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What is the minimum you can do to get some bloke over at the NSA to do research on your online presence?
>Make a realistic school shooting joke a fellow students reports to the police.
>posting racist images on Korean message board
>connecting to the Tor Network/proxy server
>posting of picture of you standing with Milo Yiannopoulos.
>using a "bad site," like presstv.com or wikilieaks.
etc. I'm talking an analyst writing something about you, not just your emails getting analyzed by an AI monster.
Have their even been any leaked documents on the criteria used to prioritize potential threats?

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her boyfriend is 7'1 white uberchad btw

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Look at the jaw/chin.

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look up the nsa prism wordlist for words that will get you tagged for automatic watching, but desu using 4chan probably puts you on that automatically
the only times the nsa is likely to review you manually is in situation where you don't want to be reviewed manually because it'll lead to a physical visit from the police, like making a school shooting threat like you say or have somebody report you for suspicious activity e.g., cody'slab getting reported for making jokes about homemade nuclear reactors

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and that's a good thing

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why do women wear such ridiculous looking shoes?

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Why would you care about women shoes, are you a faggot?

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>they expect teenage males and females to concentrate while looking at that

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What a whore. She knows exactly what she's doing.

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>not wanting women to make themselves look less attractive with clown gear makes you a faggot
t. virgin

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Found the sandnigger.

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>even noticing her shoes
Faggot spotted.

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What is she doing? All I see is her awkwardly walking around and writing on a whiteboard with a piece of white chalk for some reason.

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She's cute. Almost passes. Does anyone have audio of her voice?

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I need more pics of this girl

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Her boobs are too big and thats a problem for society at large.

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>teehee, I'm not doing anything!
Pretending to be retarded isn't cute, anon.

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>Her boobs are too big
>too big

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every time that somebody post that video it got the same replies
don't you have a geography (or english, if you aren't american) teacher in high school?

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The only way that girl could possibly effectively teach any of that is if she inscribed a hemisphere on each tit

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Who's this whore already?

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I think you just solved ADHD in males.

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The chin is weak but the real issue is the low hyoid.

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gladiator sandals make me solid

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It's a very common fetish

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>clown gear

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just search for
to bu3lt
a rad3ioact3ve c3sium 137 d3rty b3omb

have fun

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Incel seethe

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I don't know about NSA, but CIA spies on everyone who learns even the smallest bit of history

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Let's find out!

Who's first?

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NSA doesn't give a shit about most of that.

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nobody writes reports about that shit it's not 1970s.
your data is collected and evaluated by ai, if you get bad total score you're checked by the operator, you need to be actual threat or a resource (politician, businessman etc) for a report to be written.

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He's African-American, I hope?

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start a terrorist forum outside the jurisdiction/reach of US law enforcement

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Pretty sure the way the world is right now, if it's specifically the NSA and other types of spook agencies around the global you want to attract the attention of, visiting websites belonging to militant Islamic and terrorist organisations is the way to go.

Here in the UK, behind visiting Islamic extremist websites, probably visiting websites belonging to Dissident Irish Republicans, or being in communication with members of Dissident Irish Republican groups or suspected members is a sure fire way to get put on a watch list and a profile to start on you.

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Damn, I haven't seen this clip since I was in college, thanks for reminding me about the good times I used to have with all the other nerds at that place. I remember the first time I saw that video, someone in the comments was like "man, I'd NEVER skip class if I had her!". I guess having her as a teacher would make things a bit hard if you're the type to jerk off during class. Most American girls used to look like this, but now most girls are fat and the few that aren't are all psychopaths, shit sucks.

As far as getting the NSA to look into your shit, probably going on ISIS sites is your best bet. Also by trying to hoard CP, but with that it's an all or nothing type of situation, either nothing happens or everything happens. One of the security experts at my old work told us during a presentation that you won't get v& if you get into a situation like going on /sp/ and accidentally stumbling into CP, they only go after people if they see a pattern of the person collecting kiddie porn.

