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Do you actually use your lunux to get work done?

Or for atleast somewhat productive purposes, even simple things such as web browsing, checking email and media or do you just waste your time distro hopping and ricing your desktop to unusable states, and bragging about having the latest software packages you don't even use.

Lunux is too much of a hobbyist OS for man children.

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Have used loonoox for about a year now, have bounced around distros for a while but just settled on Ubuntu MATE because it jus werks and it has features I like and etc etc

I do schoolwork, edit videos, edit photos, play vidya gaemz, the works.
At this point I have no hiccups. You just search "xxxwhateverthefuckyouneedxxx linux" and you get shit done. No Microsoft BS to deal with.

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I use loonix at work

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I use Ubuntu (sometimes switch DEs, also installed Mint for a while) exclusively
but I don't do anything demanding, I don't play games and don't create video/audio
what I do with my computer is 95% web browsing, Spotify, writing a few documents, that's it
I don't even know anything about programming, I just kinda like Ubuntu better than Windows, feels more comfy

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I use ubuntu and reinstall it bianually when shit starts breaking
no hopping here

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I use Arch on my main laptop which I use for school work and all the “productivity” things you mentioned. I don’t rice it or anything. I just installed budgie and called it a day.

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Same person, forgot to mention that I converted 4 normies so far. Have had to help them once in a while but then again, needed just as much or more help on the windblowz so that tell ya much

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I admin several Lunix servers at work and everything works just fine. Unless it doesn't, then you're royally fucked.

Pro-tip: never update the operating system if the box works. Any update can tear you a second asshole at any time. Ten security holes are fine, as long as shit keeps working.

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Yes. Yes. No to the last paragraph. OK thanks for another entertaining thread, Microsoft. Have you learned to count to 9 yet?

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>not having a separate box/vm with a live clone to test drive updates on before doing it on the live system

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Awful mentality. Do what >>71395437 says and often. You are everything that’s wrong with server security.

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I don’t, but if my workplace let me use it, I could, and would.

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it's easy to host your website from your desktop with gnu linux while playing wow with wine

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I use mint to on my laptop because windows 10 just sucks ass on 4gigs of ram.

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I use Devuan on 10 desktops at work. On those desktops I configure hundreds of switches, routers, and firewalls on a monthly basis. Many orders well over $1 Million.

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I use my Arch for everyday tasks and productivity for my hobby, 3D sculpting and rendering.
Windows is there as a pure gaming OS

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I use it for VMs, web design, pen testing, office work. I don't use it for art which is one of the reasons I switched to Linux since I just bought a cheap 2017 model ipad for art instead and photo editing.

The only thing I "need" Windows for is games and video editing. And sometimes for Office if some retarded coworker sends me a broken as fuck excel table with the message "PLEASE MAKE WORK". Other than that, libre office works

Also CentOS because even though I was given a nice thinkpad t480 as a starting git, the rest of the shop is (thankfully) on windows. So I can just RDP into the desktop they gave me if I need to do things

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I have to use it at work, so now I just use it at home too so I'm not constantly context switching.

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I use linux as my main os since debian 9.8 relase but I used it before since 2016. All the work i need to get done i do on linux so its ok

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Pretty much exactly this, too. I keep Windows around for games and any rare instances I have to interact with a company that is stuck in the stone ages. I don't even know how people can still think Windows is more "productive" than Linux, when even a fucking smartphone can majority of your daily mundane tasks done.

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I'm a software developer who has ubuntu at home and every day has to deal with the limitations and burdens of windows 10 at work.

Need to record the screen in ubuntu? Woah ctrl-shift-alt-R and done. Need python? It's already installed. Need to encrypt a file and share it with someone else? Simple as fuck.

On windows it's all uphill. Just name a single thing which is comfier there. Heck, even mounting a shared folder is awkward.

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>Just name a single thing which is comfier there.
Playing Windows-only video games.
Checkmate, atheists!

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And to add salt to the wound I'll say that on windows the search option takes AGES to find a stupid document. OK, it's a non-solid state laptop hard drive.
But I have WSL installed there just to make the experience more tolerable and the find command takes less than a second.

