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So I see you're running GNOME

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yeah pretty cool if you ask me

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Yeah, I stopped giving a shit about idle RAM usage and autistic customization a long time ago.

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It is XFCE, retard. Go take your bloated foot and stick it up your ass.

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Its no Unity but I stopped giving a fuck about ricing because i have work to do.

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Another executive running Linux? I'm more of a KDE man myself, though.

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Does this look like fucking GNOME to you Mr. Eggsecutive? DOES IT??

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>pronouncing GNOME as NOUM

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but i don't???

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I'm more of OpenSUSE guy myself. I usually combine it with Arch Linux and systemd. Much better than ffmpeg, not to mention alsa. Although, sometimes you just have to use Blender with wine.

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This was a hilarous scene. Are all CTOs this based? Or did they get the position through cock sucking?

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Kys tranny

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Should've been the same exact desktop over and over again, though this was close

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how did you manage to run unity on bionic

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>try to install fedora
>screen spinning like the fucking Tasmanian devil
>google why
>gnome " feature"
Why isn't that shit opt-in?

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just do an apt install ubuntu-unity-desktop and you're golden
boys give me a break i'm using unity it's par for the course

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Sorry, "pal". No mercy for Discord niggers.

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>it's actually ClearOS

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Because I fucked your mom last night. She was a cute little slut.
t. Fedora dev

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das rite

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Why yes I do use GNOME. How could you tell?

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fuck off tranny

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By the shit taste you displayed in fetishes, of course you'd also have shit taste in your DE.

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>confused boner appears
>attack anon who posted it

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>So I see you're running GNOME

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>mfw getting attacked by random boners
Why does this always happen to me?

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Gave me a good chuckle, thanks anon

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Rei best girl

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Based & Hackerspilled

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Rei is as pleasant as stepping in a cold puddle of water while wearing comfy socks. As for Asuka, the literal entire point of that show was to get you to stop pumping your schlong to 14 year old anime girls... And when your self confidence is so low, that even in your fantasies you restrict yourself to girls with enough emotional damage to potentially ignore your gaping flaws as a human being, maybe its time to look into therapy.

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gnome gets normal ordinary men elevated

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I always get a good chuckle out of these

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More of a Misaki man myself.

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>The first time i've heard this being said in real life
>Sounds cringey

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install kali

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