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have sex

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What is this post supposed to convey? (I understand the expression he's making, I just don't see how it's relevant to this thread.)

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fretful face
body's okay

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All me.

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Literally tfw no gf. Posted in response to a cute girl.

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bend over

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NSA doesn't investigate people directly. And even if they do, what's the matter, do you have something to hide?

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Have. Sex.

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Should i lube your ass first or not?

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rofl at this whiteboi incel cope

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Find yourself in google dipshit if you want to RESEARCH then you should go fuck off and never come back on 4 Chan fucking autist

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based female

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t. small hands

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just like the bogdanovs

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Fuck off Muhammad

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no, they dont expect low energy nu-males concentrating. they expect young, fit professionals with a functioning family and healthy, loving young sexlife who dont watch anime porn 24/7 to be adults and separate their job from their private interests

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i want sex

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fuck off, muslim nigger

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look at all the sweat
just contemplate the taste of her butthole

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no one knows
people mistook a random instathot for her ages ago and she got alot of followers off of it until she cleared up that she wasn't this girl.

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same desu

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it's op seething at 4channelers

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Oh, please OP. Have you ever rrad any useful thread that starts with that webm? No? That is because it's the perfect bait. Next time, IF you want actual replies, use another thing. You may consider this thread a failure right from the first post.

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Uhhhhh.. I'm pretty sure that no one expects an hormonal teenager to be anything but a failure.

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It is a good thing to humanity that r9k are genetic dead ends. They unironically will breed their shitty cuckhold genetics out of the white genepool.

Based r9k cuckposter.

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he could do way better, she is plain as day

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Healthy young men are horny as fuck and would be distracted.
If they arent there's something wrong with them(You).

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those are some nice moire patterns

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whats my favorite toy tho?

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Are you American? Are you located within the United States? Then they are prevented by statute from investing you..

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gib mommy!

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Mating press
Is the best
Put your teacher
To the test

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OP is a fag and looking for a personal army to assist "him". 4chan is not your personal army bud.

what did some boy call you a trans fag when you wore your soiboi skirt to school?

just punch him in the face instead of trying to swat him you cuck.

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if i was in that class i would be counting boob jiggles. cus i saw the jiggle and here is bonertown.

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>tfw no awkward weather girl gf

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wish she had at least a little tone in her arms, feasibility makes the dream work

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how do you get cesium 137 ?(without live in brazil)

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Is he autistic in real life? Why does he play autist-like characters so well?

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Start selling guns?

>> No.71344870

Not your fucking business.

>> No.71345037

he's just a good actor, see his film with steve carrell if you need to see him doing something different

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What a whore.

>> No.71345098

I've seen him play non-autists really well too, but the way he plays autists is pretty fascinanting and seems hard to pull off for a non-autismal.

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If anything she's wearing pretty modest clothes. What makes you think she's a whore?

I can understand the argument that she's showing off and she shouldn't do it in school (if it's a school), but I do not understand the whore argument. So no one should look halfway decent in order not to be called whores?

>> No.71346154

>I can understand the argument that she's showing off and she shouldn't do it in school
How is she showing off though? Just by having a decent body? I truly might be too autistic to understand.

>> No.71346227

>I can understand the argument that she's showing off...
I did not say I "thought" she was showing off. I can just understand the argument if it was that.

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I'll reply to this bait
>skin tight top to show off every curve (beeg tiddies)
>thigh length dress
>strappy stripper foot wear

>> No.71346418

This is 4chan so comments like this are either said with irony, from incels who are just stupid or a mix of the two. She just looks like a normal person giving a presentation.

>> No.71346430

Be a white male.

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God I want to see some black cock in her really bad.

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Allah predicted the zog botnet and vaccinated his people accordingly against it.

>> No.71346515

google some shit like "i like children" and the NSA van will be in front of your home in around 30 minutes.

it is actually a good way to get to talk to someone if you are feeling lonely.

