches then

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and what does the data mean?
all blackies are made to do crime by blood?
can you explain to me what the data means friend

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For example, when black lives matter talks about how they fear for their life just going outside you can point them to the data which shows them that the biggest risk by far is being gunned down by black man, not a police officer. Then you couple the data with data on how many blacks are arrested for violent crimes each year and show them that there is zero data to back up their claims about systemic racism within the police. All this without looking for causes such as socioeconomic factors or the way too high amount of single mothers within the black community

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Yeah 4chan is just as bad as any other social media website.

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>Then you couple the data with data on how many blacks are arrested for violent crimes each year and show them that there is zero data to back up their claims about systemic racism within the police.
Now I'd like to know how you made this leap

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Shorter wavelengths have more energy and stimulate your photoreceptors more strongly. F.lux biases the screen towards longer wavelengths of light, which are less energetic.

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Imagine paying for a $500 monitor with perfect color accuracy and running this shit everyday anyway.

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>muh bluegh light
fucking retards, just lower your screen brightness and use a dark theme. kys while you're at it.

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so you dont believe systematic racism exists?
do they preclude each other?

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quantum mechanics is literally science, and it's incredibly well substantiated by experiment

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>dark themes
Dark themes have been shown in multiple studies to be more harmful to your eyes and less readable.

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Imagine being this triggered that blacks, which are 13% of the population, commit over 50% of the homicides lol

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made-up "studies"

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citation needed, motherfucker. I searched that up and couldn't find one study.

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Tits or GTFO.

See? Dark themes are more harmful.

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>muh I need to alter my light levels before good for good sleep
>muh I need to position my bed in this correct way for the best sleep patterns

why don't you just drink until you pass out at night and wake up in sweats in the morning idiot

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>t. liver failure at 30

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holy shit

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>vs statistics

Ahh, I see.

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Fucking nvidia + 1903 dch broke night light and f.lux so I sit here on my phone like a cuck until they fix it

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and the data says f.lux works

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>nothing more than placebo effect
then why does it work

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