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Now with that angry autistic brainlette

Previous thread


>GNU/Linux questions?

>PC building?

>Programming questions?

>Good, cheap, laptops?

>Cheap electronics?

>Buying headphones?

>How to activate any version of windows?
>Where can I get Win 7 or LTSC?

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Can someone fucking please walk me through MSGS? I downloaded a fucking ISO from the god damn wiki, looked online for instructions, followed them, the first time it installed with no changes, and the next time the USB drive wont even boot when used as a boot device.

I keep getting told by superficially smart people itt that ltsc is a trap and to use education but I am getting rather sick of it exploding every time I try to work with it. why cant those jews over in MS leave me alone. I just want to play video games not be part of the botnet.

The iso I am working with is labeled "education" (though this appears to mean little in msmg's list of installed .wims) from the client that downloads isos provided by the pastebin. Msmg is likewise from there. I extract the iso into the dvd folder in place, mount the source, and use the options in fucking order.

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nigga just use ntlite

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I don't know anything about this.

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How big of a problem is memory latency with a CPU? I haven't bought RAM since 07 and after /pcbg/ tells me to buy 2800 RAM it turns out to not be good enough.

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On a scale of 1-10. How much botnet is VMware Workstation Player 15?

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looking at this over and again, I'm not sure how this is supposed to get me the functionality and privacy offered by education from telemetry. That is the main thing I see shilled over education.

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what do I need to know for cybersecurity?

is there complicated college quizzes, I could take to test my knowledge of it somewhere?
I took one from pew and got 9/10 (didn't understand what it was asking me about VPN's - though I know what they do) and 4/4 on khan academy, but they seem really base level knowledge, like stuff you should know just to be able to post on /g/

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>wont even boot when used as a boot device. I keep getting told by superficially smart people itt that ltsc is a trap and to use education but I am getting rather sick of it exploding every time I try to work with it. why cant those jews over in MS leave me alone. I just want to play video games not be part of the botnet. The iso I am working with is labeled "education" (though this appears to mean little in msmg's list of installed .wims) from the client that downloads isos provided by the pastebin. Msmg is likewise from there. I extract the iso into the dvd folder in place, mount the source, and use the options in fucking order.

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I pulled an i7 chip out of a 2012 hp dv7 laptop, can I use it with my pc that I put an 2018 i3 chip in? Is there a difference in chips that have the pins vs the little nubs?

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How long does a "failure configuring windows updates reverting changes don't turn off your computer" last when opening up a computer/laptop with windows 8 installed? And does the internet have to be on for it to revert the changes?

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like 10/15 minutes my man

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Does it need Internet for it to revert the changes? It's taking well over 15 min and I'm fucking going nuts

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also, does anyone have a list of non fucked dns stuff? I heard open dns was posed somewhere but cant remember the good ones. I remember it being somewhere on watchdog but I cant find it.

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it depends on how big an update it is reverting, if it was after a patch tuesday (so about 10-12 windows updates) it can take up to an hour, it wont need the internet

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Why does Windows use backslashes for directory navigation?

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Any chances OpenBSD's /obsd/ thread get included in this general? It's getting pretty popular these days.

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Yeah, it's taking more than an hour right now

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kek shit dude, is the hard drive light on? i once rebooted it during that stage after about 20 minutes and nothing bad happened, do you feel lucky?

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Because that's how I think DOS did it, and Windows is based on DOS (well it's not anymore, but historically it was). GNU/Linux, BSD, and MacOS are based on UNIX, which historically always used forward slashes.

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this wont kill windows defender you nog

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Why create a new /sqt/, when then old thread is not at bump limit and on page 4?

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because I got on catalogue, searched for the thread with 3 keywords that match the op and did not find it.

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blame Microsoft edge on a shitty old laptop I guess.

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Who is a good resource on home network security? I feel I'm woefully behind

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is there a way to prevent google, facebook, instagram, etc. from gathering so much info on me? like an extension that disguises who I am?

I even got an ad for something that I texted my friend about and have either never looked it up online, or if I did, it would have been literally years ago.

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Why is Google Test so hard to get working?
>win 7
Do I need to use Visual Studio to get it working? Does it need to be 2015? I'm using 2017. I don't want to use it though, I want to use Atom.
It seems to be locating the files correctly, but I'm getting some errors.
>run with Atom
error: '_stricmp' was not declared in this scope
return _stricmp(s1, s2);

>run with visual studio 2017
D:\google-test\Debug\google-test.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 11 unresolved externals

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Well I guess you're in the right thread. The answer to the first question is no. For a few reasons, but your next question is one of them. Chips with pins are PGA while chips with nubs are LGA. I don't think Intel even makes anything with PGA sockets anymore. Even if they were on the same socket style, they wouldn't be the same chipset and therefore not compatible with the same motherboards. Also you're modern i3 is likely more powerful than an upwards to decade old i7 mobile chip, so you shouldn't do that to begin with.

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Does /g/ have any input on 'numbering' schemes for IP addresses on a local network?

I have physical systems, virtual machines, and mobile devices.

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I have a Postgresql database with about 50 million rows that I want to let users query online through a Django website.
Is it possible to get acceptable performance for this Django's standard ORM or should I look into implementing something like Solr or ElasticSearch?
It's a first project and I'm learning as I go, so there are huge gaps in my knowledge of all aspects of this.

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measure your current performance before you start making changes
50 million rows does say much with knowing your access patterns, machine specs and requirements

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doesn't say much without*

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What the hell am I doing wrong bros?

Why isn't B neighbors [(A,1),(C,3)]?

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don't use a mutable type as a default argument in the node constructor

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that fixed it, thank you very much

was neighbors = [] point to the same list? weird

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Is there any downside to using a SVG of text instead of loading an entire font to display literally one line on a website? The website is provided on request only so no one will ever search for it, SEO is unnecessary.

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sounds like a good idea to me

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Google Test seems to assume that you're building it using the Microsoft SDK (headers and compiler) on Windows. While MinGW could link that source file (because the _stricmp import comes from msvcrt.dll, which MinGW links to instead of the Visual C++ library), it's missing from MinGW's standard C library headers. It's ugly, but you could work around that by adding a definition to googletest/include/gtest/internal/gtest-port.h before the offending line manually:
#ifndef _MSC_VER
extern "C" int _stricmp(const char *, const char *);

This assumes the codebase doesn't use more underscored Microsoft variants of POSIX/BSD functions.

For your second problem, you should also look at the LNK2019 errors before that line. Often it's a problem of a wrong binary type (console application, DLL) in the project, or missing link libraries. Did you run CMake accordingly again?

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I haven't tweaked PC since i was around 15, so i have forgotten most things PC related.
My current PC has a HDD and runs Windows 7. Now i want my games to load faster and thus i want to buy a SSD (a basic Samsung 860 Evo 500GB).
My question is the following: is it possible to install games separately on the SSD and have the rest of my shit on my HDD? I don't have any issues with Windows, it's just that some games are loading slower from a HDD.

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Yes. Almost everyone would do the opposite thing (migrate Windows to SSD and leave games on the hard drive which are large and don't benefit from improved load times) as your net benefit would be much larger, but it's possible.
For example with Steam games, you can create a new library on the SSD and then move games using [Move Install Folder] over there. Blizzard games can be simply moved if you set the new location in their launcher. Some games need to be reinstalled at their new location.

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Are there ANY laptops or subnotebooks worth buying which can run most games from 2012-2016 on middul settings fine with their APU's? I.e. ones that would make a good temporary desktop replacement

Ideally i'm looking for a model in used condition which can be had cheap

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How can I disable sub-pixel rendering in Evince? No settings panel anywhere.
I don't want to use zathura or mupdf.

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What can I do with two spare 4-TB drives?

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Put it in your ass.

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I bought a 4690k second hand and I've noticed that it's often working at 4.2GHz. Is it possible that it came OC'd from the last buyer? base clock is 3.5 and boost is 3.9 normally.

pic related

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stripped volume?

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I'm a neet on welfare up in Canada and receive $1100 per month. I live expense free at my father's place. I cannot have more than $2,500 in my bank account. What should I spend the money on?