>> No.71346549

I know 100% for a fact from reading leaked docs that NSA has cooperation from most common file hosting sites and that they watch and setup certain files and bait files. If you download some Arabic book on explosives you are guaranteed to show up but then you will be discarded as you are a pale white kid who lives in your mom's basement and not some guy name Abu Muhammed who lives in Jordan and has an uncle at Guantanamo.

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>tfw white girl in current year +4

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So what is she gaining out of this if she didn't even get to eat his cum?

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Idk why don't you ask your mom.

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>these women could some day be mothers
Lmao I'm so fucking glad I was born in a time and place when this shit was reviled and people had some self respect. God imagine being a zoomer with a slut mother and having her jungle boyfriends pat you on the head in the morning. No wonder they're all so autistic

>> No.71346884

This pretty much how most girls around that age dress. I live in California so maybe we have a bit warmer weather than most and more liberal dress code.

Even teachers. This is pretty standard.

>> No.71346908

cute body
meh face
nice hair
would steal panties and fap while smelling them / 10

>> No.71346966

Standard female dress if not going to the bar/club to get dicked down is leggings and crop top. And a Starbucks coffee.

>> No.71346967

Just because you live in that shit hole doesn't mean you guys set the standard for life

>> No.71347034

This. I'm in London and this is all the white girls here wear. Only chinks wear dresses or skirts. Heck only chinks act feminine.

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She has to know the guy is losing on purpose right?

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>> No.71347159

seriously do not ask shit like this

>> No.71347182

that shit it's a porno

>> No.71347186

>if she didn't even get to eat his cum?
That's what you get out of eating Dick?

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Day of the rope best day of my life

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Some of the worst replies in this thread aren't the ones about the girl. /g/ is way too mentally ill

>> No.71347428

to escalate your presence, just use a VPN - that will take you up a few points in their system.

as for getting them to do "research" - don't be a fucking a retard. you don't need to do research to search a database of the information you already have.

If you mean to get them to actively seek further information on you - look like a legitimate national security threat (NSA duh). I would STRONGLY recommend you don't do this even if you are trying to point the finger at someone else, correlation will almost certainly get the finger pointed right back at you nearly instantly. and they probably will not take kindly to you wasting their time. Might be useful if you like rectal exams at airports, not very useful if you want to actually fly anywhere.

>> No.71347531

When you have tits like that pretty much anything that isn't comically baggy or elastic and skintight will not fit.
t. Guy who spent a year learning how to buy clothes for ex gf

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They're not big. She's just not a fat fuck and is using a push up bra.
Here's big.

>> No.71347621

milk me daddy

>> No.71347723

Where you at tho

>> No.71347818

9°02'59.1"N 7°27'08.6"E
come daddy

>> No.71348544

i would kill that nigger on the spot and slap those bitches so they learn to behave like decent people

>> No.71348619

How about you "kill" and "discipline" your fellow /g/tards first? Most of the replies are from degenerates that are completely fine with it. They either foam at the mouth over these whores or sperg out at anyone who even call these whores, 'whores'.

>> No.71348650

holy fuck...this is why we fight wars, isnt it?

>> No.71348754

i would berry my dick so far inside her ass that who ever could pull it out would be crowned king arthur

>> No.71349153

does she seriously think that soiboy with that crop top, hair cut and sandles is gonna satisfy her heat

>> No.71349225

That soi filled insect has satisfied many a chink vulvas, including the milkers in that webm.
Meanwhile the only vulva your white boy ass has seen irl was when you were born, sending all your cummies since then for some gook drawings.
Unfuck yourself and your race.

>> No.71349261

lmao that fucking jawline

bitch would look subhuman if she were a man

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I'm not white. Whatever makes you seethe this hard from whites, I don't wanna know it.
>unfuck your race
ironic thing to say, zhang wu lingling. Don't get sucked into an escalator out of seethe.

