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lmao, Discord is offline right now. Every single Discord community has come to a halt at this time. People who were have conversations, people who collaborate projects on it, people who offer technical support for their games on there, you can't do any of that right now.

Meanwhile, this sort of thing could never happen on IRC.

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pedo crime rate goes down 80%

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>Discord is down
they are just making a backup of all data

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Can anyone access steamdb.info

Testing stuff out, seems like quite a few website could be down.

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Discord is working fine for me.

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everyone! come back to irc

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>this sort of thing could never happen on IRC
you're right, no irc server has had any downtime, ever since the 1990s

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cf has problems.

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Nah, a bunch of shit seems to be down.

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use downdetector.com

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Yeah, it's down too.
Any connection between these two? Same could, server location?

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friendly reminder if you browse 4chan and use discord for anything imageboard related you need to go back.

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Could be cloudflare.

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What the fuck is going on.

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weekly NSA data upload

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Yeah it's a cloudflare outage. Someone leaked routes badly apparently.

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Don't log out, logging in is brokje

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Yes! I hope they go down for days and it's someone who DDoSed them the hardcore way just like with Sony.

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The beginning of the new internet.

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I gots them braindawgs

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>this sort of thing could never happen on IRC.

retard alert. this is a massive internet-wide issue going on. multiple servers for the irc network i use every day are unreachable as well

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Mumble just werks

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Don't be retarded and use Matrix/Riot.im with non-cloudflare servers.

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You can use the one hosted on statuspage directly instead of their own one. This is why you don't have to brand every page.

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pastebin dot com, codepen, medium, and several others too. Full (?) list: https://notabug.org/themusicgod1/cloudflare-tor/src/master/cloudflare_users
See also >>71569907

More information: https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/incidents/46z55mdhg0t5

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oh shit, 4chan is on cloudflare too.

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As does cripplechan

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based hirowill keep us online

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>trusting big companies ever again
fuck cloudflare

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Fucking crimeflare getting hacked by Iran. They deserve it. Google DNS was also down. IT'S HAPPENING.

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>can't connect to work website
>can still connect to 4chan
Thanks God

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bgp route leak, but its affecting a lot of things besides cloudflare. the cloudflare CTO (jgrahamc) is updating a comment on HN with info

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How do I avoid shit like this on my website and services the next time?

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>route leak
By whom? Human error, or foreign actors?

Move away from cloudflare

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go back and never return here

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1204 UTC update This leak is wider spread that just Cloudflare.

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based me

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>by whom?
probably just an ISP who fucked up a config

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This is the 3rd time in a month something like this has happened. Coincidence?

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> 1239 UTC update Traffic levels are returning to normal.

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if 4chan and the rest of the internet are next, it was nice knowing you all and I hope to see you all in the future incarnation of the internet that SHOULD be built from the ground up to be completely decentralized so no force could possibly control or take it down.

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I am literally shaking right now, I have no contact with my friends, girlfriend, and family because Discord went down. I'm scared.

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And back to the OP topic, Discord is back online.

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>Iranian Special Provocateur

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people from around the world was experiencing problems. you'd think it wouldnt be a big outage if it was limited to NOS (my ISP)?
try connecting to discord.

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need discord for my work, please get back online quickly or ...

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discord is trannyhub for real

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centralisation leads to route leaks having greater effects, host your own shit on your own IP range.
or you can take the accelerationist approach and put everything in the hands of a few big hosts, so they can eventually force everyone else to verify their BGP routes.

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See >>71570124 and:

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what kind of workplace requires you to use discord??

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>Verizon took down 3% of the internet
>BGP still isn't universally secured

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There's literally nothing wrong with being a tranny or using discord. You will continue to textually shit yourself about how wrong they are though.

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Anon, moderating a room for free isn't work.

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/g/ full of smoothbrains this morn

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you know what i love most about this? the fact they STILL keep their statuspage saying 100.0% because it's not their fault, to appease investors
fuck the internet, fuck cloudflare and fuck the meme that is discord

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i am developing a few discord bots (paid).