I'm thinking I'll get the 3950x on july 7th and a 2080 ti super even though I don't play games (I'd force myself to). I could also get a 4k 144hz monitor also a good 2tb m2 ssd.

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So last night with the league update (I know) after a game would exit, my Nvidia control panel color settings stopped working, but I just had to go back in the panel and disable/reenable to get it to work again.

This morning, my color settings weren't applied when I started my PC. I went to do the usual trick but it was saying they were already applied. Disabling/reenabling doesn't do anything, and if I try to move the sliders the program crashes. If I select the default it will let me apply, but If I try to choose the custom settings no apply button will appear. All the OS color profiles and settings are disabled. Anyone else had this? W10 x64 latest update, Dell S2716G, RTX 2080, 430.86 drivers.

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Seems like another restart cleared up the issue

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>10 Debian VMs need apt-get update
Is there an easier way to get the job done?

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best way to upgrade to win10 pro from windows 7 without parting with my shekels?

what if i torrented it to get the install and then bought a license key?

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i've successfully run just cause 3 and nier: automata on a laptop from 2013 with an i5-4200u (low voltage dual core), and nvidia 740m
it really depends on how low you're willing to go graphics settings wise

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First, you should try and see whether upgrading from Win7 just works. It no longer works on pirated versions, but if you're still running on an old unique license key it probably will still accept it and convert to a digital license bound to your mainboard. Otherwise refer to the links in the OP for activation.
You can use the official Microsoft tool or uup.rg-adguard.net to download a Win10 installation medium, no need to torrent anything.

Are you inquiring about running your own Debian mirror? Because that's taking a bit of disk space, currently about 450 GB for amd64 + all alone.
If yes, apt-mirror is your tool.
Otherwise, for automation of updates and upgrades, see apt-cron.

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im running on an old legit license key from a physical CD

>> No.71570599

i think you have to do an 'upgrade' install first, then the digital license is setup, then you can do clean installs in the future
also, if that doesnt work i hear the accessibility upgrade still works if you can find the setup program hosted back then (hint: it was called Windows10Upgrade24074.exe)

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I made a comment on a female co-worker's facebook photo saying "this is super lewd" and later got called in by HR and raked over the coals, ending with a formal warning being put on my record for "problematic behavior"

Can they do this for stuff that I did in my own time that had absolutely nothing to do with the company? Also was what I said really that bad? I didn't think it was really that bad at all.

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>not decent; obscene; lustful; unlearned; vile
>Slang for smut or pornography.
>Looks like James is going to post some lewds tonight on his page.
>Hey, check out these kinky lewds!
not bad at all.
Even if it's outside the workplace, your comment can be seen as harassment and that it is inside or outside your workplace, it can affect your job and her job. Nothing weird about this warning.

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I need a HDMI cable that doesn't give me black screens whenever it moves.

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>Buy macbook pro, 13 month of ownership
>Mild screen burn-in from viewing any window for even 3~ minutes continuously after most recent update
>Apple won't replace screen despite being under warranty, wants $600

What should I do to fix this? It's not unusable but it's fucking annoying and I'm quite pissed because it's only 1 year old. MBP 2017 13inch

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Is climate change actually a big deal?

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Why do monitors still use VGA? I'm looking for a fairly cheap 1080p monitor and they all seem to have VGA/hdmi, whole the more expensive ones have hdmi/DVI/display port. Is it just a price thing? I was shocked to find VGA still in use

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Does anyone use Coinbase? I bought BTC but it never asked me for my wallet address. Or is coinbase its own wallet? Basically I want to buy something using my BTC and I don't know what address to put in.

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What's a good terminal emulator?

Used default konsole so far, but can't seem to get font rendering working properly.

Preferrably a terminal with good-looking defaults

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YEAH...in about 100 years, it's just for political points for now

>> No.71571467

>absolutely nothing to do with the company
In most Western countries, the company is legally responsible for any interactions you have with co-workers - whether it's during office hours or outside of them.
I'm curious, though - what did you think would happen? What went through your head as you were writing that comment?

>> No.71571552

>Why do monitors still use VGA?
Cost-cutting reasons

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Ugg. Dude, you're asking on a site with a heavy political lean. This is not how you get unbiased info. But I mean, yeah, it's a pretty fucking big deal, and the shit that's happened already is pretty bad. The big question is whether in 20 years it's gonna be fucked up or mega fucked up.

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Too late, enjoy your life and don't have children.

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Would it be dumb to buy an old smartphone just to use it to listen to music in my car with a transmitter?

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it works, i use an fm transmitter to transmit around the home using an old phone

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How do graphics in Linux work?
What the heck is a DRI/DRM?

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Then go buy one.

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I'm fiddling with win10 because reasons, but explorer craps out and dies. Thumbnails refuse to load, the "progress bar" never completes, it's as slow as fuck. I disabled the quick access "section" but other locations remain, which caused some improvement but I then tried to move a file into a folder in the side bar (which was not the pinned quick access side bar) and explorer is dying again.

The fuck is going on here?

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DRI is the name for the whole infrastructure which has moved graphic card drivers from the X server (which had to directly talk to the hardware and therefore run as root) into the Linux kernel (from where it got ported to BSDs and OpenSolaris). DRM is both the name for the kernel interface and any particular driver (they're under drivers/gpu/drm in the kernel source tree and your modules directory).
There's some confusion because "DRM" was at first just a way to access OpenGL hardware while 2D rendering still went through X drivers; also the proprietary NVIDIA and ATI drivers used their own kernel module and a custom X driver and OpenGL library in the past which circumvented all of this (the NVIDIA driver still prefers to do that unless you explicitly turn on DRM support).

>> No.71572457

Nevermind, I think I fucked up a registry entry. Fixed it, seems to be working. Disabled quick access and other bullshit.

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How bad is browsing 4chan on an iPhone?

>> No.71572742

As there's no working 4chan apps left that you could install even on a jailbroken device, your only choices are either the default mobile view (it's okay, you have at least a thread watcher that can be toggled) or https://p.4chan.org/ (still requires you to make an account and still needs a pass to actually post on 4chan, only recommended if you already own a pass e.g. because of mobile range bans).
Be sure to install at least an adblocker for Safari in the former case.

>> No.71572753 [DELETED] 

k, so whats the deal with separate user-space and kernel drivers, i get that kernel drivers are used for using actual gpu harware but why are there user-space drivers as well? didn't we abstract away hardware details already?

>> No.71572840

Didn't know about p.4chan... seems sluggish as hell.
But thanks

>> No.71572859

Is clover connecting with https?

>> No.71572887

if you can't even figure that out on your own, does it matter?

>> No.71572897

what the fuck browser should i use

>> No.71572941

I've got a laptop coming in the mail, I've never bought a pre built computer before. It says it comes with win10, is that gonna come pre-installed or on a disc? I've got a bigger SSD on the way and want to know how I can transfer the OS from the SSD already in there to the new one if the OS is already installed.

If it matters the laptop in question is from Newegg, it's an Asus with a 1060. (sale on them right now)

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Recommend me a good cheap keyboard with small borders please

>> No.71573118

windows program to display vram above a game?
roommate is playing a pos game which has a video memory leak

>> No.71573188

I see no green lock so how do i know without doing something absurd like sniffing my own packets or reading the source

>> No.71573210

>how do i know without doing something absurd like sniffing my own packets or reading the source
you answered your own question

>> No.71573251

Im not doing that when your arrogant ass could just say yes or no

>> No.71573266

you want me to do it for you?

>> No.71573308

I was assuming someone knew from documentation and could easily tell me, but if you want to do that i wont say no.

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How will windows ever recover?

>> No.71573465

It's a bit complicated. The kernel side handles all 2D and 3D primitives the GPU supports, as well as power management and KMS (switching video modes).
In userspace, you have the libdrm library for talking to the kernel as well as modules for specific kernel drivers (libdrm_intel1, libdrm_nouveau2 etc.) which already have knowledge about what the kernel side implements. The Mesa library offers an OpenGL/Vulkan API to applications which then gets translated to GPU commands and dispatched using DRI drivers which in turn use to libdrm to talk to the hardware.
So we didn't really move everything into the kernel, basically just the parts associated with GPU control and not the parts that actually create images. Only on the level of an application speaking X11, Wayland or OpenGL these issues are abstracted away.

