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>ditched Windows in favor of GNU/Linux
>stopped playing AAA gaymes
>deleted my social media accounts
>started using only FLOSS (whenever possible)
>begun to preach to family and friends on the terrors of proprietary software and botnets
>Every time someone asks me to format their Windows machine I end up installing GNU/Linux in their PC instead
>Installed a custom ROM on my smartphone
>started to learn to code
>became a heavy coffee drinker
What have you done to me?

Also post how you changed since started to post here

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I did the same. Even gave my parents thinkpads. X220t for my mom, T530 for my dad, both running gentoo.

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some aspie WILL complain about your coffee drinking habits, most likely referring to "jews" in the process.

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I did those things of my own volition, not because /g/ told me to.
You make /g/ sound like a cult.

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Enjoy being lonely

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Far from that, it just made me think if other people had the same experience

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>implying /g/ isn't a freetard cult

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> What have you done to me?

AFAIK you became a better person all around. But of course, ignorance is blis and knowing the truth brings a burden. That's the price we pay.

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>became a heavy coffee drinker
What does this have to do with /g/

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>drinking the beanwater jew

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final step: get a T400 like RMS and flash libreboot

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Don't know, but I don't remember drinking that much coffee before coming here

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ignore them, coffee is god-tier programming juice

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now i use thigh high programming socks

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I'm unironically pretty grateful to /g/
if it wasn't for this shithole I would've studied for some meme degree instead of CS and gave up on programming altogether
3 years later, university is a total disaster but I just got a sweet developer job
thanks /g/

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Whether or not /g/ is a freetard cult the important thing here is that you believe it is. So are you looking to join a freetard cult or are you currently in one, or why else would you be here?

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>beeing free in as many ways as possible
I don't think so.

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>1 month on /g/

>started with normal porn
>now am a faggot
>I now make threads on /g/

What have you done to me?

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Yep >>71484408 did just that

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