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>Oh and AMD also said that they ran all of their Intel system tests that they shared today without software and firmware mitigations in place for these security flaws, which gives Intel a much better shot at 'Best-Case Scenario' performance.

It wasn't even their final form. They're hiding their power level.

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holy fuck it's like Lisa has constructed every part of this to destroy Intel

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I mean it barely matters when 16 cores is $800 from amd but $2000 for 18 cores from intel, not counting the other costs

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ALSO, they didn't use the May Windows update, which also would give a boost to AMD.

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Sandbagging or just too lazy to redo the benchmarks?

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>May Windows update
WTF is that supposed to mean?

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If you know Lisa Su, you know she's doing this to btfo Intel on launch day.

I wonder what memory speeds they ran the benches on too

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The May Windows update gives AMD an additional ~15% boost in performance.
We're potentially looking at even crazier performance numbers from AMD once it's tested with updated systems.

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15% even on single thread stuff?

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I don't remember seeing that slide in the conference. It could be numbers for the APUS.

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>The May Windows update gives AMD an additional ~15% boost in performance.
How the f-...

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I... I don't feel to good. It's... over.

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Only multithreaded stuff, it's scheduler is ccx aware now.

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will this benefit rpcs3? it was already manually limiting itself to the second CCX only.

obviously crossing CCX would probably still be off the table for old gens.

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I don't know why exactly, but from my understanding the current Windows 10 build isn't optimised for AMD's CCX design because Intel co-delevoped parts of it years ago to work well on their Xeons.
The may update will rework scheduling to give AMD an advantage.

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But they didn't need to, because the performance fuckups were Intel exclusive?

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The May update is already out though as 1903?

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This article talks about it a bit.
This was interesting.

>With previous builds of Windows, AMD said it could take around 30 milliseconds for the CPU to ramp up to higher frequencies.
>As of the update (and with a new chipset driver) it’ll take just 1 to 2 milliseconds for the chip to reach its top speed.
>These fixes give some games a boost of 15 percent, while the faster clock ramping can yield 6-percent improvements.

That's one hell of an improvement in how quickly the clocks ramp up after that upgrade. That's like ~20x faster.

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Did Intel decline her job application in the past or something? This shit is some sadistic as fuck humiliation that has to be personal.

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Mommy is too powerful, she must be stopped

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Intel have kinda shot themselves in the foot. And the head.

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big, swinging dick move

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>Intel: Come challenge us in real world gaming
>Lisa: Okay.


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How can one company be this BASED?!?!!

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>The may update will
it's been out for a while now

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Who knows what's behind it.
I'd wager Intel folks have been giving her shit every time they've seen AMD people in press conferences and other occasions. That must have gotten a bit annoying after a decade of hearing their jeers.
AMD finally got fed up and decided to destroy the fuck out of them out of spite. It's going to get even worse when Threadrippers come out and completely obliterate the competition in the HEDT field.

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>le epic edgy meme from pol

this is what you trying to hard AMD shills look like right now

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Zoomers, please.

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>what you trying to hard AMD shills
can you reformulate this in english you brown tranny?

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>get rekt
>cry /pol/
Every god damned time.

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Feels like AMD is that pathetic fat kid everyone made fun off and then it learned martial arts over the summer.

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why not go to another website you schizo?
you literally have all social media to yourself
are you a masochist

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this rapid response cause Im right. step the fuck up shills.

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>shit up thread with schizo tranny nigger shit
>ahaha people getting pissed means I'm RIGHT(in broken english)

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>mfw I almost bought a 9900k a few months back

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>t. thinks its broken english because he is ESL

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Intel has done some major scumbag shit against AMD in the past. Good on her for getting payback.

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>t. is a nigger who thinks ebonics is correct english

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holy fuck intel is dead

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And that's a good thing.

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It will not give AMD an advantage but will make sure scheduling with AMD actually works properly now. I mean the end result is that it does improve performance with AMD but it will not affect intel performance negatively.

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Congrats on the (You)s you fucking attention whore

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Based Mommy Su

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it wouldn't surprise me to hear they purposely used slow RAM with the Ryzen to sandbag further. They as a company know that their benchmarks, regardless of their testing methodology will be seen as biased. So they're gonna resort to waiting on 3rd party benches who WILL be testing with proper 3200MHz RAM. These reviews will speak for themselves.

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Third parties will also most likely have Intel mitigations applied, this is gonna be interesting

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Does the sandbagging theory really hold up? Have they done this in the past?

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that's very true. All the handi-caps that AMD may have offered Intel in their E3 showing will be missing.
AMD hasn't been in this position of owning Intel this hard since their Original Athlon 64 days. Now that AMD's Ryzen architecture is in full swing with proper optimizations on the OS level as well (Windows 1903 update), everything is swinging in their favor. I wouldn't be surprised if AMD is sandbagging, at least a little bit, to REALLY twist the fucking knife and break the blade off in Intel for all the years of AMD being dominated.

This was a long time coming and with Su as the helm, they're a force to be reckoned with.

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Dude they sandbagged Zen performance numbers for like 2 years before first gen Ryzen to lull Intel into a false sense of security

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Wait for the embargo to lift on 7/7. Pre-order now though.

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why can't women be at least 5% as logical, focused, modest, calm and based as mommy su?

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as far as I know rpcs3 just implemented their own thread scheduler because the windows one sucked, so I don't think this will help

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1903-based LTSD build when?

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there will be no 1903 based build
LTSC has a 3 year release cycle

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>There are currently 3 releases of LTSC: one in 2015 (version 1507), one in 2016 (version 1607) and one in 2018 (version 1809).
So we're long for a new one, then?

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Why contain her?

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Yep, my predictions were right, if 2950X was already capable of boosting to 4.4GHz, I expected Zen2 to reach 4.7GHz on high end chips.

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