Just how is this acceptable in any way?

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Windows search probably uploads all your files to Microsoft servers then uses Bing to try and match your query, that's the only explanation that could make sense considering how ass it is

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Windows search has always been... shall we say: broken
It's actually gotten worse each generation of OS.

No, it's actually slightly more disturbing.
It can upload things if you sign in with a microsoft account and boy, does it try to make you sign in with one the moment you start up.
But what the problem is is that the Windows search and Cortana are both competing for the same thing with developers so it turns out, abandoning one garbage thing and leaving it in (windows search) and trying to force people to use something that also is garbage (Cortana) means neither work well.

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I feel your pain, bro

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Linux is pefect for normie usage like word processing, spreadsheets, email etc for no additional cost
God forbid if you end up work in a professional server environment or a supercomputer facility then you would..... also have to use linux
If you do not fit into either category and you enjoy wearing tight panties, playing Fortnite or editing vlogs then Windows/macOS is the right choice for you!

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Only OS at home.
Stop assuming.

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if your package count isnt at least this high you arent actually using your system

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I used Unix before I used Linux, so yes. Linux can do everything except play video games, which is why /v/toddlers hate it.

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I use Linix for anything prodctive/school related iI have to do, maynly becase I get to separate work and muh games on an OS basis.
Ricing is something I do with a different User, and when I'm happy with a sspecific setup I copy it to my main User.

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Mine is about 1k. But that's mainly because I don't have a fully fledged DE installed. Also, most things today are done in a web browser. You don't actually need a lot of programs.

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I use gnu/loooonix at home and at work. Im an asic designer also doing some fpga and driver stuff.

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Using it since February, tried Mint, Arch, Debian, CentOS and stopped on Ubuntu. I mostly do javashit in Idea, and it's not like there's something linux-exclusive that I couldn't possibly achieve using windows, it's just easier, faster and more user-friendly when it comes to using your pc for something more than browsing the Internet

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i use arch linux and i3. everything seems easier to me on this environment. i plan to code on microsoft surface with linux developer tools, arch linux w/ i3 and touchscreen computer, or macos and see which one is best.

the micrsoft touch surface with linux developer tools seems pretty good i will try it out when get the money.

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Almost everyone does their work in some sort of website now, usually G Suite. Google Docs runs just fine in Firefox and Chromium on Linux. There has never been less need for Windows than today. Unless you're positive that a piece of software you need (some engineering software comes to mind) then you probably don't need Windows at all--and there's probably an open source alternative that's decent to replace any Windows-only software.

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Stop using proprietary DRM

Linux is just a kernel.

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Well.. Since Ubuntu has been my exclusive and one and only OS the last ten years, I guess some percentage has been useful usage. Though it mostly is a vessel for wasting time online on various websites.

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>Linux is just a kernel.
But I am using it, every day.

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been using linux now for 20 years. I only use windows if I am forced to as it hinders productivity. I fix network and computer issues for various companies and find linux to be better than windows as I can remote into the desktops of those companies from my home without having to use an expensive remoting company and also because Linux allows me to do away with having to worry about whether I need to renew subscriptions and licence fees on software etc. Microsoft windows is a huge virus with trojan backdoors and keyloggers etc. Linux is great as I can get naked in front of my computer and do a willy dance, knowing no MS employee can see my meat and two veg. Windows is a complete pile of shit and anyone in the tech industry who can only use windows, especially technicians and engineers, are bullshit merchants. Never trust a technician that cannot use linux, they are just some twatty little knowitall who once fixed his dads foxfire installation and now thinks they are a genius

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>Stop using proprietary DRM

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Only for work.
300 RHEL nodes at work.
Two headless CentOS servers at home.
All these GUI/desktop fags are fucking disgusting nigger fuckers.

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i program in c, so of course i can do my work on linux, anything that can run a text editor and a compiler can be used for my work. so i will avoid botnets and having pay for proprietary software.
i probably can get away with CLI only but i still use KDE

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stop posting the same shitty meme over and over, anon

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I use my Linux for:
>3d modeling
>music production
>web browsing

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