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Apparantly 5g is being rolled out in every major australian city and I am shitting bricks is 5g bad or not.

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Yes. It's a kike mind control signal that also gives you cancer and rapes your dog. Nobody will miss Ausfailia, fortunately.

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No, it's non ionizing radiation in the milliwatt range. For it to do damage you need a concentrated 500+ watt beam of it directed to you to harm you, and even then it won't give you cancer, just cook you alive like a hotdog in a microwave.

What IS harmful is UV radiation from the sun. Given how concentrated it is and how it literally does cause cancer directly by ripping DNA into pieces especially in places like australia it's highly recommended to wear sun screen at all times there.

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You're already living in and eating uranium. It can't be worse than that.

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Australians are constantly the highest quality posters. Show some fucking respect.
I wear sunscreen when it is mostly sunny right now it is winter but I will start again thank you for reminding me. Does cellphones also cause cancer? I read some studies showing it heated the side of peoples heads nd that brain cancer is spiking in younger individuals,

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The performance of the system will be quite hilarious.
"hold it wrong", speed fall in 10 times.

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Can you debate these posters it's from /pol/

>It's radiation dumb ass obvious it is.

Anonymous (ID: WRiMG7NR) 06/01/19(Sat)22:53:24 No.214972759▶

it is powerful non-ionizing radiation that can cause serious organic tissue inflammation problems during long bouts of exposure.

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tfw already seeing some in canberra

pray for me bros

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you're fucking fucked cunt mate

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As much as an australian can be, which is not that much.

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>get telstra unlimited 5g plan
>$200 / month
>plug phone into switch or whatever
>get cheapest gigabit service with unlimited downloads

If you have a gamen house or a few house mates, its unironically the right play

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doesn't 5g have sub-10ms latency?

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you are australian so probably not

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the latency is fine, it's the spotty connection

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It will give everyone cancer within a month and humanity will fall

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who cares

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Can anyone give me a quick rundown of why 5G is bad?

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5g is thousands of times less radiation than what have been constantly expiriencing since the day you were born.

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>5g is harmful

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Yet another causality of the whole "lets burn the media credibility to stop trump".

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>Not wearing sunscreen in winter here
How do you not instantly burn? Even with a hat on I'll burn after a bit outside from UV reflected off the road and shit.

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>$200 a month
7 usd a month for a month of unlimited data for me

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The moment any human in history is born, they are bombarded by the same radiation that 5g is. It's called electromagnetic radiation. Visible light and thermal radiation are the most common, and each individual element of these (photons) are orders of magnitude more powerful than 5g photons. On top of this, there are orders of magnitude more of them bouncing off every surface that you can see.

The only time these cause harm is when you have so many that you can feel it thermally heating your skin (magnifying glass in sunlight, hand in microwave) or its ionizing (uv, xrsy, gamma).

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This is the problem with "5G causes cancer" thing. If it DID have an ounce of merit there would already be HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of people dying from brain cancer right now due to ALL of them being exposed to "5G radiation" in levels ways higher than exist right now.

From 2005 to 2012 cellphone ownership went up from 2 BILLION to 5 BILLION. So we SHOULD have seen AT MINIMUM 20,000,000 cases of brain cancer in 2005 and AT MINIMUM 50,000,000 cases of brain cancer in 2012 with over 200,000,000+ deaths worldwide from said brain cancer (especially since cancer treating tech was dogshit back then).

So can you point me to the mass graves of dead people that died directly from "5G cancer"? Remember this is with a relatively high 1% incidence rate among cellphone owners ONLY.

Finally isn't it extremely interesting that brain cancer associated with "5G radiation" is NOT at the top of the list in pic related? Could it be just a huge coincidence that that over 1 BILLION people smoke worldwide and that the majority of cancer is pulmonary?


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I dont go outside often or very long

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anon i

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yikes at that quoting

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Anon your pic doesn't actually work because the scrotum actually contracts the closer you are to cumming.
In comparison they hang lower after ejaculation.

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Ty, what about
>Active Denial System uses almost same frequency as 5g, that is coming soon to our homes. The military truck that is equipped with active denial system emits 100 kW of the radio frequency beam. ... Active denial system radiation is similar to microwave oven radiation.Feb 3, 2019

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It's tuned specifically to cause minor skin burns and lacerations (if improperly used) but again the damage comes from it literally cooking your skin from the inside out NOT from causing cancer.