It's always pre-installed. Maybe it's even lacking the option to create a recovery stick from the installed system.
In case it's coming with a lot of OEM crapware on top of Microsoft's shit, you might want to do a clean install on the new SSD anyway.

>> No.71573506

Decent android app that'll give me warnings for when I'm using data off wifi?

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>> No.71573689

The Google one

>> No.71573834

I've seen two youtube apks talked about here, where you can play music without the app being focused, anybody know the name of them? For an unrooted phone

>> No.71574016

I want to modify jpeg images but cant find information on google about the encoding (maybe thats not the correct term). Im talking how the information is stored in the file, not the encoding algorithms and all that. I want to play with parameters and manipulate the file, where can i find information about that?

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>> No.71574071


>> No.71574145

Is there any pdf viewer for android that doesn't use google shit services?

>> No.71574166


>> No.71574171

Yeah and this stackoverflow(.)com/questions/8560571/where-can-i-get-free-specifications-of-jpeg-jfif-exif-etc
The word i needed was specification, thank you anyways anon

>> No.71574217

and it's even open sores. thanks anon!

>> No.71574255

of course, why would i installed proprietary software on my phone?

>> No.71574629

Look up someone named 'The hated one' on youtube, he has some good starting guides, also check out browser leaks. If you follow the guides and try and plug anything that browser leaks reports you'll make it significantly harder to scrape information from your browser

>> No.71574661

Where can i find the most up to date untouched Window 10 Enterprise edition ISO?

>> No.71574702

Can you extract an image from a doc as it is using just a viewer program?

>> No.71574750

Best PDF reader for Android?

>> No.71574770


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If a GPU had been plugged into a motherboard which short circuited probably due to a buildup of dust, would there be any risk to a new motherboard and other parts if it was used in it? Is there a risk of damage to new parts if a bricked GPU you aren't sure is damaged or not was added to them?
What are the chances of a GPU being fine after a short circuit, would red vertical bars on the acer startup screen then a failure to start the bios just be down to the motherboard/cpu? The vga port on the motherboard doesn't even display a screen, do the red bars mean the card is damaged?

>> No.71574942

I use a lot of cracked software and am looking to upgrade my machine, however I am trying to isolate if any of my cracks have virus'/mal/adware etc installed.
I have ran Kaspersky and Malwarebytes and they find nothing.
I am wondering if there is anything I can use, such as methodology with the task manager or trends I should look out for in relation to memory/CPU usage, to try and isolate any infections.

I don't want to be porting infected software over to a new Ryzen 3900x in the near future. Any advise is appreciated.

>> No.71575038

>no text reflow

>> No.71575115

Is there a way to copy a usb/card contents upon connection without dragging everything from folder to folder? Like an automatic clone upon connection utility. Can be winblows or linux.

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File: 56 KB, 678x330, dfsv_678x452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you run Witcher 3, Kingdom Come Deliverance, AC Odyssey and Hitman 1&2 on this at 50-60 fps?

>> No.71575257

Not even at 720p.

>> No.71575280

What about edited to 640 by 480? Would Witcher 3 run at 50-60fps then?

>> No.71575396

If the game actually goes that low, as far as I recall the witcher 2 was limited to 800x600.
But yeah, at 640x480 you might hit that target.

>> No.71575422

can i put PSUs upside down (fan facing downwards) into my case (corsair 450d, dustfilter/mesh at the bottom) without running into problems?

>> No.71575497
File: 45 KB, 442x741, 61hOqru2AWS._SY741_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>My model Zune id pic related.

Does anyone know where I can find old versions of the Zune Software or an equivalent that won't try to update my Zune?

>> No.71575528

Assuming your PSU is on the bottom and not on top, then yes, some cases are designed for airflows like this.
If yours has a exhaust at the bottom, then it is probably too.
The PSU itself doesn't care what position it is in.

>> No.71575580

If I'm a brainlet that frequently browses questionable sites, is malwarebytes premium worth it?

>> No.71575629

thx man, i just dont want the psu fan facing into the case, imo it doesnt look as nice

>> No.71575874

Can I create a FreeNas computer and just use it locally without internet? Sort of like a self-contained DAS? I don't want to share my files with the internet

>> No.71575964

How do I get pictochat for Android? Apparently it's only available for iOS

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So... Should I buy a 450W one or the 650W?
Why do they recommend me different thing than the result?

>> No.71576171

Is there any software that syncs up information from different sources in one environment?
like a user defined news app? Like a twitter feed but with more than twitter. I want to streamline my data hoarding and actually look through it instead of having smart boy pdf's on my hdd.

>> No.71576587

because power supplies aren't 100% efficient

>> No.71577085


>> No.71577160

I have a Microsoft SQL database. I'm gonna fill it with stuff from an Excel sheet, so several people can work concurrently in it. The option they told me to go with consists in writting lots of VBA to use the Excel sheet as interface with the database. Is this the best way to do it? Any other software that could work as interface to read and write data, and requires minimal set up?

>> No.71577206

Does Windows Sanbox thingy runs any services in the background when it's not being used and that can theoretically slow down the PC?
Not sure why it needs a reboot after enabling it too.
I tried using it but after disabling it, I feel like my PC became a bit sluggish before I enabled Sandbox. Might be just placebo, dunno.

>> No.71577209

Psus are rated for power out on the rails, not power in from the wall

You can probably get by with 550W. They recommend more because 650w is a sweet spot price/quality wise and your components make peak a little higher than their rating or run into a power bug (rarer nowadays but look at intel avx power consumption) which runs wild with power.

>> No.71577229

Microsoft Access is made for this.

>> No.71577262

You mean using Access instead of Microsoft SQL? We already have the server and I don't know if we have Access available. I don't mattern enough to push a change this big. Or you mean using Access as a front end? In which case I should ask if free software exists instead. Very poor Botswanian business man. If I lose this job I'll have to work for a war lord.

>> No.71577299

Only as front end.
Excel really isn't made for this, so you'll have a hard time creating any sort of UI for it.
If you're versed with C# you create some simple data bound applications, the data binding components automatically update/insert records for you without much manual work.

>> No.71577303

Yes, but humans aren't advanced enough to be able to terraform, so whatever.

>> No.71577316

An RSS reader? I use tt-rss.

>> No.71577407

>RSS reader
Fucking thank you. Holy fuck, I am legitimately a turbo moron, would probably drown with floaties on.

>> No.71577635

>Does anybody here own a 2060, or 2070 and is on windows 7?

>> No.71577680


test (sorry)

>> No.71577762

a really old family member wants to watch abc on their tv and they dont have cable. we got them a digital antenna and keep scanning but never ever get abc. they are within range of a tower and should be getting it. we tried two different mohu antennae one with 30 mile range one with 60 mile range and we still cannot for the life of us get fucking abc.

what can I do to make this thing work? we've tried using different coaxial cables, no cable just straight to the tv, cable with and without an amplifier attachment, moving it closer to a window etc

whenever we scan we'll get different amounts of channels sometimes 15 sometimes 30 sometimes 50 whatever but it never picks up the one channel she wants ABC. shit will even pick up 2 CBS's and 2 NBC's sometimes

>> No.71577835


Sorry guy ^ 'ere

32, explosive ordinance disposal, dropped out of highschool, no college, specialist E4, good with hardware, clueless with software. Recently laid off, would appreciate ideas. Could I get into coding at this point in my life?

>> No.71577892

why isnt my bamboo ink working properly on my surface pro? it was fine before but now only pressure sensitive on windows ink none of the other apps it was working on before
please help

>> No.71578066

So it's about to storm pretty badly. I've met some people that insist on unplugging your computer during storms to prevent some kind of power surge that will fry it, but I never have and am starting to wonder if I should. What's the deal?

>> No.71578248

I've had ethernet ports destroyed before, usually on modems but sometimes on the PC itself. Also had surge protectors murdered. Your shit can get wrecked.

>> No.71578297

Look up where the nearest ABC is broadcasting from ant point the antenna specifically there. The more powerful the antenna, the more directional it is. Also there may be a lot of obstruction between you and the station. The more height you can get under the antenna, the better.