>> No.71349293

I'm not an insect though. What flavour of shit are you then?

>> No.71349300

What subject she is teaching?

>> No.71349311

>I'm not an insect though
nice shot wang wong wing

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>> No.71349569

go rob it from a dentist

>> No.71349589

he is really good in "the believer"

>> No.71349645

based. all chinks need to get blacked.
only then can we create the blasian master race

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allah is a retards. things were better when people could drink, sing, and practice slavery and infanticide.

>> No.71349709

And here I am, just imagining...

>> No.71349727

She knows how to dress
>and she knows it
10/10 would fuk

>> No.71349857

>Gladiator sandals
>Clown gear
U wot

>> No.71350058

learn to be a wizard class hacker and then you won't have to try

>> No.71350067


>> No.71350142

Why are incels allowed to post outside of /pol/? We already have enough with the techbros.

>> No.71350159

have sex

>> No.71350361

>heeled cork soles

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I did not come here to feel.

>> No.71350419

You are such a pussy faggot. Scared of the NSA?

>> No.71350467


Too flamboyant, wound't bang.

>> No.71350492


You'd fall for it wound't you. She's just looking for a reason to make a #metoo post on twitter.

>> No.71350565


>> No.71351256

Is the janitor sleeping?

>> No.71351331

They love nigger spam. Just look at /gif/

Cunny and jb and stuff the site used to be known for (thats much better) isnt welcome anymore just jew nigger trash.

>> No.71351332

of course he is

>> No.71351359

> telling people on 4chan to have sex


>> No.71351364

yet she dresses like this to work?

>> No.71351378

God, I miss college so much. Even if I was too afraid to talk to Veronicas, watching them around campus in their dresses and booty shorts was so fun

>> No.71351409

lauren summers
ive fapped so much to her that she's boring now

>> No.71351424

this is my fetish

>> No.71351902

The Switch. She'll use it to spank your ass.

>> No.71351946

>pretty modest clothes
>can see her ankles
Choose one.

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File: 13 KB, 216x225, mm unimpressed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i think she's ugly. breasts seem ok

not like i care about 3dpd either way

>> No.71352098

/g/ - Female fashion accessories and Sexy women

>> No.71352133

Catholicschoolfag here.
Skirt is at least 5 inches above the knee.
That's harlot tier in anyone's book.

>> No.71352279

>implying un-elected psychopathic intelligence spooks give two flying fucks about the law

>> No.71352305

Welcome to /g/, where active threads get sidetracked into normie shit, and interesting technical threads die with 30 posts.

>> No.71352335
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>tfw gf sleeping while I install new distro

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>post about government surveillance
>derailed into blacked shit

>> No.71352373

why is she not wearing a burka and not accompanied by a man

>> No.71352386

Guess whose behind both of those things objectively?

>> No.71352414

2nd this. I miss my school days.

>> No.71352416

Well the former is arguable. The latter is definitely an attack on psych in conjunction with the former. It's a control mechanism.

>> No.71352600

I would fail that class... just stare at her the whole fucking time.

>> No.71352642

nobody knows
not even the class

>> No.71352696

sometimes when i'm out and i see a pretty girl showing off her body/tits in tight clothes i just want to make her pay for making me feel like i do. who is she to stir up these feelings and then know i will nevr have a chance with her? what makes her feel so safe? does she think the police will save her? does she think they will be fast enough to stop what i will do?

>> No.71352752
File: 60 KB, 700x352, Ford_Passenger_Van_BLACK[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

your Ubers outside anon

>> No.71354425

Your mommy first has to drive you to the nigger, poor babby.

>> No.71354478

>working her way to a hard "A"

>> No.71355037

Not even she knows.

>> No.71355201

Why did she dress up like Star Trek? I like it.

>> No.71355238

there's a difference between yoga pants and slacks

>> No.71355288

There's a girl I went to school with that's a teacher now and has the most ridiculous tits, I can't even imagine trying to concentrate in that class. It was hard enough when we were in school. Every time she bent over you'd see them just plopping out of her shirts.

