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>stop listening to /g/
>just buy most popular shit like Galaxy Buds
>stop using weird alternative software and go back to Windows
>intel + nvidia pc
everything works better than ever

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Pic related
Its you

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I wonder how many ounces of Monster Zero Ultra™ he has floating around in that mug

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Galaxy buds are pretty based though, in 3 years when the battery is shot you can just replace them instead of having to buy a new pair.

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> everything works better than ever

Translation: you can go back to never questioning your devices and just accept the will of big companies

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and you should have sex

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This but unironically
And instead of galaxy buds I just have some cheap wired headphones
And I also use Firefox since Google is killing adblockers
Fuck you autistic trannies

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Fucking Liar!
If you stopped listening you would have bought a MacBook?

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>And instead of galaxy buds I just have some cheap wired headphones
>And I also use Firefox since Google is killing adblockers
You are not OP

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Too expensive

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Should I switch back to chrome, or is brave a good compromise between chrome and iridium?

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But Firefox if you want adblockers

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Chromium Edge

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ungoogled chromium or gnu icecat, everything else is a meme

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sorry I think you missed the point, I'm looking to return to being a normalnigger

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I'm thinking of going back to Chrome too.
Currently using Chromium, but it's at version 73 on Debian.
I don't know, Firefox is too fucking slow, Brave has some problems in Linux (I use it on my Windows PC), and Chromium is a little outdated. But at the same time, I don't want to spread my legs to the botnet.

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install iridium, it sounds like you don't quite want to give in to the botnet but you want a usable browser

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Debian's release of Iridium is outdated too. If I'm giving away the convenience of installing extensions from Chrome Web Store, I'll use Ungoogle Chromium, that has all Iridium patches and is updated.
And yes, I want an usable browser and non botnet, but I also wouldn't want to give up on the conveniences of modern browsers. But yeah, it's fucking impossible right now.

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all the same

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>forced updates
>microsoft/government rootkit
>floating window manager
>no configuration options
>slow and bloated
>working better than ever

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I stopped listening to /g/ and got a new Thinkpad. Best shit ever. I love my T480s.

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Okay Mr. Microsoft sales representative, I'll be sure to keep that in mind while you enjoy Stockholm syndrome-ing yourself into believing not even headphones but fucking wireless earphones are acceptable in terms of audio quality.

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It is possible, if Ungoogled-chromium is updated fast enough for Debian based distros. That's another fork and it most likely isn't. There's a third fork which is guaranteed to be actually maintained and updated regularly/in time - Brave.

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As I mentioned here >>71383262 Brave is fucked on Linux right now.
They removed the Chromium sandbox, so you must run Brave without it.
Also, they apparently removed the Debian repositories (at least its not on the 'install instructions' anymore), and the snap package is outdated (it's on version 0.63.48, last updated on the 25 of April).
And even if the snap was updated it's utterly crap: no theming (snap bug) and due to the sandbox question you can't even put it on the quick launch/favorites bar, it doesn't launch.
I use it on my Windows machine and like it, would use it on Linux too if they cared about it.

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It seems to me that this is only an issue with Debian based distros, not Arch based ones.

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ungoogled chromium

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gnu icecat is an actual meme

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Galaxy buds are good though
>true wireless
>good battery life
>compact charge case
>replacable battery
>doesn't look like you're wearing granny earrings

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I bought a t460s for a good price and love it. Great little laptop, nice keyboard.

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Enjoying your security patches?

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You mean those 20 second updates after shutting down once a month? They don't bother me in the slightest

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This is all true. Unless you are a programmer.

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Do you ever leave the house ?

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Enjoying your endless CPU diseased and crippled SSD speeds?

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imagine being this much of a bitter linux cuck lmao

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this desu. if you wanted a pc with no configuration that jus werks you would have unironically just hackintoshed a normal lappy or gotten some kind of mac. >>71380867
>>stop listening to /g/
as if you ever listened

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Hackintosh only works on specific laptops

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Affects every Linux user, see: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/1986
You need to turn on user name spaces.

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Nice strawman, thanks for playing :-)

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>nonsensical rambling
Okay buddy, nice response.

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Install Vivaldi

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How is life as a Normie, OP?

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I'm pretty sure OP would be happy that you complimented him by saying he is an absolute pussy destroyer.

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You can use adblockers on Chrome if you use an older version, not too old though, something made within the last ~1-2 years, e.g. Chrome 56 which is what I use, I also use Firefox.

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it's really not that bad
imagine double clicking things and they just work.

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