>> No.71578338

The last time my HDD died was while I was asleep with a storm going on outside. Who knows if it actually had anything to do with it, but it made me ponder

>> No.71578344

Is it possible to install windows with the drivers arleady installed?
Doing a fresh install of W10 is a horrifying experience. I can't get the fucking wifi to work. I've tried all the drivers off the Dell website, but it either doesn't work or won't install.

>> No.71578411

You can pre-integrate those same drivers, but if they're not working, that's probably not the problem. Windows should just set up drivers automatically without you having to do anything. Sounds like it could be a hardware problem.

>> No.71578435


>> No.71578449

anybody know a non-niggerlicious introduction to js?

>> No.71578453
File: 75 KB, 598x687, 1464973916909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I downloaded the ltsc file, but I don't know what to do now
I also don't have a cd drive

>> No.71578495

how can I get speccy to run without having to give it permission every time
aka how to make windows leave speccy alone

>> No.71578648

Read first pastebin in OP.

>> No.71578748
File: 1.18 MB, 2028x2136, nope no luck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need to know if this issue here is because of
>OS version 10 vs 7
>vega issue, or are 2000 series nvidia gpus also effected
essentially if I switch to 2060, will it fix it, or will both vega and 2060 be fucked unless I get windows 10.

So I need a kind anon to tell me how witcher 1 performs on those setups.

>> No.71578798

Should i replace a I5-4460 with a I5-4570?

>> No.71578805

Note i have both CPUs so i wont be paying anything.

>> No.71578807

one of you nerds tell me if that veritas vid about google is shit or not.

>> No.71578838

Quantum break is built like crap on PC anyway. I doubt you'd see any specific issues with witcher, but it's a moot point, as Windows 7 only has a few months of support left anyway.

I mean if you're literally just paying for the thermal paste, knock yourself out, but you're unlikely to notice any difference.

>> No.71578874

>I mean if you're literally just paying for the thermal paste, knock yourself out, but you're unlikely to notice any difference.
As long there is one because removing my heatsink is a pain, paste is not a problem.

>> No.71578956

>As long there is one
The only discernible difference between the two is a 0.2 ghz improvement to boost clock speed. It's about as useless of an upgrade as you can get.

>> No.71578967
File: 37 KB, 386x493, libraries.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just upgraded to windows 10, i can't add more folders to my default libraries only change the folder. am i just a retard or did they remove this feature from 7 for some reason?

>> No.71579049

Is it a hardware problem if it only works on linux? It works fine on the ubuntu partition, but not Windows.

>> No.71579152


I want a tiny laptop. Should I get lenovo chromebook?

>> No.71579163

Anyone here work as a network engineer?

>> No.71579177

install gentoo

>> No.71579229

sure, why not? you can get a refurbed one on newegg for like ninety bucks

>> No.71579266

so since huawei's android support is ending, i can put a rom in the phone or its gonna be useless?

>> No.71579274

which version of windows 7 do i install for my SSD. I usually do Ultimate but is it pointless?

>> No.71579304

I mean I'd check that there aren't any physical buttons or switches interfering. You might also look up the compatible id for it and find a driver that way.

You won't care about the difference from pro to ultimate. 7 is ending soon though, so it's not worth the effort of configuring it.

>> No.71579330

Anon, I haven't used windows since 7 but I'm fairly sure "Downloads" hasn't been a library since about half way through 7's development, so if you want a downloads library you'll have to make your own.
Also, if windows really doesn't let you add locations to libraries for some reason, you can just add them manually. The xml files stored in "%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Libraries\"

>> No.71579337

Haha, I get it! It's because Chrome OS is Gentoo based

>> No.71579395

You can rom it as easily as you could before. You can also just continue using it, it just won't get any security/OS updates, unless they figure out how to pull them from AOSP.

>> No.71579476

How are people managing their pacman cache? I just realized my root directory had slowly dipped from 20gb down to 7gb over the course of maybe 6 months. Went and looked and found it was the pacman cache. So I just nuked the entire directory. What is the best automated way of handling cleaning it? I only figure I need one version back for backup reasons. Supposedly pacman -Sc cleans out the cache but I'm not certain its possible to maintain a single backup version for rollbacks. Atleast the man page doesn't indicate as such. I've never bothered with this issue before because I never separated the root from home partitions. I just used one giant partition and if I ever felt the need I'd clean it out by hand.

>> No.71579631

What's the best VPS/Server provider in terms of price to spec?

>> No.71579728
File: 35 KB, 385x494, Pictures.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm pretty sure it is in 10 but if you want to get into semantics here's the Pictures library with the same problem. when i opened this same locations tab in 7 it would allow me to add as many folders as i want, but here i can only add one for some reason.

>> No.71579819

alright I followed the instructions but the boot took me to windows repair

>> No.71579862

Are you sure you're looking at the actual libraries and not some windows10 bullshit? 10 hides libraries by default I think.

>> No.71579990

How do I clone an in-use ssd?
To elaborate: I have an HDD installed with windows on it, but I want to clone it to an SSD in my laptop. Is it possible to clone the HDD to the SSD without removing it from the laptop?

>> No.71580012

Google IS evil. That much should be clear without watching any one particular video.

>> No.71580017

Will a 1.8GHz rockchip with 2GB RAM (a rock64) be able to run a headless Source server, serving TF2 with probably like 4-8 players if that, with no issues? How about a theoretical max of 24?
I can't find any good fucking requirements for the source server and I have no idea whether it being from 15 years ago makes it easy to run or whether they've just bloated the shit out of it in the meantime.

>> No.71580024
File: 184 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190625-012255.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I get rid of the arrows at the bottom right? I keep accidentally pressing them

>> No.71580026
File: 83 KB, 550x543, r1zr3jm86ba11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it safe to delete my AppData file? Lots of stuff in there that I would rather have deleted.

>> No.71580050

someone please help

>> No.71580059

Doubtful. You can configure Linux to boot to RAM entirely, but it's probably not trivial except on distros explicitly configured for that, which are mostly live distros, and if you're doing that you're already booting off a USB anyway so you're good.
Either way you're gonna have to connect the two drives to one OS somehow. If you don't want to take out your SSD, you're gonna have to connect your HDD to your laptop. That could take the shape of somehow sharing the entire drive over the network, for example, though physically connecting it is likely to be much more straightforward.

>> No.71580061

Dont know if this is /g/ related but what would ve a good fan for my room?

>> No.71580085

wire up some spare case fans and save your shakels

>> No.71580092

It is possible using clonezilla. Theoretically. I imagine though that your hard drive has more capacity and that's going to prevent your from doing it simply.

>> No.71580096

MDN. And no, (((moz://a))) bullshit hasn't noticeably affected their dev docs yet, thankfully, and they're still the best resource.
It has both references for pretty much the entire standard, as well as a variety of more tutorial-like pages explaining more high-level concepts or giving examples of usage of stuff.

>> No.71580110

how should i go about switching from the motherboard RAID setup, (Fakeraid), to just windows 10 software raid? (Without losing data).
I have a raid 1 connectd through the bios using intel rapid storage or some shit.
Can I just turn off the array without losing data? The raid doesn't even have windows on it, just documents, so i'm not worried about having trouble booting or anything.

>> No.71580120

On Linux it's probably trivially achievable with uevents
On windows I have literally no clue

>> No.71580140

get unetbootin and a flash drive, use unetbootin to download/flash gparted live onto it, then plug it into the laptop and boot into gparted.
You should probably have an enclosure for your HDD so you can plug it into the laptop too.
Resize the HDD partition so it fits on the SSD then clone it.

>> No.71580165

AppData is a folder, it had tons of shit including configuration for programs
If you don't care about configuration and stuff like that feel free to delete whatever, basically what could happen is a lot of programs might revert to a state as if you'd just installed them, some even save files there by default (in cases where you aren't expected to always provide a destination path, e.g. think game saves rather than Word output files).

If there's some particular subfolder you want to delete knock yourself out, worst of the worst you might need to reinstall something

>> No.71580175

Is it possible to remove a file's personal information in Windows10??, I have tried the most obvious way but it doesn't work.

