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hi /G/

could you tell me what is the combination of an SSD and a solid state drive?


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For the layman such as yourself OP, it's a new technology that allows for greater immersion in games. Don't get hung up on the details. There's a lot of really smart people behind the scenes working on it and no single person can understand all of it

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RAMDisk, AMD's HBCC, i don't know, doesn't sound that insane though.

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Clearly it is a completely new experience if power and speed and uhm... states...
Combining these two different technologies for the first time, you get what we call a United SSD or a United States Drive if you will.

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the funniest part of this clip isn't the lame SSD acronym mistake it's when they say the word "gamer"

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its hbcc basicly

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