>> No.71355292

When did this board turn from /v/ to /r9k/?

>> No.71355359

There have always been bitter permavirgin fags on /g/.
If you post a picture of a pretty girl, they come out in force bitching and moaning about how she's a "slut" because she makes their pee pee hard.

>> No.71355572

What's the context behind this?

>> No.71355591

Didn't someone in the US get raided over googling pressure cookers? For legitimate usage too, was just a normal white fella.

>> No.71355710

I think you're mistaken about the NSA does. They're not really involved with law enforcement. They do intel collection on foreign powers, terrorist organizations, etc.

I'd imagine to get on their radar, you'd have to start attacking government systems, get involved with terrorists online, start talking to foreign intelligence services, etc. They're not really interested in tracking who's visiting conspiracies4schizos.com, or hanging out with alt right talking heads.

TOR is often associated with drugs and CP, which are in the FBI's wheelhouse, as are school shooting threats.

>> No.71357523

Truly the incel board

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>> No.71357784

How do you think her feet smells bros

>> No.71358132
File: 2.64 MB, 1280x720, 1545797290677.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not as good as this

>> No.71359259

kek, so true that is funny and hurts at the same time.

Based thot

>> No.71359314

she has classes to teach at 10am till 4pm but then she has to make it to historical reenactment cluba at 5pm and shes in ancient rome division

>> No.71359325

wow, someone has ejaculated into this woman while looking right into her eyes and with his hand around her throat.

Meanwhile no one on this website will ever have sex

>> No.71359362

have sex :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops:

>> No.71359482

If a woman asked me to have sex with her, I think I'd spill my spaghet all over the place, mumble an excuse under my breath and kill myself out of stress.

>> No.71359570

like pottery

>> No.71359583

same desu
feels so fucking bad ohly shit
but unlike you fucking virginoids i never even get a shot because i live in a shitty society where sex segregation is still heavily in force

>> No.71359911


>"He's African-American?"

The state of Americans baka

>> No.71359924


Here in the UK you get the police knocking at your door for posting memes about Muslims. Nobody gives a fuck about the IRA anymore. Tiocfaidh ar la.

>> No.71360072

they dont care about this, they care about national security threats

>> No.71360102

lmao at all the white nights who see nothing wrong with whorewear.

She's literally being creeped upon because she's wearing an outfit designed to make men think nothing else other than to fuck her.

>> No.71360197

The shoes clearly don't match her dress, so I'm guessing she has a pair of shoes that DO match, back in the office, and she's wearing these shoes while walking around in the classroom. More comfortable. She probably switches shoes when she goes to staff meetings or goes to lunch.

>> No.71360774

Fuck off fag, you would rather have all women wear ugly flats wouldn't you

>> No.71360813

Wait is this real

>> No.71360928

No, these are hired actors.

>> No.71361018

I didn't know I was on fucking /r9k/ of all places. How do I go back to old /v/ /g/? I'm actually nostalgic for that shithole of a board.

>> No.71361034

And that's a good thing.

>> No.71361058
File: 149 KB, 601x582, 1557842260018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71361103
File: 721 KB, 700x540, sniff.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71361111

>Says the incel faggot fawning over a woman he'll never fuck. Or the incel faggot that is calling her a "roastie" over shit that's not even egregiously immodest.

>> No.71361124
File: 128 KB, 1200x911, havesex.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71361165

I tried but your mom won't return my calls. Can you tell her to pick up her phone? Also, tell her to install TempleOS

>> No.71361200
File: 77 KB, 660x1024, 1559241313888m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Incel cope.

Have sex.

>> No.71361241
File: 571 KB, 650x487, 1489107742529.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The absolute fucking state of this board.

>> No.71361243

Ok, come over to my apartment right now and we'll have sex.

>> No.71361270
File: 3.46 MB, 1836x3212, 20190604_133629.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Promise to be gentle?