>> No.71580187
File: 305 KB, 330x513, 1494613438904.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71580229

didn't winshit let you write an autorun.inf to start a script or something?

>> No.71580268

Is there a "free" encoding farm where i can upload things and have it be encoded?
I cant handle x265 but i need to convert some large shit down in filesize.
I dont care if they retail the data, its of no personal matter.

>> No.71580269

oh if it's hidden then i guess not. i got to that page by literally just right clicking the library and hitting properties. should i just try the .xml file like you mentioned earlier?

>> No.71580270
File: 588 KB, 759x658, 1544744432219.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71580275

How come my built in keyboard from my laptop stopped working? It was working a few minutes ago. Can't even log into my account because they keyboard doesn't work.
It works when I use it for getting int BIOS and shit, but not when Windows is booted.

>> No.71580288

It's less true anonymity and more I just want to circumvent a ban in a game.

>> No.71580320

Well most blacklist/ban systems worth their money are gonna have VPNs and tor exit nodes and all those memes banned, so either try whatever free VPN you find (like proton or whatever), or consider just getting a VPS if just one evasion is good enough for you: almost nobody bans datacenter IPs.

>> No.71580335

Editing the xml files won't help you if the libraries are hidden. Try right clicking the folder panel on the left and and see if there's an option for that.

>> No.71580348
File: 24 KB, 428x293, 34056744-bcundw4sfgWcuxly-s-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you know DeepFreeze? I knew any write on SSD would ruin it's life. My question is will this extend the life of the SSD since writes seem to spell doom for SSDs over time?

I have no problems with DeepFreezing HDDs for years. I wonder if SSDs would be fine
I use DeepFreeze for Experimentation. my classmate gave me an SSD, she said it's Brand new. this computer contains serious school and Government documents.

>> No.71580371

Put the SSD in a literal freezer instead

>> No.71580381

anyone got tips for dealing with technical questions for interviews? i looked at the job description etc and i should be fine i just don't wanna screw up

>> No.71580413


>> No.71580471

Are there ANY email services I can use to verify a Github account that let me sign up through Tor? Cock.li and guerillmail emails are banned from their verification process, Protonmail refuses to allow Tor signups.

>> No.71580582

Did you try the various domains? I believe I might have used airmail.cc successfully, and half the time guerilla's pokemail or something works.

>> No.71580638
File: 3 KB, 970x214, weirdshit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has the google images thing just stopped working for anyone else? It doesn't load anymore columns for me when you scroll down, pic rel

Also clicking on any pic does nothing and just causes the browser to jump back to the top of the page every time

It worked fine just yesterday

>> No.71580738

Lads what laptop should I get for $900. needs good battery and good build quality

>> No.71580753

worrying about SSD writes anymore is pretty dumb. you can write dozens of gigs and gigs of data everyday for over 10 years and still be fine on writes.
that shit is largely exaggerated and bunk on modern SSDs

>> No.71580770
File: 23 KB, 409x437, 1334052466939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i meant to wipe the internal sd on my phone but did the external on accident because im an idiot. how can i quickly and easily fix the partition table? i have testdisk running right now but is there something better?
i immediately removed the card and put it in my computer in read only mode, plus it was in twrp so there shouldnt have been any writes while in the phone so im hoping for 0 data loss. im on windows btw.

>> No.71580771

Yes, it's pretty simple, provided you have an external hard drive you can use that's big enough to hold the contents of the HDD. You just use Macrium Reflect to make an image file of your SSD on the external, then you swap the drives out and restore that image. If you don't have an external or flash drive that's big enough, you can buy SSD to USB adapters pretty cheap, and just clone it directly.

>> No.71580801

What was the last step you did successfully?

>> No.71580851

how can I start a C# project without paying for anything? Visual Studio community 2019 is a good option?

>> No.71580872


>> No.71580884 [DELETED] 

oh I reformat the drive and did it all over again. It worked this time haha
I'm just confused about https://pastebin.com/cpdmr6HZ now
do I need to download them all?

>> No.71581065
File: 396 KB, 468x468, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would be a better field to get into without a degree: IT or software development?

>> No.71581168

How do you use hydrus without downloading anything from any server at all.
I just want to tag my own stuff that wouldnt be in the meme chan repo's anyhow

>> No.71581301

Is there an alternative to Calibre? I just want to have my books organized as bookmars. I currently do this on a browser but it's too slow for opening files, besides the lack of support for some formats.

>> No.71581314

I'm trying to do some multihead stuff with linux. I'm using a HDMI connection to my TV. So far, I got the sound to work but I want to mute my TV when I plug headphones in. Is this possible using only ALSA?

>> No.71581325

i just installed windows10 just because i wanted to install some windows games and why is this so horrible, i feel like everything works bad or doesnt work
whats the best way to activate windows 10?
and why is chrome so stupidly slow when i just formatted? it wasnt like this before.

>> No.71581456
File: 30 KB, 450x410, 4a4149a1c7c4c2436266c8c2db7b75.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Processor names are eally fucked right now and intell really fucked up with the names (oh how I long for the days of pentium 4 when the names where simple).
The i7 is the least important part of the processor the generation number hidden in its number string is the most important part.
Intel makes new incompatible processors every year in like we are talking adding 1 pin and the mobo can not accept processors other then the ones made in this year or so.

Shit gets confusing.
>pins vs the little nubs
This is important and a big deal square peg will not go into round hole.

Here are some videos (will confuse you more on the subject)

The actually important shit about a intell processor today (look for generation number):

CPU sockets explained

>> No.71581478

>whats the best way to activate windows 10?

>> No.71581496

Forgot to ad this

>> No.71581590
File: 23 KB, 250x250, 1520588869219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My displayport cable suddenly stopped working with my pc, but it works with my roommates pc ([email protected]) but it won't go to 144hz anymore. Just get a black screen. With my pc I used to run at [email protected], but now all I can do is load into the BIOS and after the windows logo goes away I just get black screen. Tried reinstalling drivers but nothing helped.

Is this a cable that went bad or what? I'm confused as to how it can still do [email protected] perfectly fine on my roommates. Just wanna know before I spend the shekles on a new cable. Running at 60hz on HDMI is killing me.

>> No.71581595

You kids these days!
Its because DOS was trying to be compatible (or copy it or whatever) with CP/M the OS. And / was taken for sending parameters.



>> No.71581615
File: 431 KB, 1332x850, 1561229753904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let me educate you.
Learn what a TTY in linux is.

1) use linux mint
2) Create new OS user account (no password because why use passwords?) named "porn"
3)Press CTRL+ALT+F1 (its from F1 to F7)
4) Type in the name of the account so porn
5)type in startx
6)congratulations brows the internet where every cockie and shit is isolated to this OS account.
7)After finishing delete the OS account and brows in a new account the internet for a different reason.

Was this so hard?
All tracking is localized to this 1 newly created account and once its deleted the account all tracking is lost.

Spawn accounts for different reasons like work or 4chan etc.
Browser plugins are a meme and a wast of time.

You can thank me later.
>or social media
This buzzword is meaningles.
What you mean facebook? I don't use facebook and facebook is a shitty website/forum not some magical social media.

Simpy don't log into shit like facebook and brows anonymously all the time or stay logged in a different TTY.
Use CTRL+ALT+F keys to switch TTYs.

>> No.71581629

Coinbase is the sleaziest company to crawl from the pits of the scam that is cryptoshit. The "assets" you "own" on Coinbase likely don't even exist in the capacity that is claimed. You should absolutely withdrawal to your own wallet (so that your assets actually exist). Their business model assumes that people will "buy" their crypto and only trade it back to them, making them rich from the value differential in assets neither party actually possesses. If that's not bad enough, they also use your money (actual dollars) for weeks interest free during their week+ long "fund clearing" periods. Note that these wire-transfers are often done the same day.

>> No.71581640
File: 19 KB, 387x484, 1365027243939.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I redid it all and it worked
not sure what happened the first time
thanks /sqt/

>> No.71581647

Can I say whatever I want on this American site from within the EU? Is it illegal for someone from Germany to deny the Holocaust on an American server aka American territory?