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kill yourself

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If it's a company dealing with BGP routes then yes, they can absolutely effect discord.

try it in your local network. manually set two local devices to have the same network addresses and see how it affects their connectivity.

BGP routes use IP addresses just like everything else, all BGP does is update routes if a route is unavailable. it's much slower to update but deals with a massive list of routes. if someone misconfigures a BGP router they can absolutely fuck things up for everyone.

not to say this isn't an act of defacto terror - just saying it's more likely to be someone fucking up.

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if your workplace actually needs discord why didn't they use slack instead
or is your """work""" nsfw furry art commissions

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>There's literally nothing wrong with being a tranny or using discord
>There's literally nothing wrong with being a tranny

So this is the NPC reply that tranny discord taught you?

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Dialation cope. Have sex transcel

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go back, summerfags

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a lot to unpack here

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it's spelled "dilate" you retard. at least learn fucking english

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Cmon guys, you sit on computers all day long...

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Dilate and have sex, coping transcel

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They probably ping their machines from local network

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He can't tho, he forgot to dilate
He has no depth now

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Is that profitable? I've thought about developing a discord bot or two for shits and giggles.

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I mean, technically they're still up you just can't access them.

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discord has gone down more times than rizon has had netsplits this year. imagine that.

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yeah I am glad i uninstalled that turd year ago, steam chat update rendered it useless anyway

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People who use the term "NPCs" are literal NPCs. The article that meme came from LITERALLY proves your theory wrong. So you're just signaling to others that you can't even read a single article.

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first 24

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>autist never heard of what a ddos is
where the fuck do you retards come from

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End of Internet

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>People who use the term "NPCs" are literal NPC
talk about a contradicting paradox
I have nothing more to reply a discord tranny

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why did people stop using mumble?

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this isn't a ddos attack, an ASN has fucked up

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>IRCfags coming in to gloat like anyone actually cares
Go back to the 90's you hipster.

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Where did the thread get derailed and this retarded circle jerk start?

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Who of you fags wrote this?

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>getting a meme from an article
That's not how this shit works faggot
You never get memes from the original source and they can change meaning because of this

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>discord bad tranny bad

>> No.71570327

no web application / ease of access invite system that doesn't require you to type in IP/Port
no media embed in its text chat

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>Meanwhile, this sort of thing could never happen on IRC.
you weren't even alive when people actually used IRC

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>lmao, IRC is online right now. Every single IRC community is available at this time. People who were have conversations, people who collaborate projects on it, people who offer technical support for their games on there, you can do any of that right now.
>Meanwhile, nobody wants to go on IRC.

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The NPC meme is LITERALLY based on a misreading of an article. /pol/tards are too retarded to understand statistics, and thought that the article said only 25% of people have an inner monologue. In reality the article said the AVERAGER PERSON experiences an inner monologue 25% of the time.

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>no public bots
>no thumbnails
>no embedded videos
>no video calls
>no PW
>no history
>no text-only rooms
>shitty mobile app(plumble)
>no invites
>no emojis
I really wish I could just use Mumble but it's getting more and more painful with each year.

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it isn't a ddos you retard

>> No.71570350

>>Meanwhile, nobody wants to go on IRC because they're brainlets.

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>yeah I am glad i uninstalled that turd year ago
Imagine being anti social

>> No.71570356

i hope you are joking and not really like this.
it's a meme for downs sake
mumble 2 when?

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>It's just a meme!
Like white genocide and the Jews, those are just memes too.

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Don't bother arguing with them, they won't absorb any information.

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install gentoo

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It's too complicated for normalfags.

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"an ASN" is a bit of a minomer, sorry I mistyped.

ASN = autonomous system number and is used in BGP routing to disseminate routers from one another

>> No.71570418

>too complicated
>uses windows

>> No.71570424


thank you fren. how could this have happened?

>> No.71570430

Indeed, I do use my computer to do actual work. A very astute observation.

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No one gives a single shit about what a retarded meme was supposed to mean, what a meme means is up to the one that uses it
As far as I'm concerned an NPC is just a turbo normie, whoever else uses may use it differently

>> No.71570451

You're forgetting that Mumble is open-source, so forking is possible.

