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chad uses a pixlel
itoddlers BTFO

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>you will never talk shit about apple while sharing a beer with Henry
why even live at this point, bros?

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Of course he does. Only communists and faggots use Chinkphones/iPhones

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Someone post the YOU JUST KNOW webm.

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he literally greenbubbles Staceys left and right
what a mofo
meanwhile pajeets plsrepond on their bluebubbles
you can't make this shit up

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>muh bubbles
fucking burgers man

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Cavill is literally an incel, of course he uses android.

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he's /our guy/
used to be chubby and play WoW non stop then got /fit/ and turned into superman but still spends his time doing autistic karate with his dog

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>no keyboard or input devices
>no computer

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that is a movie set

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>our guy
Fuck off back to >>>/v/
He can only be our guy if he knows how to average two ints in C or can implement a fizzbuzz in GNU Make.

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>no keyboard or input devices
What is Tobii Eye Tracker
>no computer
What is AIO

Stay with the time, grampa

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>buys black one not white with mint power button

lol pleb

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he's /ourguy/ because he's an introvert with meme hobbies not because he plays WoW

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>muh mint power button!11

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what is advertising?

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I think if Henry Cavill is a 10/10 then I'm at least an 8.5/10

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implying Henry needs peanut money, instead of enjoying the best camera in the world for his selfies, and the free cloud storage

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White phones are for women and fags.

Which one are you?

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if he's a ten I'm a 7 I guess.
which is still decent enough for me

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>he's /ourguy/ because he's an introvert with meme hobbies
That's literally any person lurking on 4chan or even plebbit

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He is probably paid for using a Pixie in this selfie.

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>the witcher of the netflix

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Stfu /v/eddit

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yeah except he's a billionaire handsome swole as fuck a-lister which is why it's interesting that he's as "autistic" as us hence the /our guy/ label

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>the witcher of the netflix
it will be full of blacks, trannies, etc.. wouldn't be surprised if Geralt fucks a dude in it either.

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>handsome swole as fuck a-lister
I guess this part. Why is he autistic though? Playing WoW and being a plebbit introvert is pretty normie-tier if you ask me.

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what the hell is left?

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Jesus H Christ anon
He used to be fat and play WoW all the time until he lost weight, found out he was attractive, transitioned to acting and became one of the biggest hollywood stars of our time. He's "/our guy/" as in a celeb 4chan likes not actually a shitposter because despite being all the things previously aforementioned in my post prior to this one, he spends his time PC gaming, practising karate, playing with his yuge dog which is what you would not expect someone as big as him to do, it's just a funny juxtaposition and I have no idea why you're fighting this minor meme label instead of just acquiescing to the light joy found when the average anon thinks someone is cool because "t-they're just like me" except not

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>He used to be fat and play WoW all the time until he lost weight
This is extremely normie-tier and describes literally all zoomers, you must be a 30 year old boomer if you think there's anything special about this.

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a nilfgaardian

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>This is extremely normie-tier and describes literally all zoomers, you must be a 30 year old boomer if you think there's anything special about this.

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He is been using Pixel since the first edition
Pixel, Pixel 2 and now Pixel 3 XL
he even told rosties on GQ
the mad lad

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>a nilfgaardian
why is they wearing an alien mesh rubber suit

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>uhhh i'm a millionaire who can get any woman but I don't just fuck everyone because eventually one of them will try to jew me out of my cash as we've seen time and time again
>roastie starts seething
can't make this shit up

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it is so obvious these guys have to be extremely picky to avoid lawsuits from gold diggers
nba players even have seminaries about it provided by the team
roasties can't grab that reality

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>h-he's just advertising
explain this screenshot he posted with google nav buttons then
you think this is a subtle pysop?
face it, he's /our chad/

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do you think he uses clover or dashchan??

or maybe he just posts from chrome?

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I just read that link and that guy is talking about John Legend not Cavill

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>45 tabs
he is /ourchad/

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>less than 3k tabs


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>look up pixlel prices just for the sake of it
>see this
the h*ck? why would anyone buy a pixlel 3a when you can get a refurbished pixlel 3 for the same price?

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>He can only be our guy if he knows how to average two ints in C or can implement a fizzbuzz in GNU Make.
as if anyone here can do that. most of these fucktards dont even know how to open a command prompt or what iphone to buy

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because some people prefer to buy new and not preowned/refurbished

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well mainly because of the horrible notch
btw they now include the charging station and the premium official cover free, along 6 months of youtube and unlimited original quality uploading to google photos
tldr: google buffed the pixel 3xl offering because it was a fiasco thanks to the notch

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>that isn’t a paid product placement

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read the thread
he is a legit pixelbro

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According to who? I hate faggots like you, that think such arbitrary things have meanings. I bet you avoid the color pink like the plague, due to your insecurities that no one gives a fuck about.

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>gets spied on by Google
I also have a Pixel so suck my dick. Best smartphone on the market.

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is that manvsgame?

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i heard he specifically asked to get Geralt's part on the witcher.

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Stfu idiot. He has always been a Chad, even in movies when he was young. Look up The Count of Monte Cristo

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what do you think young means in this context
i'm genuinely concerned if you think young in this context means when he became attractive because you appear to have the wrong end of the stick to such a massive degree you must think it's a big dick for you to be gripping it that hard

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if you look at the imbd page theres a few non-europeans the director should have been a pole not some jewish anglo lady

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i-is that a pixel 2 xl? i use a pixel 2 xl. i am chad now.

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>mfw I just bought a pixel 3a

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fucking based!

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>posted with instagram for iPhone

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I don't understand this retarded burger shit. How did Apple successfully convince normies that green bubble means poor?

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It doesn't, it means your conversation isn't encrypted, cant send photos, videos or audio, can't make a group chat with the person, if you call them you'll get the shit audio and you can't face time them, you won't see if they have gotten your message or if they have read it and you also can't do all the normie reaction/sticker shit.

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Also can't see if they're typing

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Stop projecting your lust about big dicks

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no notch on the Pixel 3

Turn the notch off on the XL and it's still a huge screen

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sorry anon, that's a pixel 3xl. you're still a kissless loser.

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damn nigga

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he's right you know

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how will iNcels ever recover

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god i wish that were me

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You know they are paid to show certain phones in those images right? Normies buy based on recognition they are dumb scum.

Also dumb scum is anyone still giving netflix money and anyone who watches this trainwreck.

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which games does chad play?

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Brood War

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How will iNcels ever recover?

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I'll only watch it if people tell me it isn't ruined by the diverse casting choices.

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> beautiful boy
wtf ahahah in what photo is she referring to?

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i know them feels

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Typing this on an android. If the latest iPhone wasn't 1k I would switch back in an instant. Even then its tempting. Even android with custom ROMs is garbage. Literally feels like it was designed by autistic virgins that don't go outside

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>no because I said so

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nice bait, Henry

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>Literally feels like it was designed by autistic virgins that don't go outside
that, and sketchy hardware driver supprt. always problematic.

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