>> No.71581682
File: 79 KB, 615x400, 1536014088936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1) use linux mint

>> No.71581695

SDDs are a meme stay with HDD. Idiots who get SSDs are to stupid to realize they run out of ram and the OS is using a pagefile. Having a pagefile on SSD is better then a HDD however its a terrible solution simply get more RAM.

>> No.71581703

Why not? Its easiest for noobs to setup. And just works.

>> No.71581718

I think it's having the opinion that is illegal, not the sharing of said opinion. So in that hypothetical I don't think it matters. I'm also pretty sure Germany has arrested foreign holocaust deniers at the airport for visiting.

Also, our freedom of speech does not extend to foreign shitposters.

>> No.71581728

> I cannot have more than $2,500 in my bank account.

Simply pay out the money in cash and hold it under your mattress to accumulate wealth and pay for things in cash.

>> No.71581790

No its confirmed fake (fake news will say the opposite).

Look yourself into the 2009 leaked climate gate emails.
You can not get more fake after the wizards who say this shit are hiding all the data and you are accepting it on faith while the wizards privet talk how fake it is.

There is even a e-mail freak out of one of the wizards making it obvious that all of the climate shit is fake. In like they destroy the data before showing it to anyone. Sure sounds like solid evidence.

>> No.71581894

I'm having choppy audio and it seems like it only comes from youtube and streaming. happens on 2 different chromium based browsers I tested. some places where the audio isn't choppy:
>battle.net voice chat
>system sounds
>mp3 stuff I saved like in itunes, VLC

also can someone explain the concept of botnet to me? thanks

>> No.71581916

Not sure myself.
I think /g/ uses it to talk about spyware and legal spyware(its not a crime if I say it in the EULA, its not a crime if you hit "I agree" in the EULA, something you agreed to can never be spyware LOL ~corporate shill) from big corporations.

Or are you asking about real botnets?

>> No.71582012
File: 741 KB, 1280x720, Z2_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I recently acquired a certain h-rpg game. I noticed it seemed a bit blurry, and discovered all the images were 720px tall. I tried up-scaling all of them by 1.5x to 1080p with waifu2x, but now the game is zoomed in on the images.

My question is, how do I make the game work with the up-scaled images so it shows the whole image and not just the top left corner of it?

>> No.71582027
File: 265 KB, 600x600, 1469481622841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My Vizio died today, /g/. She had been good to me. 42 inch 1080p but we had some good times.

But not having a tv is shit so I need some advice. Best 4k with a flexible 500 dollar budget? I'm willing to spend up if worth it since I'll have it for years, but I'm mainly going for the best bang for your buck. Primary uses will be watching Dish Network, playing Playstation and streaming Netflix/Prime. Here's a rare pepe for your troubles.

>> No.71582069
File: 644 KB, 1510x922, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Also, looking at Walmart's website right now and I guess it's safe to assume these are trash since they're practically giving them away?

>> No.71582247


Next level up is LG OLED, which is hard to get for under $1000

>> No.71582280
File: 325 KB, 382x417, 1416261634605.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I were to get custom firmware on my router would I be able to block domains for a specific device on my network? If yes what should I look into and the networking terms for it?

>> No.71582301
File: 90 KB, 350x373, install_ontario.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Buy me a 3800X
t. ontario-anon

>> No.71582384
File: 58 KB, 424x600, absolutely concerned.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Building a mid-range gaming rig, with a monitor capped at 1080p 60Hz. Is it worth waiting for Zen 2 or should I pick up a ryzen 5 2600 when all I wanna do is play vidya that came out in the 2010s?

>> No.71582386

So I can't code at all not a single bit, so how and where exactly do I set gpu-hq on MPV?
Or is there some download that has all the settings already done?

>> No.71582398
File: 1.18 MB, 1366x744, 1561416655165.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I create a custom theme in linux? I've been tinkering around with it a lot and finally decided I want to make it look somewhat nice. Also I don't care much for the regular options that are already built in. I was thinking of creating something easy on the eyes and overall comfy. Sorta like pic related (not mine, belongs to someone in the desktop thread). Thanks

>> No.71582657

Is there anything like RAID but for RAM, so I can keep using a laptop with possibly bad integrated RAM

>> No.71582719

literally google

>> No.71582735

How much should I ask for for my TV on CL/FB market?

It's a mint 2012 Samsung 48 inch SmartTV.

Is $100 too much?

>> No.71582739
File: 18 KB, 500x565, rocks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what is a computer

>> No.71582937

Now can anyone explain badram masks?
memtest says the ram is fine so I have nothing there. I want to disable the last 2GB of my entire 10GB ram. So the first param is 0x2540BE400 for 8GB but I don't understand what to put for the mask to disable the following 2GB

>> No.71583034

Is there any way for me to use a raspi or other device to minor internet usage per device on my network? Or should I just get a router, and route the devices I want to monitor through a subnet?
Just looking to monitor how much is used by each in a given month

>> No.71583113

What's a good Android app that will allow me to combine a bunch of videos to one or photos into video. I have a reader 2 phone if that helps.

>> No.71583209

real, unreal, anything.

>> No.71583372

So is OpenWRT what I'm looking for? Any good Wireless routers under $50 USD?
3600 for higher clock speeds since that was the rage back then, 3600X if you can spend a bit more money.

>> No.71583485

What's the easiest way to view Sandboxie's Reghive file other than mounting it in regedit?

>> No.71583669

I am trying to troubleshoot eGPU/VR performance.

>ThinkPad X380 Yoga, max spec
>GTX 1070 (Gigabyte GV-N1070G1-GAMING-8GD)
>Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box 350W
>4-lane TB3
>16GB DDR4-2400
>M.2 NVMe
>700Mbps net
>HTC Vive

I am mostly playing VRChat on the Vive, which is very CPU-heavy with poor multithreading and just badly optimized in general. I typically get 10-15fps, should be 30-45 I think. I get 80-90fps in VRChat's desktop (non-VR) mode at 1440p.

Once in a while I play non-VR games at 1440p. I tested Mirror's Edge Catalyst and got around 25fps on low settings. Runs at [email protected] on ultra with a 1070 in a desktop.

Low GPU load and low CPU clock so I am pretty sure the main issue is CPU throttling. The X380Y has a history of throttling problems even at low temps. Recent BIOS updates seem to have mostly fixed it for most people. They've improved my performance a bit, but not much. My CPU hits 80deg at load so at least it is no longer throttling early.

I've tried undervolting with ThrottleStop but only got -50mV CPU and -15mV iGPU before I started getting BSODs. I read someone else got -130mV CPU and -60mV iGPU stable on the same laptop/CPU... what gives?

When I try to check "Speed Shift - EPP" in ThrottleStop I immediately BSOD. GPU-Z says SST is enabled though and ThrottleStop says it's at 128 so I guess that's fine?

Additionally, I've tried the following tweaks for VRChat performance: using Unity's Desktop Low preset, putting the VR desktop mirror on an external monitor (eGPU is slow rendering on the internal display... I have it off entirely), reducing the VR desktop mirror resolution, minimizing the VR desktop mirror, running the VRChat exe directly without Steam, increasing VRChat.exe's process priority, disabling Nvidia's overlay, disabling my iGPU in Device Manager, disabling the Vive's bluetooth/camera. No applications or background processes running besides VRChat, SteamVR, and most of the default Windows 10 junk.

Any ideas?

>> No.71583742

Ran out of characters. I have a couple other issues.

Pretty frequently in VRChat, and sometimes in other VR games, my Vive screen turns completely grey for around 30 seconds and then fixes itself. I think it usually happens when performance is bad. Unplugging the Vive's USB cable and plugging it back in fixes it immediately (don't have to wait 30 seconds). So... USB bandwidth issue? Vive is my only USB device, 3.0 port. Doesn't seem to be a common problem so I'm thinking it is eGPU-related.

Worlds and avatars in VRChat load very slowly, about twice as slow as other people near me geographically. My network is fast, and other applications are fine. Maybe it is just related to my CPU problems.

Thanks for the help.

>> No.71583771
File: 14 KB, 311x313, 87dffebdd4fdfbcc8f390cdaa91debd94269a4e11959fdd5b7147ffeba997e06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you're a meme

>> No.71583885

I got myself a sata-usb adapter for a 3.5" HDD, I have a powersuply that is 12v , 1A but the HDD needs 12v 0.5A. Will it still be okay or will it kill my disk?

