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There are no good linux distros

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for u

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True, because they're all great.

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Linux users deserve to be bullied tbqh

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There are no good Windows and MacOS distros either, what,s the point?

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u w0t m8

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Poor Gentoo

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>no arguments
>shit and incorrect arguments

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>Gentoo install

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gentoo is decent

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>there are no good GNU/Linux distros.

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Everyone realizes this eventually, but the average age in this board is low enough that many still refuse to accept it.

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>no argument

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there would be if gnome's compositor wasn't crap otherwise xubuntu isn't bad at least it doesn't shit on your video

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what makes a linux distro bad? I seriously never understood this. if you're refering to the DE or WM then that's completely different. only thing I can think of is if the package manager is unreliable

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*there are no good linux users

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You do know that Arch exists, right?

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Stop being a whiny little bitch.

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No, but it was extremely painful...

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Back to >>>/pol/

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smart lad

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post more penguin webms

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Fedora Silverblue is the future of the Linux desktop

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This is a visual representation of what Docker did to gentoo via CoreOS

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i've tried 234482345634 distros the only one decent is kubuntu

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wait manjaro is good too

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isn't devuan good? no system dee?

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Hi Microsoft. At least Linux users can count to 10.

And there are lots of great linux distro's. Not just good ones.

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> Linux users can count to ten
> Linux is still on single digit major versions while every real OS is in the double digits (including emacs)

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what did it do?

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>installing intel botnet

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Is she okay?

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Get the fuck out, sperg.

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Cry harder bigot
This is OUR place now
Time to rid this website of all this toxic behavior!

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i clapped wehn he made it :)

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sorry just wanted to remind you again :)

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>says "no arguments"
>while not presenting an argument

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I don't even fucking care what this topic is about but I've been laughing at OP's pic combined with the post for about a solid minute now. Good shit
>tfw void user

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is she alright?

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Tux Wake up

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pls wake up

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Have sex, wincel

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Now this is shitposting.

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Based Mint bro.
Based Debian bro.

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psst. tux tired. tux slep.

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me on the top right :)

captcha: BINGO

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>Ubuntu 19.04
>Fedora 29
Heh, looks like we got your outdated software beat.

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Sub-par Linux Distros 3
Good Linux Distros 0
Excellent Linux Distros 11327

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>Good distros: Debian, gentoo, arch, slackware
>Decent but inferior/leecher distros: Ubongo and its sons, Manjaro
>shit tier: Everything else

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arch btw

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Single OS retards, fanboys of all regard, deserve to be bullied.

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Only good GNU/Linux distros.

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You know CoreOS has it's own container runtime: rocket.

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How many distros/years did it take you to figure that out OP?

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So many drunk pengins

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based and redpiled

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>There are no good linux dis-

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A reasonable choice.
Another excellent option.
That works too.

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Good. Fuck AMD.

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Linux is dead.
pic unrelated

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I am thinking of going from kubuntu back to lm cinnamon
mate is shit
xfce is decent
kde is decent except dolphin is shit and fucking hijacks sftp sessions and makes half the saving functions break in text editors
and cinnamon is decent, like mate except it works

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yes, but I am using Ubuntu and Arch for last, oh god, 10 years and it is OK

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If pic u related then what is filename

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Seems like Gentoo is coming back home

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You have to be braindead to not be able to use Ubuntu, Mind, MX Linux, Debian, Manjaro or CentOS for example, all distros made for everyday people who don't like to invest a lot of time in learning everything necessary to set up their own distro.

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>There are no good linux distros

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I dunno, I like manjaro and debian.

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yep Cinnamon and KDE are my favorites too
I think KDE looks better and more modern but it's a bit too much, Cinnamon is better organized, that's why I prefer Mint over Kubuntu

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You spend 99% of your time browsing the web or watching shit, why do it in an OS that tracks you?

Oh, and with proton, wine and dxvk there is no reason to stay on windows anymore. Just dual boot for those few games that dont work, and if you need OFFICE just create a lightweight VM for windows productivity (but lets be honest, outside of work you probably havent used office pack for years).

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The dolphin file manager causes too many issues for me, I've been using thunar for past 2 months to avoid the sftp bugs I get with dolphin.
I've reinstalled, it's an out of the box issue with dolphin and how it handles sftp lol, sad really cuz nothing else has the issue.

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Fuck how long does it take to manually configure the kernel in Gentoo? I started yesterday and was casually making progress throughout the day and now I see the monstrous list of drivers to fucking dig through. I might as well just copy a config file from Clear Linux.

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linux is mostly drivers
Linux 5.1.7: 799.3MiB
... drivers: 553MiB

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Umm, sweaty................
I use Arch btw

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why would they do that, outright lie? An entire OS without a single state kek whoever actually believes this is clinically insane

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Lol, spoilers don't work on /g/?

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why would they you faggot

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I don't know. It's just weird. And why not?

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Can you use GNU/Linux without CLI?

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there is no relevancy for spoilers on this board. it would only be used for shitposting like your comment

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I'm having a discussion here, with you. That's not shitposting.

Ubuntu is a good linux distro, by the way. Hahh!

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yes. lots of distros come with a software centre which is even easier than downloading and installing from .exes

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if this isn't a shitpost I don't know what is

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OP iplies that there are no good linux distros.
I say there are, for example Ubuntu. I'm posting this from my comfy distro.

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Straight up Debian is the best. Ubuntu Mate if you want it to be more normie friendly without losing your soul.

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Love me some Mint boooiiii

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Is there a website with different terminal profiles to check out? or is terminal.sexy the best way to experiment.

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Yeah, fragment all of the shit you do because reasons.

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Meanwhile Windows has been on kernel version 6 since fucking Vista. The majority of what MS does these days is security updates and fucking up the interface.

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Try Peppermint

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I'm a non-coder and i don't like to tweek my OS, but ubuntu is good since 18.04 LTS. With the generalization of .deb, it's not even a pain to install software anymore at all.

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>he thinks this Moldovan squatting forum involves reasoned debate

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>Muslim edition
Whereas the Nork version?

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What do you guys think about Pop OS?

I'm gonna install linux on my second HDD, wanted to see whats good for a beginner. Pop looks nice, can't decide between it and mint.

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Are you kidding me? They are trying to retire this bullshit OS. You switched to Linux just to browse Facebook and shit?

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dump all your penguin webms pls

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hi luke

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In fact, he would probably still be compiling on how to get away.

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I found your problem OP, there is no such a thing as linux distros. You forgot to install your OS.

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No they aren't. Mint is very active, and is going stronger than ever.

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