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I'm using Gentoo linux/openrc plus wildebeest.

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noice. Xubuntu here. If I ever end up having to reinstall, I will likely go with Debian with sysvinit fix, Devuan, or maybe MX.

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I'm becoming more and more interested in this. However I only have one computer with no backups of all my shit from the past decade. (The computer is new, I just transfer the stuff across every time I upgrade)

Is it advisable to try installing linux on your main PC without any failsafes or backups?

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Make sure to select proper DE, like KDE, LXQT or XFCE.

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>I will likely go with Debian with sysvinit fix
If you go debian, keep systemd. if want to go sysvinit/openrc go devuan or antiX.

If it was 2002 I'd say no.
But in 2019 I say yes. If you are worried about your windows partitions use a windows based partition tool (paragon, easeus etc) to free up space for gahnoo + linux.

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I feel like there is some implication that Linux does not have backdoor access.

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This is some entry level normiepilling shit

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dubs for kde
kde is so good now

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Stop being a fucking idiot and make backups

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you need to go back

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I feel like there is some implication that Linux does have backdoor access.

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Posting in a stuck thread

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Posting again in a stuck thread

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