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>gcc 9
>added support for Dlang
wtf bros

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Go to hell.

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Anime website

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anime website

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Anime website

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there is one samfag amogn you
i suspect

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Correct, now return to the faggot website called reddit.
You too.

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i am not

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Imagine falling for such shitty bait and derailing a thread. Either that or you are all same fags in this shitty thread. Either way, kill yourself

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time to catch up with the tech, grandpa

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geez, 11 posts in a row which my filters hit, that's new

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>anime cumbrains fall for same half assed bait
like clockwork.

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anime website

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Post your filters

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some of these are probably obsolete

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>those filters
you've effectively filtered out 90% of this website. why are you even still here?

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I don't know.
I've been here since 2006.

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Why do you faggots use shitty sites like this? For fucking sake, it's just text.

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i didn't know what to pick, i've used hastebin before but it wasn't working so i quickly looked something else up

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0x0.st is the thinking man's choice.

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looks nice, i'll try it next time

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D is not very popular but it's a nice language. It's halfway between C and Rust.

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me neither
I usually get everything ready to start programming and then straightaway open up a browser and start mindlessly browsing.
This place has been getting progressively worse over the years, but there's nothing else like it. Can't find a good alternative.

Everything else looks great
but this decision alone killed the language.

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Can't you turn off the GC? I thought they had two stdlibs, one with GC and one without.

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>GC Everything else looks great but this decision alone killed the language.
C#, Java, python, javascript, etc. have GC so I thinks its not "the reason".

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They just need a "reason" for them to feel like learning it isn't worthwhile. Don't worry they find these for everything and have yet to learn anything past a introductory lesson.

Facebook are users of D and Walter posts on bugman news so it's pretty anti-chan.

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