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How do I get smarter I can never focus and code as well as others ;_;

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Stop watching anime, it rots your brain and fills your head with useless information.

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post more akarin

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kys and hope you respawn with higher int

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Watch more anime, the human feeling of it will ward off loneliness and the influx of information will expand your brain.

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Keep watching anime, it increases your IQ and fills your head with useful information.

t. I watch GochiUsa.

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unironically, I've passively picked up a lot of mostly-accurat knowledge just by reading shitposts here. Im still always first to the scene with the latest /g/ news among my coworkers just by browsing here during my morning dump

Simply ADHD browsing /g/ may make you better at your job, just dont fall the elitism memes for any niche
>t.going on 3 years as a software dev

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Do a project
I can't learn anything from shitty little command line programs and neither can you. Go make a game or something, maybe pong with characters idk.
Just get some goal in mind and it's easier to focus. Writers don't just sit down and write without a story in mind, right?

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>>71206806 >>71206830


and Weeb pilled

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damn, akariposter confirmed to have high IQ.

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Coding is not for everyone. Find something else to do.

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>stop wa-

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It sounds like you're not getting enough lead in your diet. Try directly injecting your brain with 9mm of lead and see if it helps.

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serious answer: meditate

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No, recent studies have shown that meditation is bad for you.

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Serious answer: have sex

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>source: dude trust me lmao

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t. burger

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t. down syndromite

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I want to be smart!

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I've stopped watching anime but now I spend my time posting here instead.

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read good shit like Haskell's prelude, nginx sources, etc

learn what Miranda or Standard ML are, what is Racket or MIT Scheme or common lisp

Learn how based chads write Emacs extensions, etc.

and yes fucking webdev is pathetic and is a cancer

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oh lol. what meditation, dude? some commercialized westernized bullshit they have sold you as yoga?

yes. this is definitely bad

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yes yes, watch fox news only

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read fucking books

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seek ADHD treatment

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Ok FINE I'll take my fucking meds.

I just want a magic bullet that doesn't exist.


I hate this world and my broken mind

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just lift bro

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Pills are the magic bullet. Be sure to rely solely on them for getting anything done and make no attempt to initiate anything on your own accord
Like 50% ironically

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become a cute girl and wear programming socks

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>programming socks
But /gee/ told me it's a man's attribute.

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Don't worry, 99% of the workforce in todays world is useless anyways. We're all living under the illusion that is corporate we're all ants in the end.

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lifting doesn't work
it sorted of started to fix my depression, but it only made it worse once the plateaus started coming up

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Unplug your internet when you're programming, or only program on a second computer which has no internet access. You will never ever make progress if there is an infinite stream of low-quality content 1 click away. Read books instead of online tutorials.

This is great advice. Humans are goal-oriented. "Get better at programming" is too nebulous to be a goal.

Just periodize bro.

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>Unplug your internet when you're programming
Nigga Wut?
You can't find all documentation in terminal man pages nowadays...
Most modern documentation is online... on internet.

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Books wont make you smart. They can make you better informed tho...

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>How do I get smarter I can never focus and code as well as others ;_;
read shoujo manga

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cute thread

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dumb akariposter

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unrefined taste

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*a weeb blocks your path*

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level up your int

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I'm a weeb anime poster but I'm not retarded.
I recognize watching anime dumbs down my progress but at least this way I'm happy.
OP was born mentally challenged so he doesn't have that luxury.

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Meditation is a bunch of bullshit
Literally just sitting and doing nothing

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(un)ironically & basically this.
Like a Video game.

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/g/ needs more Akarin posters

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>Meditation is a bunch of bullshit
Frankly I also think so ... but East asians seem to like it.


At least it makes you less angry...

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Most people are shit at programming, including most programmers.

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not retarded ones like OP or you that's for sure.
there r/anime for that

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its procrastination. you're probably smart and capable of coding very well you just dont have that focus you gotta train your mind to constantly be doing something. the more you do it the more natural it becomes the more focus you're having.

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Almost everyone in my class was on Ritalin. It's a fucking epidemic at my University. A small price to pay (addiction and dependency) for an easy degree and success in life. In the future I think they will do mandatory drug testing for exams, this shit is out of control.

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Watch more cgdct anime and manga toom.
And actually DO Coding by actually immerae yourself and projects (preferably those which you love 1st)
He ask how to be smart and code better. Not to get worse.

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