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It takes 14 days to fully delete a account on discord.

If you want to delete your account on XMPP. It takes 1 second.

>> No.71570505

well you're half right OP, an IRC server could also be offline.

though yes, discord is cancer. is the tox project still alive? I would like a free as in freedom messager and VoIP.

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>disconnect page with something resembling actual information instead of rick and morty quotes

what the fuck

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This is like the list of the worst websites in existance.

>> No.71570545

What episode are they quoting? I don't remember that.

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Yes, and I've modified both client and server, wrote bots and plugins for it.
But it's just pointless. I'd rather just move to electron and rewrite it from scratch to React+TS+Rust, it would make it all so much easier.

To be honest, that doesn't sound like a bad idea for a project though. It could even have a support for normal Discord servers I think.

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>/g/ - Video Games

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most likely someone fucked up a config, and possibly (although unlikely) a meany badman plugged in a naughty device where he wasn't supposed to

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Send Spike.

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discord is used for much more than games nowadays

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Imagine being mentally reprogramed to kill yourself by the goverment while at the same time, giving them money.

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>mfw this brainlet has been talking to a bot for 3 hours

>> No.71570653

>level 3 comms

why im not suprised that most probably it will be them again

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Good riddance.
Fuck Discord Trannys

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Discord isn't the only one

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How likely is a future where everyone will switch to federated/open source services? Have always been using Matrix with my friends whenever Discord was slow/down which works really nice. I think more people should switch to such services.

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Amazon isn't down, I just bought something

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Here is an overview

>> No.71570690

btw if you're interested you can read up on it


you don't have to learn everything there is to know about BGP but it's a really neat routing protocol that not many people know about - but is basically controlling the flow of everyone's traffic on the internet

neat stuff imho

>> No.71570693

Some parts of their AWS to be exact.

>> No.71570708

i wont be suprised if they fucked up the network again just like they did in 2016 and 2014

>> No.71570719

So is it just a fuck up or an actual attack?

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>wake up
>open /g/
>see that a lot of shitty websites are down because a pajeet fucked it up

>> No.71570728

God this gif is creepy

>> No.71570752

I don't see it happening
Without getting too much into why just know that many open source project don't have a marketing budget
This is how discord took over, discord was shitty at the start but it has no issue taking people from skype or teamspeak as it had endless amounts of VC money to market to the right people

>> No.71570769

this is part of a cyber war and no government is going to admit it

>> No.71570790

So, I'm not the most networky guy around, but playing with an ASN..that takes legit effort on the homefront to play with right? like you cant jst mistype a key..you gotta do real work to mess that up. am i wrong on that?

>> No.71570797

>no web application
mumble-web exists and is relatively simple to set up
>ease of access invite system that doesn't require you to type in IP/Port
Just give someone a mumble:// URI that includes server address, port and password
>no media embed in its text chat
You can, in fact, embed images in the Mumble text chat

>> No.71570812

and this is why discord raped everyone at IM scene

you clearly dont understand that the majority just wants an old skype with a modern ui and some new abilities that doesnt break your brain

>> No.71570816

>no issue taking people from skype
Not to mention Microsoft forced people to swap over from the superior Messenger and from the superior older Messengers before that.
>tfw used to be able to draw directly in the chat window and have endless large custom emojis that you could use anywhere

>> No.71570821

Act retarded and you will attract retarded people who will think they're in good company.

>> No.71570828

This is why centralization is shit. Imagine if Let's Encrypt or AWS went south.

>> No.71570833


>> No.71570847

>it's an ssl certificate fucks up the web majorly again episode

>> No.71570861

That's literally Riot.im

>> No.71570864

4chan only goes down when he wants it to.

>> No.71570883

>reddit and fortnite are down as well
haha worth it

>> No.71570893

so basicly a cheap knockoff of discord

>> No.71570903

Fucking summer.

