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>be me
>perma-virgin, never talked to a girl
>girl at uni sends a message
>hi anon, what's up?
>how do i talk to girls
>autism strikes so i reply
>install gentoo
>what is gentoo anon?
>write out an essay on the origins, implications and uses of gentoo
>she says lol ok
>next day
>hey anon, Gentoo gahno plus Loonix is really amazing
>she shows me her laptop
>it's got gentoo installed and riced at levels i've never even seen in desktop threads
>heart skips a beat
>what is this feeling
>i felt this only while watching my waifu
>is this love?
>reach for my pocket
>take out the ring box
>spaghetti falls out
>well whatever
>open ring box and ask her to marry me
>inside the box is an onion
>she looks at me uncomfortably
>sorry anon, i'm dating chad

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>inside the box is an onion
Next time put a so╬│ bean inside.

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1: tldr
2: girl
3: baby speak
4: anime reaction image
5: waifu, chad, additional meme speak
6: nothing but quotes in an OP

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>manage to date a girl for the first time ever
>she's pretty nerdy
>get to see her phone
>it's constantly filled with orbiters talking to her and offering to do things for her
>she gets gifts from them regularly, jewelry, steam games, gift cards, hardware, food, everything
we broke up when I moved away. it changed how I see women forever though. she was below average in looks and nerdy and there were so many guys trying to cling to her.

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so what does she want with you? roasties wont approach you withut a reason.

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>in today's edition of things that didn't happen

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High effort shitpost, good job.

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Girl is used to show that OP finds them as a strange creatures different from himself. Like calling me a human.

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That's a lie,you'll never talk to girls

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>Install Gentoo? I host an instance of Qubes on a Swiss data center, and I VPN in to it on a revolving door of Linux and iOS on my host computer.

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fuck off back to r/incels faggot

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OP here, she told me she will let me suck her feet if I pay up. It sounds intriguing. Should I accept?

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It happened to me too.

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I think it was my loli hentai collection

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i feel sorry for you anon

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Is this 2012?

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yeah ok

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See you over on r/4chan, /v/ros!

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You tried.

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No, dumb footfag.
Kill yourself.

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And then you woke up

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Give me credit, u/isuckniggercocks

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Wouldn't even have been good in 2011.


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reddit space go away

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uopboated my fellow redditnigger

edit: puns of the narwhalic baconer added

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>be me
>perma-virgin, never talked to a girl

The only parts of this greentext that is true.

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Put me in the screenshot !

Le to the top we go haha am I right boys?

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I chuckled, thanks bro.

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The pc forum i browse is literally like that
Some of us boomers have join dates around 1999-2000

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>get hit up by lass at uni
>hang out during free time
>ask about software shit
>she's an art hoe and only knows basic shit like e-mail, printing, et cetera
>asks me about the OS on my laptop and I spend about 2 minutes explaining Linux
>result of the following convo is me going to her flat a couple nights later to help her boot into Ubuntu on a live flash drive and show her some stuff
>fast forward to fucking, leaving, and seeing each other the next day at the uni pub
>ask how she got along with Ubuntu
>returns my flash drive
>turns out she really just wanted to shag and doesn't care about IT stuff
>asks if I'd go out with her
>say it's best if we be friends for the time being, especially since our second year is next and shit's hard
>maintain a good friendship and haven't fucked her since
>recently piped a lass in vidya programming and didn't wanna date her either, even though we have similar interests and she was kinda into me a bit
I really feel like I cucked myself twice here but I could honestly give less of a shit

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all that matters is you don't give a fuck at the end of the day

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Very bad greentext, try harder next time

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this could be you:
>be 50 years old
>no children
>no family

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>implying 3DPD reality has anything over my anime

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?? why? what you did was great, i had gfs in the past and honestly unless you are REALLY into that person like a really strong connection i wouldn't go for something serious, or at least i will always try to keep some sort of distance by not being compromised, it's really the best way.

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