>> No.71361285

No, but we will install gentoo during it

>> No.71361330
File: 2.85 MB, 1280x720, owo.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm more of an arch individual if I may say so myself

>> No.71361376

underrated pasta

>> No.71361441

found the source:
you're welcome

>> No.71361485

She's a student teacher. she's too young to have already graduated in the webm.
If you find the fact that she is attractive to you so distracting, then you are the problem, not her clothes.
Don't be an incel. Don't waste your life.

>> No.71361491

>le latinos dance le salsa americuck meme

Hillarious. She can't dance salsa for shit.
Figures, since she grew up in Spain.

>> No.71361498

Reminds me of the former glory of ancient rome

>> No.71361551

She would give me a hard d

>> No.71361566
File: 1.21 MB, 784x959, The_Glory_of_Rome_is_Forever_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The glory of Rome is forever.

>> No.71361579

I really like shoes like that.

>> No.71361583
File: 1.85 MB, 955x1278, The_Glory_of_Rome_is_Forever.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cleanse thyself of lustful filth, imperial glory awaits you.

>> No.71361605

fuck you /v)poster

>> No.71361611

You, the guy you're replying to, the thot in the OP and the majority of this thread, all are part of the problem. Fucking neck yourself already.

>> No.71361627

underage bait

>> No.71361749
File: 56 KB, 720x450, 1515314502914.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sauce on the girl

>> No.71361862

Sopmetimes losing means winning.

>> No.71361892

You need to check cryptome.org they regularly drop gems

>> No.71361955

They'd pass your profile onto the relevant LEOs

>> No.71362016

ugly whore's choice

>> No.71362353
File: 47 KB, 428x424, tfwnogf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71362518

Why would they care about school shootings?
I think something like claiming to be a foreign spy could get their attention.

>> No.71364058

i really hope he's ok. posting videos like "pacing: i've been pacing a lot lately since my gf left"... smdh

>> No.71364424

>literally enabling whores
damn you guys impress me. you are fucking so gullible, just like a child. it's incredible. no wonder you're all incels, lmao

>> No.71364550

>those strong legs and calves

>> No.71364738

She is using hard cups 100%.

>> No.71364781

publish a superbowl bomb threat

>> No.71364866

Ethereal and eternal would fit better.

>> No.71364976


>> No.71365260
File: 83 KB, 600x661, oksana-neveselaya-23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Her name is supposedly, Oksana Neveselaya, however I cannot confirm it.

>> No.71365557

Who was the sick fuck that started the draw on eyebrows meme?

>> No.71366142

Why even post that thot? Bitch in the op has different jaw line and chin not to mention she's teaching or whatever to class that's clearly in English

>> No.71366299

Your society has heavy sex segregation but not rampant prostitution and/or arranged marriage? Where do you live?

>> No.71366387

Saudi Arabia
we don't have prostitution but we have excslusively arranged marriages. I'm too scared to go for one because of all the traditions and processes I would have to go through and dad would have to shell out alot of dowry money and the wife might end up being some crazy bitch that won't fit with my secretly atheist persona.

>> No.71366404

those aren't drawn on you neckbeard

>> No.71366442

Shit, well keep it up my dude. Too bad it's a tossup, because if your arranged marriage worked out well then you could also rescue your wife from a lifetime of ridiculous religious oppression, at least privately.

>> No.71366473

OK mr pedantic, it's just a huge crayon smear of dark makeup over her real eyebrows to make them look drawn on

>> No.71366589

Man fuck your thread I wanna suck this cutie's titties

>> No.71366616

Are your an unfashionable retard who wears sneakers everywhere?

>> No.71366658

Socks with sandals for both comfort and breathability my dude

>> No.71366710

>socks and sandals
you are a neanderthal leftover, no two ways about it.

>> No.71366718

Damn, he passes really well

>> No.71366745

Don't you have a frat party to get back to?

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