>> No.71570918

>end-to-end encrypted
>multiple alternate open source clients with various level of bloat
>can host own servers
>federated among all public servers, not centralized
>doesn't exist solely to datamine you
>isn't filled with dumb memes on loading screens

>> No.71570928

How the fuck can it be a knock off of discord when discord itself started as just one of the many cookie cutter electron based messengers?

>> No.71570944

it's taking a lot of ideas from slack and discord and is making a better chat than both of them, which you can host yourself

you can make your own client or use another one too if you don't like it, matrix is the chat protocol used by them all and it's just missing adaption

>> No.71570950

Until riot is as easy to setup UX-wise as, say, MySQL and has at least 80% of Discord's featureset, it won't catch on.

>> No.71570971

what in satans fresh ass is that gif

>> No.71570981

>Until riot is as easy to setup UX-wise as, say, MySQL
Riot is a static webapp
You open it, enter your username+password and you're in
If you're talking about homeserver setup (Synapse), then it's as simple as any other server with a Docker solution available
>has at least 80% of Discord's featureset
It does
Main thing it's missing are proper groups (Matrix communities are kinda meh, it'll be reworked later on) and voice rooms (currently, there are Skype-style voice calls)

>> No.71570982


>> No.71570995

It's a perfect representation of the individuals depicted

>> No.71571014

Is how /pol/ sees the world.

>> No.71571018

And that's a good thing

>> No.71571027

This is the future: https://matrix.org/

>> No.71571042

it is not far off though

>> No.71571050

>trannies use discord to groom people so everyobe on discord is a tranny
>hackers used 4chan to leak celeb nudes so everyone on 4chan is a hacker

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>we can confirm that earlier today there was a large BGP incident, causing 20k prefixes for 2400 network to be rerouted through AS396531 (a steel plant). and then on to its transit provider: Verizon (AS701)

>Verizon let AS396531 (Allegheny Technologies Incorporated) announce 20,297 prefixes, propagating these announcements to the general Internet.


>Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (ATI) is a specialty metals company headquartered at Six PPG Place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

>ATI produces titanium and titanium alloys, nickel-based alloys and superalloys, grain-oriented electrical steel, stainless and specialty steels, zirconium, hafnium, and niobium, tungsten materials, forgings and castings.[1]

>ATI's key markets are aerospace and defense particularly commercial jet engines (over 50% of sales), oil & gas, chemical process industry, electrical energy, and medical.[1]

gets the noggin joggin

>> No.71571083

a better comparison would be that we literally have a board for trannies
>b-but it's for LGB to-
no, not really. just ask any of them.

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I didn't even notice outage, since I talk with my friends, my girlfriend and everyone else on either IRC or riot.im

Laugh at all the proprietary cucks not hosting their own servers

>> No.71571096


>> No.71571126

I want cloudflare to die.

>> No.71571130

this is not to blame ATI for the issue, necessarily, just that whoever caused the problem had caused for much of the internet services we use to be rerouted through a steel plant in pittsburgh.

probably verizon's fault. kek.

>> No.71571161

>general internet outage
what did they mean by this
onions HQ and some furry websites go down and its "general internet" now?
i bet the little faggot who wrote that thought he was some hot shit

>> No.71571165

accident or business sabtoage?

>> No.71571171

matrix is a knockoff of xmpp, and riot is a botnet client made by nodejs/electron trannies.
honestly when did /g/ get this retarded?

>> No.71571187

matrix is XMPP but the newer, better version.
Native end to end encryption, cross platform, de-centralised, you fucking name it
way better than XMPP

>> No.71571191

(probably) accident. i'm not involved so I don't know the details. i'm just trusting cloudflare et al when they say it's a bgp routing error.

>> No.71571197

xmpp is decentralized too retard. it was open and federated before "decentralized" became a tech buzzword.

>> No.71571220

think about it. what's stopping from someone running an AS from intentionally yeeting an entire large business's (like cloudflare's) prefixes? and a large publically traded steel/defense company being the culprit?