>> No.71583896

Volts has to be =, Amps can be =>

>> No.71583953

Thank you

>> No.71584037

Whats the easiest/ fastest way to convert a .flac with a .cue into a bunch of .mp3s?

>> No.71584217

nevermind, found a solution. musicbee works the best

>> No.71584252

That's how I use it too. Just import your local images.

>> No.71584284
File: 24 KB, 424x280, like_this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Google regularly shows "Unusual traffic from your computer network" captcha. Started recently. There is a LAN under the same external IP (not dynamic). PCs in LAN was scanned with ESET Nod (latest bases), but with zero results. There may be some phones in LAN too.

Is there a way to find out what computer may be a source of that "unusual traffic"? Maybe by scanning traffic in LAN (if yes - with what and how)? Or another way to narrow this problem somehow?

>> No.71584286

In your config file mpv.conf
The location depends on your OS (see: https://mpv.io/manual/stable/#files)
If the file doesn't exist, just open your text editor, put profile=gpu-hq in the first line and save it as mpv.conf

>> No.71584293

For you it will be easier to use elastic
But beware elastic is a resource hog

>> No.71584389

My monitor (BenQ XL2430T) has some USB ports in it. Is there something I can plug into these to record the screen? I see some shit that kind of fits the description but some of the other stuff I have tried to put in these ports didn't work.

>> No.71584504
File: 84 KB, 914x551, usb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, it's just an extra 2-port USB hub for your PC. These USB ports aren't connected to the monitor itself at all.

>> No.71584701

>writes seem to spell doom for SSDs over time?
That's a meme. It was true in 2013, but it certainly isn't true for any new SSDs you've bought in the past 3 years.

>> No.71584709

Anyone have the torrent for iso standards? I saw it once and now i need it

>> No.71584732

>It was true in 2013
phew, good thing my SSD is from 2012

>> No.71584818
File: 20 KB, 1065x684, AIDS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I was going though my add/remove program page in windows to see if there was something that I could remove and saw this old utility for a wireless card that I don't use anymore so I uninstalled it.

Problem is, it was 50 GB!

WTF, why was it so big? Anyone has an explanation?

>> No.71584985

Redpill me on systemd what's so bad about it? why does /g/ hate it so much.

>> No.71585012

have you tried plugging it in and out?

>> No.71585338
File: 64 KB, 512x512, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what happened to the free version?

>> No.71585555

Its a big deal in the sense that its a motive for all 8 billion people to hate you, and for you to hate every one of them. Your mere existence is part of the problem presented to people, and one person can't do anything, anything whatsoever, to have a direct net positive impact on the problem except to kill a ton of people. You can lead by example all you want with recycling, litter cleanup, tree planting, not driving, and you'll still be causing the problem.

>> No.71585603

What's the best software for making w10 stop spying on me?

>> No.71585641


More seriously, there are only two ways to guarantee that Windows 10 doesn't spy on you: Uninstalling it and isolating it from the internet. You should assume that anything else is placebo.

>> No.71585659

is 3.74GB enough space for a win10 USB install or should I just use an 8GB USB?

>> No.71585674

Placebo makes me feel better though.

>> No.71585700

got new(used) ram sticks, is this good?

total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 3892 680 2963 72 248 2934
Swap: 1023 162 861

>> No.71585828

Are 4chan's servers being throttled lately? Shit takes forever to load and I have fiber internet, everything else is appropriately fast

>> No.71585835
File: 2.41 MB, 1280x3775, pic_to_get_attention.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any good beginner guides for AWK?

>> No.71585902

Which is the problem. A false sense of security leads to irrational actions.

No, go with the USB.

>> No.71585916


>> No.71586088

It's a display error. The install size is a ballpark number that has been there since XP and never worked that great for anything not installed with Windows Installer.

If it's just the images, it's because the slow is2 image servers are back. Get yourself a userscript that rewrites all images back to Cloudflare URLs. You don't need the full 4chan X for that, a simple script like this (which doesn't rewrite thumbnails, which are usually fast enough) will already do:
// ==UserScript==
// @name 4chan Rewrite image links
// @namespace whoisthisforechan
// @match *://boards.4chan.org/*
// @match *://boards.4channel.org/*
// @grant none
// ==/UserScript==
function rewriteLink(el) {
let replacedlink = el.href.replace(/\/is\d?\.4chan\.org\//, '/i.4cdn.org/');
el.href = replacedlink;
document.querySelectorAll('a.fileThumb').forEach(e => rewriteLink(e));
document.querySelectorAll('div.fileText > a').forEach(e => rewriteLink(e));

Otherwise, have a look at the network tab of the F12 browser console what exactly loads slow.

International releases of Win10 have exceeded ISO sizes of 4 GB (and even single-layer DVD size without install.wim compression) for some time. A 8 GB or better yet 16 GB USB drive is more future-proof.

>> No.71586134 [DELETED] 

Can anyone recommend some books or websites that cover CS fundamentals?

I've been offered a job in the industry but don't have a CS degree.

>> No.71586227

What manga reader (or reader extensions) do you like to use?
Tachiyomi changed their compatibility to require a separate extension for every online catalog, and I'm trying to recover function.

>> No.71586496

What problems can my router reasonably be causing? A lot of times in my life I find my self needing to diagnose intermittent network problems, and a lot of the time I seem to be directed back to the router. Can it be reasonably functional and still drop packets every once in a while? What modes of failure can it have? I almost always use wired connections, how often should I blame the ethernet cable?
The most recent problem I had turned out to be the ISPs DNS server, at my house I just have DNS set automatically and configure it at the router, and the ISPs DNS at where I am now would just straight up not resolve sometimes. So, how do I make troubleshooting this garbage any faster? Are there ways I can quickly eliminate problems? This is turning into an almost constant struggle.

>> No.71586547

Depends on what you're doing, if you want to hack things join a local wargaming or CTF club, or try to enter a competition. If you do really well, great, if you embarass yourself, watch other people and figure out what you need to go learn more about. Breaking into things is harder than keeping people out at a very basic level, any idiot can configure fail2ban and mandatory access control, or whatever spicy linux security software is out this week. However, creating a truly secure system means that you have to have an intimate understanding of how system security is bypassed or defeated. I would argue that offensive security is the only meaningful part of the field. Development and deployment of security tools both revolve around the current methods used to break into stuff. DEFCON talks are pretty base level, you should be able to understand most or all of those, and they're easily available online.

>> No.71586734

Good books or resources on steganography? Mainly digital signatures

>> No.71586764

Watermarking sorry

>> No.71586856

How important is a back camera on a phone? Mine broke and my cheapass is on the fence of getting a new one despite my current working fine. What would you have done

>> No.71586935

>back camera
I mean you just don't have a camera, aside from selfies. If that's ok with you then knock yourself out.

>> No.71586936

It's so easy to fingprint with your browser alone, this does literally nothing. All you're doing is isolating cookies and settings, private browsing in the same TTY accomplishes the same thing. You're using the same browser from the same hardware through the same ISP, you're delusional if you think even one of those things isn't enough to track you. Anything you own with an internet connection is tracking you, your printer is tracking you, even if you don't own a smartphone, every time you interact with someone who does you're being tracked.

>> No.71586969

Are you logged into a google account? Doing that will make it go away. Otherwise I have no idea, but google will harass you if you don't use their services.

>> No.71587064
File: 22 KB, 460x368, 1531567396872.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know a way to download parts of a pornhub video instead of the whole thing? Haven't found any site or youtube-dl feature that seems to fit the bill.

>> No.71587120

Got something for you to laught at /g/, though I'm pretty downstruck about this

>have an ext4 filesystem on a partition
>shrink filesystem to make room for a new root (new OS)
>shrink partition
>mess up size of partition, make it too small
>can't mount partition because superblocks have the wrong size
>be a fucking idiot
>run a command I don't understand
>`mkfs.ext4 -S`
>Immediately rewrite ALL superblocks
>file system even more fucked than before

Luckily I made a backup before this happened... But that backup was a year ago.

How do I proceed now that all the superblocks, even backup superblocks, are invalid?

