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Blocked globally.
Sometimes need the ajax domain working, though.

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>Sometimes need the ajax domain working, though.

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Install Decentraleyes.

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>Blocked globally.

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fp&tp r bp

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not him, but because fonts can be used to track you, aren't necessary for a website to function, and the font my browser uses looks better anyway.

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malformed font files can crash your whole OS

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That is literally just the page that stores the fonts that Google uses on their websites, if you want to block it just go into uBlock Origin and block fonts or install Decentraleyes.

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>fonts can be used to track you
Can't tell if schizo, autistic, or meming. Probably a combination of the first two. Fonts can't be used to track you and if you think they can, you are a moron. Fonts are literally just text.

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read up before posting stupid opinions as fact

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Web sites can see which fonts have been installed, you're a moron.

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They get ip address, website's domain, some browser info. They can identify you. You fetch info from google's servers http request.

Related info

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lol basedllenials enjoy jewish fonts so much

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Name a technology invented in the past 10 years that wasn't made to track you.

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why do absolute idiots like you even post on /g/? clearly you are not even interested in technology
spare us your mental diarrhea and stick to facebook

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It's one of our shill nanny jannies working hard to de-radicalize us.

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t. Agent Mike

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t. Zuckerbergerstein

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All i can really think of is like, Adblockers

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Nigerian tracker gadget.

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t. glownigger

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