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Why are commies trying to bruteforce my account? REEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Thank fuck I have 2 step enabled.

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It's just CIA checking on your account with proxy, to make sure your data is safe.

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I have the same feeling.

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What the fuck

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I wish it would be possible to enable setting that automatically block Russian and chink ips. I've done this in my server and the rate of attack has been reduced.

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Just generate a 128 symbol unicode password and save it on an auto-typer USB.

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What is this from?

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> chinks
serve html with tinmen square massacre copypaste to all chink ips
> russians
set up an mtproto proxy

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>Thank fuck I have 2 step enabled.
2 step authentication is a meme and utterly useless when an adversary has access to raw data from the phone networks due to exploitation of the SS7 network (signalling system 7).

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Just forward the red Soviets to a home porn site. They'll be snatched up and executed in no time

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>failed to access account
Probably some script kiddie

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Yes I too hate when some 15 year old Russian script kiddie figures out my password AND hacks the global phone networks.

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This came to my mind in the past when I was blacklisting IPs on my VPS, with all these sites constantly pushing you tie your account to a phone and 2 step and constantly change your password for security, a lot could be prevented if they'd just allow me to lock out every country but the one I reside in.

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I've had my web server set up for a while now to respond to password failures and known exploits with subversive material if the IP is Russian or Chinese but I'd like to add more countries a lot of these attacks come from and am not sure what material would be appropriate.

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For me it's always the damn chinese.

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redirect the ivans to gay porn

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