Anyway this kind of portable energy weapon system won't become popular due to how much electricity it uses how how un-lethal it is. A better alternative would be gamma ray beam emitters that DO emmit ionizing radiation (aka mythical grazer). Such a weapon would not only cause initialy undetectable cancer but would make the target become radioactive and spread the cancer to others (ie terrorist going back in his cave. It has been widely discussed by the military but currently there is no known way to properly create a portable one man operated grazer.


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5G is not harmful to humans, however it can cause problems for meteorologists who use the same radio bands to study weather patterns

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Forgot to mention that pretty much only American meteorologists use those bands, so it will literally have no effect on Australians except giving you faster internet.

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>Apparantly 5g is being rolled out in every major australian city
so thats like, 1 city, right?

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>same frequency as 5g
>similar to microwave oven radiation
TIL mmWave == microwave

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>it can cause problems for meteorologists who use the same radio bands to study weather patterns
then it should have been already causing problems for them since mmWave point-to-point links have been ubiquitous for over a decade

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Microwaves are also "non ionizing radiation in the milliwatt range".

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microwaves oven radiation is in the kW range and the magnetron is 2-3 inches away from the subject being heated you dumb faggot

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I don't want to be cooked like a hot dog though.

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literally thousands of studies show that electromagnetic radiation can have harmful health effects. 5G has no use and could be very bad for the public health. its insane that all concerns are being handwaved away to roll out a technology that absolutely nobody needs.

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>the water flowing from a small bottle won't hurt you
>oh yeah? What about water from a pressure washer? That can rip flesh off your body!

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>damn that tsunami looks dangerous!
>it's just H2O bro it has no calories

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This continues being the most disgusting image I know of.

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explain x ray then its extremely harmful radiation but you're only exposed to a short second of it but if you were exposed to it more frequently it would cause cancer. just because you cant feel 5G or even the radiation that you're being exposed to atm from wifi radios electronics doesn't mean it's not harmful.

also cancer isn't the only effect this can cause terrible neurological symptoms like constant sleep disruption, brain fog, chronic fatigue, and emotions.

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Use an analogy where people are undecisize about safety.

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5g is non ionizing so it doesn't cause cancer.

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>this food smells kinda funny, are you sure it's safe to eat?
>yeah bro it's just pork, it's not lava or something lol

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>photons can rot

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Reminder that the safety of 5G isn't actually proven and anyone claiming otherwise is a dunning kruger liar who just learned what "ionizing" means.

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one word: bremsstrahlung

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I should say "don't even know what ionizing means but handwaves it as a reason why 5G MUST be perfectly safe".

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ya keep believing that as you become a permanent cancer patient being exposed to radiation constantly. people have already measured the radiation and determined it to be way above what safety standards said is safe.

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>it's just PHOTONS bro lol!
>oh, blue light is related to eyesight degradation and diseases like cataracts and insomnia?... but black science man said it was perfectly safe...

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Dude, some boomers with a chink E field meter aren't measuring anything useful.

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Lack of light, not too much, is what leads to visiom problems, retatd.

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No choice. You'll have to wear a tinfoil hat 24/7 from now on.

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5G will be the asbestos and blue light of the 2020's.
Screenshot this.

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Wrong retard.

Turns out that constantly blasting extremely sensitive cells with high power energy is not healthy, who could have guessed that?

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Wrong. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2015/03/nearsightedness-caused-too-much-time-indoors

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Both things are bad for you retard and the new findings about blue light actually reinforces the same theory.

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you must be a retard.

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Dude, you live on a continent totally covered in some of the deadliest and most aggressive fauna in the world. You're worried about radio waves?

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>muh blue light
Fuck off, retard.

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china is the future

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>You're worried about radio waves?
Fear of the unknown.
Also, being hipster enough to be aware of what's the new craze in the US.

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i don't know why 5g is shilled so hard
to browse fagbook and jewtube, 4g is more than adequate

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so we will see

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Solving datacap and overpopulation problem, 2 birds with one stone, the chinks are genius.

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i pay $90/month for my 100/30 unlimited fibre plan

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