>> No.71571231

XMPP is a mess of extensions where many clients or servers don't implement all of them, so many features are often inaccessible. Matrix starts off with a core set of features that's significant enough that any fully featured client will have them.
XMPP does message passing, Matrix does state synchronization. That means that each homeserver participating in a Matrix room has the entire room available and rooms are distributed, not tied to any individual servers.
Riot is just a client and the choice of JS is quite reasonable because you get web+desktop clients on all major platforms for the cost of developing a single client.

>> No.71571242

Yeah I know you dumb fuck, but at least matrix has end to end encryption by default and does not rely on a bunch of faggots to each make their own bootleg shit software.

>> No.71571261

>what's stopping someone
way more things than you are probably able to understand because you're even here wondering that question.

to summarize some very complicated shit, what's stopping someone is several things

1. you can't just setup a BGP routing device like any other device, and you need a ASN which is assigned by a centralized organization
2. you need physical access to equipment that is connected to the BGP facing internet
3. you need to plug into that equipment, hoping that whoever configured it just allowed any random ass device

basically for #3 to happen you'd need to do a full spoof. which is HIGHLY unlikely.

>> No.71571263

It's back baby

>> No.71571272

>implying (((electron))) isn't the very definition of bootleg shit software
discord's up again, go back to your javascript ninja hipster club and fap to some furries, retard.

>> No.71571283

So who did it? Pajeets or Iranian?

>> No.71571294

or Chinks?

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>thinking matrix is written in electron
you dumb nigger. Riot.im is electron, but riot is just a UI for matrix

>> No.71571314

all of which are things the company in question had!!!! wow! it's almost know i knew what i was talking about!

>> No.71571315

Seems to be back up.

>> No.71571325

mossad. jews mad Iran war hasn't started yet

>> No.71571356

no, you definitely don't know what you're talking about. you have an ignorant bastardized representation of what happened, because you weren't there and don't fully understand the technology like you think you do.

ATI didn't have all of these, they were (as far as anyone of us really know) just the ones where all of the data was routed to. they just happened to be the ones to receive best route designation.

shit, if you want to be a conspiracy tard you should remember that it's very likely a "BGP Routing Error" wasn't even the fucking problem. how do you know that's just not a cover story faggot?

>> No.71571365

Anti-discord incels are literally more autistic than the trannies who dilate daily

>> No.71571371

the routes leaked from allegheny tech. ATI was the originating point of the problem

>> No.71571389

yeah and electron's the only client that works.
what's that, there's other clients? oh but they don't support all the same features as riot? so your last valid argument about it being better than jabber is full of shit? that's nice, go fuck yourself, shill.

>> No.71571394

>Verizon let AS396531 (Allegheny Technologies Incorporated) announce 20,297 prefixes, propagating these announcements to the general Internet.

>> No.71571415

again, you're wrong. see: >>71571394

from what we know, which again (if you're a conspiracy retard, i'm not) could just be a cover, the problem seemed to be Verizon allowing PRIVATE ASN ROUTES to be announced over a PUBLIC ASN

>> No.71571430

riot/matrix is a meme because the identity server is centralized anyway and setting one up yourself is a massive pain in the ass

>> No.71571455

>I don't like it because it's too hard
then submit a PR for a docker script so all the zoomers can use it, pleb

>> No.71571525

>the identity server is centralized anyway
mxisd isn't, plus you don't even need an identity server (used for 3PID<->MXID mappings) for normal usage.

>> No.71571596

why does discord talk like a child

>uwu wumpus got ddos'd :(
get a fucking grip

>> No.71571645

I didn't even notice
Hahaha normies btfo

>> No.71571660

works on my machine

>> No.71571725

The identity server is only used if you attach a 3rd party identity (email, phone etc) to your account though.

>> No.71571903

Why is it always boomers on discord?

They are like women trying toget you to go on facebook more...

It's like bro, the game has native game chat already.
No one else is in chat and we are playing the same game

>> No.71572228

Agreed, Discord is shit but crying over it doesn’t do jack shit but show you’re a limp dick contrarian.

>> No.71572243

As an outsider looking in: you both forgot to dilate today.

>> No.71572275

Because they’re actual trannies and are trying to appeal to the normalfags with “humor”.