>> No.71587125

Pornhub is an example of a website which downloads videos from a single URL instead of a bunch of segments like YouTube, so you can simply grab the download url with the -g parameter of youtube-dl and directly stream part of the file to disk using ffmpeg.

>> No.71587161
File: 37 KB, 442x519, 13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you for the answer.

>Are you logged into a google account?
No. But before this all started I wasn't too. I suspect it may be malware (not detectable by eset nod) or some kind of shitty software (or browser add-on, or who knows what else) on one of the PCs or phones in LAN. Problem is - I don't know what should I search and where exactly.
And google isn't helpful either - no way to see what and when made him suspicious.

>> No.71587195

>No. But before this all started I wasn't too.
If you make a gmail account and sign in to Youtube and watch videos and stuff I can almost promise you it will go away. If you actually want to go full autism just use wireshark to sniff all your traffic looking for something suspicious.

>> No.71587201

Its pretty sensible, not autistic in any way

>> No.71587203

I appreciate the response. So there isn't any solution that would work with windows?

>> No.71587215


>> No.71587219

My friend wants me to format and reinstall windows on his potentially virus-infested laptops. How do I do that without risking fucking up my PC and flash drive?

>> No.71587237

Pretty sure you can ghetto rig some sort of linux kernel bash thing in windows now, I don't use windows but you could look into that. Or install gentoo

>> No.71587246

I'll keep "log in" as a backup, but meanwhile - wireshark captures a lot of traffic. A lot. Even if I limit it to tcp only. I have no idea what should I look for.

>> No.71587250

Just get recovery media and install it normally, it won't hurt anything.

>> No.71587260

How so? Can you explain a bit further?

>> No.71587279

You just boot up the new flashdrive with windows, wipe everything with diskpart's clean command, and you're good to go.

>> No.71587285

Generally anything that doesn't look like a human is doing it, requests that are spaced a standard time apart, requests to a lot of different places rapidly, etc.

Google itself thought your traffic was weird, you could narrow it down to only looking at requests to google owned services. I really don't know how to help you though, this is how you do what you want to do, yes it is going to take a really fucking long time.

>> No.71587389

This works as well in a shell on Windows, although substitution similar to a bourne shell only works well in PowerShell. Reading command output into variables is possible, but painful on cmd.
PS> ffmpeg.exe -i "$(youtube-dl.exe -g some.url)" -ss 10 -t 60 ...

>> No.71587395

Thank you. I'll see what can be done.

>> No.71587406

120mm fans in my 12 year old case are quite loud. I've not really looked after them over the years aside from an occasional blast of air or a simple wipe down. They're Antec tricool fans. I like having the switch to control the fan speed but it's a bit annoying leaning around the back of the case to adjust. Is it possible to control case fan speed by software? If so what sort of fans would you recommend? I think the last one I bought was an Arctic F12

>> No.71587529

Your motherboard should have inputs to control fan speed, there are also external controllers that can branch those ports to control many fans based on load. If you want quiet fans you should in general go larger, they'll move more air at a lower RPM, but just read reviews somewhere and pick whatever fans you want.

4-pin connectors have PWM capability, which is the only acceptable way to control fan speed. You can adjust fans with 3-pin connectors by varying the voltage supplied, but they will peform poorly.

>> No.71587568

/g/ approved non google reverse image search service?

>> No.71587654

I got a package supposedly coming in on the 28th. Only problem is I'm moving out of this apartment on the 29th. If I wait until the 28th and then it doesn't come that night, will it be too late to file a change of address on USPS and have it forwarded to my new address if it was going to come the next day?

>> No.71587769

Not sure what's up with the syntax. I get "-ss: No such file or directory"

>> No.71587927

What were the popular cards for mining craze back then? I want to buy a used gpu but I'm afraid the thing is cheap because it was used for mining.

>> No.71587928

The first step would be to create an image of the whole filesystem to operate on, given enough space.
That said, I would try to increase the partition at least to the size that the filesystem was supposed to be after shrinking first. Did you run e2fsck afterwards? According to the mke2fs man page, -S merely creates new empty superblocks and group descriptors. It's e2fsck's task to do the recovery and repopulate them from the inode tables and block/inode bitmaps. If you're unlucky, mke2fs recreated superblocks in all the wrong places (overwriting other data in the process) because they were originally spaced further apart before the filesystem was shrunk, and maybe only the primary superblock is still in the right place.
If everything else fails, you can only try to low-level recover some data, e.g. using photorec.

Try whether youtube-dl -g alone will give you a download URL first. I only tried that with a simple example.

>> No.71587940


>> No.71587950

i've made a shitty program on my linux laptop, how do i get it to run on other computers without having to compile it from source on each and every one?

>> No.71588156
File: 163 KB, 1470x916, pc build guide 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this a good PC build?
Is there anything you would change?

>> No.71588194

youtube-dl -g "https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5712add73e5a9"

gives me

https://cv.phncdn.com /videos/201604/16/74052511/480P_600K_74052511.mp4 ? AADX_XfEo
Y4yLr6062noXRtwwJSULuPql-0sa2OM_ dSWm5GINM49Flz7W93CryVE nywEkEM33H3DSTwKJvg9t4NaA
IRJF1yb0LX4uY Wgox2ONvB1Bx8EDgPp

The part after .mp4 changes every time I run it.

>> No.71588207
File: 71 KB, 684x1024, 1561473191732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New thread when

>> No.71588210

No spaces in link, had trouble with post filter.

>> No.71588252

best app to read manga on android?

>> No.71588280

>intel core i7
>liquid cooling
>random ssd
>750W PSU
>buying windows
justify those choices

>> No.71588304

share the binary file ?
if you're talking about windows, you have to compile it on windows

>> No.71588310
File: 170 KB, 600x557, 1561461621553.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is wave a good substitute for Comcast?

I'm switching my mom's service so she'd need Telemundo, Univision and other messican channels

>> No.71588316

i havent built a pc in a while. all the mobos have (OC) next to the ram speeds that are on all the new ram sticks. do i need to do anything in bios or OS when installing these newer sticks to get them to work? or just plug them into mobo like usual? i dont need help with anything else. i got money from my totalled car gonna buildapc. thank god!

>> No.71588317

Do PWM fans automatically adjust to match the temp of the CPU?

>> No.71588366

Did you test it with 2 different monitors? If so, then yes it would have to be the cable. I can see a small enough damage to not render it completely broken, but just reducing the bandwidth.

>> No.71588411

i can't compile it from a different architecture?
what's a binary, the .cpp or .o files?
yes, i'm retarded, please be patient

>> No.71588527

The fan itself does not, no.
Someone needs to tell the fan, like the motherboard. By default it should do that.

Most motherboards let you change what speed to run it at what temperatures of which sensor.

>> No.71588684

I hope you're not serious, else take a book and read about compilation, google stuff, just learn.
your .cpp are your source code file. The .o are file object your compiler creates for every source file you have. It's just a step before generating your .exe

>> No.71588738

I want to plug my Macbook 2015 into my monitor, preferably through its thunderbolt 2 ports. What cable should I get and what type of cable (HDMI, Displayport etc.) should I use?

>> No.71588790

I can run it with the original link directly, but I wonder if its not just downloading the whole video in order and just discarding the rest. I suppose that technically saves me a step, but it kinda defeats the point if I have to stream the contents of a whole two hour video to get a 30 second clip at the end.

It seems like the extended url that -g spits out is constantly changing so putting it in manually doesn't do the trick. Is there no way to pass the url over to ffmpeg automatically on windows?

>> No.71588809

I have a HDD with a legit copy of windows 10 installed, and i want to use it in a new laptop where a windows 10 that hasn't been activated is installed in a sdd.

I want to have the legit copy in the sdd and have the hdd without any os

How does this work?

>> No.71588892

If you don't need the data from the HDD then just activate the SSD Windows with the key you purchased or log into your account and activate it.
Then wipe the HDD using DBAN or similar tools.

If you want to keep the HDD windows then hook up the HDD over USB, boot up clonezilla and copy the HDD over the SSD.
Then wipe the HDD.

You'll need to reactivate windows like mentioned above if you change hardware.

>> No.71588927


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