>> No.71572404

>e2e encryption
only on PM's so literally nothing
>multiple alternates FOSS source
that doesnt mean anything
>can host own server
literally nothing the average joe cares about
>federated not centralized
again nothing the average joe even thinks about or makes his life simpler
>doesnt datamine you
again you miss the entire point
>loading screen have fun shit therefore its shit

>> No.71572482

>only on PM's
Blatantly false.

>> No.71572517


>> No.71572535

so /g/ what should websites switch to since cloudflare is dumpsterfire

>> No.71572609


>> No.71572622

>This thread


>> No.71572739

>only on PM's so literally nothing
Wrong. It has full encrypted group chat support and even scales better than main competitors (WhatsApp, Signal).
>that doesnt mean anything
Discord only has the official web (desktop) client and the mobile apps, which are all proprietary. Can't customize them, can't add functionality, can't audit, can't remove privacy invasion, …. Also, they're quite bloated.
>literally nothing the average joe cares about
>again nothing the average joe even thinks about or makes his life simpler
>again you miss the entire point
This feels more like bait than a real argument you stand behind. Is it okay to do unethical stuff just because an "average joe" doesn't care that you do it?

>> No.71572979
File: 48 KB, 416x411, 1530917065164.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Considering the websites which have been taken down...let's leave them be.

>> No.71573027

Who gives a shit about discord

>> No.71573032

nice shill attempt
didn't even address datamining concerns
a single yuan has been deposited into your account

i don't use tencent-funded crap, it's all an advertising botnet

>> No.71573058

Uh, what?
>didn't even address datamining concerns
What concerns?
>i don't use tencent-funded crap, it's all an advertising botnet
Nor do I, thus my post about what Matrix does better than Discord.

>> No.71573092


>> No.71573420

>le im so edgy meme

>> No.71573475

have sex

>> No.71573482

>people unironically shilling for riot

>> No.71573530
File: 119 KB, 875x875, 1559615296195.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71573799

It's not the best possible, but it's the best we have.

>> No.71574039

Is that fucking Nicholas Fedorov?
What the fuck happened to him?

>> No.71574766

why is /g/ filled with trannies? a lot of boards have them but i see most of them on /g/

>> No.71574944
File: 281 KB, 1080x1829, I downloaded this from ifunny dot co XD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Programming socks and desktop threads

>> No.71574961

It is yeah. Honestly a shame because I liked his autism.

>> No.71575001

/g/ and /r9k/ have a significant userbase overlap

>> No.71575195

cant wait for the weimar bubble to burst, suicide statistics are going to be lit.

>> No.71575300


>> No.71575311

no don't invite the cancer

>> No.71575368

the internet is now a centralized fuckhole where information goes to die. except your personal information of course. that is gathered, inferred, sold, analyzed, profiled, and will probably be made public soon.

>> No.71575406

meanwhile my mumble works fine :^)

>> No.71575436

Corporate baby-speak.

>> No.71575480

ok cool netsplit retard try again

>> No.71575488

Discord doesn't "delete" data, it leaves posts and images made by the user in question.
Try it.
Make two accounts linked to an email, use one to make a bunch of nonsense, then delete that account.
Use the second account to view the first accounts posts.
Surprise! Posts don't disappear.

>> No.71575620
File: 118 KB, 749x728, nigger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Discord is down", I said silently. My wife said nothing. Then she burst out in tears. I took her hand, so that our arms formed a bridge across my wifes son, then I started crying too. "My wifes son, my wifes son", I said. Apocalyptic images went through my head at this point, suddenly I remembered that today was the 24th June, the day the synagoges were set on fire in germany. "Your son needs to live." He stood between us and breathed deep and calmly.

>> No.71575665
File: 36 KB, 238x309, ss_2019-06-13_at_12.14.36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71575666

throwback plott with the frosted tips

>> No.71575700

Do newfags not remember when we got kids to cut themselves for Bieber?

>> No.71575739

LITERALLY making shit up to slander the site
kys kike

>> No.71575752
File: 12 KB, 359x249, death and despair.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and will probably be made public soon.
I can't wait for my love of 2D loli to be public.

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